581/qd-Ttg Decision: Approved Master Plan For Socio-Economic Development Of Kon Tum Province In 2020

Original Language Title: Quyết định 581/QĐ-TTg: Phê duyệt quy hoạch tổng thể phát triển kinh tế - xã hội tỉnh Kon Tum đến năm 2020

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The DECISION approving the planning of the overall socio-economic development of Kon Tum province until 2020 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ the PRIME MINISTER pursuant to the law on organization of the Government of 25 December 2001;
 Pursuant to Decree No. 92/2006/ND-CP on 7 September 2006 by the Government on creation, approval and management of the overall socio-economic development and the Decree No. 04/2008/ND-CP dated 11 January 2008 by the Government on the amendments and supplements to some articles of Decree No. 92/2006/ND-CP;
 Proposal of Kon Tum province people's Committee decision: article 1. Approval of the master plan for socio-economic development of Kon Tum province until 2020 with the following principal contents: i. DEVELOPMENTAL PERSPECTIVE 1. Overall planning the social-economic development of Kon Tum province to 2020 are consistent with the strategy of economic development-society of the country, overall planning of social-economic development of the Central Highlands; ensure the computer is synchronized, consistent with the planning, field.
2. the effective exploitation of the potential of local advantages, and mobilization, good use all resources to socio-economic development faster, sustainable and environmental protection; accelerating the pace of economic growth, soon brought the Kon Tum province escape poverty.
3. Gradually perfecting the infrastructure and urbanization; promote the development of certain economic regions the motivation to create favorable conditions to promote the difficult area of development in the province.
4. Make progress and social justice in every step of development. Interest in supporting the remote areas, ethnic minority areas develop comprehensive; preserve and promote the traditional culture of the nation.
5. Attach the social-economic development to ensure the defense and security; solid protection of sovereignty of national borders; maintain stable political security and social order and safety; strengthening the relations of friendship and cooperation in the development of the three countries triangle Vietnam-Laos-Cambodia.
II. DEVELOPMENT OBJECTIVES 1. The general goal of maximum mobilization of all resources to focus on developing, narrowing the gap on per capita income compared to the Highlands region and country; step by step construction of infrastructure, meet the needs of modern development; continuously improve the material and spiritual life of the people.
2. Specific objective a) economic development:-economic growth CAGR of 2011-2020 period reached 14.7%, which in the period 2011-2015 reach 15.0% 14.5% and reaches the 2016-2020 period. The per capita GDP reached 27.9 million in 2015, the person, (twice compared to 2010) and 2020 reach 53.2 million VND/person (folded 1.9 times compared to 2015);
-The proportion of the industry – service – agriculture in the economic structure in 2015 is 31.5% 35.5% and 33.0%, and by 2020 is 38.5% 36.4%, and 25.1%;
-To strive export turnover to the year 2015 of about 125-130 million and approximately 300-320 2020 million USD;
-The rate of budget revenues accounting for about 13.5-14.0% from GDP by 2015 and about 14.0-15.0% in 2020.
b) On social development:-till 2015 population size reached 510 thousand inhabitants and approximately 600 thousand people in 2020; the rate of urban population about 46.1% to 53.3% in 2015 and 2020;
-Reduce the rate of poor households (the current standard) each year from 3-4%; labor rate through 2015 training reached 45%, in which vocational training reached 33%; 2020 reaches 55-60%, job training reached over 40%;
-Striving to 2015 from 10-11 doctors, hospital bed/41.5 1 ten thousand inhabitants and from 11-12 doctor, 46.3 hospital bed/1 ten thousand inhabitants in 2020. Reduce the proportion of children under 5 years malnutrition down 22% in 2015 and under 17% by 2020;
-By 2020, the number of districts, the city recognized universal high school reaches 40%;
-Striving to 2015 the rate of households use water sanitary about 90% and the basic resolution 2020 enough running water for the rural population.
c) on the protection of the environment-forest cover rate Raise up 68% in 2015 and over 70% by 2020; increasing the green area in the area of the municipality;
-2020 collectors and handle about 80% of the garbage; management and processing of 100% of the hazardous industrial waste, medical waste standards before release;
-Rational use of natural resources, protection of biodiversity; strengthening education, training and awareness, capacity management to protect the environment.
III. DIRECTIONS Of DEVELOPING The Industry, FIELD 1. About agro-forestry, aquaculture and rural development, On the basis of the potential of land resources, the climate to agricultural comprehensive development in the direction of manufacture of goods associated with the processing industry. Striving to grow at CAGR of 2011-2020 period to about 8.4%, which in the period 2011-2015 about 8.7% and 7.9% in 2016-2020.
-Study the shift an area of some industrial plants have high economic value as coffee, rubber, sugar cane and fruit trees; grow some food crops, medicinal herbs, vegetables, flowers of conditioning with suitable natural conditions (soil, climate, edaphic) of each region and market demand associated with resource planning;
-Accelerate the building of the Department of livestock focus with appropriate scale; improving the quality of cattle and poultry increases, not through breeding farm model focus and households; rapidly increasing the number of herd, cows, goats; developer forums honey bee;
-Promote the advantages of forest to grow economic forests; promote afforestation, increase area, improving the quality and coverage of forests; focus on doing well the management of watershed protective forests protection; Prevention of forest fires and preventing deforestation;
-Formed trades aquaculture fish, fish cage model in the presence of large water reservoirs of irrigation, the Lake contains YaLy hydro works, Plei Krong, the series San 3A, 4A, Upper San Kon Tum Serial and the ponds, streams and rivers are small scale household;
-Step by step to build a new country appropriated with the national criteria of the new country, create conditions for the rural population, especially in the remote areas, ethnic minority areas are best enjoyed with the social welfare.
2. For industry-construction of striving for growth the industry-average construction period of 2011-2020 reach 18.7%, in the period 2011-2015 that reached 20% annually and the 2016-2020 period to about 17.5 million a year. The goal by 2020 – building industry contributed 38.5% of GDP, create jobs for 25% of the social workers.
-Every step of the formation and development of the industry has advantages such as processing agricultural forestry products, building materials, minerals, hydropower; venture, associated plant, mining, manufacture, especially medicinal herbs and rare. Striving to 2015, developing strong brand certain products such as ginseng, red ginseng, class N coffee Dak Ha; vegetables, bamboo shoots Black flowers;
-On the basis of the approved plan, accelerate the progress of the firm had investment undertakings;
-Development of urban infrastructure and residential layout according to planning zones, clusters, industrial and craft villages to ensure the demand for social housing and for the workforce to work locally.
3. Trade, development of services exports of primary products such as cassava and tapioca, rubber, coffee; furniture; sewing production. Strive for the growth rate of export value by an average of 16-17% of the 2011-2015 period and 18-19% in 2016-2020.
-Promote trade, strengthen the system of markets and commercial centers in the city districts of Kon Tum, Dak, N; develop the market of Dak Glei district districts border, Jewel Master, Sa; the market gate gate Economic Zones Seaboard Y; commercial network held the rural, mountainous;
-Expand the commodity exchanges through the gate; prepare the conditions necessary to promote the commercial development of border areas;
-Diversify the products serving the travel and tourism business development tied to environmental protection; conceived and put into exploitation of ecological tourism zone, special-purpose forests, hydropower Lake Dak Ya, international border gate economic zones Seaboard Y, sugar and natural reserves, national parks;
-Development of transport services, financial, banking, insurance, transfer of technical and scientific progress, the service provides technical material production and people's life.
4. development of the social sector a) population, labour and job-Reducing natural population growth rate down to 1.47% in 2015 and 1.18% in 2020;
-Continue labour restructuring in the direction of reducing the proportion of labour in the area of agriculture, forestry and fisheries; gradually increasing the proportion of the industrial sector, labor services;
-Extension study vocational training forms, create more new jobs for workers. Strives each year to train approximately 3,500-4,000 workers; raise the rate of trained workers reached 45% in 2015, in which vocational training reached 33%; 2020 reaches 55-60%, in which vocational training reached above 40%.
b) education and training – developing a comprehensive education from preschool education, elementary, middle, and high schools; continue implementing solidified schools and teaching equipment investment towards standardization. Striving to 2020 has 25% of kindergartens, elementary schools, 50% 24% secondary school, 33% of secondary schools and 5 ethnic boarding schools reached the national standard;
-Expand the scale of training form, consistent with the type of the ethnic boarding schools; forming a number of secondary schools contact the Township of minorities in places where there are eligible under the rules;
-Improving the quality of training of the College of education, College of engineering-economic, medical school; enhance the quality of the vocational Centre for synthesis techniques; develop continuing education centres in some districts, community learning centres in the communes, wards and towns mark University of Da Nang in Kon Tum;

-Encourage the economic development investment in educational establishments, training of local high-quality.
c) medical and health care people-step by step complete, modern health system towards equity, efficiency, meet the increasing demands on the health care, protection of the people. By the year 2015 has 100% national social health;
-Striving to 2020 each district or district has a district hospital or area hospital standards; gradually consolidating nursing hospital-rehabilitation; construction of the traditional medicine hospital, tuberculosis and Lung Disease and upgrade the medical school match the resources in each stage;
-Socialized health care work to protect people's health; encourage investment in health facilities, high-quality hospitals.
d) culture, sport-continue to promote the movement of "whole people unite to build cultural life". Striving to 2020 has 80% reach the family culture; 70% of the village culture; 90% of the communes, wards and 70 percent of villages have cultural houses;
-Development of technical infrastructure for culture, sport. Strive to complete construction of The sports complex in 2015. The research of building the training center athletes in sports, cultural data bank of physical and electronic libraries fit with planning and resources in each period;
-Implementation of the social policy in the field of culture, sports.
DD) science and technology-the application of advanced technologies, modern biotechnology focus first of all on the industry, the field strengths such as agriculture and forestry, medicinal herbs, rare minerals, manufacture of building materials and other industries have the potential, the advantage;
-Choose from a number of high-tech applications, new techniques in examination and treatment of the disease in the provincial hospital, the district.
e) poverty, poverty reduction and social policies continue to implement effective poverty, poverty reduction programs; improve the lives of poor households in order to bridge the gap between the living standards of urban and rural areas, between the peoples of the community;
-Stable population, sort of resettlement for people in the region have a high risk of landslides caused by flash floods, attenuated; the immigrant freedom score is tied to new rural planning;
-Good deal in land, land production, housing for fellow minorities consistent with policy engine, each ethnic customs;
-Implementation of social security policies, policies for families who have done good work, support the building Fund of gratitude, building support for policy objects have difficult circumstances.
g) protecting the environment-focused handling environmental pollution of water sources, the village, residential, public, industrial clusters; management and solid waste disposal, urban settlements; termination of reciprocal digging for gold, illegally;
-Implementation of training, professional training on the protection of the environment. Strengthen inspection, check on environmental protection for the project, the environmental hot spots; ecological environment protection and biological diversity.
h) defence, security and social safety order closely match between socio-economic development with solidify, strengthen national defense and security; build solid defensive posture in the critical areas, especially in the area of the border region; build the force and guarantee the equipment, the facilities for the mission ready to fight; fire prevention, fire and storm floods, search and rescue.
5. infrastructure system a) communication network striving to 2020 basically complete infrastructure construction investment in transport. In particular:-for the Transportation Department in the central province: in collaboration with the Ministry of transport to every step of the way (remaining sections), the border patrol line (segment of Kon Tum province), the national route 40, 24, 14C; the Road East Truong son through Kon Plong district;
-For works in the local traffic management: proactive planning and investment the way into the Centre of the town not yet have street cars; the research of building the route to avoid the flood, the middlemen along the highway as planned; renovate, upgrade road city, town line with the ability and resources of the locality; the research of building the strategic route to better exploit potential areas of development; the route combines economic development with guaranteed defense, security.
b) power supply networks continue to develop power supply networks, especially to rural areas, remote areas, ethnic minority areas; construction, upgrading of the line and the transformer station, the high-voltage grid, medium voltage, low voltage on the area, 100% of the households strive to be used.
c) irrigation system striving to 2020 to ensure a stable source of irrigation water for the crops of local administration; proactively irrigate on 75% of the land in the rice.
d) drainage system and solid waste collection disposal-striving to 2015 provides enough water for the urban areas, the basic resolution 2020 running water for the rural population;
-To upgrade, renovate sewage drainage system, rainwater in the municipality and the population concentration; build a private sewer system at the industrial complex, the economic zone standard gate before release;
-On the basis of the master plan has been approved by the authority, research building solid waste landfills have a scale suitable for gate economic zones, the town, settlement.
DD) information, communication and radio, tv-universal multiple services to the post offices, postal point of culture, postal development towards improving the quality of service. Modernization of the equipment, the construction Research Center for information technologies and communications to meet the communication needs of people;
-Increase the amount of time, the program broadcast; open more radio programs, television with ethnic languages. Striving for broadcast to all geographical areas.
IV. DIRECTIONS of SPACE ORGANIZATIONS DEVELOP sustainable, harmonious development between regions, urban civilization building, nice clean and new comprehensive rural; the gap of development between the regions of the province. Urban and residential development of the rural-urban development: striving to 2015 the rate of urbanization about 46.1% and approximately 53.3% in 2020. Strive to build the city of Kon Tum became the municipality of type 2 before 2020; upgrading the network of municipalities as the main gate to shore towns, medical (Plei Kần, Dak); the commune (Dak Dak Glei district, Kon Tum province, Master, Sa, Tu Mo Rong; Front, Dak Rai) and some towns in the district when it is full the conditions prescribed.
-Develop a stable rural population: every step of the distribution of the population back on the table; investment research to build the infrastructure for the cluster Center, the residential focus points, the new township split tied to new rural planning.
2. development of dynamic economic region-Central region: focus on investment, the development of the city of Kontum in association with industrial-(peace, Morningstar) and the new urban industrial centers-a service of the province;
-Northwest region: development of international border gate economic zones Seaboard Y associated with the upgrade of building the town center Kần Plei economic links of the triangle development three Vietnam-Laos-Cambodia;
-The eastern region: the construction and development of Center Kon Plong district with ecological tourism zone Shoots the Black heart, the modern vacation brought hearty ethnic culture, strive to become one of the major tourist centres of the central region-the Highlands.
3. socio-economic development in the areas of difficulty-continued investment in development of infrastructure of social-economic; enhance recreation and income of the residents; step by step to bridge the gap of living standards in the region difficult to develop areas of the province;
-The Organization, the implementation of the regime, the policy has been issued for the region hard, calling on the organizations, individuals, enterprises in the economic sectors concerned economic development investment in this area.
V. LIST of PRIORITY RESEARCH PROJECTS (Appendix). A NUMBER Of SOLUTIONS IMPLEMENTATION PLANNING 1. Mobilize investment capital investment needs for the period 2011-2020 of about 103-105 trillion, of which the period of 2011-2015 about 32-33 trillion and 70-71 trillion the 2016-2020 period.
In addition to the sources of investment capital from the State budget, The need for specific solutions to mobilize efficiently for domestic and external resources for development, such as:-on the basis of the list of programs, projects need investment to 2020; pushing the work to promote the introduction, promotion of investment in order to attract good businesses, investors in the province, the focus of ODA and exploitation of resources of other donors;
-Create favorable conditions of the infrastructure in the zone, industrial, tourism, traditional villages to available investment projects;
-Enactment of policies to support transparent, attractive investment consistent with the provisions of the legislation to attract investment capital of the economic sectors; made to simplify administrative procedures;
-Promote socialization, the best investment is in the field of education, training, health, culture, sports, radio, television, science and technology, environmental protection.
2. human resources development-implementation of training, development of human resources in place; There is a policy to encourage qualified human resources expertise, highly technical to work locally. Focus on training, retraining staff of servants and labor forces are currently working to adapt to the new requirements of manpower;
-Labour training priorities are fellow ethnic minorities; good organization of work for the rural youth to accelerate the transformation of agricultural economy, rural; good deal jobs for workers after the training;

-Harmonious combinations of training, improving the quality of physical resources to meet development needs of the industry, on the field.
3. Solution for science technology and the environment-the mechanisms of construction research, policies and programs of development of science and technology production and life;
-Promote the application, transfer of scientific and technological progress; attract top industry experts delivered programs, science projects, techniques in manufacturing, business activity in the sector, the field has many advantages;
-Propaganda disseminated the text of the laws on the environment, constantly raise awareness in communities about environmental protection; the Organization performed well and closely monitor the implementation of the provisions of the law on the protection of the environment.
4. link-development cooperation, continue to make good affiliate programs, in partnership with the local Highland region and the country, which focuses on promoting holistic development cooperation with Ho Chi Minh City and the Central Coast;
-Focus on cooperation with the southern province of Laos and Northeastern Cambodia to economic development on the gate connecting Cambodia with international banks of Y; promoting development of processing industry, agriculture, hydroelectric power in the development triangle links three countries; in collaboration with the province of Attapư, Xekong (Laos) and province of Ratanakiri (Cambodia) to control and prevent disease in border areas; strengthen the exchange of cultural activities, sports and tourism;
-Construction studies of Kon Tum tourist routes with the Ubon Ratchathaii, Mukdahan (Thailand); calling Thailand investment enterprises processing agricultural forestry products processing, mining, construction materials and a number of other areas have many potential advantages developed.
VII. ORGANIZATION And PLANNING IMPLEMENTATION MONITORING 1. The Organization announced, common planning organization announced, popular overall planning the social-economic development of the province until 2020 to the level of the Party Committee, Government, industry, unions, businesses and people in the province on the basis of the content, the objectives of the master plan, proceed to build the program specific activities to achieve objectives implementation planning.
2. Build Action program – after the master plan was approved by the Prime Minister, on the basis of the content, the objectives of the master plan, The need to build a program of action to implement the master plan;
-The specific objectives planned by the 5-year plan, annual to make effective planning. Annual reviews of the implementation of the master plan, on the basis that the proposals under the authority the additional planning, adjustments to suit the situation of socio-economic development of the province in each period;
-The ministries, the social-political organizations and the people responsible for checking, monitoring of the implementation of the master plan.
Article 2. Overall planning the social-economic development of Kon Tum province in 2020 is the basis for the establishment of, and implementing the sectoral planning (planning the building, zoning, land use plans and other planning related), the investment project on the province of Kon Tum.
Article 3. Affairs of the people's Committee in Kon Tum province based goals, tasks and directions of social-economic development of the province in the approved plan; hosted, in cooperation with the ministries involved in directing the browser, and implemented according to the following rules: 1. Overall planning the social-economic development districts; construction planning; planning, land use plans; development of the industry, the field to ensure the overall development, the synchronization between socio-economic security, with defense.
2. Planning long term, medium term, short term, the program of social-economic development, specific projects to focus on investment, priority funding arrangement in a logical manner.
3. The study of construction, issued, the competent State agencies issued (if the issue beyond the authority) a number of mechanisms, policies consistent with the development requirements of the province in each stage, aims to attract, mobilize resources to implement the master plan.
Article 4. The ministries involved in the scope of the functions, duties, authority is responsible for: 1. the guidance and help of Kon Tum province people's Committee in the process of implementation planning; Research of construction, issued or the authority issued a number of mechanisms, policies consistent with the requirements of socio-economic development of the province and Kon Tum in each stage in order to use effectively the resources; encourage, attract the investment according to the goals, the tasks of socio-economic development of the province stated in planning.
2. Cooperation with the people's Committee in Kon Tum province in the adjustment, additions to the industry planning, field of synchronize, ensure consistency of planning; review, The support in mobilizing the capital investment in the country and abroad to implement the master plan.
Article 5. This decision has the effect since the date of signing.
Article 6. President of the people's Committee in Kon Tum province, Ministers, heads of ministerial agencies, heads of government agencies responsible for the implementation of this decision.