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Circular No. 189/2011/tt-Bqp: Guide The Defense In Ministries, Sectors And Localities To 2012

Original Language Title: Thông tư 189/2011/TT-BQP: Hướng dẫn thực hiện công tác quốc phòng ở các Bộ, Ngành và các địa phương năm 2012

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The CIRCULAR instructed the defense in ministries, sectors and localities in 2012 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ the defense pursuant to the law on June 14, 2005;
Pursuant to the law of self-defense militia on November 23, 2009;
Pursuant to Decree No. 119/2004/ND-CP dated May 11, 2004 by the Government on the work of defense in ministries, ministerial agencies, government bodies and localities;
Pursuant to Decree No. 104/2008/ND-CP dated 16 September 2008 of the Government functions, tasks, powers and organizational structure of the Department of Defense, of the proposal Of the Chief;
The Minister of national defence instruct the defense in ministries, sectors and localities to 2012 as follows: article 1. Scope this circular guides make article 2, article 4, article 5, article 7, article 10, article 11 of Decree No. 119/2004/ND-CP dated May 11, 2004 by the Government on the work of defense in ministries, ministerial agencies, government bodies and localities; at the same time guide the implementation of some of the content of the Decree No. 116/2007/ND-CP dated 10 July 2007 from the Government of national defense education-security (GDQP-AN), Decree No. 152/2007/ND-CP dated 10 October 2007 about the defense sector, Decree No. 117/2008/ND-CP on November 14, 2008 by the Government on Civil Defense Ordinance on reserve mobilization, military service Law, civil law (DQTV), the National Defense Law to the ministries and localities to steer, implemented in 2012.
Article 2. Application object 1. Ministries, ministerial agencies, government agencies, the Central Party Committee, Congressional offices, the Office of the President, the State Auditor, the Supreme People's Procuratorate, the Supreme People's Court, the central organ of the social-political organizations, corporations and the State Corporation by the Prime establishment decision (hereafter referred to collectively as the the Central sector);
2. the people's committees of provinces and cities under central (hereinafter referred to as the provincial level); The people's Committee of the district, County, city, town in the province (hereinafter referred to as district level); The people's Committee of the communes, wards and towns (hereinafter referred to as the social level);
3. the regional military command, military, army, army, border guard, and other agencies, units of the Ministry of Defense;
4. The capital Hanoi, the Ho Chi Minh City, the military command of the province, the provincial border defense command, the military commander of the central ministries, district-level military Committee, military Committee agencies, organized at the grassroots level military command and the Board.
Article 3. Holds, implemented the directives, resolutions of the party, the State's legislation policy about the work of Defense, self-defense militia and defence-security education 1. Continued holds make good advocates, the party's policy, the laws of the State of defence and defence strategies in the new situation; the focus is directed holds, perform well the task of strengthening national defense and security, firmly defending the Socialist Vietnam country in the spirit of the resolution of the third Congress of the party POKER;
2. Strengthening the Organization holds, deployment, implementation of the text of the Communist Party and the system of legal texts on the work of national defense, national defense mobilization, build defensive area, civil defense, self-defense militia work, national defense education work-security.
3. The Ministry, the Central sector, the military districts, local need timely issued synchronize text, directing and organizing the implementation of the military defense duties according to the function, duty, responsibility of each level, ensuring the effective implementation of national defense work militia work, defense and Defense-Security education in the year 2012.
Article 4. National Defense education work-security 1. Actively involved in construction, a complete system of additional legal texts about the work of GDQP-AN to meet the requirements of national defense and security tasks in the new situation.
2. strengthen regular and quality enhanced, effective operation of the Education Council of Defense-security levels, especially the grassroots. Directs the implementation of education, fostering knowledge of Defense-Security, focus is fostering knowledge of Defense-Security for new objects that are appointment, things shifted after the Congress Party and people's Council election levels in 2011. Strengthen implementation of fostering knowledge of Defense-Security for objects in the agencies, units of the Ministry, the Central sector based in the locality; coordinate with related agencies to make fostering knowledge of Defense-Security for dignitaries, the monks in the religion.
3. Directing quality improvement, effective implementation of subjects GDQP-AN for students, students in secondary schools, professional secondary, vocational secondary, vocational college, College, University, the Academy, the Center for continuing education and the GDQP Centre-AN as a rule. Coordinate with related agencies to make GDQP programs-AN in the field of religion; continue implementing teacher training programs GDQP-AN under decision No. 472/QD-TTg dated 12 April 2010 of the Prime Minister.
4. Coordinate with the information-media, newspaper, tv station of the Central and local levels enhance patriotism education, the Democratic Party's views on strengthening the national defense, security, focused on improving the quality, effective national defense education work-citizen security; contribute to defending the sovereignty of the sea solid, island, national border security; vigilance awareness before conspiracy "happenings", riots to overthrow of the hostile force for the industrial modernization of the country.
5. Continue steering the deployment build GDQP Centre-AN under decision No. 638/QD-TTg dated May 21, 2009 by Prime response, GDQP mission-AN in the years to come.
Article 5. Building local armed forces and made the work of encouragement, recruitment, call the citizens to enlist 1. Build local military authorities the strong comprehensive level; routinely consolidate, boards, military commander of the Central sector, the military commander of the Agency, held in the facility and dedicated staff, part-time work in the Defense Ministry, local branches. Continue to steer work to improve quality, efficiency and implementation functions, tasks for local and military authorities Ban military command levels.
2. The military districts, ministries, sectors, localities continue to implement good decision No 1602/QD-TTg on October 27, 2010, the Prime Minister's approval of the project held advocacy Law common self defense militias. Directs the implementation of the preliminary organization, General link building point of model 1902/QD-TTg on October 15, 2010 by the Prime Minister to Ban the Vietnam posts and Telecommunications Corporation, the Board of the limited liability company, a member of the Uong bi Coal in the coal industry Corporation Vietnam-minerals Military command Board, Department of natural resources environmental & Vinh Phuc Province and build models of organization, training, operation of the DQTV in the local forces to withdraw the human experience out wide.
Implementing decision No 1482/QD-TTg on 04 August 2010 on approval of the project to train military officers pilot Ban military college degree, University, military base and decision No. 799/QD-TTg on November 25, 2011 the Prime Minister's approval of the project military officer training command-level military Committee level College Township military industry University, the basis of the period of 2011-2020 and the next year.
3. fostering organization, training military knowledge, Defense for the military staff in the ministries, local; attach importance to the Organization of training and upgrading for Board staff military command levels, military officers are dedicated, Chief of the military affairs of the ministries to meet the timeliness requirement, task. Directs the implementation of the training for the local team, the reserve forces and militia forces defend themselves on time, monitor the actual content; implementation of the Organization of the contest, workshop in each level to ensure the improvement of the quality, safety, efficiency and savings.
Vietnam rubber Corporation works closely with the military districts, local relevant made good the Director organize defense in 2012.
4. Strengthen the reviewing, inspecting the register, regulated source of encouragement (reservists and technical means), the whole event organization, the army, the armed reserve units mobilized in accordance with the provisions of the Ordinance on reserve mobilization; construction of reserve officers have a political steadfastness, high readiness capabilities. Directs the implementation of good management, registration of citizens in the age to enlist, citizens in the age to join self-defense militias. Make good the selection, calling citizens to enlist and citizens do militia duty.
5. Strengthen the Organization and enhance the quality, effective operation of the self-defense militia force, self-defense militia is the sea, self-defense militia. Works closely with the police, border guard, the Navy, marine police, Rangers and other forces in the performance of duty to protect the sovereignty of the border, the sea, the island; actively involved in forest protection and forest fire prevention, contribute to maintaining political security, social order and safety. Enhance the combat readiness of the permanent militia force, self-defense militia sea, self-defense militia on the key. Strengthening practice, rehearse the fight, taking remedial prevention to natural disaster, epidemic, search and rescue, timely handled when situations occur.
Article 6. Closely match the performance of political duties, construction of social-economic development associated with the strengthened Defense-Security and defence areas building

1. Focus on political missions, the implementation of the targets of economic development, ensure social security; associated closely with the task of consolidating, strengthening national defense and security, especially in the provinces, the local border region Northern Highlands, Sw; the process of converting business model, adjust the Planning Department to practically contribute to strengthening the potential of defensive posture.
2. The provinces and cities under central Government boosting steering make the building strong comprehensive basis to meet the requirements of the duty of Defense and security in the new situation according to Directive No. 36/2005/CT-TTg on October 17, 2005 by the Prime Minister; Directive No. 07-CT/TW on January 3, 2011 by the Secretariat of the Central Party leadership on strengthening implementation of resolution No. 28-NQ/TW of the Politburo (the X Key) to continue construction of the central cities, the defense sector firmly in the new situation; Decree No. 152/2007/ND-CP dated 10 October 2007 of the Government and the guidance documents about the construction, the operation of the defence sector.
3. for the central ministries to coordinate closely with the Department of Defense and the military districts, directing local, specialized guide under the scope of management of the industry, the field of implementation of the construction, operation, rehearsal areas of the province or city; construction Director plans to ensure the defense needs the first year of the war (plan B) according to Directive No. 12/2008/CT-TTg dated 26 March 2008 by the Prime Minister; at the same time directing agencies, units of the right to actively participate in the construction of defensive area in the local site.
4. The military districts in local, timely direction clear roát, adjust, Supplement determined fighting, the defensive warfare plan close to the situation, the mission; Supplement, complete construction plans, mobilization and reserve forces receiving encouragement; dynamic industry plan and plan material reserves, equipment for handling situations that may occur.
5. the competent authorities of the Defense Department works closely with the ministries, the military districts, local guide and unify the deployment survey organization, the construction of the system of national defense mobilization plan, is planning to ensure the needs of defense in the beginning of the war; continue deployment holds, construction Guide and make plans on the work encouragement by decision of the Prime Minister.
Article 7. Implement state management functions of defence 1. Relevant authorities of the Ministry of defence, in coordination with the authority, the relevant units within and outside the military help the Defense Department project to complete the National Defense Education Law-security Government report submitted to the National Assembly in session 4 (course XIII), to review the decision. Positive survey organization, the workshop to make sure the progress of the construction project of the law of the people's army of Vietnam, project defence work Ordinance in the ministries, the local.
2. The military districts, agencies, units of the army finished summarizing the laws about building the Vietnam people's army as a base to build THEIR SUPPLY CORRIDORS into Law in the first quarter of 2012. Complete the legal text guide to implement resolution No. 28-NQ/TW of the Politburo and Government Decree No. 152/2007/ND-CP by the Government on building the defense sector in the first quarter of 2012.
3. Strengthen inspection, checking the implementation of Decree No. 119/2004/ND-CP on 11/5/2004 by the Government on the work of defense in ministries, ministerial agencies, government bodies and localities under the plan has been approved by the authority. Complete the Organization of the test results of the work of defense in chemical industry Corporation Vietnam, Vietnam National Petroleum Corporation; check out the comprehensive work of local defence of Lang Son province/QK1 and Khanh Hoa province/QK5.
Chiefs presiding, in cooperation with the ministries, local help GDQP Council-AN organization's central well checking the work of national defense education for the Security Council-GDQP-AN GDQP-AN Council QK1 province of Thai Nguyen, BAC Ninh province; The Health Ministry, the Central propaganda Board, Central Union of Ho Chi Minh Communist youth work plan year 2012 Education Council of Defense-Security Central.
Permanent Agency Department of Defense Organization to check the work of Defense Of Vietnam Railways Corporation, the Vietnam social insurance; GDQP Council Agency-Central SECURITY check work of GDQP-AN GDQP Council Committee-AN province of Hai Duong, Ninh Thuan Province/QK3 QK5, Binh Thuan Province, and Dong Thap province/QK7 QK9.
The ministries, army units and the local Steering Committee regime seriously, report, test, summary, summarizing the work of Defense, self-defense militia work, education, defense and security in accordance with the regulations of the Defense Ministry, the Government.
4. The military districts, ministries, sectors, localities enact synchronous writing leaders, steer, oversee the Organization of defence according to the scope, functions and tasks; at the same time proactively identify plans and inspect the implementation of defense work, the local military authorities, in units according to the scope of the functions, duties, and powers of each level; timely synthesis of results reports on the Ministry of defence through the permanent agency defense work of the Ministry of defence (self-defense militia Bureau, general staff).
Article 8. Ensure the budget for Defense, military 1. The ministries and localities to make good the estimation, implementation and settlement guaranteed budgets for Defense, self-defense militia and defence-security education in accordance with the provisions of the law on the State budget; ensure timely budget according to the plan that was approved by the authority; check the implementation of the standards, modes, policies for the forces involved in military, defense work under the provisions of the law.
2. The relevant authorities of the Ministry of defence, The Commander-in-Chief of the army, The Commander of the capital Hanoi, the military commander of the central ministries and local military authorities need positive levels, proactively do the advised level Commissioners, Government, who commanded the same level of direction , guide, check out the estimating, Executive and budgetary settlement for Defense missions in the military, the ministries, the local guarantee, efficiency and savings.
Article 9. Effective enforcement of this circular is effective as from January 1, 2012.
Article 10. Responsible for enforcing the heads central ministries; The people's Committee Chairman; The heads of the agencies and units of the Ministry of defence are regulated in article 2 to this circular is responsible for directing, implementing organizations.