Fifth Act Amending Beamtenrechtlicher And Pay-Legal Regulations

Original Language Title: Fünftes Gesetz zur Änderung beamtenrechtlicher und besoldungsrechtlicher Vorschriften

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Fifth Act amending rules official/BesRÄndG 5 beamtenrechtlicher and pay legal copy date: 19.07.1968 full quotation: "fifth Act amending beamtenrechtlicher and pay-legal regulations of July 19, 1968 (BGBl. I S. 848), most recently by article 15 paragraph 15 of the law of February 5, 2009 (BGBl. I p. 160) has been changed" stand: last amended by article 15 para 15 G v. DSDS I 160 for more information on the stand number you see in the menu see remarks footnote (+++ text detection from) : 1.4.1967 +++) first section control of the clash of German service and pensions with a supply from use in any intergovernmental or supranational entity type I through type IX type X transitional provisions (1) on the application of article 8 of the federal pay law and § 56 of the officials supply Act and of section 55 b para 1 of the soldier care law remains the time that was a civil servant, soldier or beneficiaries before the entry into force of this Act in the service of an international or supranational institution , up to six years out of consideration.
(2) on the pensioners existing at the entry into force of this law, § 56 of the officials supply Act and § finds 55 b subsection 1 sentence 2 of the soldier care law with the proviso application that 12 per cent of the pension-eligible salaries as supply left them.
(3) a civil servant, soldier or pensioners received a capital sum before entry into force of this Act on his retirement from the public service of an intergovernmental or supranational institution rather than a supply as compensation or payment from a pension fund, shall apply paragraph 1 and article 56 of the officials supply Act and § 55 b of paragraph 3 of the soldier supply law. The run 4 contained the soldier supply Act deadline starting in § 56 of the officials supply Act and § 55 para 3 sentence at the earliest with the date of entry into force of this Act.
Type XI section 1 - section 2 (fallen away) second section widower supply type XII to type XV type XVI (fallen away) third section of other amendments to the civil servants law type XVII and type XVIII fourth section type XIX final provisions (dropped out) type XX it enter into force: a) the first section on July 1, 1968;
(b) the second section with effect from April 1, 1967;
(c) the remaining provisions on the day after the promulgation of this law.