Act 227 1995

Original Language Title: LEY 227 de 1995

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ACT 227 OF 1995

(December 21)

Official Journal No. 42,171., of December 29, 1995

For which the Nation is linked to the celebration of the hundred and ninety years of the Foundation of the Municipality of Rionegro, in the Department of Santander, pays tribute of admiration to its inhabitants and supports in its homage the construction of some works.



ARTICLE 1o. The Nation is associated with the celebration of the hundred and ninety years of the Municipality of Rionegro, Santander, illustrious population of Santandereana, founded on May 5, 1805 and has been the cradle of Figures of political science, of religious, economic vocations, of undoubted influence in the past, present and future of the Department of Santander and the country, likewise pay tribute of administration to its founders, Don José and Don Facundo Mutis, Enrique Puyana, Juan Andrés Ortiz and José Gutiérrez Calderón, as also exalts civics and spirit of overcoming its inhabitants.

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ARTICLE 2o. On the occasion of this momentous ephemerides, the Nation commits to strengthen the realization in the Municipality of Rionegro (Santander), the following works:

A) subsidized construction of a housing plan of social interest, not exceeding 300 solutions in the urban perimeter and 300 solutions in the rural sector of the municipality;

B) Construction of the sewers and aqueducts of the slums "Quebradaseca, Gloria part alta-Santa Rosa-and Punto Mirabel", of the urban perimeter of the municipality;

C) The expansion and endowment of the Local Integrated College, Urban School Concentration and the San Antonio Hospital;

D) Canalization and reforestation of the "Quebradaseca" in the sector comprised "El Mamey, highway of the sea";

E) Acquisition of rural land on the margins of the water of the municipal aqueduct and the conservation, reforestation and maintenance of the water catchment areas of the municipality's aqueduct;

F) Construction of municipal sanitary filling;

G) Construction of the aqueducts and sewers of the San Rafael corregimientos of the River Lebrija and Papayal in the municipal understanding;

H) Rehabilitation and paving of the national tracks "Llano de Palmas-Rionegro-Santacruz and de San Rafael a Papayal".

I) Construction of the interveredal aqueduct " La Plazuela-Cano Siete-

Simonics-Maracaibo-Venice ";

J) Endowment of a heavy machinery equipment for urban and rural public works in the municipality.

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ARTICLE 3o. The National Government will honor the municipality of Rionegro, Santander, on the date of the celebration of its hundred and ninety years (190) and on behalf of the Presidency of the Republic will be placed a Commemorative plaque in the main park of the illustrious population.

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ARTICLE 4. Facultement to the National Government to make the credits and credits necessary for the fulfillment of this Law.

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ARTICLE 5o. This Law governs from your sanction.

The President of the honorable Senate of the Republic,


The Secretary General of the honorable Senate of the Republic,


The President of the honorable House of Representatives,


The Secretary General of the honorable House of Representatives,



Publish and execute.

Dada en Santafe de Bogota, D.C., at 21 December 1995.


The Minister of Finance and Public Credit,


The Minister of Development,


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