Introduction Of The Code Of Criminal Procedure Law

Original Language Title: Einführungsgesetz zur Strafprozeßordnung

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Introduction Act to the code of criminal procedure StPOEG Ausfertigung date: 01.02.1877 full quotation: "introduction Act to the code of criminal procedure in the in the Federal Law Gazette Part III, outline number 312-1, adjusted version published recently by Article 1a and 8 of the law of July 29, 2009, (BGBl. I S. 2274) is has been modified" status: last amended by Article 1a and 8 G v. 29.7.2009 I 2274 for more information on the stand number found in the menu see remarks footnote (+++ text detection from validity) : 1.1.1977 +++) input formula we prescribe... in the name of the German Empire, after the approval of the Bundesrat and the Reichstag, what follows: § 1 (dropped out) article 2 - article 3 (1) the code of criminal procedure takes on all criminal matters application, which are before the courts.
(2) as far as the jurisdiction in criminal matters, for which special foods are approved, is transmitted through the provincial legislature the ordinary courts, this can allow a different procedure.
(3) the laws of the land can rearrange that forest and field submission thing be negotiated and decided by the district courts in a special procedure, without approval by aldermen.

(dropped out) § 6 (1) the procedural rules of the laws of the land are section 4 - section 5 for all criminal matters, which pursuant to article 3 according to the regulations of the code of criminal procedure to decide is, override, as far as is not referenced in the code of criminal procedure on it. In particular the provisions on the power to adopt penal police orders be override.
(2) landesgesetzliche regulations remain unaffected: 1 about the conditions under which members of a body of legislation; initiated or continued prosecution
2. the proceedings for infringements of the provisions on the collection of public duties and gap, as far as the tax code reference from them.

§ 7 act within the meaning of this Act and of the code of criminal procedure is any legal provision.

Article 8 (1) in criminal cases against members of the legislative bodies of the Federation or a land or members of the European Parliament is the President of the Corporation, the member owned not only preliminary setting or residents after the procedure to ensure the functioning of, or to maintain the prestige of the respective entity to transmit the decision concluding the procedure ground; is been discarded with this decision an appeal is also the decision to transmit. Members of the German Bundestag, or Parliament, the transmitted via the Ministry of Justice. The resubmitted the law enforcement or enforcement authority.
(2) the transmission is omitted if the particular Corporation has waived.

The sections 483 to 490 of the code of criminal procedure are only § 9 for files that exist on 1 November 2000, from November 1, 2001 to apply.

§ 10 (dropped out) § 11 transitional to the law on the amendment of forensic DNA analysis (1) the public prosecutor's Office allowed under §§ 2 b and 2e of the DNA identity determination Act of 7 September 1998 (BGBl. I S. 2646), most recently by article 4 of the Act of 27 December 2003 (BGBl. I p. 3007) is changed, until December 31, 2010 for measures pursuant to § 81 g of the code of criminal procedure, continue using data transmitted.
(2) for according to the DNA identity determination Act collected and used the provisions of the code of criminal procedure apply from November 1, 2005.

Article 13 transitional arrangements the Act amending the right of pre-trial detention (dropped out)