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Circular 41/2012/tt-Btc: Salary Guide Some Kind Of Navigation For Vessels Big Load Cai Mep-Thi Vai

Original Language Title: Thông tư 41/2012/TT-BTC: Hướng dẫn mức thu một số loại phí hàng hải đối với tàu thủy có trọng tải lớn cập cảng Cái Mép - Thị Vải

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Number: 41/2012/TT-BTC
Hanoi, March 9, 2012


Guide to a number of navigation charges for
The ship has a large payload in the harbor.


The French base is ordered and the number of charges. 38 /2001/PL-UBTVQH10 28th August 2001;

Base of Protocol 118 /2008/NĐ-CP November 27, 2008 of the Government Regulation, mandate, authority, and organizational structure of the Ministry of Finance;

Base of Protocol 24 /2006/NĐ-CP March 3, 2006 of the Government amended, adds some of the provisions of the Digital Protocol 57 /2002/NĐ-CP June 3, 2002 of the Government Regulation Law enforcement and fees;

Implementation of the Deputy Prime Minister in Public Office 2889 /VPCP-QHQT on 05/5/2010 of the Government Office for the Port of the Port for the Port of Vietnam;

On the basis of a motion by the Ministry of Transport at the publication No. 499 /BGTVT-TC on 20 January 2012 on the continued adoption of Digital Information 164 /2010/TT-BTC of the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Finance directed to collect some kind of maritime fees for the large payload to the port of Mforcing-The fabric of the cloth as follows:

What? 1. Subject applies:

This was applied to the cargo ship cargo ship which operated from the 50,000 GT to the port of the Cloth.

What? 2. Level of some types of marine charges:

The cargo ship prescribed at Article 1 This is required to submit a number of shipping charges according to the following regulatory rate:

1/Load fee:

-Turn in: $0.0192 per GT

-Turn left: $0.0192 per GT

2/Maritime guarantee fee:

-Turn on: $0.06 per GT

-Turn left: $0.06 per GT

3/Consumer Charge:


For the ship's lead.

Corresponding record (US/GT-HL)


Ten knots.



It's 30 knots.



Above 30 knots


The minimum income for a ship leg was $200.

What? 3. The toll-rate, maritime fee, cost principles, maritime fees, and other regulations that are not regulated at this announcement continue to be made in accordance with the Digital Decision. 98 /2008/QĐ-BTC April 4, 2008, of the Secretary of the Treasury, the Department of Finance issued a fee on fees, maritime fees, and toll performance, maritime fees.

What? 4. This announcement came into effect on May 1, 2012. Between 01/01/2012 and 01/5/2012 made the level of maritime toll by regulation at No. 1. 164 /2010/TT-BTC of the Treasury Department. In the course of execution, if there is an entangrium suggesting units reflect on the Ministry of Finance for consideration, resolve.



Xiaowen Chen