Act 180 1995

Original Language Title: LEY 180 de 1995

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LAW 180
1995 (January 13)
Official Gazette, No. 41,676, of January 13, 1995
why amending and issued some provisions on the National Police and the Statute for Social Security Welfare and the National Police and extraordinary powers to the President of the Republic granted to develop the Polcial Carrera called "Executive Level", modify rules on organizational structure, specific functions, discipline and ethics and evaluation and classification and rules of the Professional Career offices, NCOs and agents. Summary

Term Notes
ARTICLE 1o. Article 6o. Law 62 of 1993, will read:
The National Police is composed of officers, staff of the Executive Level, NCOs, Agents, students and those providing compulsory military service in the institution, as well as public servants not soldiers belonging to it, subject to each other career own rules and discipline in the way at all times established by law.
Article 2.
. Effective Notes

Legislation Previous

ARTICLE 3. The General Inspectorate of the National Police, in addition to the functions assigned, respond to requests made by the National Commissioner for the National Police, in compliance with the powers that it will point to the Law 62 of 1993 and Decree 2203 of 1993 and shall give the necessary orders to meet such requests.

ARTICLE 4. The General Inspection is the organ of communication between the National Commissioner and the National Police.

The 5th ITEM. Numeral 2o. the 3rd article. Decree 352 of 1994, shall be as follows:
2. Address directly or through third parties, the provision of services in the areas of Social Security and Welfare for the staff of the National Police on active duty, with allocation of retirement or pension and their families, in accordance with the statutes career.

ARTICLE 6o. Movable property seized by the National Police, with the exception of firearms, or instruments of an offense or resulting from execution fact that within six (6) months, except they be claimed by their owners, will be the service of the institution as a possession. After one (1) year in such a condition, they will belong to the National Police and incorporated into the corresponding inventories.

ARTICLE 7. In accordance with section 10 of article 150 of the Constitution of Colombia, revístese the President of the Republic of specific extraordinary powers until the term of ninety (90) days from the enactment of this Act, to the following effects:
1. Develop the National Career Executive Level that article 1 refers to police. of this Law, which may be linked NCOs, agents, non-uniformed personnel and direct incorporation. This new race will cover the following:
a) Preliminary provisions;
B) hierarchy, classification and scale;
C) Personnel management:
- Selection and income
Training - Degrees, promotion and projection of the race
- wage allowances, bonuses and benefits
- Systems
assessment - Destinations, transfers, fees, commissions and licenses
- Suspension, removal, separation, reintegration
- Reservations
Miscellaneous provisions - transition Rules.
2. Amend Decree 2584 of 1993, "Rules of Discipline and Ethics for the National Police" in the following aspects:
a) Scope;
) Disciplinary Powers;
C) Authorities with disciplinary powers;
D) Procedure.
3. Amend Decree 354 of 1994, "Evaluation and Classification Regulations for Personnel of the National Police" in the following aspects:
a) Recipients;
B) Evaluation;
C) Classification and claims.
4. Amend Decree 041 of 1994, "by which the rules of Career Staff Officers and NCOs of the National Police are modified and other provisions" in the following aspects:
a) Suspension;
B) Withdrawal.
5. Amend Decree 262 of 1994, "by which rules Personal Career Agents of the National Police are modified and other provisions" in the following aspects:
a) Suspension;
B) Withdrawal.
PARÁGRAFO. The creation of the Executive Level may not discriminate against or impair, in any way, the current situation of those in the service of the National Police entering the Executive Level.

Article 8. The Executive Boards of both Houses, appoint a special commission composed as follows: Five (5) Senators of the Republic and five (5) Representatives to the House, preferentially speakers, in order to advise and assist the Government in developing the powers conferred by this Act.

Article 9. This Act shall come into force from its promulgation and repealing the provisions that are contrary.
The President of the honorable Senate, GUILLERMO JUAN ANGEL MEJIA
The Secretary General of the honorable Senate,
The President of the honorable House of Representatives
The Secretary General of the honorable House of Representatives, DIEGO VIVAS
Republic of Colombia - National Government
published and execute.
Given in Bogota, DC, 13 January 1995.

Ernesto Samper Pizano Minister of National Defence,
Fernando Botero Zea.