Regulation On The Implementation Of Section 206 Of The Federal Lawyer Regulation

Original Language Title: Verordnung zur Durchführung des § 206 der Bundesrechtsanwaltsordnung

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Ordinance for the implementation of section 206 of the Federal law Bundesrechtsanwaltsordnung, BRAO § 206DV execution date: 18.07.2002 full quotation: "Ordinance for the implementation of section 206 of the Federal lawyer order of 18 July 2002 (BGBl. I p. 2886), most recently by article 1 of the Decree of 27 November 2014 (BGBl. I S. 1993) has been changed" stand: last amended by art. 1 V v. 27.11.2014 I in 1993 about the stand number found in the menu see remarks footnote (+++ text detection from) : 1.8.2002 +++) input formula on the basis of § 206 paragraph 1 sentence 2 of federal law order in the in the Federal Law Gazette Part III, outline number 303-8, adjusted version published, most recently by article 2 of the law of 9 March 2000 (BGBl. I S. 182) has been modified, decreed the Federal Ministry of Justice: § 1 (1) section 206 subsection 1 sentence 1 of the Federal lawyer regulation is to apply to that in annex 1 to this regulation listed professionals of there referred to States and territories.
(2) section 206 subsection 2 sentence 1 of the Federal lawyer regulation is to apply to that in Appendix 2 to this regulation listed professionals of the designated thereon States.

Article 2 this regulation enters into force on the day after the announcement.

Lawyer professions are in States and territories, the members of the World Trade Organization Appendix 1 (to article 1 paragraph 1) (reference: BGBl. I 2009, 1387 and 1388 regarding the details of the changes see footnote) - in Egypt: mooing Ami - in Albania: Avokat - in Argentina: Abogado - in Australia: barrister, solicitor, legal practitioner - in Bolivia: Abogado - in Brazil: Advogado - in Chile: Abogado - in China: Lü shi - Chinese Taipei: Lü shi - in Ecuador : Abogado - in El Salvador: Abogado - in Georgia: Adwokati - Ghana: lawyer, legal practitioner, solicitor, barrister - in Hong Kong, China: barrister, solicitor - in India: advocate - in Indonesia: lawyer - in Israel: Orech DIN - in Japan: Bengoshi - Cameroon: Avocat, advocate - in Canada: barrister, solicitor - in Colombia: Abogado - in the Republic of Korea: Byeonhosa, lawyer - in Malaysia: Peguambela & Peguamcara, advocate and solicitor - in Morocco: Mohamin - Macedonia : Lawyer - in Mexico: Abogado - in Moldova: avocat - Namibia: legal practitioner, advocate, Attorney - in New Zealand: barrister, solicitor - in Nigeria: legal practitioner - in Pakistan: Wakeel, advocate - in Panama: Abogado - in Peru: Abogado - in the Philippines: Attorney - in Singapore: advocate and solicitor - Sri Lanka: Attorney at law - in South Africa: Prokureur, advocate, Attorney, Advokaat - in Thailand: Tanaaykwaam - Turkey: Jeremy - in Tunisia : Avocat - in the Ukraine: lawyer - in Uruguay: Abogado - in Venezuela: Abogado - in the United States of America: Attorney at law annex 2 (to § 1 para 2) law practitioners in other States site: BGBl. I 2005, 1453 - in the Russian Federation: lawyer - in Serbia: lawyer