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Circular 48/2011/tt-Bgtvt: Modification, Additional Technical Economic Quota Management, Inland Waterway Maintenance Attached To Decision No. 39/2004/qđ-Bgtvt Dated 31 December 2004 Of The Captain.

Original Language Title: Thông tư 48/2011/TT-BGTVT: Sửa đổi, bổ sung định mức kinh tế kỹ thuật quản lý, bảo trì đường thủy nội địa ban hành kèm theo Quyết định số 39/2004/QĐ-BGTVT ngày 31 tháng 12 năm 2004 của Bộ trưởn...

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CIRCULAR additional amendments to technical economic quota management, inland waterway maintenance attached to decision No. 39/2004/QĐ-BGTVT dated 31 December 2004 of the Minister of transport of _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ pursuant to the law on inland waterway transport of 15 June 2004;
Pursuant to Decree 51/2008/ND-CP on April 22, 2008 Government's functions, tasks, powers and organizational structure of the Ministry of transportation;
The Minister of transport regulation: article 1. Modify the additional economic norms, technical management, inland waterway maintenance attached to decision No. 39/2004/QĐ-BGTVT dated 31 December 2004 of the Minister of transport 1. Modify the name of the governing body of inland waterway as follows: stations manage waterways, the River Management Bureau, River, River Bureau, Vietnam was the station's management of inland waterways, the inland waterways Management Branch, inland waterways region, Vietnam inland waterways Bureau.
2. Amend paragraph 4, chapter I the following: "4. The management, maintenance, inland waterways are specified in circular No. 02/2008/TTLT/BTC-BGTVT dated 30 January 2008 and the revised text addition or replacement of this circular."
3. additional amendments clause 1, 2, 3 section I of part A of chapter II as follows: "1. inland waterway Management Station has the following duties: a) to periodically check the online streaming management, maintenance according to the content of the work: Go on, test signals, barricades, shoal, handle the situations that cause loss of water transport safety irregularly occurring on the route and associated do the work scene;
b) elaborate and propose to ensure water transport.
2. Units inland waterway management periodically organize monthly checking of the inland waterway Management Station, with the following content: a) check the flow of the Creek, signal, obstacle, transportation and safety water transport on the route to building technical manager maintenance, inland waterways;
b) directs the job to do next for the inland waterway Management Station;
c) testing the work management, regular maintenance of the stations inland waterway management.
3. The Bureau of Vietnam inland waterways (inland waterway Bureau regions) quarterly test of units online management of inland waterways, with the following content: a) check the reviews of the level of completion of the work of the unit management, maintenance of inland waterways;
b) collect channel status, signal, obstacle, transportation, order water transport safety and steering units inland waterway management perform management duties, maintain online streaming;
c) the Organization of the management, regular maintenance of the inland waterway inland waterway management. "
4. additional account 2.6 point 2 section II part A of chapter II as follows: "2.6. The journey instead of batteries, replace the lamp.
Using marine means of transportation of people and equipment to the location of the battery replacement, replace the lamp. "
5. Adjust, some additional work items in part B of chapter II as follows: "1. To adjust the number of unscheduled inspections after the storm flood for the inland waterways of types 2, 3 and the number of times the maintenance signal according to the annex I attached to this circular;
2. additional hits cruise instead of batteries, replacement of lamps and light maintenance battery replacement the LEDs according to the annex I attached to this circular. "
6. additional account 23 category II and category III paragraph 3 of part B of chapter III as follows: additional labor norms, norms ca air cruise work instead of batteries, replacement of lamps according to annex II attached to this circular;
7. additional items I, appendix listing Classifieds national inland waterway management as follows: additional classification of national inland waterways have been announced in decision 970/QĐ-BGTVT dated 15 April 2009 by the Minister of transport under Appendix III attached to this circular.
Article 2. Terms of implementation 1. This circular effect after 45 days from the date of signing;
2. The Chief, Chief Inspector, Director of the Service, the Director General Vietnam inland waterways, the Director of the Department of transport of the province or city level, heads of agencies, organizations and individuals concerned is responsible for the implementation of this circular.