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Resolution 11-Nq/tw: About The Direction, The Task Of Developing The Capital Period 2011-2020

Original Language Title: Nghị quyết 11-NQ/TW: Về phương hướng, nhiệm vụ phát triển thủ đô Hà Nội giai đoạn 2011-2020

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Number: 11-NQ/TW
Hanoi, January 6, 2012


In the direction, the mission to develop the Hanoi capital period 2011-2020


I-The situation and the 10-year outcome of Resolution 15 -NQ/TW of the Politburo

1-The capital of Hanoi has a history of history and a traditional revolutionary tradition, which is a typical name for the traditional "Wench-Anh-Harmony-Friendship" tradition of the Vietnamese people. From the date of the Party to the present Party, the Party, the government and the People's Capital of Hanoi have consistently commanded the unity tradition, the example, to the head, which has important contributions to the building and defense of the Fatherland.

For the past ten years, the 15 -NQ/TW Resolution of the Politburo (locking VIII) "On the mission, the direction of development of the capital Hanoi in the period 2001-2010" in the context of a favorable, period of opportunity, the difficulty, the common challenge of the whole country, the Hanoi. The grand opening of the administrative boundaries of the capital, according to Resolution 15 of the 12th National Assembly, and many important missions commemorating the 1,000 years of Thang Long-Hanoi. With the effort of striving and high determination, the Party, the government and the people of Hanoi have gone to the ground, the organization, the organization, the initiative, the initiative, the Party and the State Council, to achieve a great deal of achievement:

The economy is constantly growing; the economic-industrial-industrial structure of agriculture-shifting agriculture is increasingly clear; economic scale is expanded; economic and urban-economic infrastructure develops in the modern direction. The city's face, including urban and rural areas, has many changes. In particular, the centring of the successful settlement of a large volume of work in the process of merging, expanding administrative boundaries, brought the capital Hanoi into a new era of development, with a greater stature.

The culture of society continued to grow, reaching many important results, particularly in the construction of the elegant Hanoi, the civilization, and the preservation of the cultural values of Thăn Long-Hanoi; expanding the scale of the scale of education with the increased quality of education. training, health; scientific coheation with manufacturing, business; employment settlement, poverty reduction, and social security guarantees. The life of the people of the capital, especially in rural areas, is well-improved.

The political system is strengthened, strengthened; the leadership capacity and the fighting power of the Party, in effect, the effective state management effectiveness of the advanced levels of government, the content and the operational modal of the Fatherland Front, the people ' s unions have their own. Innovation, head-to-base.

Political-social stability; defense, security, order to be strengthened, safe protection against the heads of the party, the state, political, economic, cultural, foreign affairs taking place on the site.

Foreign relations continued to expand; the successful organization of the 1,000-year anniversary of Thang Long-Hanoi had left a good impression, raising more than the role, the status of the capital.

After more than 25 years of innovation and 10 years of the Politburo's 15 -NQ/TW resolution, Hanoi has achieved great accomplishment, comprehensive, creating fundamental transformation in social life, which is very important to the general achievement of the region and the country. During construction and development, the Hanoi capital has honored the party, the state dedicated the title of "Hero of the Heroes," three times awarded the Order of the Gold Star and celebrated by UNESCO as the "City for Peace" ...

2-However, the common situation of Hanoi still has some limitations, weakness:

Economic growth is not comprehensive; productivity, quality, efficiency, and competition are generally low. The resources of capital, manpower and technology on the site have not been well exploited. The knowledge economy, the gray content that makes up the high value of the key economic sectors, has not yet been clear. The spread of a "major economic center," an "economic dynamic" in the plains of the Red River and also limited water.

Urban planning, construction, and management are limited. The construction and approval of a number of joint planning was slow; the urban and rural infrastructures were obsolete and unsynchronable. Many problems exist in planning management, land, order of construction, the handling of the flood, pollution of the environment, traffic jams, increased mechanical population ... slow to be remedied, causing many of the emotions to the people.

The results of the building of the culture of the Hanoi are elegant, the civilization is not compatible with the request for the capital of thousands of years of office; the role of a great centre of culture, science, education, health and international trade of the region and the country has not yet been fully developed.

The gap-poor distance between urban and rural areas.

Political security, order, social security on the grounds of potential loss of stability; social unrest remains complex.

Party construction, building of unsynchronable transformation political system. The political leadership of some of the political party organizations, especially the township, the ward, the business is low; the attitude, the responsibility of a cadre, the party is not high. Administrative reforms have not yet been proposed.

The division, distribution, coordination of the ministries, the central sector for the capital, Hanoi, was not yet reasonable, not often and timely.

3-The limitations, the weakness above are due to the institutalization of the Politburo 15 -NQ/TW of the Politburo; the mechanism, the policy involved with the unsynchronized Hanoi, many aspects are not consistent with the Capital's requirements, characteristics and duties; the assignment, the hierarchy, coordination between the Central and the city is not good; the bad effects of the financial crisis and global economic recession, of climate change and natural disasters ... Directing, operating, organizing the city's resolution on a number of areas of limited capacity, lack of dynamic capacity, paralysis, even abstasis; coordination between ministries and departments, and the Central Committee with a limited, entangled city.

II-The direction, the mission to develop the Hanoi Capital period 2011-2020

1-In the next 10 years, on the basis of the Party ' s General Assembly Resolution XI, the 2011-2020 socio-economic development strategy tied to the effective implementation of the 15th Congress of the City Party Congress, the overall planning of economic -social development and the process of regulation. They built the capital of Hanoi, the maximum mobilization of the capital and the spirit of the capital and the nation that built and developed the capital, the capital of the capital, the main center of government, the great center of culture, science, and culture. Education, education, economics, and international transactions, a development force of the Red River Delta and the country; there ' s socio-economic growth. Sustainable, physical life, the spirit of the people is increasingly uplifted, the social-stable, defense, security continues to consolidate, strengthen, the political system is increasingly clean, strong. Striving for Hanoi is actually 1-2 years early industrialization, modernized, modernized, and the country performing a fundamental goal of becoming industrialised in the modern direction by 2020; contributions are increasingly important. It ' s a new innovation, building, and conservation of the Fatherland.

2-To perform the basic method of above, the need to focus on the tasks, the following primary solution:

2.1-Continue to build and develop a socialist oriented market economy, push innovation model growth and restructuring the economy, development of knowledge economy, improving the quality, efficiency and sustainability of the Capital economy. The use of modern technology, increasing the rate of interlocalization, has many products with technology content, increased value and high competiability. Focused on synchrony, solid market elements and market types, especially those newly formed markets, such as real estate, stock, labor, science-technology ...

Continuing the rapid transformation of the economic structure in the direction of service-industrial-agriculture. Encouraging, developing high-quality and high-quality service types; push and enhance efficiency of imported, travel-based activities. The development of the main industry, the auxiliary industry, the high-tech industry; the quality and competiability of the sharp-nose industrial products. Sustainable agricultural development, efficiency in the direction of a strong boost in the production of goods, ecology, cleaners, high technology; rapid growth of new rural construction, striving for two-thirds of the world's social criteria by 2020. The average annual GDP growth rate of 2011-2020 reached an estimated 11 .5-12% per year; per capita GDP by 2020 about $7,100-7,500 per year; it is worth the major economic hub, the region's leading financial centre, and the country.

Developing economic components, business categories. The focus is to enhance the mainstream role of the state economy, innovate, enhance efficiency and the core role of the state enterprise, especially to enhance the efficiency and competiability of the city 's gross state companies; economic development of the company' s economy. The core is cooperative; encouraging, private economic development, corporate types of businesses that own the same kind of regulation and regulation of the law.

2.2-A new and enhanced focus of construction and management of synchrony, modern, stable, and long-term assurance planning. On the basis of the joint planning approved by the Prime Minister, the rapid push for the construction of detailed planning, functional division, industry, sector and locality.

The maximum mobiles of all resources made the breakthrough in synchrony infrastructure investment, particularly the transportation and infrastructure of the framework as the basis for the rapid thrust of the building of the modern, modern, civilized capital. The investment focus was to essentially complete the renovation of the capital area transportation system in 2015; soon completed the city belt roads projects; fast deployment of overhead traffic projects, urban railways, underground works attached to the city ' s top-and-a-half roads. develop public passenger transport with modern forms of transport and scientific transportation management organization. Accelerate the progress of renovation and upgrading the power supply system, level, drainage of the city.

Continued development of new urban areas, building satellite urban areas. Better treatment of urban housing, land management, building order, order and safety of transportation, public order, waste disposal, and environmental hygiene assurance, building of urban civilization ... Completing the relocation of the manufacturing facilities that pollate the environment, some universities, the facilities, cure the disease out of the heart of the city. Strengthening the population management on the site; in close coordination with the provinces, the city, especially the neighbouring localities that promote economic development-society and the settlement of employment, in order to limit the status of migrants into Hanoi.

Striving before 2020, remediation to the inundation, corrects the motor of traffic jams in the capital and achieving the basic criteria of a cultural, civilized, modern, cultural capital.

2.3-mobilize all potential, strengths, resources and promote socialization to develop a culture of culture, education-training, health, science-technology that actually becomes major centers, meets the requirements of developing the Capital and for the overall development of the world. of the region and the nation.

It continues to build the culture of the capital that is worthy of the tradition of thousands of years of civilisation; the creation of new transformation in the building of the culture of Hanoi, civilization, and the development of the popular information system, the creative career of literature, and the arts, To complete the cultural, conservation and development of historical, cultural and cultural values of Thăn Long-Hanoi, sometimes with the new construction of cultural works.

Build, develop, enhance the top position of education-training Capital; go head in the spectrum of preschool education, disseminize high school education and in training, high quality human resource development, meet industrialization requirements, current and more. All right. Continuing to build, multiply high-quality schools in all the ranks, grade school.

Synchrony development of the health system responds well to the need for care and protection of the people. Diversifying the form of public health care is sometimes developed with a number of intensive, intensive, regional and international health facilities. Do a good job of medical work, protect food safety.

Development of science-technology is associated with the development of knowledge economics. In collaboration with academics, universities, research centers on the site; consider international cooperation to promote research, application, transfer of scientific achievements-technology, service of industrialization, modernization of the Capital.

Enhancing the prevention of prevention, recovery of pollution, restoration and protection of ecological environment, disaster prevention and disaster prevention, effectiveness of climate change.

Performing social policies and social security guarantees, raising the quality of life for the people of the capital, narrowing the gap-poor gap between urban and rural.

2.4-Enhation of defense, security; stability of political-social stability, ensuring the safety of the heads of the party and state, national foreign affairs, major political events that take place on the site.

Continuing the construction of the military, the revolutionary capital, the main, elite, every modern step, was actually the core of the defense, security. Building solid world battles, close ties between economic development with defense assurance, security at the time of its inception, forming projects, concrete works; investment focus, defense industry development, security, response, response. request, mission in the new situation. The deployment effectively struggled with the anti-destructive activities of hostile, defensive, anti-crime and social unrest; the handling of complex problems arose, not to be surprised.

2.5-Active, actively international integration; strengthening foreign affairs, especially with some of the country's capital. Extend and enhance cooperation efficiency, link to a number of localities in the region and the country.

2.6-Concentrate all efforts to build the political system from the city to a truly clean, robust basis. Creating a more powerful transformation in the construction of the Party, raising the leadership and fighting power of the entire Party, especially the party base and the party leadership. Improving the efficiency, efficiency of state management of the government's government; democratic development and the power of the unity of the people, innovated and elevate the quality of the activities of the Front of the Fatherland and the people's unions. Building the city's cadres with a degree, capacity, high sense of responsibility, the heart of the work, the requirements, the mission. Improving quality, efficiency of administrative reform, judicial reform and prevention, anti-corruption, waste.

III-Organization to execute

1-Implementiation of the Politburo "On the way, the task of developing the 2011-2020 capital Hanoi capital" first as the responsibility of the Party, the government and the people of Hanoi, and also the responsibility of the committees, the organization. the party, the state, the Fatherland Front, the people ' s body in the Central and the localities in the country.

2-The Politburo directed the decision to conclude a five-year term; depending on the time and request of the work, there is a conference on the leadership of the capital of Hanoi. The Secretariat directed the radical, implementation and periodic implementation (1 or 2 years) to evaluate the implementation of the Resolution.

3-The Congress of Congress leads the preparation and the Congress to review, through the Capital Law, which forms the legal basis for the construction and development process.

4-The government party leadership leads the direction of the implementation of the Capital Law when enacted by the National Assembly; building several mechanisms, policies and devolts to the government of Hanoi, the responsibility to resolve the work in accordance with the request, the special duty. of the Capital, the focus is on the areas of investment, finance, construction order management, transportation order, environmental management, residential management ...; increased investment to accelerate the progress of the work, project national focus on the site; soon to enact War. It ' s the social-economic growth of the Hanoi city to 2030 and its vision by 2050. Periodically, the Permanent Government presided over the ministries, the industry with Hanoi, to evaluate, evaluate the progress of the resolution.

5-The ministries, boards, the Central industry in collaboration with Hanoi build up programs, plans, mechanisms, concrete policies to deploy the implementation of the Resolution; regularly check, coordinate, help Hanoi undress, entanglement in the construction and development process. All right.

6-The Central Committee of the Fatherland Front, the Central Committee mobiles members, members, councillers, cadres, officials, officials and workers of the central agencies stationed on the site of the Hanoi, which is strictly admised. the party 's exit, the state law, the city' s regulations, which have a responsibility to participate, contribute to the process of building and developing the Capital.

7-The provinces, cities along with Hanoi enhance the forms of association, cooperation in line with the needs and strengths of the localities, creating unity and general strength in terms of economy, culture, society, defence, security for Hanoi, for each local, for the rest of the world. The whole region and the whole country.

8-Hanoi is responsible for coordinating with ministries, boards, and industry-related fields, proposing to enact guidelines, mechanisms, policies, and policies to make the decision to win the Politburo's resolution. The organization is effectively implementing programs, plans, and missions that develop each year, programs, projects on the site. Promote joint venture, link, and cooperation with local and country, with foreign partners.

9-The Central Committee of the Central Committee presided over the propagation of the propaganda, the Politburo. The Central Office helped the Politburo, the Secretariat to monitor, inspect, conclude, sump the resolution of the Politburo ./.

General Secretary


Thank you.