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Search 1.33 million laws from 48 countries, in English. Find, compare and analyse global regulation.

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We Run The World's Most Comprehensive Global Law Search Engine

Search, find and compare laws from 48 countries using a user-friendly search engine that is aimed at legal information professionals, not lawyers.

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Translated Laws

We have laws you can't find elsewhere because we've translated over half a million laws from China, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Vietnam and many other countries.

We don't have all of the world's laws yet but we do have 1,332,897 of them, making us the most thorough global search for laws.

Built For You

If you can use Google then you can use our search engine. We've designed it from the ground up to be accessible to professionals who need legal information but who aren't lawyers.

Used At Leading Institutions

We launched in 2015 but are already being used at more than 25 leading global universities, the US and Canadian governments (federal and provincial levels), and one of the Big Four accounting companies.

Advanced Features

For power users we offer an advanced search mode that lets you use boolean operators and word proximity.

Global-Regulation's law search engine returns results in less than half a second. Our search engine is extremely robust and fully cloud-based. There's nothing to install.

View from 19 Yorkville in winter

Made in Toronto: An International City

The picture to the left is the view from our office doorstep during winter. Being located in Toronto, we know how important an international outlook is in today's globalized, connected world. Not everyone speaks English and most of the world's laws are not written in English.

We've taken advantage of advances in machine-learning to build a search engine that allows you to search the laws of the world, whether or not those laws are written in English.

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