First Regulation On The Implementation Of The Law On The Introduction Of Load Balancing Rules In The Saarland

Original Language Title: Erste Verordnung zur Durchführung des Gesetzes zur Einführung von Vorschriften des Lastenausgleichsrechts im Saarland

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First Regulation implementing the law on the introduction of the provisions of the burden-equalisation law in the Saarland (1. LADV-Saar)

Non-official table of contents

1. LADV-Saar

Date of delivery: 22.08.1961

Full quote:

" First Regulation implementing the law for the introduction of provisions of the burden-compensation law in the Saarland in the Federal Law Gazans Part III, outline number 621-1-2, published in a revised version, as published in Section 8 of the Regulation of 31 December 2008. March 1966 (BGBl. I p. 199) "

:As amended by § 8 V v. 31. 3.1966 I 199

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Input Formula

Based on Section 8 (1) and Section 37 (1) of the Law on the Introduction of Rules of the Load balancing right in the Saarland of the 30. July 1960 (BGBl. 637), the Federal Government, with the approval of the Federal Council: Non-official table of contents

§ 1 Special Value

For the calculation of damage agricultural and forestry holdings, as well as in the case of built-up land, shall replace the one for the 20. November 1947, the unit value of the special value to be calculated in accordance with § § 2 to 4, if it is more than 5 of the hundred, but at least 100 Reichsmarks, or by more than 10,000 Reichsmarks lower than the current unit value. unofficial table of contents

§ 2 Calculation of special value

(1) The special value is calculated
for agricultural and forestry holdings from the summary of the value parts for the reason and Floor, for buildings and for the other components of the building,
in the case of the built-up land from the summary of the value parts for the ground and for the floor and for the floor and for the floor and for the other parts of the building the buildings.
(2) For the assessment of the value parts, authoritative
in the case of land-and Forestry holdings, plant A,
for the built-up land of the buildings B.
The hundreds of records contained in annexes A and B are available on the premises of the To apply the unit value applicable to the occurrence of the damage caused by the war. For the application of Annex B, the percentages of the value of the buildings shall be determined by deducting from the number hundreds the percentages of the percentage of the value for the ground and the ground.(3) For the purposes of the application of Annex B, the relevant
as the evaluation district shall be the relevant for the implementation of the Unit rating on the 1. January 1935 or 1. January 1936, areas defined as assessment districts,
as main commercial streets and commercial roads, the streets and squares listed in Appendix C with the for each of them, the relevant number of building floors (§ 3).
(4) For the consideration of the scope of the economic goods to be covered by the value shares, the conditions on the 20. November 1947. § 3 should be observed for the dismantling of the land area with built-up land. Non-official table of contents

§ 3 Reference surface for built plots

(1) When determining the value parts for the base and floor of the built-in buildings Land shall be determined by the size of the land area (reference surface area) regularly belonging to the buildings, according to the size of the base areas of the buildings of the property and the number of floors of the buildings (projectiles).(2) The basis for the determination of the reference surface is, if a building police force is permissible for the built-up land or in the case of rented residential land, mixed-use land and business plots with
1 and 2 bullets
the six-fold of the ground floor,
3 bullets
the three-thirds of the ground floor space,
4 bullets
the two-and-a-half times the ground floor,
5 bullets
two times the ground floor,
of single-family homes, always six times the ground floor
of the pre-war damage Buildings. The reference surface area is the calculated area size, increased by 200 square meters. Basement floors and attic floors are not included in the calculation. In the case of land with buildings of different size, the number of floors of the main building shall be decisive.(3) The land area which is present beyond the reference surface (complementary area) shall be set with the value which shall be taken into account when the unit value for the plot is being dismantled before the occurrence of the damage caused by the war the sizes of the reference surface and the supplementary area with the application of the Hundred Rates according to Appendix B are eliminated by calculation.(4) The value of the supplementary area shall be included in the special value if it was taken into account in the unit value of the built-up land before the occurrence of the war damage. Non-official table of contents

§ 4 Value units for partially destroyed economic goods

For the economic goods, in particular buildings, which are Under the influence of the war, only in part have been destroyed, the value of the value to be used according to the preserved part of the economic goods must be measured in proportion to the extent prior to the occurrence of the war material damage. Destructions below 10 of the hundreds of value of buildings remain unaccounted for. In the case of rented accommodation and mixed-use land as well as for commercial plots, which have been valued at a multiple of the annual gross rent, the value of the buildings shall be measured by the annual gross rent for the building stock at the 20. November 1947 in relation to the annual gross rent prior to the occurrence of the damage caused by the war. Non-official table of contents

§ 5 Application in the Land of Berlin

This regulation applies in accordance with Section 14 of the Third Transfer Act of 4. January 1952 (BGBl. 1) in connection with § 39 of the Law on the introduction of provisions of the burden-compensation law in the Saarland, also in the Land of Berlin. Non-official table of contents

§ 6 Entry into force

This regulation will enter into force on the day after it is announced. Non-tampering table of contents

Appendix A (to § 2 para. 2 no. 1)

The original text site: BGBl. I 1961, 1648-1649
Section I
Agricultural holdings
Value of the components of the operating components in the operating hectare The operation per hectare is not availableBusiness-hectare-residential-economic-living-floor and groundbuilding inventoryRMRMRMRMRMRMRMRM123456
100 20202515 20
200404045 2550
30060 60653580
400 80808545 110
500100105100 55140
600120 12511565175
700 14014513075 210
800160170145 80245
900180 19016085285
1, 000 20021517090 325
1.100220245175 95365
1,200240 275180100405
1,300 260305185105 445
1.400280335190 110485
1,500300 360195115530
1.600 320385200120 575
1,700340410205 125620
1,800360 435210130665
1,900 380460215135 710
2,000400485220 140755

For the operating hectares not included in column 1, the corresponding numbers in columns 2 through 6 are computational intermediate circuit.
Section II
Forestry holdings
Value of the components of the operating components in the operating hectare The operation per hectare is no longer availableresidential and economic ground including the components of the treesbuildingHundreds of units of the unit value prior to the entry of the war damage123
Section III
Value of the components of the operating components in the operating hectare From the operation per hectare rate toName of the wine-growing company hectares-Economic-living-living-wine-wine-producing wine-producing wine-producing winegrowers-vine planting and soilbuilding-up-operating-equipment      RMRMRMRMRMRMRMRMRMRMRMRM123456789101112
yields4,800720 100505015080 3001.7801.170400
Jungfields2.49072010050 50----1.170400
Brachsurfaces1,320 7201005050----- 400

Section IV
Gärtnerische establishments
The value of the components of the operating components at the unit value of the gardening establishment is to be found in each individual case on the basis of the evaluation guidelines applied in each case. identifying. Non-tampering table of contents

Appendix B (to § 2 para. 2 no. 2)

The original text site: BGBl. I 1961, 1649
Built plots
Value share of the ground and land at the unit value of the built property Valuation district of the unit valuation business plots, mixed-use property rental housing estate Other built plotsto the main business street of the rest of the group of the Hospitals, retirement homes, club house group of weekend houses, living roomsHundred Sets of the Single Value before the entry of the war sachet12345678
I40302015 151590
and Neunkirchen-3520 15151590
in rest--1512 121290
III--121010 1090
and in the rest--8 66690
unofficial table of contents

asset C (to § 2 para. 3 no. 2)
directory of main business streets and business streets specifying the significant number of building floors

Source of the original text: BGBl. I 1961, 1650

Evaluation district of the unit assessment carried out (Appendix B, column 1) Name and boundary of the road or of the Space Dimension Number of building floors (floors)123
Section 1: Main store streets
I (Saarbrücken)Bahnhofstraße5
Reichsstraße 5
Section 2: Business streets
I (Saarbrücken)Beethovenplatz4
Bergstraße from Burbacher Markt to Jakobstraße 4
Width Street 4
Burbacher Markt von Bergstraße bis Im Etzel4
Dudweiler Straße from der Brücke bis Brauerstraße4
Großherzog-Friedrich-Straße von Rathausplatz bis Rosenstraße 4
Highway from Burbach Railway Station to Burbacher Markt4
Hohenzollernstrasse from Neumarkt to Kepplerstraße4
Mainzer Straße von Bleichstraße bis Paul-Marien-Straße 4
Obertorstraße 4
Rathausplatz 4
Sankt-Johanner Markt 4
Sulzbachstraße from Bahnhofstraße to Richard-Wagner-Straße4
Trierer Straße von Bahnhofstraße bis Sankt-Johanner Straße 4
II to the extent of Neunkirchen Bahnhofstraße4
Stummstraße, Ostside4
Wellesweiler Straße Nrn. 2 and 44
The corner plots are to be included in the main commercial streets or in the business streets even if they belong to side streets, which are not listed.