Act 407 1997

Original Language Title: LEY 407 de 1997

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ACT 407 OF 1997
(October 27)
Official Gazette No. 43161 of October 29, 1997
Whereby the Order Tayrona is created as distinguished decoration awarded by the department of Magdalena for the purpose of exalting national department providing meritorious services to the country and humanity, other provisions.

ARTICLE 1o. ORDER TAYRONA. Create the Order Tayrona as distinguished decoration awarded by the department of Magdalena, in order to honor Colombians who have rendered meritorious services to the department of Magdalena, country and humanity.
Article 2.
. BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF THE ORDER TAYRONA. Create the Board of Directors of the Tayrona Order, which shall consist of:
a) By the President of the Order who shall exercise the functions of Governor of the Department of Magdalena;
B) For the Secretary of the Order shall be the Secretary of Government of the Department of Magdalena.
PARAGRAFO. The Board of Directors of the Order Tayrona will have full authority to take all appropriate determinations for the proper functioning of the said Council.

ARTICLE 3o. LEGAL REPRESENTATION. The President shall be the legal representative of the Order Tayrona and the competent authority to grant it in its various degrees, by reasoned decision.
Authorize the departmental assemblies and the municipal councils, to create and grant awards or distinctions to nationals providing meritorious services departments and municipalities.
. POWERS OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE ORDER TAYRONA. The powers of the President of the Order:
a) To consider requests that are submitted to it;
B) To approve, reject or defer consideration thereof;
C) Grant request for competent authority or ex officio, the varying degrees of the Order Colombians;
D) To ensure strict compliance with this law and the prestige of the Order;
E) To take the measures it deems necessary in connection with the activities of the Order;
F) Suspending the right to use the insignia of the Order or belonging to the same acts incompatible with the dignity of her;
G) Any other arising from the nature of the legal representation of the Order.

The 5th ARTICLE. ORDER RECIPENDARIOS TAYRONA. the Tayrona order to Colombians who have dedicated their lives and meritorious achievement obtained in the following activities shall be granted:
a) Protection of life in general and human life in particular;
B) The struggle for social justice, the eradication of poverty and raising the standard and quality of life of human beings;
C) The protection and guarantee social human rights, civil, and collective;
D) Obtaining commendable results in science, literature, culture, art and human activity in general;
E) The protection of the environment and the historical and cultural heritage;
F) The defense of the identity of communities with their own cultural tradition, especially indigenous peoples of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta;
G) The struggle for peace and peaceful coexistence;
H) The protection of the rights of children;
I) The prohibition of the manufacture, import and use of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons;
J) The social and patriotic civic management;
K) Promoting the integral development of the department of Magdalena and national territory;
L) homeland defense and democratic institutions;
M) The protection and development of environmental, scenic, historical, archaeological and cultural heritage of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and their hinterlands;
N) Conducting notable facts and actions for the benefit of the department of Magdalena, the nation and humanity, which by their nature warranting stimulus and their authors make them worthy of public recognition.
. DEGREES OF ORDER TAYRONA. The Tayrona Order consist of seven degrees, namely:
1. Grand Collar Tayrona.
2. Great Tayrona Extraordinary.
3. Great Tayrona.
4. Great Cacique Tayrona.
5. Captain Tayrona.
6. Great warrior.
7. Guerrero Tayrona.
PARAGRAFO 1o. The Grand Collar Tayrona be granted only to the Heads of State or Government in the exercise of their functions. It may also be conferred to renowned benefactors of mankind, under the conditions specified in Article 8. of this law.
PARAGRAFO 2o. Grand Tayrona be granted Extraordinary Ministers of State, judges of the Supreme Court, Council of State, the Constitutional Court, the Superior Council of the Judiciary and former Governors.

PARAGRAFO 3o. The Great Tayrona, Tayrona Grand Chief, Captain Tayrona, Tayrona Great Guerrero and Guerrero, be granted at the discretion of the President of the Order Tayrona, according to the services provided for the benefit of the department of Magdalena, country and humanity.

Article 7. CHARACTERISTICS OF DEGREES OF ORDER TAYRONA. The President of the Order Tayrona, for once establish the characteristics of the various degrees of the Order, which will be allusive to the Tayrona culture as a symbol of honor.
. Benefactors of mankind. The Grand Collar Tayrona, may be granted to benefactors of humanity when:
a) Have done a commendable action for the benefit of humanity;
B) Spend no less than twenty years to care and relief of the suffering of the poorest and most disadvantaged sectors of the population;
C) Work for at least twenty years for peaceful coexistence and protection of human rights;
D) they have executed acts of heroism and self-sacrifice towards their fellows.

Article 9. VALIDITY. This law governs from the date of its publication and repeals provisions that are contrary.
The President of the honorable Senate,
The Secretary General of the honorable Senate,
The President of the honorable Chamber of Representatives,
The Secretary General of the honorable House of Representatives, DIEGO
Published and execute.
Given in Santa Fe de Bogota, DC, 27 October 1997.

Ernesto Samper Pizano Interior Minister,