Circular 01/2012/tt-Bvhttdl: Detailing Standards, Sequence, Procedure, And Recognizing The Cultural Standard "," Standard Unit "culture", "cultural" Standard Business

Original Language Title: Thông tư 01/2012/TT-BVHTTDL: Quy định chi tiết tiêu chuẩn, trình tự, thủ tục xét và công nhận “Cơ quan đạt chuẩn văn hóa”, “Đơn vị đạt chuẩn văn hóa”, “Doanh nghiệp đạt chuẩn văn hóa”

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Number: 01 /2012/TT-BVHTTDL
Hanoi, January 18, 2012


Regulation of standard details, sequence, procedures and recognition of "Cultural Preparation Authority",

"Cultural Standard Unit", "Business Standard"


Base of Protocol 185 /2007/ND-CP December 25, 2007 of the Government stipulated the functions, duties, powers, and organizational structure of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism;

Base of Protocol 42 /2010/NĐ-CP April 15, 2010 The Government rules the details of the implementation of the course of the Law of the Race, Khen rewarded, and the Law of Amendment, the addition of certain provisions of the Law Enforcement Law, Khen rewarded;

Base Decision Base 227 /2006/QĐ-TTg October 11, 2006, of the Prime Minister on the issue of the Regulation of Organization and Operations of the Movement for the Movement of the Movement for the "People's Solidarity of the Life of Cultural Life";

Base Decision Base 129 /2007/QĐ-TTg August 2, 2007 by the Prime Minister on the issue of the Department of Public Cultural Regulation at State Administration agencies;

Implementation of Decision No. 1610/QĐ-TTg on 16 September 2011 by the Prime Minister approx the Programme to implement the Movement for the "People to unite cultural life" in 2011-2015, orientated to 2020,

After unification with the Vietnam Labor Federation at the 2176 /TLE No. 26, 2011, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism stipulated standard details, sequence, procedures, and recognition of the "Cultural Achieving Authority", "The unit of cultural standards". "," Business Standard Business ", with the following:

Chapter I


What? 1. The tuning range, subject

1. The adjustment range:

This information regulates the standard details, sequence, procedures, and recognition of the "Cultural Achieving Authority", "Cultural Achieving unit", "Cultural Achieving business" (below the abbreviated agency, unit, business to cultural standards) in the Movement. "The entire nation unites cultural life";

2. Subject applies:

a) The agencies, units, businesses that have a legal status, have a company-level company.

b) The organizations, individuals with regard to the sequence, the proceedings and the recognition of the agency, the unit, the business to be cultural;

c) The agencies, units, businesses of the People 's Army, the People' s Public Security applies this information to the specific regulation of the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Public Security.

What? 2. Principles of execution

1. Agency recognition, unit, business achieving cultural norm applies only to cases where competition is registered.

2. recognizes the agency, the unit, the business that achieves the culture associated with the rewards of the agencies, units, businesses that have an outstanding achievement that performs the Movement for "The entire nation that unites cultural life".

3. The recognition of the agency, the unit, the business that reached the cultural norm must ensure the correct, public, fair, timely and correct regulation at this Smart.

4. Unified use of the Organ Recognition Paper, unit, business to standardization of the culture at the Appendix accompanied by this Information.

What? 3. Authority and time of recognition

1. Authority:

a) Agency, unit, business to standardise the culture of: Communes, wards, towns (collectively known as township level); arrondissement, district, town, municipal, city-based (collectively, district-level); province, Central City (collectively, provincial level); of the Central Central. on the provincial table, issued by the Chairman of the Provincial Labor Federation, which recognizes;

b) The agency, unit, business of the Central Bureau is located on the site of the Hanoi city of Hanoi, due to the President of Vietnam, the Chairman of the Central Industry Federation, the Company Corporation of the Corporation of Vietnam. It is, in recognition, by the General Federation of Vietnam, which is directed at this level.

2. Time:

The deadline for the recognition of the Agency, the unit, the business of the first time as a business is one (01) years or more, since the date of registration; repetition after year (05) years, since the previous adoption date.

Chapter II


What? 4. The standard of recognition of the "Cultural Standard Agency", the "Cultural Achieving unit"

1. Complete good task:

a) There is a regular, practical, effective, effective competition movement; contributing to the completion of the annual work plan;

b) 70% return to cadres, civil officials, officials who regularly attend or attend training classes, political fostering, expertise, and business;

c) Perform the obligations and ethics of cadres, civil officials, officials in accordance with the rule of law;

d) Enher the quality of public service activities in accordance with function, tasks assigned;

There are initiatives, improvements management; experience applied to practice.

2. Practice of civilisation, the public cultural environment:

a) 80% of the staff, civil officials, and officials do not violate the rules for the practices of the civilized lifestyle, the practice of saving for weddings, funerals and festivals;

b) There is no social and non-use, possession, possession of a toxic culture; not propaganda and carrying out the acts of superstification;

c) Organ reproduction, unit of corraction; performing well-based, working-making processes; democratic rule in the facility; internal solidarity, helping each other with progress;

d) No smoking in the workroom; no drinking, beer during the working day; neat, polite clothing; green, clean, beautiful, safe; campus posts in accordance with regulations.

3. The mirror accepts the path, the chairman of the Party, the policy, the law of the State:

a) 100% of the cadres, the public holding firm, the strict acceptance of the path, the chairperson of the Party, the policy, the law of the State and the local regulations;

b) There are no violations of the law that must be dealt with from the form of the warning back; the safety agency, the security of order; there is no excess, legal, legal;

c) Implementing a good administrative reform; management and use of state budget efficiency and funds are delivered; not to cause waste, corruption; active defense, anti-corruption.

What? 5. Standard recognition of "Cultural Achieving Business"

1. Production, business stability and each step of development:

a) The completion of the development of production, business suggests annually;

b) The brand, the product of the prestigious business on the market;

c) Remanagement of management, technological innovation, improving the efficiency of business production, reducing indirect costs; rational labor division;

d) 70% or more workers are regularly trained, raising their hands; labor has discipline, productivity, quality and efficiency.

2. Practice of civilized life, enterprise cultural environment:

a) There is a harmonable, progressive labor relationship between the worker and the employer;

b) Construction and implementation of labour; ensuring labor safety, sanitation, fire prevention;

c) 70% return to the employer and the worker who performs well on the rules of the civilized life in marriage, mourning and the festival;

d) Do not suffer from social, non-use, possession, rotation of malicious cultural products; ensure order, security, social safety; and other health care.

) Implementing the regulation of environmental protection; collection systems, sewage treatment, standardized waste disposal, green, clean, beautiful, green business campus.

e) Not smoking in the work room; not drinking, beer during the day of work.

3. Raise the physical life, the spiritual culture of the worker:

a) 70% return to workers with regular employment, steady income;

b) Create for workers in the workplace, housing, kindergarten, kindergarten, and corporate activities; supporting workers in difficulty, in distress;

c) There is a physical basis of cultural activity, sports for workers; regularly organizing cultural, cultural, sporting, tourist activities, and entertainment for labor workers.

4. Serious acceptance of the road, the party ' s presiding, policy, law of the State:

a) 100% of employers and labor workers are disseminated by the policy, law on the relevant fields; and

b) Perform full obligations with the State; actively participate in the "Day for the Poor", "Humanitarian, charity" and other social movements;

c) Practice of all regimes, policies, legal rights of workers in accordance with the provisions of the law;

d) Manufacturing, business, healthy competition by law.

Chapter III


What? 6. Registration, review and recognition

1. Head of the agency, unit, business regionship construction, unit, business to standardise culture with the District Labour Federation; The Executive Board of the Board, Ministry, Industry, Central Corps.

2. Head of the agency, unit, business reporting achievement of agency construction, unit, business achievement business;

3. The district command board or the Board of the Board of Ban, Ministry, Industry, and the Central Committee examine the evaluation of the standard implementation of the standard recognition of agency, unit, enterprise achieving cultural preparation;

4. The District Labor Federation or the Board of Public Affairs, Ministry, Industry, Central Corps in coordination with the competition agency, commendation of the same level, the Provincial Labor Federation or Vietnam Federation of Vienna, Central Industries, Trade Uniunion The Corporation of the Corporation of the Vietnam Labor Corporation decided to recognize, recognize, and grant recognition of the agency, unit, business to standardization.

The resolution deadline is ten (10) of work days, since the full date is full of valid records.

5. Public condition

a) Achieve Regulatory Standards at Article 4, Article 5 This Information and Additional criteria by the provisions of the Provincial People's Committee; Ban, Ministry, Industry, Central Corps (if any);

b) The time of registration of the organ, unit, business to the cultural norm is one (01) years or more (first recognition) and the year (05) the year or year onwards has been recognized (rerecognized).

What? 7. Public recognition procedure

1. Report on the achievement of agency construction, unit, business to standardization of the culture of the Minister of the Agency, unit, business, have the confirmation of the Chief of the Agency, the top-level organization of the agency, unit, business:

-Report one (01) the year for the first recognition;

-Report five (05) years for re-recognition.

2. The proposed work of the Chairman of the District Labour Federation or the Chair of the Executive Board of the Council of Ban, Ministry, Industry, Central Corps;

The number of cases required to submit is a (01) set, directly filed in the Provincial Labor Federation or Vietnam National Park, the Central Industry Group, the Corporation of the General Company of the Vietnam Labor Federation.

3. The proposed filing base and the inspection of the Board of the District Board or the Executive Board of the Board, Ministry, Industry, and the Central Committee. Chairman of the Provincial Labor Federation or Chairman of the Vietnam Federation of Vienna, Central Industries, the Company Corporation of the General Company of the Vietnam Labor Federation issued its decision to recognize the agency, unit, business achieving cultural and cultural norms. It recognizes the "Cultural Standard Agency", the "Cultural Empowerment Unit". The unrecognized case must have an answer text and specify a reason.

What? 8. Enjoy

1. Recommend local, sector, and body-based industries and socialization resources; there is a form of incentive by material benefits to agencies, units, businesses to standardization; support for cultural activities, sport for agencies, units, businesses that are cultural-based.

2. Agency, unit, business to standardized outstanding cultural standards, was enacted by the "People's Movement for the Construction of Cultural Life", the Central Committee commendable by authority, and offered the award of award-granting authority.

Chapter IV


What? 9. Responsibility

1. On the basis of the standard recognition of agency, unit, business to standardise cultural regulation at this Smart, the Provincial People's Committee; the departments, ministries, departments, members of the Central Command Board, which specifically implements and replenize the appropriate criteria.

2. Command of the Movement for the All-People's Movement for Cultural Life, Member of the Central Committee of the Central Committee of the Central Committee, directed the implementation of this Information.

3. The Labour Federation of the Institutional Divisions building plans and coordination with the agency, the organization has the relevant guidance and organization of this Smart implementation; the annual row of funding bills to direct the deployment, test, review, print and the organization awares the recognition Paper. The agency, the unit, the business-based business, the financial agency report to the licensing level.

What? 10. Waste Processing

1. Agency, unit, business achieving cultural norms that do not hold the standard of recognition of agency, unit, business atone to cultural standards, will not be recognized again. If the breach is standard, it will be removed from the list; the decision which makes the decision to be recognized, it is decided to remove the name from the list.

2. The individuals, collective competent entities in the process of carrying out organ recognition, unit, business to cultural norms have infringed behavior that leads to the wrong truth about the achievement of the agency, unit, business, depending on the nature, m memory of the breach that is handled. The rules of the law.

What? 11. Terms of execution

This message comes into effect after 45 days, since the date of the signing.

In the course of execution, if there are arise, entangrium, the offer reflects on the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism for the study of the amendment, the addition to the ./.



Your Majesty.