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Decision 534/qd-Btp: Enacting The Program Of Action Of The Judiciary To Implement Resolution No. 06/nq-Cp On 07/03/2012 Of The Government Issued The Action Program Of The Government.

Original Language Title: Quyết định 527/QĐ-BTP: Ban hành Chương trình hành động của ngành Tư pháp triển khai thực hiện nghị quyết số 06/NQ-CP ngày 07/03/2012 của Chính phủ ban hành Chương trình hành động của chính phủ nhiệm...

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Numbers: 527 /QĐ-BTP
Nationwide, April 3, 2012


Implementation of the Action Programme of the Judicial Industry implementing Resolution 06 /NQ-CP on 07/03/2012

of the Government to enact the Action Program of the Government of the 2011-2016 term Government



Base of Protocol 93 /2008/NĐ-CP August 22, 2008 the Government provides for the functions, duties, powers, and organizational structure of the Ministry of Justice;

Parliamentary Base 06 /NQ-CP on March 7, 2012 by the Government enacted the Action Programme of the Government of the 2011-2016;

At the suggestion of the Chief of the Financial Planning,


What? 1. The executive committee of the Justice Department implemented the implementation of the Government Action 06 /NQ-CP on 7 March 2012 by the Government of the Government Action Programme of the Government of 2011-2016.

What? 2. The decision comes into effect since the date of the signing.

What? 3. The Chief of Units of the Ministry, Director of the Department of Justice, Director of the Civil Service of the provinces, the Central City of the Central Committee is responsible for the decision.



Qiang Qiang


Implementing the implementation of Resolution 06 /NQ-CP on 07/03/2012 by the Government enacted the Action Programme of the Government of the 2011-2016 term Government
() Issued by Decision No. 527 /QĐ-BTP on 3 April 2012 by the Minister of Justice.


Construction Justice Department The action program of the Justice Industry implemented Resolution 06 /NQ-CP March 7, 2012 by the Government enacted the Action Programme of the Government of the 2011-2016 term. on the basis of adhering to the key mission orientation of the Action Programme above; the orientation of the Economic Development Strategy-the 10-year-2020 society and the direction, the 5-year 2011-2015 country development mission under the General Assembly Resolution. The 11th national anthem of the Party, the digital resolution. 10 /2011/QH13 of the XIII Congress on Economic Development Plan-Society 5 in 2011-2015; Resolution No. 30c/NQ-CP of Government on 08/11/2011 of the Government enacted the Government Administrative Reform Programme (2011-2020). 2011-2015 period.

The action program of the Justice Industry implemented the 2011-2016 Government Action Programme (issued with the Government's Resolution 06 /NQ-CP on 7 March 2012) focused on the following:

First Part


1. Push on missions to continue to perfect the legal system, centralization of the socialist-oriented market economy, restructure the economy, contribute to the macroeconomic stabilism within the functional range, the mandate of the Justice Department.

Acting as the Party ' s trusted staff, the National Assembly, the Government, the ministries, the Central Committee and the local government in the planning of policy, law and judiciary, building and finishing the institutions, the development policy of the country, the government. The greatest economic stability, the restructuring of the economy in the direction of improving productivity, quality, efficiency and competiability to achieve the outcome of the goal of sustainable development, to strengthen the construction of the Communist state of the Socialist Republic. During the 2011-2016 period, the focus on the duties was mainly as follows:

1.1. Continued actively staff for the Government in the study of revised proposals, the addition of the 1992 Constitution.

On the basis of the implementation of the implementation of the 1992 Constitution, the Justice sector continues to focus on the high concentration of resources, the intelligence of the entire industry in helping the Government to propose the revised content, the addition of the 1992 Constitution in the direction of reassuring new political policy. In conjunction with the process of economic innovation, with the focus of the overall model of the state apparatus in accordance with the requirements for the construction of the socialist state of the socialist state, the distribution, coordination, and control of the bodies exercise the legislative power, the executive and the law. The judiciary, the constitutional mechanisms for the preservation of human rights, citizenship and the perfection of the economic institutions of the socialist orientation market.

1.2. Continuing innovation, raising the quality of preparation work, planning to build the Law Building Program, the ordinance of the All-locked and annual Congress.

-Building the Government's Proposal on the Law Building Program, the 2013 and annual ordinance; the adjustment, the addition of the Law Building Program, the annual ordinance of the National Assembly (if necessary).

-Building the Prime Minister of the Government to deliver and organize the implementation of the Law Construction Program, the decree of the Congress of the XIII and the annual Congress within the area of the sector and the administration of the sector, and the construction of the construction of the laws, the ordinance, and the law. The execs are directed.

-Building the Government's Proposal on the Law Building Program, the ordinance of the XIV Congress in accordance with the direction of bringing in the program of law projects involving three breakthroughs of the 2011-2020 economic development strategy.

1.3. Promote the activities to renew the process of building the law.

-The plot to build the new law of the new law in accordance with the merger of the two existing law-enacted legislation enacted in a new direction for the process of building a law-based document, in accordance with the unified spirit of the building process. The rule of law in the central and local, enaberation of the form of the law of law to create the common standard in the process of building the text, ensuring the unity, the uniform of the national legal system. Emergency research organization: the criteria for defining the law of law and the legal system of the law of our country in the conditions of building the State of the Socialist Republic to form a strong logical basis for the construction of the law. The Law of the Law of the Law (a merger) says above.

1.4. Focusing on building law projects, the ordinance is delivered under the Law Building Program, the XIII Parliament ordinance and annually, ensuring the quality and progress of the law.

Implements to build, the amendment, which complements the laws relating to the finalization of the socioeconomic definition of socialist orientation, formalizing certain laws aimed at invoking the fundamental rights of citizens that have been regulated by the Constitution as: Civil Code (revised). In exchange), the Penal Code (Amendment), Administrative Violation Law, Property Auction Law, the Registration Registration Act, the Amendment Law, the addition of a number of Laws of Marriage and Family, Executive Law, Evidence Law, etc., and active, actively building. The execs are directed.

1.5. Enhancing the quality of the law appraisal of the law, priorititiate sufficient manpower, the resources that ensure the appraisal of the law-related text draft regarding the finalization of the socialist orientation market economy and the reform of the department. the state machine in the condition of building the socialist state of the Socialist Republic

-Constructed, the Minister enacts the annual Plans to Distribute The Presiding Units, Coordinate the appraisal, which also gives a draft of the bill to the law. In particular note the solutions aimed to prioritiate sufficient human resources, the resources that ensure the correct appraisal of progress and quality, the effectiveness of the draft text that regulates the legal relations associated with the restructuring of the economy, curbing inflation, the macroeconomic stability. A tissue

-The units assigned to the presiding officer, participating in the drafting, appraisal, document feedback that has the responsibility for deployment of cadres, competenants, deep expertise to accelerate the drafting, feedback, and progress assurance, the quality of the appraisal of regulatory texts. Breaking the law.

1.6. Strengthening the systematization of codification, codification, inspection, text-control of law-to-law attached to the key tasks of economic development-society.

-Perfalizing the system of systematization, codification: completion of the Legal Project codification of the law of law of law and execs manual text;

-regularly conducting tests, processing, scanning, systematization of the most authoritalized law enforcement texts are problems related to the restructuring of the economy, macroeconomic stabilization aimed at timely detection and actively modifying, complementary or otherwise. The grant has the authority to decide the amendment, complemally in order to remedy the inadequation, restrictions of laws and legislation that violate the law, proceed to a unified, uniform, accessible, and applicable legal system, in accordance with the request for international integration.

1.7. The presiding action, coordination of document-building, appraisal, examination, inspection, cultural systematization of law, monitoring law enforcement within the industry's scope of responsibility focuses on some of the focus as follows in order to serve. Economic growth:

-Perfect institutional, which encourages the development of diverse forms of ownership, enterprise types, ensuring the legal rights and interests of various owners in the economy, ensuring equal competition, transparency, and more. between businesses of all economic components.

-Secure the freedom of business and equality between the economic components. Continuing to innovate and enhance the efficiency of the state enterprise, especially the economic corporations and corporations ...

-Contributing to the complete legal system, land policy: innovation, institutional finalization to land rights, real estate that is lobbied by market mechanisms; to mount land management with management and urban development, market development of any kind. property, remediation of waste and corruption of the land ...

-Finishing the mechanisms, policies that promote healthy development and operation, the efficiency of stock markets, finance, labor, technology science, etc.

1.8. Continued deployment with the effectiveness of the interdisciplinary Legal Assistance Program for the 2010-2014 period business.

Implementing a synchrony of legal support activities for the business aims to create basic transformation of legal awareness, law, law, and the habit of adhering to the law of the business, creating the necessary conditions to serve the law enforcement of the business. The business enterprise is effective, the legal risk prevention, the strengthening of the competitive capacity of the business, contributes to the improvement of state management by law to the business, particularly in terms of enterprise restructuring. The state, the focus is the economic corporations, the state company.

-Construction and deployment effective annual plans for implementing a joint venture legal assistance program for the 2010-2014 period business;

-The president, evaluating the outcome of the Program, proposes to navigate legal support activities for the business until 2020 to report the Prime Minister.

2. Increase activities aimed at creating legal and judicial human resources that contributes to enhancing the quality of the country ' s human resources, in particular the high quality human resources.

Strong innovation in law training, judicial titles, human resource creation, high quality judiciary, serving a career in building socialist state and international integration:

-Continue to complete, the draft project "The overall project to improve the quality of the training facilities of Hanoi Law University, Ho Chi Minh City Law School and the Judicial Academy"; completed construction of the "Joint Training Pilot Pilot Scheme". The name of the judge, the examination, the lawyer, 2012-2015, " and it was urgent to implement the implementation after approval. The study of the Project of the French Project training the judicial titles.

-Continue to implement the effect of developing a team of lawyers serving international integration.

3. Deploy the missions to contribute to social security, poverty reduction, cultural development-social coheation with economic development, duties belonging to national target programs, etc.

-Scanning, evaluating the implementation of the policy of implementing legal aid to the poor under the Government ' s 80 /NQ-CP Resolution on the Sustainable Poverty alleviation of 2011-2020; continued implementation of the policy of legal support for poor districts under Decision. The number 52/QD-TTg of the Prime Minister and Resolution 30a/2008/NQ-CP;

-Deploy to the Legal Aid Strategy until 2020 and the vision by 2030; the construction of the Amendment Law, which complements some of the provisions of the Legal Aid Law and execs.

-Positive implementation of activities assigned to the Department of Justice of the Child Protection National Program 2011-2015 as: Additional research, amendments to the legal system of policy legislation for minors; increased awareness of the Ministry of Justice of the United States. and elevate the capacity of the judiciary to the juvenile for the enforcement of law enforcement and so forth.

-On the basis of the 2011-2020 period gender equality, the organization implemented the effectiveness of the Action Plan on Gender equality of the 2011-2015 Judicial Industry to secure requirements for gender equality during the deployment process of the United States. The mission is under the jurisdiction of the Justice Department.

-Implementing sweeping activities, modified research, supplematuation of laws that violate the law of the chamber, anti-prostitution by responsibility assigned to the framework of the Prevention Action Program, anti-sex prostitution 2011-2015, such as: The Study of Perfection. It ' s a trial for legal violations of the laws of the chamber, anti-prostitution in criminal law, and the handling of the administrative breach.

4. Positive, actively implementing tasks within the state of judicial management of the judiciary and law are delivered to contribute to the extension, effectively enhancing foreign activities and international integration of the country.

-The implementation of the effective implementation of the Law of the Judiciary And Judicial-compatible Agreements has signed with the countries; implementing research activities to prepare for the amendment, addition of the Law; to propose expansion of cooperation with countries, territories, and other countries. Vietnam has a need for cooperation on judicial assistance, which contributes to the strengthening of joint cooperation between our country and the countries, the territories.

-The subject of sweeping and proposing the finalization of the legal system in the country at the request of the integration; the total sweep, the assessment of the situation that imples international treaties, the international agreement on law and judiciary cooperation is in effect: Rà. The Constitution of the Constitution of Vietnam for the implementation of the Constitution and the ASEAN documents; construction of the motion to assess the impact of the legal system after five years of accession to the WTO.

-Building, finalize the project: study the possibility of joining the Hague Convention, or on the immunotherapy of foreign public papers; in order to obtain judicial and foreign papers; to study the possibility of joining the Hague Convention on international judiciary; and the project of research. about the role, procedure for the Ministry of Justice to join the Government in addressing trade disputes, international investment in which the Government of Vietnam is one party, etc.

-Continue implementing Directive 39-CT/TW on 09/12/2009 of the Secretariat as well as other Party and State documents on cooperation with foreign law, administrative reform and judicial reform. It's an emergency to build a Protocol. 78 /2008/NĐ-CP to manage cooperation with foreign law.

-Strengthening, strengthening international co-operation on law and judiciary with countries, territories and international organizations; expanding cooperation with potential partners; emphasis on strengthening cooperation with traditional partners.

5. strengthened administrative reform, judicial reform; advanced efficiency, effective state management effectiveness; increased defense, anti-corruption in areas of the sector's management range.

5.1. The deployment was effectively effective as part of the 2011-2020 period administrative reform program within the scope of the industry's mission.

-Building programs, plans for the Justice Department to implement the 2011-2020 period administrative reform program, ensure comprehensive performance of institutional reform, reform of administrative procedures, reform of the organization. The state administration, building up the quality of staff, civil officials, officials, financial reforms and administrative modernisation within the ministry's mission, the judiciary. In it, focus on some tasks as follows:

+ Tasks issued by the Ministry of Justice are assigned to the implementation of the Program: monitoring, aggregation of the implementation of the task of institutional reform; innovation and enhanced the quality of the law promulgable work of the law.

+ Building the revised Ordinal Ordination Project, the addition of the Ordinal Ordinal Ordination of Administrative Procedisements (implementing the simplified administrative procedure as Project 30). Scrutinization, tight control of the practice of new administrative procedures in law-making texts within the industry's scope of responsibility, in which the simplification of the administrative procedure involves the activities of the business and the people.

+ Enher quality, coordination of coordination of the agencies, organization within the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Justice Industry.

+ In collaboration with the Ministry of Internal Affairs organized the construction of the revised construction, addition, and completion of the standard system of civil rights, officials of the Justice Department.

+ Construction of the justice structure of the Ministry of Justice is tied to the position of work on the basis of criteria: rationalization, science and feasibility to contribute to the construction of staff, professional civil service, advanced quality of staff, judicial justice from the centre of the country. To the local, especially the staff of the staff, directly involved in the construction of the law of law, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the leadership of the leadership, and so on.

+ In coordination with ministries, the functional sector builds policies that treat employees to encourage cadres, judicial justice within the scope of the jurisdiction to be delivered under the rule of law.

5.2. Promoting the implementation of the duties on judicial reform tied to administrative reform, raising the capacity of state management within the scope of the ministry ' s responsibility, the judiciary.

a) Innovation of state management in terms of socialization assistance in the direction of socialization, and to lead the role of self-governance of professional institutions of law, justice, judicial oversight:

-Complete the construction of the amended Law, which adds some of the provisions of the Law of Law and Implementation Guidelines; conduct research, total practices to propose the construction of the Law on Property Price Sale, Amendment Law, additional provisions of the Law of Public Law. evidence and manual text;

-Continue to host, co-ordinate, the ministries, the ministries, the agencies, the relevant organizations that implement the implementation of the Plan to implement the Project "Development of Lawyers for International Economic integration from 2010 to 2020". Decision number 123/QĐ-TTg on 18 January 2010 by Prime Minister;

-Continue to study, in time to propose measures aimed at further promoting the process of socialization of the public and social needs, ensuring the legal safety of trades and socioeconomic stability. In it, the focus is on track, and the administration of the situation is examining the regulation of the transfer of the contracts, the transactions that the People's Committee of the District, and the township are working on to the public office of the district. The act of justice, the response to the number of witnesses, is required by decree of the number. 88 /2009/NĐ-CP October 19, 2009. Continuing to implement the establishment of social organization-the profession of the park in some provinces, the major city as the basis for the establishment of the National Public Service Association, which led to the accession of the International Council of the Roman Society. It is an emergency to complete the construction of the Company ' s Organizational Functions in Vietnam by 2020;

-The exercise is effective for implementing innovation and improving the efficiency of judicial monitoring and deployment of the Judicial Regulatory Law.

b) Advanced implementation of the law enforcement action tied to the key tasks of economic development-social and economic development

-Strengthening of law enforcement. Finalization of the general examination of law enforcement: the completion of a Protocol on the General Assembly of Law enforcement; Research, the proposal to build text on the mechanism of control of the new administration of the administrative decisions of the authorities.

-Enhancing efficiency, efficiency, continuing to create a solid transformation implementation of the Civil Service; striving to 2015, the basic resolution of a state of existence; the deployment of a good task is assigned to the administrative execution of the administrative execution, the total scale of the scale. I'll tell you what. Continue the study to create a firm argument and practice for the construction of the Project on the unified management model of the execution of the execs.

Completing the construction of texts, the proposal as: The revised decree, the addition of some of the provisions of the Protocol 74 /2009/NĐ-CP September 9, 2009 of the Government of the Government Regulation and guidelines for the implementation of a number of the provisions of the Law Enforcement Law on the body of civil law enforcement, civil law enforcement agency and civil law enforcement officer; the project to solve the execution of the law. People have been stagnated; the project has made a re-pilot in some localities (outside Ho Chi Minh City). The study, the construction of the Amendment Law, added some of the provisions of the Civil Action Law.

c) Strengthening the institutional and advanced efficiency of management of judicial administrative activities, the focus on Building the Board of Directors, the guarantee to work on the judiciary to serve the capacity, reliable for the planning and execution of management duties, development and development. It ' s a human resource on every site and across the country. It's an emergency. 158 /2005/NĐ-CP December 27, 2005, the Government of the Government on the registration of the Board of Directors guarantees the appropriate progress of the Construction of the Board of Directors. Actively implementing the constructs such as: Decree to amend the Digital Protocol 68 /2002/NĐ-CP And the digital decree. 69 /2006/NĐ-CP of the Government on marriage relations and the family with foreign elements; the revised decree, the addition of some of the provisions of the Protocol. 79 /2007/NĐ-CP of the Government on a copy of the original copy from the original book, the actual copy of the copy, the signature, etc.

d) The scientific implementation and the systematic system of judicial justice work. The Organization for the Construction of the Strategy Development Strategy until 2020, the vision to 2030 and urgently builds the judicial project of the national database of legal calendar in paper and electronic data.

p) Creating a strong transformation in citizenship, adoption, state compensation. It is an emergency to fulfill the Treaty of La-Or No. 33 on child protection and cooperation in the international adoption area.

e) Institutional Perfection in the field of disseminalization of law education: finalization of the Legal Education Common Law Project education and implementation guidelines and implementation implementation of other tasks of the Action Action Action Plan 04 /KL/TW on April 19, 2011 of the Secretariat for the implementation of Directive 32-CT/TW;

Continuing its effective implementation of the duties of the Government of the Government of the Government of 2008-2012; projects on the disseminology of law education to enhance the idea of law enforcement to adolescents; the universal propaganda scheme. The United Nations Convention on the Prevention of Corruption, the United Nations Convention on Corruption, Public Affairs, and the People, etc. Active participation in research activities contributes to the completion of the Vietnamese people in terms of law enforcement.

) To improve the efficiency of the reconciliation process and to continue to complete the institution in the field of reconciliation: the organization to build the Peace Law in the facility and the enacrochal text.

h) Build and implement the Sector Development Strategy and the fields in which the Management Sector aims to meet the requirements of the new situation. Research, search for further rationalization of functions, tasks, powers of each judiciary, especially the district level, the township level, the complete organization of the apparatus and the appropriate management mechanism. Full-and strengthening a basic step of the active quality of the legal organization of ministries, industry, provincial agencies of provincial departments and state-owned enterprises, striving until 2015, most of the provincial departments of provincial UBND have specialized departments with specialized departments. He's in charge of the law.

Build and complete the draft Protocol to replace the Digital Protocol 93 /2008/NĐ-CP of the Government that regulates the functions, duties, powers, and organizational structure of the Ministry of Justice; construction, finalization of the Information Information federation of the Federal Information 01 /2009/TTLT-BTP-BNV of the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of the Interior guided the functions, duties, powers, and organizational structure of the Department of Justice of the Provincial People's Committee, the Judicial Chamber of the District People's Committee and the judicial work of the People's Committee.

Continuing to push for the planning, training, restitution of the staff, the public, the justice department, both professional, professional and professional. The implementation of the first phase of mission development of the Human Resources Development Plan (2011-2020). Focus on the resources of building Central Law Schools in key areas.

Point. Continue to deploy Protocol 55 /2011/NĐ-CP of the Government of the Functional Regulation, the mandate, the powers and organization of the organization ' s apparatus aimed at enhancing the capacity of the institutional and local institutions; the completion and the grant on the approval of the Project " Enhentiing the capacity of staff, civil, The Department of Local Law, Local Industry, " according to Resolution 48-NQ/TW of the Politburo of the Strategic Strategy and the completion of the Vietnam legal system to 2010, vision by 2020.

The employer is involved in the standard construction of law enforcement on the cadres, public administration: in coordination with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Research, Construction, which announced the mandatory standard of law enforcement to the cadres, the public administration of the state administrative system.

5.3. Implement resolve and synchrony solutions, anti-corruption in areas of the field of management of the industry.

Increased prevention of prevention, repel corruption. It is the responsibility of the head of the unit of the unit. Enhancing the inspection work, testing to detect the trauma, timely processing of shortcomings, violations in the state management operation of the industry and the adoption of policy, the law of organizations, individuals, focusing on areas such as: enforcement of the law. Civil law; budgeting, property, and basic building.

Timely resolution, the law of complaints, denouncing and the insults of the people within the jurisdiction of the industry. The focus is on the effectiveness of the complaint, denouncing the civil execution.

Second Part


1. Based on this Program, the Chief of Units of the Ministry, Director of the Department of Justice, Director of the Civil Service of the Civil Service of the provinces, the Central City of the Central Committee is responsible:

-Deployment of tasks primarily proposed in this Action Programme; in particular the tasks of the agency's annual judicial work plan, unit, locality; the annual periodic report of the Ministry of Justice to the Ministry of General to send the Ministry of Planning. Government report and investment report.

-Continue to sweep, study, propose new construction or modification, supplement the major tasks of the state management scope of law and government legislation, the Prime Minister to propose additions to the annual Action Program. of the Government and of the Judiciary Industry to implement Economic-Economic Development Plan-annual and during both the term of the Government of 2011-2016.

2. For other specific tasks within the scope of the judicial work not stated in this Program, the agencies, units in the industry need to organize immediately to serve in time to ask for the economic-economic development of the industry, local.

3. Vietnam Law Paper, Democratic and Legal Magazine, Bureau of Information Technology organizes information forms, disseminism and process implementation of this Action Program.

4. The head of the Planning-Finance Department, in coordination with Chief Office Chief, Chief of Staff Officer, the Chief of the Race Competition-Khen reward and the Chancellor of the ministries of the ministry of London, follow, check out the implementation of the Program; periodically report and petition with the Minister for the necessary measures to ensure the Program is fully implemented, effective, synchrony and on the right progress.

5. In the process of organizing, if you see the need to modify, add specific content in this Action Program, the active units coordinate with the Plan-Finance report the Secretary review, the decision.



Qiang Qiang