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Law No.: Universal Primary Education

Original Language Title: Luật Không số: Phổ cập giáo dục tiểu học

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UNIVERSAL PRIMARY EDUCATION LAW, primary education is a basic condition to improve, initial basis is very important for training children to become good citizens of the country;
Pursuant to articles 40, 41, 60 and 83 of the Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam;
This law regulates the mode universal elementary education.
Chapter I GENERAL PROVISIONS article 1 the State policy of universal compulsory primary school education from class 1 to class 5 runs out for all children in the age of Vietnam from 6 to 14 years.
Article 2 elementary education is learned the Foundation of national education systems, have the duty to build and develop emotional, moral, intellectual, physical and aesthetic of the child, in order to form the initial basis for the comprehensive development of the human personality of Socialist Vietnam.
Article 3 primary education to ensure students master the skills of speaking, reading, writing, computing, has the necessary knowledge of nature, society and man; have compassion, filial to parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters beloved; respect for the teacher, the teacher, to older people; help your friends, children; love labor, discipline; There are cultural and lifestyle; Bodybuilding routines and maintain hygiene; love the motherland, love peace.
Article 4 of primary education was made by the Vietnamese.
The minorities have the right to use the voice, his nation's written together with the Vietnamese to make elementary education.
Article 5 the State taking the proper budget to implement universal primary education.
The State has a policy of encouragement of other financial sources in society, the National Education Foundation, to support funding for the universal primary education industry.
Article 6 State to ensure the conditions necessary for the implementation of universal primary education in ethnic minority regions, the high, remote region, the island and the region have difficulties; guarantee from the initial conditions needed to implement universal primary education when building new residential areas.
Article 7 State agencies, social organizations, organizations, families, citizens have a responsibility to participate in the implementation of universal primary education.
The State respected and welcomed any donations, help, cooperation of international organizations, Governments, non-governmental organizations, the alien, the Vietnam settled in foreign countries to the cause of universal elementary education of Vietnam.
CHAPTER II the STUDENT, FAMILY, SCHOOL, society in UNIVERSAL PRIMARY EDUCATION for children aged 6-8 1 Thing must be grade 1 right from the start of the school year.
2-children because of health reasons, because of family circumstances have special difficulty or in the regions specified in article 6 of this law, can start grade 1 after 6 years.
3-kids have the ability to grow, is grade 1 special before 6 years or learning beyond the classroom when the education authorities have the authority to allow.
Article 9 students must be educated and trained under the program, the elementary education content due to State regulation; be involved in the activities of young pioneers Team.
Students with academic achievement, work was rewarded.
10 things students should reach the level of elementary education before the age of 15, except in the case specified in clause 2, article 8 of this law.
The student reaches the level of elementary education are high.
Article 11 of the children is the martyrs, invalids, disabled children, orphans, helpless child not have special difficulty, the State and society are interested in helping create conditions necessary to achieve the level of elementary education.
Article 12 of the children's time in Vietnam citizens living abroad must be a parent, mentor created the necessary conditions and State help to implement universal primary education under this law.
Children are foreigners in Vietnam have elementary students in the school, Vietnam was the State of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam to help.
Article 13 elementary education is done in the field, national primary school class, the class of the field, type.
Students at the school, national primary school classes are not charged tuition.
The establishment, dissolution of schools, elementary classes are subject to the provisions of the law.
Article 14 market, primary grades must have enough teachers, educational managers, staff, facilities, equipment and teaching and learning according to the regulations of the State.
Article 15 management education, elementary teachers must be recruited, trained according to ethical standards, professional style, professional by State regulations.
Educational administrators, teachers have to fulfill the responsibility of teaching, school management and education, grades, exemplary works in schools, in social life. Prohibition of infringement and honor student.
Article 16 teaching labor, education of teachers, educational managers State primary school and social respect.
Prohibition of infringement and the honor of teachers, educational managers.
Article 17 the State of implementation of policies aimed at: 1-build, consolidate the pedagogical school, school of education managers; improving the quality of training, teacher training, management of primary education;
2-ensure the spiritual, material conditions for teachers, educational managers primary responsibilities rounded; encourage teachers, educational managers work long for a career in elementary education;
3-teacher incentives, management elementary education in ethnic minority regions, the high, remote region, the island and the region has difficulties.
Article 18 parents who's children have the responsibility: 1-names for the child or children are sponsored to go to school at the local primary school class, residence or the place where the most convenient, as stipulated in article 8 of this law;
2-create the conditions for the child or children sponsored completed elementary education;
3-combined with schools, social organizations in the education of the child or children sponsored; respect teachers, managers of primary education; exemplary in social and family life, family education implementation according to the fine traditions of the nation.
Article 19, the parents of the students have the right to: 1-school requirements, educational administration to resolve the issues relevant to the primary education of the child or children sponsored;
2-participating organizations of the parents of students to combine with the school made universal primary education.
Article 20 Vietnam Fatherland Front, the front's member organizations and the economic organization, social responsibility: 1-athlete parents, sponsors ensure to children complete primary education;
2-coordination with educational bodies, local authorities and families in children's education;
3-mobilization of financial assistance, the facilities and manpower according to their ability to perform city primary school.
CHAPTER III ADMINISTRATION of UNIVERSAL ELEMENTARY EDUCATION article 21 the Council of Ministers is responsible for: 1-issued the policy aimed at ensuring the implementation of universal primary education within the country, decide on the program-the objective, the term universal elementary education for the region of , the local;
2-the allocation of the necessary budget for primary education;
3-the direction of the industry, the levels in implementing universal primary education;
4-make the cooperation with international organizations, countries in the career of universal elementary education.
Article 22

The Ministry of education and training is responsible for: 1-decide the project, program, plan to deploy the universalization of primary education, promulgated the law in the jurisdiction;
2-prescribed objectives and training plans of the elementary school, the elementary education content, manage the compilation release, textbooks, reference books, manuals and other necessary documents of elementary education for teachers, students, parents of students and society;
3-organizing and directing the training, teacher training, management of primary education;
4-Guide to the authorities; the direction the agency administered education on professional service in implementing universal primary education;
5-in collaboration with the industry, the level of social organizations, in the implementation of universal primary education;
6-made Inspector of primary education.
Article 23 of the local government levels have responsibilities: 1-execution of programs-the goal universal primary education by the Council of Ministers for local regulations;
2-implementation planning, budget planning and primary education in the socio-economic development plan of local society;
3-make the training, fostering rational use of teachers, educational administrators, school policies, modes, measures to ensure the physical, spiritual life for teachers, managers of primary education;
4-encourage the contribution of finance, infrastructure, local human resources in order to create the conditions to implement universal primary education;
5-organization of the open market, the primary grades; ensure the school, classroom, teaching supplies, equipment, books, learning tools and enough time needed;
Ward Township government, Chen directed the Organization to register and mobilize children in grade 1, organization and management to children complete primary education;
6-management education levels have a responsibility to help local authorities implement the provisions in this article.
Article 24 the content inspection of primary education include: 1-inspection of the implementation of the program-the goal, universal education plan of the local elementary school, school, elementary class;
2-Inspector of teaching, teacher education, education of elementary school students;
3-the decision or propose measures promptly to implement universal primary education.
The Organization and activities of the Inspector of primary education by the Council of Ministers Regulation.
CHAPTER IV REWARDED and HANDLE BREACH article 25 individuals, organizations to contribute to the cause of universal primary education are rewarded according to the State's General mode.
Article 26 people difficult, hindering the universalization of primary education; allow or open market, contrary to law; left education with program content due to State regulation; invasion of the body and of the students, teachers, educational managers; invasion of the facilities of the school, the class; because of the lack of essential environmentally responsible without completing the program-the goal of universal primary education, abuse of authority unauthorized use of funds for primary education or violates the provisions of this law, then custom level that was disciplined, the administrative sanction or prejudice criminal liability; If the damage compensation.
Chapter V FINAL CLAUSES article 27 of these regulations before this law are repealed.
Article 28 Council of Ministers detailing the implementation of this law.
-----------------------------------This law was the National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam tags VIII, session 9, passed on 12 August 1991.