Costs Regulation Of The Water And Shipping Administration In The Field Of Inland Waterway Transport

Original Language Title: Kostenverordnung der Wasser- und Schifffahrtsverwaltung auf dem Gebiet der Binnenschifffahrt

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Water and Shipping Administration Cost Regulation in the Field of Inland Navigation (Inland Waterway Cost Ordinance-BinSchKostV)

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Date of delivery: 21.12.2001

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" Inland Waterway Cost Ordinance of 21. December 2001 (BGBl. 4218), as defined by Article 2 (1) of the Regulation of 30 June 2000. May 2014 (BGBl. I p. 610) has been changed "

V up. by Article 4 (128) G v. 7.8.2013 I 3154 mWv 14.8.2018
Stand:Last modified by Art. 2 para. 161 G v. 7.8.2013 I 3154
Note:Amendment by Art. 2 § 1 V v. 30.5.2014 I 610 (No 23) Not yet taken into

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On the basis of section 4 (2) sentence 1 of the Inland Waterway Task Act in the version of the notice of 5. July 2001 (BGBl. 2026) in conjunction with the 2. Section of the Administrative Costing Act of 23. June 1970 (BGBl. 821), the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Housing, in agreement with the Federal Ministry of Finance: Non-official Table of Contents

§ 1 Fees and Deposits

(1) The authorities of the Water and Shipping Administration of the Federal Government collect fees and levies for individually attributable public services in the field of inland waterway transport.(2) Fees subject to charges are the individually attributable public services listed in the Fees List (Annex). Expositions are collected separately.(3) For the remuneration in accordance with Section 26 (3) sentence 2 of the Administrative Procedure Act, which is the fee debtor in accordance with § 10 (1) (5) of the Administrative Cost Act in the up to 14 years of age. The Government of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply to the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany in accordance with the provisions of this Regulation, which shall apply to the authorities of the Federal Government's Water and Shipping Administration in respect of the provision of individually attributable public services and which do not belong to it, , for example, a sit-in of an audit committee, as an expert. For this purpose, these authorities may, with experts who are more frequently used, agree on remuneration, the amount of which may not exceed the allowance allowed under the law on the compensation and the compensation of the law.(4) Where an individually attributable public service is not provided at the request of the beneficiary or for reasons not to be represented by an authority of the Water and Shipping Administration of the Federation, in the place or place usually designated for this purpose, or The fee debtor shall also bear the other additional costs incurred as a result, in addition to the expenses referred to in paragraph 2, in addition to the expenses incurred by the charge. These additional costs shall also include a surcharge for each person involved in the individually attributable public service for the actual travel time of the return journey between the habitual and the actual location of the individually attributable public performance. The surcharge is only charged if the journey time cannot already be taken into account in accordance with Article 4 of the law referred to in the first sentence of paragraph 3. It amounts to 25 euros for the first hour and 13 euros for each additional half-hour. Unofficial table of contents

§ 2 Fee free, fee reduction

(1) If a request is made solely for the incompetence of a public authority, the Water and Shipping Administration of the Federal Government is refused, so no charge is charged.(2) If an application for an individual attributable public service is withdrawn after the factual processing has commenced, but this service has not yet been completed, or if an application is submitted for reasons other than that If an administrative act is withdrawn or revoked, the fee is reduced by one quarter; it may be reduced to a quarter of the intended fee or it may be withdrawn from the survey. if this corresponds to the equity. Non-official table of contents

§ 3 Retention Right To Documents

Documents that can be individually attributed in connection with toll-based public services may be withheld until payment of the fees and expenses, or may be sent to the debtor at the expense of the fees and the costs of the post-post. Unofficial Table Of Contents

§ 4 Double Fee

Reques the public service that is individually attributable to the authority outside the Service time, the double fee may be charged. Non-official table of contents

§ 5 Charges and offload survey of investigations ordered by the Office

For one of an authority of the water The Federal Office of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Federal Government of the Federal Republic of Germany (Federal Republic of Germany) are responsible for the investigation of a watercraft and the fees and charges are only charged if the ship investigation commission acknowledges the order as well. For a verification of the data of a certificate issued by a shipyards ' office of the Federal Republic of Germany, charges and levies shall be collected only if the acceptance confirms that the information is no longer valid. . Unofficial table of contents

§ 6 surcharge in waiting times

The ship investigation commission waits for waiting times because a watercraft is not available for A supplement of EUR 25 may be imposed on the debtor of the charge for each of the waiting tests and the members of the ship investigation commission involved, as agreed or fixed. This applies in accordance with the calibration of inland waterway vessels. Non-official table of contents

§ 7 Entry into force, expiry

(1) This Regulation occurs on the 1. The Commission shall take effect in January 2002.(2) Points 233 to 23932 of the Appendix to § 1 (2) shall take place on 30 November 2008. November 2014.