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Data Sources

Flag Jurisdiction Details Coverage Start Laws
Acts of Fiji
Acts of Fiji
2014-01-01 92
Acts of Mauritius
Acts of Mauritius
1968-01-01 975
Acts of Nigeria
Acts of Nigeria since 1999
1999-01-01 192
Acts of Nitijela
Acts of the Marshall Islands
1966-01-01 246
Acts of Samoa
Acts of Samoa
1994-01-01 367
Alabama Code of Alabama, statutes
Alaska Statutes (2014)
Alberta Laws
Alberta statutes and regulations, mostly office consolidations
2014-01-01 1,559
American Samoa
American Samoa Administrative Code
Andorra Laws (ca)
Legislation of Andorra
2020-08-20 774
Antigua and Barbuda
Acts of Antigua and Barbuda
1993-01-01 846
Argentina Laws (es)
Argentina Laws
1893-01-01 711
The Law of the Republic of Armenia, government-provided unofficial translations
2020-08-20 50
Australia Laws
Australian Acts and Legislative Instruments (since 2000).
1901-01-01 45,147
Austria (de)
Austria Federal Law
1740-01-01 9,422
Bahamas Acts
Acts of The Bahamas
1923-01-01 565
Bahamas Subsidiary Legislation
Subsidiary Legislation of The Bahamas
1923-01-01 713
Bangladesh (bn)
Laws of Bangladesh (as passed in Bengali, post-1987)
2020-07-19 437
Bangladesh (Until 1987)
Laws of Bangladesh (as passed in English, pre-1987)
2020-07-19 664
Belgium (fr)
Unconsolidated legislation of Belgium
2020-07-19 5,844
Belize Acts
Revised Acts of Belize, 2000
2000-01-01 487
Acts and Statutory Instruments of Bermuda (Annual Laws)
1992-01-01 2,486
Bhutan Acts
Acts of Bhutan as published by National Council of Bhutan
1958-01-01 106
Bolivia (es)
Laws of Bolivia
1960-01-01 7,745
Principal and Secondary Legislation of Botswana
2020-07-19 3,041
Brazil Laws (pt)
Federal legislation published in the 2010s.
1833-01-01 26,666
Bulgarian Laws (bg)
Acts of Bulgaria since 2009
2009-01-01 982
California Code (USA)
California Code 2015
Canada Acts
Consolidated Canadian federal acts.
2009-06-01 424
Canada Annual Statutes
Canadian annual statutes
2001-01-01 457
Canada Regulations
Consolidated regulations of Canada
2009-06-01 5,574
Chile Statutes (es)
Chilean statutes
1965-01-01 1,895
China Acts (zh)
Federal acts
2020-07-19 206
China Administrative Rules (zh)
State Council administrative rules
2020-07-19 2,656
China Local Regulations (zh)
Local government regulations
2002-01-01 7,482
China Regulations (zh)
Administrative regulations
2003-01-01 274
Colombian Laws (es)
Colombian laws since 1992
2020-07-19 1,795
Connecticut General Statutes of Connecticut
Cuban Laws (es)
Laws of Cuba
1976-01-01 79
Czech Republic (cs)
Czech Republic Acts
1945-01-01 11,988
Delaware Delaware Code
Denmark Laws (da)
Denmark Gazette A laws since 2008
2008-01-01 4,651
Ecuador (es)
Ecuador Organic Law since 2009
2009-01-01 106
El Salvador (es)
El Salvador Laws
1996-01-01 2,045
Estonia Laws
Estonia consolidated unofficial English translations
2002-01-01 2,346
European Union Laws
Official Journal L where there is an English translation available.
1952-01-01 76,181
Finland Statutes (fi)
Finland Consolidated Statutes
1734-01-01 1,881
Florida Constitution and Statutes
France Laws (fr)
Official Journal of France
1789-01-01 296,216
Georgia Administrative Code
Germany Laws (de)
Consolidated federal German law
2020-07-19 6,665
Gibraltar Consolidated Acts
Consolidated acts of Gibraltar
1887-01-01 345
Gibraltar Subsidiary Legislation
Gibraltar consolidated subsidiary legislation
1889-01-01 1,281
Greece (el)
Legislation of Greece since 2010
2010-01-01 244
Greenland Laws (da)
Laws of Greenland
1979-01-01 282
Hawaii Statutes
Hong Kong
Hong Kong laws
1997-01-01 801
India Code
Central acts of India that are a part of India Code (i.e. pre-2013)
1838-01-01 395
Indonesia (id)
Indonesia Federal Laws
2020-07-19 29,043
Ireland Statutes
Ireland Statutes
1922-01-01 966
Ireland Statutory Instruments
Ireland Statutory Instruments
1948-01-01 14,296
Isle of Man Acts
Acts of the Isle of Man (consolidated)
1920-01-01 690
Italy Laws (it)
Italian laws from the General Series of the Official Gazette
1988-01-01 217,571
Acts and subsidiary legislation of Jamica
Japan Acts
Japanese laws translated by Ministry of Justice
1940-01-01 648
Jersey Law Revised Edition
1771-01-01 1,350
Kentucky Administrative Code
Kenya Consolidated Laws
Kenya consolidated legislation
1970-01-01 511
Korea Statutes
Korean statutes in English. Unofficial translations by Korea Legislation Research Institute.
1987-01-01 1,415
Latvian Regulations (lv)
Regulations of Latvia
1993-01-01 20,677
Latvian Statutes (lv)
Statutes of Latvia
1993-01-01 6,737
Laws of Dominica
Laws of Dominica (consolidated laws, acts, constitution, rules and orders)
1991-01-01 133
Laws of Guyana
Laws of Guyana (By Chapter)
1980-01-01 461
Laws of Malaysia (ms)
Laws of Malaysia
1948-01-01 338
Laws of Senegal (fr)
Laws of Senegal
2020-08-20 133
Lithuania Laws in English
Lithuanian laws provided by the government in English (i.e. unofficial translations).
1994-01-01 141
Louisiana Statutes
Madagascar Laws (fr)
Madagascar legislation since 1999
2011-01-01 128
Maine Statutes
Malta Statutes
All Malta statutes, including constitution
1965-01-01 453
Massachusetts General Laws (Statutes)
Mexico Federal Law (es)
Mexico Federal Acts and Regulations
1928-01-01 874
Michigan Compiled Laws (Statutes)
Minnesota Statutes
Missouri Statutes
Moldova (ro)
Laws of Moldova
1994-01-01 8,357
Montserrat Laws
Montserrat Revised Acts and more recent laws
1950-01-01 480
Namibia Acts
Acts of Namibia from 1990 to 2014
1990-01-01 507
Nepal Acts and Rules
Statutes and Rules of Nepal
1948-01-01 302
Netherlands (nl)
Laws, Orders in Council, Royal Decrees and Ministerial rules of the Netherlands
2003-01-05 9,303
Nevada Revised Statutes
New Mexico
New Mexico Administrative Code
New Zealand Laws
NZ legislative instruments and acts published post-2005.
1627-01-01 3,199
North Carolina
North Carolina Administrative Code
North Dakota
North Dakota Administrative Code
Norway Laws (no)
Laws of Norway
1687-01-01 824
Norway Regulations (no)
National regulations of Norway
1896-01-01 3,578
Nova Scotia Consolidated Regulations
Nova Scotia consolidated regulations (unofficial)
2020-07-19 1,032
Nova Scotia Consolidated Statutes
Nova Scotia consolidated statutes
1989-01-01 409
Oklahoma Administrative Rules
Ontario Consolidated Statutes
Ontario statutes
1986-01-01 703
Ontario Regulations
Ontario regulations
1990-01-01 4,835
Oregon Administrative Code
Pakistan Statutes
Statutes of Pakistan
2020-07-19 1,255
Philippines Laws & Issuances
Laws & issuances from 1965 onwards
2020-07-19 25,010
Poland (pl)
Unified Acts of Poland
1930-01-01 732
Portugal Laws (pt)
Portugese Laws and Resolutions
2020-07-19 4,343
Quebec Consolidated Statutes
Consolidated statutes of Quebec (excluding not in force/repealed legislation), English versions.
1996-01-01 504
Regulations of Samoa
Regulations of Samoa
2009-01-01 117
Rhode Island
Rhode Island Statutes
Romanian Laws (ro)
Laws of Romania (all years)
1837-01-01 9,534
Russia (ru)
Laws and Federal Laws of the Russian Federation
1906-01-01 6,884
San Marino (it)
Laws of San Marino
1860-01-01 2,034
Senegal Decrees (fr)
Decrees (regulations) of Senegal
2020-08-20 1,368
Singapore Acts
Singapore Revised Acts
2020-08-20 345
Singapore Secondary Legislation
Singapore Revised Secondary Legislation
2020-08-20 1,190
South African Acts
Acts of South Africa
1910-01-01 2,577
South Carolina
South Carolina Code of Laws (Statutes)
Spanish Laws (es)
Spanish Royal Decrees, Laws, Resolutions and Ministerial Orders
1960-01-01 70,693
Sri Lanka Acts
Sri Lankan acts from 1956 to 2006
2020-08-20 2,026
Suriname Laws (nl)
Suriname statutes and regulations in force (as of at least 2005)
1859-01-01 113
Swedish Legislation (sv)
Legislation of Sweden
2020-08-20 4,719
Swiss Federal Law (fr)
Compendium of Federal Law of Switzerland (French)
1830-01-01 2,688
Syrian Laws (ar)
Laws of Syria
1937-07-06 399
Taiwan Laws & Regulations
Taiwan Laws & Regulations
1947-01-01 2,431
Texas Administrative Code
Texas Code (USA)
Texas Code 2015
Acts and Secondary Legislation of Tonga
1903-01-01 895
Trinidad and Tobago
Revised Laws of Trinidad and Tobago
2020-08-20 520
Turkey Acts (tr)
Turkey acts since mid-1999
1999-01-01 2,394
Turkmenistan Codes and Acts (ru)
Turkmenistan Codes and Acts
2020-08-20 271
Tuvalu Acts
Principal legislation of Tuvalu
2008-01-01 177
UK Laws
United Kingdom Legislation
1267-01-01 85,063
Ukraine Laws (uk)
Ukraine legislation since 1991
1991-01-01 2,951
United States Code
Consolidated general & permanent law of the United States.
United States Regulations
Federal Register: Rules
Uruguay (es)
Uruguay laws since 1960
1935-01-01 6,770
Vermont Statutes
Vietnam (vi)
Vietnam Legal Normative documents (laws)
1994-01-01 30,621
Virginia Code (Statutes)
Washington Revised Code of Washington (Statutes)
West Virginia
West Virginia West Virginia Code (Statutes)
Zambia Acts of Parliament
1914-01-01 184
Zimbabwe Acts
2020-08-20 366

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