By Which Regulates The Exercise Of The Profession Of Statistical, Recognized By The Ministry Of National Education

Original Language Title: Por la cual se reglamenta el ejercicio de la profesión de Estadístico, reconocida por el Ministerio de Educación Nacional

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ACT 379 OF 1997
(July 9)
Official Gazette No. 43081 of July 11, 1997
Whereby the exercise of the profession of Statistical recognized by the Ministry of National Education regulates.

ARTICLE 1o. For all legal purposes, is understood by exercise of Statistics, the application of knowledge and means of science, mathematics, computer science and humanities in the analysis, administration, management, monitoring and process control which made collection, systems, evaluation, control, capture and review of information himself in the design of mathematical, economic and administrative models to be used in any public, private, university, organization dedicated to research need this process to take decisions.
Article 2.
. Who within the territory of the Republic of Colombia exercises or may exercise the profession of Statistical must prove their training and professional qualifications by presenting the respective title Statistically, conferred by any recognized and authorized for the purpose, Colombian University by the Government of the Nation.
PARAGRAFO. Who hold or obtain professional title Statistical abroad, for the validity of professional title shall be subject to this effect by Decree 2150 of 1995.

ARTICLE 3o. They are legally authorized to obtain the certificate Professional technologist statistics Statistics Council who accredit their training and professional qualifications by presenting the respective title technologist statistics, conferred by any university or college.
. They are prevented from using the title statistical, practice the profession, assume the responsibilities and enjoy the privileges inherent in the exercise of statistics in the country not only those who do not meet the above requirements, but also those who hold titles by correspondence or certificates and certificates accrediting them as practical or empirical and diplomas correspond only to resume incomplete or studios of inter-average level.
PARAGRAFO 1o. They can be auxiliary statistical persons to which the preceding article under the direction and responsibility of a statistical or a technologist in statistics, people who present a certificate to have completed the curriculum of studies of Technical Schools of these teachings whose curriculum and have received the approval of the National Government and people without having done the above studies have obtained a practice of at least five years as Assistant Statistics.
PARAGRAFO 2o. Institutions of higher education that grant the title of Professional Technician Statistics and other institutions that grant certificates, certificates, diplomas set out in this Article shall adopt denominations and specifications indicating the level of study and the degree of training of the holder respective document.
PARAGRAFO 3o. People with this certificate, certificates, diplomas or certificates attesting it as statistical assistants and have been obtained abroad, should be subject to the provisions for Statistical graduates in paragraphs 1o., 2o. and 3o. the 2nd article. of this law.

The 5th ARTICLE. Commercial firms for the treatment of statistical information which includes the collection, processing, analysis and dissemination of statistical results, shall be bound by this law, starting with the technical assistance of a statistician contract full or part time, according regulatory Decree establishes it.
. Planning, management, implementation, monitoring and technical control in studies, projects and investigations by public bodies whose function requires knowledge of Statistics, Statistical be entrusted to having a corresponding registration granted by the Professional Council of Statistics.

Article 7. Entities or industrial or commercial companies or research, whose activities are related to statistics, should have the services with full or part-time, as stipulated by the Regulatory Decree of this Law, of at least one statistical Colombian nationals , which holds registration or title as applicable.

PARAGRAFO. For legal purposes of this Article are considered entities or companies or industrial or research, to which the preceding article, those whose activities are directly related to the exercise of the profession of Statistics, referred to in Article 1o. of this Act and paragraph.
. Any entity, industrial, commercial or partially or totally dedicated to the treatment of statistical information research company must have at least 90% of the statistical service of Colombian nationality.
PARAGRAFO 1o. In cases where the nature of the treatment of statistical information required initially a higher percentage of professionals in foreign Statistics compliance with this Article shall be governed by the following rule: The contracting domestic or foreign entity will have one year to from the initiation of work in the country, to provide training in the respective process, the Statistical Colombian necessary and sufficient to replace the contracted foreign Statisticians, to complete the 90% in the preceding article.

Article 9. The heads of the agencies related to statistics official or semiofficial entities involved in industrial development plans of the country should be entitled Statisticians and registration issued by the Professional Council of Statistics.

ARTICLE 10. In the proposals, tenders or public competitions treatment of statistical information to government entities or semiofficial, the firm benefit must be made at least 70% of Colombian-registered Statistics issued by the Professional Council.

Article 11. Teachers formal education linked to baccalaureate dictate the chairs of Statistics, Statistics technologists should be legally recognized by the Professional Council of Statistics or persons who have at least three (3) years of experience in the teaching and have done, at least one course on descriptive statistics in a university recognized by the ICFES.

ARTICLE 12. The respective authority shall require at least one statistical licensed for the following charges:
a) The technical advice regarding the capital budgeting with funds from both official and semiofficial financial institutions and private.
B) Consultancies or interventorías entities, industrial or commercial companies wholly or partially to the treatment of statistical information, conferred by a judicial or administrative authority engaged.
C) Calculations and projections of information over time entities, industrial or commercial companies partly or wholly dedicated to the treatment of statistical information.
PARAGRAFO. The authority to which this article refers will review and approve the financial operations of credit institutions established in the country and granted for the above purposes.

Article 13. Those without fulfilling the requirements of this law to exercise statistics in the country remain under the sanctions regime that ordinary law sets for illegal exercise of professions.

ARTICLE 14. Create the Professional Council of Statistics, which shall consist of the following core members or their alternates:
1. The Minister of Education or his delegate.
2. The National Planning Director or his delegate.
3. Dane Director or his representative.
4. A representative of the faculty of each one of the national universities with undergraduate and graduate degree programs in Statistics.
5. A representative of each of the trade associations of statisticians.
PARAGRAFO. Representatives of the Colombian Association of Statisticians and recognized universities and approved shall statistical graduates and enrolled.
Professional registration This requirement shall not apply to members of the first Council meeting and it only for the duration of the organization and corresponding processing. Professional members of the Statistical Council shall hold honorary functions and their period shall be two (2) years.

ARTICLE 15. The Professional Council of Statistics, will have its permanent headquarters in Santa Fe de Bogota, DC, and its functions are as follows:
a) issue its own regulations, organize their own executive secretariat and set its forms funding.
B) Issue tuition to professionals who meet the requirements and take appropriate professional registration and granting the respective certifications.

C) Establish rights issue of professional tuition and budget investment of these funds.
D) To ensure compliance with this law sanction or cancel enrollment who do not comply with the provisions contained in the Code of Professional Ethics.
E) Collaborate with associations, trade, scientific and professional societies and other statistical organizations in the development and promotion of the profession and the continuous improvement of the qualification and use of Colombian Statistical through high standards of ethics, education knowledge, remuneration and scientific, technological and adminis-trative executory.
F) Propose to the Ministry of National Education and other competent authorities the problems that arise on the illegal practice of the profession and the compatibility or incompatibility between the qualifications awarded in Statistics and the actual levels of education and suitability of those hold such securities.
G) The others that indicate its regulations in accordance with this law.

ARTICLE 16. The Professional Council for Statistics Colombia always count for the effective performance of their duties, with the assistance of professional associations and administrative statistical officially operate in the country technical and scientific societies and their members or chapters, of the Colombian Association of Statisticians.

ARTICLE 17. Appoint the Colombian Association of Statisticians as advisory body of the National Government in all development plans and work related to statistical activities mentioned in article 1. of this law.
PARAGRAFO. For the development of these plans, the Presidency of the Republic, the National Planning and the National Administrative Department of Statistics consulting request of the Colombian Association of Statisticians.

ARTICLE 18. The legal department of the National Planning and the National Statistical Department know about the failure of one or any of the articles of this law.

Article 19. This law repeals all provisions that are contrary.

Article 20. This law governs from his expedition.
The President of the honorable Senate,
The Secretary General of the honorable Senate,
The President of the honorable House of Representatives,
The Secretary General of the honorable House of Representatives, DIEGO VIVAS
Publíquese ordered,
Given in Santa Fe de Bogota, DC, on July 9, 1997

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