Directive 52/ct: About Promoting The Production Of Building Materials In The 5 Year Plan 1981-1985

Original Language Title: Chỉ thị 52/CT: Về việc đẩy mạnh sản xuất vật liệu xây dựng trong kế hoạch 5 năm 1981-1985

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The DIRECTIVE of the PRESIDENT of the COUNCIL of MINISTERS NO. 52-CT 12 March 1982 on PROMOTING the PRODUCTION of BUILDING MATERIALS in the 5 year plan 1981-1985 During the 5-year plan 1976-1980, in the country there have been various attempts to develop the industry of building materials in order to cater to the needs of basic construction after the war. Hai Phong cement factory destroyed damaged have been restored and further increase capacity; 3 large size cement factory with modern equipment, on 10 brick size 20-30 million tablets/year with advanced technology and some prefabricated concrete plant capacity has been built quite large; the basis of quarrying, sand are additional equipment; the enterprises of building material production in the South is gradually raising production and recovery of output; found abundant building material than before, the force of officers and technicians building material manufacturing industry be trained and reinforced.
However, industrial and construction materials still do not meet the requirements of the State and of the people. The pace of development of manufacturing industry of building materials is also slow. In recent years many items building materials declined: yields 2 cement factory in Hai Phong and HA Tien dat low compared with the previous year, while imports more cement is still not enough for domestic needs, a number of new factory completed build but do not guarantee the conditions of production and poor management organizations should not exert power; many types of materials and fewer in number, a poor medium of the item, the type of decoration materials, decorated, soundproof, insulation, fireproof, electric, water, the minor team kim, v. v.; the management of the quality and cost of products not yet closely; the method of supplying building materials is still under way, through many intermediate sewing has not been improved.
To meet the demand for building materials in the 5 year plan 1981-1985, the Ministry of construction, the Ministry and the local potential extraction power to boost the production of building materials according to the following directions: 1. About cement: cement development priority is basic materials serving industrialization construction at the same time as the main material of the industry and is my strength; to ensure stable production conditions and constant for the cement factory to promote existing capacity; the complete construction and complete synchronization in and out 2 cement factory in BIM son and Huangshi in 1982; complete the entire plant cement HA Tien on the last expansion in 1984; invest to build cement factory output Haiphong reached design capacity; consolidate and complete the small cement factory; cement manufacturing industry needs to promote exports of cement to balance themselves and earning foreign currency for the State. In parallel with the development of cement, noting developed more types of low grade adhesives such as lime, cement pudôlan granulated, etc..
2. About ceramic tile: in the years ahead does not encourage the development of production of ceramic brick which moved sharply to the materials not calcined; produced by the types of coal slag, the inorganic Binder, including cement, using simple devices in the small and medium enterprise, located at the place of consumption. Must closely manage the day-to-day business of ceramic tile and the tile professional cooperatives, limited agricultural cooperatives produces ceramic brick and prohibiting the destruction of agricultural land in order to make bricks and tiles. Of raw materials for the production of tiles to make use of the soils of the Hill, the beach land of rivers; about gas, to take advantage of the type of gas and the local availability of coal through the fire, as peat, firewood, hay, husks ... good clay must be for the production of tiles and decorative tiles, bricks of high grade. Positive measures are needed to raise the capacity of the brick factory was built measured must be completed and the first from the new construction brick factories. Production of the rocks split, chipped rocks, laterite, etc.
3. On the limestone, sand and gravel: promoted mining, sand and gravel both by manual methods and methods of mechanization; investing for new quarries, with high mechanical and advanced extraction processes, in order to ensure product quality, thoroughly take advantage of resources and reduce the intensity of heavy labour. Must plan to give fast 2 devices for quarrying of Ru-ma-ni, with a total capacity of 1 million m3/year to use; the planning and management of the Department of materials of stone, land reserved for the production of cement and gemstone mines for the production of decorative stone; promote the production of marble exports, including by forms of cooperation with other countries.
4. for other materials such as glass, porcelain toilet building, ceramic tile, porcelain, granito, the kinds of roofing materials, insulation, sound insulation and to prevent water, refractory materials, electronics, water and the U.S. team kim ... need to have positive measure leverage capacity of existing enterprises Investor attention, depth, improving productivity and product quality, while actively preparing to invest in construction of some new plant has been signed to build early on when condition.
To ensure the development of the industry of building materials according to the directions as above, the President of the Council of Ministers requested the industry, the level of implementation of the following measures: 1. ensure the conditions for the production

Every year, the State Planning Commission must firmly balanced the norms about electric, fuel, transportation, equipment, spare parts and other technical materials etc. for the industry of building materials. The electricity sector must ensure power balance for the production of building materials, especially to provide electricity by priority type 1 for the production of cement. The coal industry in priority need for coal and explosives for manufacturing. The building was managed plan distribution of coal and explosives were produced for the building materials industry to adopt it under strict quality management, production and holding of products for the production. The mechanics (including mechanical Defense) must attach importance to the production of the equipment and spare parts for the building materials industry that Ministry of construction not self-produced. The transportation sector must actively implement the plan for transport of raw materials, fuels and products for materials, both by sea, River and rail. The local needs, in coordination with the Ministry of construction directs the basis of well-organized material and cultural life for staff and workers in the field of materials. In addition to the targets of the State guarantee provided, the construction industry through import and export work and the incorporation of State investment to mobilize capital and of the local materials to order more balanced the conditions promoting the production.
2. On production management. The build should plan to rearrange and State institutions, mainly the enterprises, joint enterprises and the enterprises of the Ministry of industry and local professionals. The building was allowed to organize import and export company for building materials, with the direction of the market and of the Ministry of foreign trade.
3. On the policy mode. The Ministry of finance and the Bank in collaboration with the Ministry of construction to research the Government regulations raising the interest rate level and use the money to increase the depreciation of capital letters of the enterprises, in order to ensure the financial responsibility of the Director of the enterprise, enabling enterprises to actively expand production business. A research method of combining the State's investment with the mobilization of more capital, materials, local production of building materials. The building needs to review and adjust the level of technical and economic unit cost in production and in the use of materials suitable for the actual situation. The Ministry of labour should urgently study and the Government adjusted allowance regime wages for production workers and construction materials, which need the attention of incentives for workers to produce cement.
4. About the Organization's supply and consume the product material. The Ministry of construction need improved research method of supplying building materials to fit the requirements, reduce the unnecessary intermediate sewing and distribution mode of building materials by type. The production of the material has the task of ensuring the provision of adequate and timely indicators of materials for the construction works and for the needs of industrial production, exports, for the purchase of agricultural products, a travelers for a population that has been recorded in the State plan; materials sold part of output of material remains, according to the method of consumption have with internal trade sector, contributing to the State's budget balanced.
In addition, every year the State Planning Committee of the need to communicate only in wood, cement, steel, roofing for the Ministry of construction in order to mobilize the available capacity of the precast factory serving the housing construction plan and promote the production of prefab or precast buildings in Exchange for agricultural products or sold to the population of house construction. 5. On the scientific and technical work. The Ministry of construction in collaboration with the General Directorate of geology planning basic survey on resources and the needs to the production network planning of building materials in each period, for each area and common to both countries; the research assignment, decentralized management of mines and specialized fuel for the production of building materials; direct the positive basis of the application of technical progress and innovation management in production and use, in order to save fuel and energy resources, waste prevention of loss, improve the quality and lower the cost of the product.
6. Strengthen technical infrastructure for the building materials industry. The construction industry needs to concentrate forces, quickly finish and complete the facilities are unfinished construction; decision to reduce building works has not yet finished or urgent nor have secured conditions for production. Must actively prepare for investment and construction preparation for construction expected to resume construction in the following years as the glass factory in meeting demand, refractory brick factory in Czechoslovakia, phibrô cement plant BIM son cement factories, Paint Pens, ceramic factory, tiles factory, Spending Long Binh , the large quarries, the mechanics of materials etc.
Particularly for construction works of HA Tien cement factory expansion, now has 60% of the volume, but because the State has the capital and materials, the Chairman of the Council of Ministers to allow The building to be loans and construction materials in addition to the plan with the province in the Mekong River Delta to complete construction by the end of 1984. State Bank settle convenient procedures of loans for The building and the local.

Get this directive, requires the Ministry of construction, the Ministry and local concerned, urgently coordinate closely with each other and the Organization made. The Ministry of construction has the General task of the situation and the report reflects the up government.

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