Third Implementing Regulation To The Clean-Up Act For German Foreign Bonds (United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland)

Original Language Title: Dritte Durchführungsverordnung zum Bereinigungsgesetz für deutsche Auslandsbonds (Vereinigtes Königreich von Großbritannien und Nordirland)

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Third Implementing Regulation to the Cleanup Act for German Foreign Bonds (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)

Unofficial table of contents


Date of delivery: 10.07.1953

Full quote:

" Third Implementing Regulation to the Purge Act for German Foreign Bonds (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) in the Federal Law Gazan Part III, outline number 4139-2-3, published revised version "


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Heading: This provision does not apply in the area referred to in Art. 3 of the agreement. L. I chap. IV Sachg. A Sect. I N ° 9 EinigVtr v. 31.8.1990 iVm Art. 1 G v. 23.9.1990 II 885, 964 unofficial table of contents

introductory formula

On the basis of section 23 (5), section 24 (4), section 35 (2) and § 76 of the Eviction Act for German foreign bonds issued by the 25. August 1952 (Bundesgesetzbl. I p. 553) decrees the Federal Government: Non-official table of contents

§ 1 Scope and definitions

(1) This Regulation extends to all securities of the type listed in the list of foreign bonds (Section 1 (1) of the Law) or in the case of a supplement (Section 1 (2) of the Law) included in the list, including the subsidiary documents (§ 5 of the Law), to the extent that (2) For the purposes of this Regulation, the term "foreign authorised representative" shall mean the term for the United Kingdom referred to in Article 8 (2) of the Regulation Section 1 of the Act, as well as a permanent representative appointed for him pursuant to Section 8 (7) of the Act.


§ 1 para. 1 italic print: untruthful empowerment unofficial table of contents

§ 2 deposit of bonds

A deposit of sterling bonds in accordance with § 23 para. 2 of the law is only available in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in the case of the payment agents responsible for the loan. Non-official table of contents

§ 3 evidence

(1) The attestation of an authorized custodian (paragraph 2), that the registered sterling bond in accordance with Section 15 (2) of the Exchange Control Act, 1947, in the case of or for the purposes of the Exchange Control Act, and that the conditions of Section 16 (1) of the said Act shall be fulfilled in the case of the Bond prior to the date in which the foreign agent commenced the commencement of the The eviction procedure in London indicates that, unless otherwise indicated in the certificate, it will be proved that the bond is a foreign item within the meaning of Section 3 (2) of the Act, and a claim for recognition of the Bonds are well-founded.(2) Authorized custodians within the meaning of paragraph 1 are the persons who are entitled to act as such under the Exchange Control Act, 1947. Unofficial Table Of Contents

§ 4 Legal Arbitration Courts

(1) For the investigation of negative decisions of the International Plenipotentiary, the following decisions are taken: Section 35 of the Law for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has established an arbitral tribunal. The Court of Arbitration shall have its seat in London.(2) The arbitral tribunal shall consist of three arbitrators, one of which shall be a presiding judge and two consents. The pre-sitter and a co-sitter must be members of the English Bar (Barristers or Solicitors) with at least three years ' professional experience.(3) The arbitrators shall be appointed by the Federal Minister of Finance. § 77 of the Act shall apply mutatily for the appointment. The nomination will be published in the Federal Gazette.(4) The Federal Minister of Finance may revoke the appointment of an arbitrator if he grossly violates his official duties. § 77 of the Act shall apply mutatily. Paragraph 3 shall apply to the appointment of a successor.(5) The application for a arbitration court decision must be submitted in writing to the foreign agent. The application shall be accompanied by five copies. The foreign agent shall submit a copy of the examination office, the issuer and the trustees and the payment agent, with the invitation to submit their comments within two months of the date of delivery. The foreign agent may extend this period on request, but not more than three months. After the expiry of the period, the foreign agent shall forward the application to the arbitral tribunal, together with the evidence of delivery, the comments received, his own opinion and his documents.(6) The arbitral tribunal may collect evidence to the extent that it deems it necessary.(7) The arbitral tribunal shall take its decisions by decision of the two co-sitters, if they agree. If they do not agree, they shall submit the matter to the presiding judge whose decision in this case shall be the decision of the arbitral tribunal.(8) The arbitral tribunal shall make its decision to the foreign authorised representative and the applicant. The Foreign Agent shall inform the Examination Office, the issuer and the trustees and payment agents of the decision.(9) In addition, the arbitral tribunal shall determine its procedure at its discretion. Non-official table of contents

§ 5 deliveries

deliveries under the law or under this Regulation may be provided in the United Kingdom by The United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, pursuant to Section 70 (2) of the Act, will be brought back against receipt by registered letter. Non-official table of contents

§ 6 Land Berlin

According to § 14 of the law on the status of the Land Berlin in the financial system of the federal government (third party) Transfer Act) of 4. January 1952 (Bundesgesetzbl. 1) in conjunction with Section 78 of the Act, this Regulation shall also apply in the Land of Berlin. Non-official table of contents

§ 7 Entry into force

This Regulation enters into force on the day after it is announced.