PenaltyAI Search

In Brief: An AI-powered service for exploring civil penalties in 5,345,775 world laws from 110 countries.

What Is It

PenaltyAI Search is the world's first system for automatically identifying civil penalties in world legislation. Our entirely software-based system scans over 1.5 million laws for your keywords and extracts the penalties from those laws, converts the found amounts into US dollars, and displays the results.

This is the world's first tool for automating global-scale regulatory compliance by making it easier to identify civil penalties in laws from around the world.

Our Data

Graph of world civil law penalties

The chart above shows the percentage of each countries penalties that fall within certain dollar values. When you do a search using our PenaltyAI Search the system first searches for laws, and then provide the civil penalties that it found in each of the text of the laws. For countries that use a language other than English, we translate the text of the law into English and then run the algorithm on that text.

Our data is the most comprehensive database of world laws. Every law is sourced from the official national portal for the country/province/state/region. You can read more about our specific data sources on our coverage page.

You can read more about PenaltyAI Search in the blog post about the visualization above: February 9th, 2017 blog post.

Search Across 110 Countries for Civil Penalties

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Example Search Result

For each law, there is a set of civil penalty clauses the PenaltyAI Search extracted from the law. Above the penalties is a colour-coded bar that allows you to quickly see the percentage of the penalties that fall within certain ranges (converted to USD).


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Warning: Limitations of this Legal Research Tool

This is a completely software-based system. No human has reviewed the results and some numbers may not be properly evaluated, or displayed. It is not perfect and is not a substitute for human analysis of specific laws.

You should always check the source legislation (which you can do by clicking the title of the law in the search result) and then consult with a lawyer in the specific jurisdiction before making any decisions based on the PenaltyAI Search results. Please also note that some laws may not be in our database, or may not be properly displayed. This is a search engine for research.