Decision 6/2004/qd-Bnn: Issuance "program For Biodiversity Conservation Ecological Region In Central Truong Son Period 2004-2020

Original Language Title: Quyết định 06/2004/QĐ-BNN: Về việc ban hành “Chương trình bảo tồn đa dạng sinh học vùng sinh thái Trung Trường Sơn giai đoạn 2004-2020

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The DECISION of the MINISTER of AGRICULTURE and RURAL DEVELOPMENT on "conservation program for biodiversity, ecological region in Central Truong son 2004-2020 period _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ the MINISTER of AGRICULTURE and RURAL DEVELOPMENT based on forest development protection law of 12 August 1991;
Pursuant to Decree No. 86/2003/ND-CP dated July 18, 2003 of the Government functions, tasks, powers and organizational structure of the Ministry of agriculture and rural development;
Pursuant to decision No. 192/2003/QD-TTg dated 17/9/2003 by the Prime Minister on the approval of the strategic management of natural protected areas system in Vietnam by 2010;
On the basis of document No. 81/CP-NN of the Government led by Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung signed on 09/01/2004 approving '' program for biodiversity conservation in Central Truong son 2004-2020 period ";
Proposal of Chief Ranger in the Sheet No.: 174/TTr/KL-BTTT March 2004, DECIDES: article l. issued the program for biodiversity conservation ecological region in Central Truong son 2004-2020 period with the following principal contents: i. aim of the program: l. long-term goals : use general measures intended to manage, protect and restore the natural resources and biological diversity in the Middle Son in a sustainable manner in the process of industrialization and modernization of the country, contributing to raise awareness about conservation, developing management capacity and improving the standard of living for the local community.
2. The specific objectives: a) conserve the biodiversity value of importance of Central Truong son, restoration and sustainable use for the benefit of the people in the Middle Son in particular and Vietnam in General, to contribute to conservation efforts in the country.
b) awareness and sense of responsibility of organizations, individuals and local communities in Central Truong son upgrading, management, protection and restoration of the ecosystem in the area.
c) system of laws, policies, institutions and the specific provisions are formulated and implemented, in order to strengthen the management, protection and restoration of natural resources in priority areas of Central Annamite. All development projects and programmes implemented in the region are taking priority for biodiversity conservation and not contrary to the text conservation legislation.
d) competencies, skills for 1ực management, protection and restoration of the natural ecosystems of the Middle Son is improved and enhanced.
DD) natural resources and biological diversity in Central Truong son was sustainable management, use wordshould to improve the lives of local people, thus contributing to poverty reduction, to meet the needs of socio-economic development.
II. scope of the programme: the scope of the programme for biodiversity conservation in Central Truong son 2004-2020 period made on administrative boundaries of 6 provinces are Quang Tri, Thua Thien Hue, Quang Nam, Kon Tum, Binh Dinh and Gia Lai, Danang city in Central Truong son.
III. principles and methods of implementation: 1. Reviews about the status and value of biodiversity and social economy in Central Truong son, 2. Prioritise local issues and has the potential of high biodiversity and are endangered but not yet invested or insignificant investments, 3. Strengthening management on conservation, 4. Make sure to delete the contribution to poverty reduction, improving lowland community life local population, 5. 1ập design and management of protected areas networks effectively, enhance the conservation of the species in the region and the scene of students preferred.
6. the Central Truong son will have a strategic environmental framework as a basis to guide the implementation of the decision on the appropriate interventions in the development process and the decisions about land-use planning.
7. The main budget, and policy decisions are based on an understanding of the socio-economic value of biodiversity. Force protection of the Middle Son will be strengthening the professional training and equipment.
IV. Content of the programme for the conservation, l.: building and perfecting the system of protected areas in the region. By the year 2015, a network of protected areas in the region will be built and managed effectively through the preparation of investment project plan feasible for existing protected areas and are being proposed (including the project buffer). Establish and strengthen management for special-purpose forests Central Annamite. Strengthen the capacity of staff to manage the forest and forestry in the alkaline reserve to the extent necessary. Define and redefine the boundaries outside of fieldwork for the protected area and buffer zone. Building management plans for protected areas in Central Truong son fit in with conservation objectives set out for each zone. The 1ập the new sanctuary in the Middle Market. 2. On augmented Cognition:

a) conducted a program of broad-scale conservation education in the Middle School paint. priority To 2010, a conservation and education programs raise awareness effectively will be universal in the whole area. Assessment of the educational activities of the current conservation and educational potential of conservation in the Central Annamite. Setting up a network of conservation education officers. Take the issue of drafting a program of education for the Middle School paint. b) mobilization of resources for conservation education in each province. By 2010, every province are mobilizing 1ực resources available for conservation education. Take advantage of and promote the available locations in the region, such as the white horse and a rescue Center for wild animals in the region (in Da Nang) into the educational center.
c) awareness raising activities and education for cadres at provincial administration decisions. Combine education with loss of government programs. As of 2010, the educational activities of environmental conservation program will effectively support large government programs related to conservation and poverty alleviation in mountainous areas such as the forestry industry support program, program 661, 133 and 135.
3. About perfecting the legal basis a) build consistent legal framework to implement the strategy for conservation targets for each province and region features the Son of 2010, the provinces. Department of ecology Central Truong son will have a legal framework for the conservation, as a basis to guide the thlrc the decision , appropriate intervention on the development process and the decisions about land-use planning.
b) plans and loss protection action plans stay tuned in each province Truong son, integrating with the plans of social-economic developer of each province. By 2010, all the Department of ecology in Central Truong son will have a comprehensive conservation plan was completed and the building was 1ồng paired with the socio-economic development plan of the society.
c) build sustainable forest management policies and the work done. By 2010, every province, Central School of Painting has a sustainable forest management plan of each province (on the basis of the classification of forest production, forest protective or special-purpose forests) and the implementation of sustainable forest certification. Build sustainable forest management model on the small area in the pilot region in Central Truong son omen. d) assist in building institutions to manage natural resources in the area and alkalinity control unauthorized exploitation of natural resources and biodiversity by 2010 , natural resources will be effective management brings many benefits for the province and the local community while maintaining social sustainability and the environment 4. On augmented capacity-support the training and equipment for force protection forest of the Central Annamite. By 2010, the force protection of the forests in the region will be trained on the professional expertise and technical equipment. Training for the FPD in the field of conservation biology and research techniques. Training of language skills, especially English, cultural and ethnic minority training on community work and conservation education. Training on enforcement of wildlife legislation and monitoring. Publish the foreign guide books and training materials. Reviews the needs of the province, the working structure, dynamics and monitoring systems in each of the FPD. Provides the essential equipment for FPD. Enhance the conservation work on the basis of the community in areas of priority.
5. economic development.
a) ensure a part of local community needs for forest resources in order to contribute to poverty reduction and improving the lives of people in the region. As of 2010, the management model based on the community and the work Council manages the resources between people with State and private ingredients will give the new đởi method to combine biodiversity conservation with the development of a stable life.
b) support and management of forest land. Support and build the land programme, Forestry Department in Central Truong son, in the spirit of decentralized policy management. Community consultation when analyzing the needs of the forest and analysis of space. Building the monitoring and evaluation system for the management, conservation, economic benefits and protection. The actual tour to the project delivered successfully lands in other provinces in Vietnam. Construction of the network and the regional model. Ensure the Organization's capacity to resolve forest management at the local level.
c) build models of protection and management of resources, the conservation of the species based on the community. Come 2010, the collaborative model, forest resource management and the conservation of species based on the community will be built to achieve success in the conservation and benefit for the people.
d) eco-tourism development in order to raise awareness about conservation and the economic benefit to the community, drawing the participation of broad sectors in the conservation work. By 2010, will carry out a comprehensive program to develop sustainable tourism aims to contribute significantly to the conservation of biological diversity, promote the natural beauty of the region and create appropriate life stay tuned people.

DD) enabling local communities develop new career suits, as well as the search for measures to create income for them. By 2010, will create the conditions for local communities in the development of new trades, consistent with the conservation objectives and increasing additional revenue stay tuned people. Learn the traditional local industries. Determine the appropriate occupations with the goal of conservation. Guide and create conditions for the proper development of industries, generating income for the local community.
Article 2. FPD interface is the focal agency staff assist the Minister of agriculture and rural development of the lungs with the ministries concerned and the people's committees of the province lies in the Central Truong son plan to launch this program.
The subdivisions of the Ministry is responsible for coordinating with the Chief Ranger build a deployment plan in each stage is effective, achieving the objective and content of the program has been approved by the Minister.
Article 3. This decision takes effect 15 days from the date the Gazette article 4. He was Chief of the Department, the Chief Ranger, heads of subdivisions of the Ministry and the people's Committee of seven provinces and cities concerned is responsible for the implementation of this decision.

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