Circular 6/1999/tt-Nhnn14: A Guide To Perform The Processing Losses And Debt For Preferential Loans To Fix The Consequences Of Flooding In The Central City Of The Province, According To The Decision No. 1073/qđ-Ttg Ng ...

Original Language Title: Thông tư 06/1999/TT-NHNN14: Hướng dẫn thực hiện việc xử lý nợ bị thiệt hại và cho vay vốn ưu đãi khắc phục hậu quả lũ lụt tại các tỉnh, thành phố miền Trung theo Quyết định số 1073/QĐ-TTg ng...

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CIRCULAR Guide made the debt handling damage and preferential loans to overcome the consequences of flooding in the central city of the province, according to the decision No. 1073/QD-TTg dated November 17, 1999 by the Prime Minister _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ To implementation of article 6 of decision 1073/QD-TTg on November 17, 1999 by the Prime Minister on the remedial flood in the province City, region: Quang Binh, Quang Tri, Thua Thien-Hue, Da Nang, Quang Nam, Quang Ngai, Binh Dinh, the Governor of the State Bank guide the credit institutions and the Central Bank's branch in the province, the city of seven central provinces said on the implementation of some of the following: I-BANK LOAN DEBT HANDLING DAMAGE DUE to FLOOD The credit institution review the entire debt loans of customers related to damage caused by past flooding to take measures for appropriate processing.
1/handle debt renewal, relaxation of the debt: for household and business debt loans of credit organizations suffer damage due to flooding if not yet have the ability to pay the debt shall be based on the proposal of the borrower, the credit organizations considered for renewal of the debt according to the regulations on short-term loan extension , the medium term and the long term of the current Governor of the State Bank.
Cases of loan debt losses have been renewed, if debt to limit but not have the ability to pay, the credit institution is considering to relax debt (debt rescheduling) add a production cycle for short term loan or add 1/2 the time limit for medium and long-term loans were agreed upon.
2/prepare recommendations delineated debt elimination debt or handling:-for the loans of households and businesses in the credit organizations was damaged due to flood damage level from 30% to 80%, the actual loan repayment difficulties in the credit organizations to profile delineated term debt proposal must not exceed 5 years.
-For cases of damage from 80% or more, households and businesses do not have the ability to repay the debt, the credit institutions prepare proposals please remove debt.
During the establishment of the proposed debt or delineated profile debt elimination, credit institutions temporarily not collecting interest.
-Procedures, records suggest circled debt or debt elimination: credit institutions follow the setting as stipulated in the circular of Ministry of Finance State Bank number TC-NHNN dated Jan. 11, 22/8/1994 guide handles the debt standing for Khe enterprises.
A determine the damage caused by the flood, the flood made as specified in circular No. 03/1997/TTLT/NHNN-BTC dated 22/11/1997 of the State Bank and the Ministry of Finance shall guide the handle past due debt of State-owned banks over the correct banking activities after inspection.
-Full profile and the sum was reported by each system and sent to the State Bank (credit) last February 2000 at the latest to the Prime Minister to review the decision. Separately, the people's credit funds of the Bank's branch in the province, the city and reported to the central State Bank.
II-NEW LENDING to OVERCOME the CONSEQUENCES of the FLOOD 1/conventional loan: credit institutions the focus of resources to meet the needs of the loan the Central flood damage under normal credit mechanisms. The difficult case of the capital reported the Central Bank consider resolve.
2/For preferential loans: the State Bank allocated for commercial banks, the Bank for investment and development of Vietnam to perform for the households loan incentives to overcome the consequences of the floods in the province, City Central, specifically: a/loan funds: State Bank capital bases are the prime lending interface remedial the floods to refinancing for commercial banks, the Bank for investment and development of Vietnam to the bank lenders households. The refinancing for banks follow regulations of the Governor of the State Bank.
Going forward, the central State Bank of temporary capital allocation are lending in the province, city (according to the attached criteria notice).
b/the purpose for loan: short-term capital loans to purchase seed, fertilizer, pesticides and farm production materials, fisheries.
For the medium term and long term loans to repair, aquaculture, fishing net shopping tools, repair boats, making housing. c/interest loans: short term loans:-0.3%.
-Medium-term and long-term loans: 0.4%.
d/loan term: loan term must match the production cycle, service life and are defined as follows: maximum short term loans-up to 12 months.
-Medium-term and long-term loans from over 12 months to 5 years.
e/the level of lending and loan procedures: branch commercial bank, investment bank branch and develop preferential loans for Vietnam based on the list of loan rates and households are people's Committee Chairman, City Guide, the households loan procedures quickly convenient, the borrowers are not property but must be responsible enough to reimburse the debt principal and interest to banks.
f transport/capital lending incentives remedial flood.
State Bank branch and branches of commercial banks, investment banking branch and local development advised the Chairman of the provincial people's Committee, the city urgently identify credit capital losses and borrowing needs incentives to overcome the consequences of the floods of the households in the local (of each bank) reporting on the central State Bank (Service Credit) before December 15, 1999 report form attached to this circular.
On the basis of the aggregate borrowing needs of the provinces, the city, the State Bank will allocate preferential lending targets remedial flooding for each province, city and each bank was tasked with loans in the scope targets were the Prime Minister allows.
The time was the official norms, Director of the State Bank branch, the city temporarily target base is the central State Bank Affairs in this circular reports the Chairman, the city based on the approval list to target specific to each local bank branch (the Bank of agriculture and rural development. Industrial and commercial bank, the Bank for foreign trade, investment and Development Bank).
Commercial banks, investment banks and development direction of the branch in the province, the city suffered flooding in Central mentioned on temporarily using business funds for preferential loans according to the list to be Chairman, the city approved, ensure the implementation of the loan not been slowness.
1, credit institutions have the responsibility to guide and organize the content requires the direction of the State Bank in this circular; periodically on the 15-day and 30 monthly progress report and the implementation for the Governor of the State Bank (credit) in the form attached.
2, Director of the State Bank's branch in the province, the city has a responsibility to urge the track, check out the local credit organizations in implementing the debt handling bank loan losses due to floods and new lending rules; monthly reporting of results, reflecting the difficulty, propose measures for the handling of the Central Bank and the PPC, the city.
This circular has effect from the date of signing. The implementation process if problems arise, the report to reflect the right of the central State Bank to consider settling.

(Attached to circular No. 12/1999/TT-NHNN14 on 02 December 1999 of the Governor of the State Bank) unit: 1đồng order number The city assigned targets, notes 1 Thua Thien-Hue province 140 billion 2 Da Nang 40 billion 3 Quang Nam province 50 billion 4 Quang Ngai province 40 billion 5 Province 20 billion 6 Province 80 7 billion in Quang Binh province 30 billion



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