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Circular 42/2012/tt-Btc: Guiding The Funding Activities Of The Association In The Socio-Political Organization In The Town Especially Hard

Original Language Title: Thông tư 49/2012/TT-BTC: Hướng dẫn việc hỗ trợ kinh phí hoạt động của Chi hội thuộc các tổ chức  Chính trị - xã hội thuộc các xã đặc biệt khó khăn

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Number: 49 /2012/TT-BTC
Hanoi, March 20, 2012


The Guide to the Cost of Operations of the Association of the Affiliates

The political-social organization of the communes is particularly difficult.


Base of Protocol 60 /2003/ND-CP June 6, 2003 by the Government Regulation and guidelines for the implementation of the State Budget Law;

Base of Protocol 118 /2008/NĐ-CP November 27, 2008 by the Government Regulation, mandate, authority and structure, the organization of the Ministry of Finance;

Implementation of the Prime Minister ' s comments at the 6th /TB-VPCP on 5 January 2009 and the 8110 /VPCP-KTTH publication on 15 November 2011 by the Government Office on Government Support Policy. The operating budget for the members of the Political Society-the society of the communes is particularly difficult. ()

At the suggestion of the Chief Financial Officer of the Career.

Manual Finance Ministry The support of the operational funding of the Governing Society of the Political-Socio-Society of the Society is particularly difficult. as follows:

What? 1. Subject, scope applicable

This information instructs the provincial budget to support funding. operation of the Association of Political-Social institutions in hamlets, maps, hamlets and equipours. The communes are particularly difficult, including: Department of Front Work, Farmers 'Association, Women' s Councillor, Veterans Affairs, Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth League.

The category of communes is particularly difficult by regulation at the decisions of The Prime Minister.

What? 2. Content expense-supported content

Operating Details Content The genus belongs to political-social organizations in hamlets, maps, hamlets and equipacts It ' s especially difficult. is a provincial budget that supports funding, including:

1. Organization of the periodic meeting; the assembly meeting, the sump, the movement movement.

a. Water money, decorum,

b. Stationing, rented equipment.


2. Chi for information work, propaganda, including:

Buy a newspaper.

b/Print document.

3. Commendation, including:

Chi in certificates of commendation, framing, renting certificates of reward (if any).

b. The bonus genus is accompanied by the state ' s prescribed forms of commendation.

What? 3. Expenses

1. For the genus content there has been a specific regulation of the regime, the standard, the rating, the implementation of the existing law.

2. For the undefined feature-specific genus content, the unit chief decides the level on the basis of the existing law and is responsible for his decision.

What? 4. Support Level

To facilitate The genus belongs to political-social organizations in hamlets, maps, hamlets and equipacts In particular communes, the Provincial People's Committee, the Central Committee of the Central Committee, is in the annual provincial budget bill, supporting the General Assembly from 1-2 million a year/year.

What? 5. Employment, acceptance, and funding.

1. Every year, according to the expected construction process, The People's Committee. It ' s a particularly difficult-defined commune, the regulatory base at this level that ' s a budget bill that supports the Governing Society of Political-Social organizations in the hamlet and the subordinated equivalent of it. The People's Committee. the district; The People's Committee. The total funding district that supports the members of the Political-Social institutions in the hamlet and the equivalent of the communes is particularly difficult on the site of the district in the annual budget expenditures. The People's Committee. Consider, the Council of People's Board decides.

2. The Provincial People ' s Committee is in charge of balance, delivering annual budget bills to particularly difficult communes, ensuring the extent of which has been spent. The People ' s Council decides to make a decision. .

3. The Social People ' s Committee is responsible for the withdrawal of the bill, which performs the funding of the operation to the members and the funding decisions under the current regulation of the State.

What? 6. Organization implemented

It has been in effect since May 5, 2012.

In the course of execution if there is a problem recommended the units, the local to reflect on time about the Treasury to review the ./.



Nguyen Thu Minh