About Global-Regulation Inc.

Vision: To make all of the world's laws accessible to users in a way that's as easy as a Google search.
Headshot of Nachshon Goltz

CEO: Sean Goltz

Sean Goltz, BA, LLB, LLM, Ph.D
Regulation expert and dual-licensed Israeli/Canadian lawyer.

Headshot of Addison Cameron-Huff

CTO: Addison Cameron-Huff

Addison Cameron-Huff, BSc, JD
Software developer & Canadian tech lawyer

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Partner: Amazon

Amazon has provided us with AWS credit to help power our search engine..

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Partner: Microsoft

Microsoft, through its Bizspark Plus program, has provided free Azure services and translation. We are grateful for their support.

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Partner: Google

We have received technical assistance, translation credit and cloud services from Google Cloud Platform for Startups.


Partner: ANSI

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is the coordinator of the U.S. standardization system. Certain standards that have been incorporated by reference into law are available on webstore.ansi.org.