Law On The Financial Conditions Of The Federal Motorways And Other Roads Of Long-Distance

Original Language Title: Gesetz über die vermögensrechtlichen Verhältnisse der Bundesautobahnen und sonstigen Bundesstraßen des Fernverkehrs

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Law on the financial conditions of the federal motorways and other roads of long-distance BABG Ausfertigung date: 02.03.1951 full quotation: "adjusted version published law beyond the financial means of motorways and other roads of in the long-distance in the Federal Law Gazette Part III, outline number 911-1-5, by article 3 of the Act of August 30, 1971 (BGBl. I S. 1426) has been changed" stand: amended by art. 3 G v. 30.8.1971 I 1426 for details on the stand number you see in the menu see remarks footnote (+++ text detection from validity) : 1.1.1972 +++) heading: the law does not apply in the Saarland, cf. section 2 section V No. 1 G v. 30.6.1959 101-3; However, § 6 par. 2 amended BC 2.3.1951 in the Saarland entered into force section 1 on the 1.1.1960, cf. No. 4 FStrÜberlG 911-1-6; for Berlin cf. § 13 para 2 and annex 3 No. 14 G v. 4.1.1952 I 1; GVBl. Berlin 1952 p. 393 article 1 are the previous highways of Kingdom of with effect from 24 May 1949 as federal highways property of the Federal Government. From the same time, the Federal Government is holder of all other property rights belonging to the company "Reichsautobahnen" or exclusively for purposes of the Reich highways have been established or determined. This also applies to rights that are by law for explained only on the basis of special agreement for transferable or non-transferable.

Trusts of the countries on this property and this property rights § 2 go out with the entry into force of this Act.

§ 3 the existing roads are property of the Federal Government with effect from 24 May 1949 as federal highways. By the same time, the Bund is holder of all other rights to a plot, destined to serve the roads, and the claims of the Empire on transfer or restricting the ownership of a plot of land for the benefit of roads. § 1 sentence 3 shall apply.

§ 4 the effectiveness of contractual provisions which have been taken over ownership and proprietary rights of the kind referred to in § 1 and § 3 prior to the entry into force of this Act, shall remain unaffected.

§ 5 section 1 and section 3 do not apply to ownership and property rights, which have been taken away after 30 January 1933 a Union, Association, political party or other democratic organization.

§ 6 (1) with effect from April 1, 1950 is the Federal carrier of road construction load on the motorways and federal highways.
(2) the Federal Government receives the revenue arising in connection with the road load, using the Federal Highway and the management of federal assets.
(3) the Federal Government bears purpose expenditure from the perception of burden of road construction and the purpose of expenditure relating to the conservation and management of federal assets. He applies purpose expenditures incurred during the design process and construction supervision, by paying a lump sum, which amounts for cost of draft processing of 2 per cent of the construction costs, costs of construction supervision of 1 per cent of the construction costs.

§ 7 (1) the provisions of § 3 and § 6 para 1 do not apply to those in the course of roads location passages, for which the road load according to the law on the temporary new rules of the road and pavement engineering and road administration by March 26, 1934 (Reichsgesetzbl. I p. 243) was not to be borne by the German Empire.
(2) article 8 (1) real rights in land and other things and rights which fall under article 1 or article 3, remain in place.
(2) the regulation of the debt liabilities of the company "Reichsautobahnen" is reserved.

§ 9 (1) is entitled to ownership of a plot of land the Federal Government pursuant to § 1 or § 3, the request for rectification of the land register of the authority given by the country so to provide, in whose district the property is located. The application must be signed by the head of the agency or his representative and with the official seal or official stamp. The Declaration of to be recorded in the application, that the estate is entitled to the Federal is sufficient proof of ownership to the land registry. The property must be entered for the "Federal Republic of Germany (Federal Highway Administration)".
(2) this applies to other registered in the land register rights according to.

§ 10 court fees and other charges incurred on the occasion and in implementing this Act, is not applicable. Bare expenses remain out approach.

§ 11 the law enters into force on the day after its promulgation.