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The Decision 2493/qd-Bct: On The Action Program Of The Industrial And Commercial Sector Implementation Of Resolution 06/nq-Cp Of The Government's Action Program The Term 2011-2016

Original Language Title: Quyết định 2396/QĐ-BCT: Về việc ban hành Chương trình hành động của ngành công thương thực hiện Nghị quyết 06/NQ-CP ban hành Chương trình hành động của Chính phủ nhiệm kỳ 2011 – 2016

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Number: 2396 /QĐ-BCT
Nationwide, May 10, 2012


About the issuer of the Action Program of the Industry implementing Resolution 06 /NQ-CP enacted the Action Program of the Government of the 2011-2016 term



Base of Protocol 189 /2007/NĐ-CP December 27, 2007 of the Government stipulated the function, mandate, authority and organizational structure of the Ministry of Commerce;

Base of Protocol 44 /2011/NĐ-CP June 14, 2011 by the Government amended, the addition of Article 3 Protocol No. 189 /2007/NĐ-CP December 27, 2007 of the Government stipulated the function, mandate, authority and organizational structure of the Ministry of Commerce;

Parliamentary Base No. 06 /NQ-CP on March 7, 2012 enacted the Action Programme of the Government of the 2011-2016 term;

On the recommendation of the Chief of Planning,


What? 1. It was accompanied by the decision of the Action Programme of the Industry to execute Resolution 06 /NQ-CP on March 7, 2012, which enacted the Government Action Programme of 2011-2016.

What? 2. This decision is in effect from the date of the signing.

What? 3. Chief of the Department, Chief Inspector of the Department, Chief of the Agency, Unit of the Ministry, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Chairman of the Board, General Manager of Economic Corporation, General Corporate, Corporate Affairs, Director of the Department, Director of the Department of Provincial Trade of the provinces, Cities The Central Committee is responsible for this decision.



Your Majesty.


Implementation of resolution 06 /NQ-CP enacted the Action Program of the Government of the 2011-2016 term

(Board with Decision No. 2396 /QĐ-BCT on 10 May 2012 by the Minister of Trade)


1. Target: The objective of the Programme for the implementation of the 6 /NQ-CP Resolve victory on 7 March 2012 enacted the Action Programme of the Government of the 2011-2016 term.

2. Request: The Program requires agencies, units, and businesses in the industry, the Department of Commerce of the Provinces, the active city, and actively contribute to the general career of the entire industry in order to win the Government Action Programme. The 2011-2016 term; in it, the focus of a macroeconomic stability goal, ensuring social security, maintains a reasonable growth, and the restructuring of the economy in exchange for growth model growth.


1. Great economic stability, control of inflation, ensuring the economy grows sustainable and sustainable.

a) The effective use of financial resources. Implementing a renewal of public spending policies, the construction of the annual state budget bill with the construction of fiscal planning and medium-term spending. Check, monitor, and close audit of the use of the budget, property of the state in the units using the budget. The public results of the inspection, inspection, audit, and processing results of each level, each unit; the public finances of the state enterprise, the economic corporations and the state corporation.

b) Enhentil market management in anti-smuggling work, counterfeit goods, trade fraud, food safety violations; violations of intellectual property rights; inspection, control of the implementation of laws of price, price listing, and security. and sell the listing price, timely handling of the case of using the situation to invest, daggers, indebtable news aimed at pushing the sales price up high, causing market instability, affecting consumer benefits. The balance provides the supply of goods for the production and life of the people, especially the people in the most difficult border regions, the islands.

c) Enhation of macroanalysis and macro forecasts. Fining the information system, the number of figures serving the situation assessment and building policy development policy; building of coordination mechanisms; enhancing the capacity of the Industry of Industry in tracking, evaluation and forecasting to serve the company. Construction and planning of industry development, as well as timely warning of the effects of the economy.

2. The restructuring of the economy is tied to a new innovation model growth in the direction of enhancing quality, efficiency and competiability.

Along with continuing structural change within the industry and in each sector, the 2011-2016 term needed to focus the restructuring of the industry in areas: investment restructuring and restructuring of domestic enterprises in the industry.

a) Restructuring investment, the focus is that public investment in the direction of reducing and enhancing the efficiency of capital investment from state budgets and government bonds.

Increased investment management from state budget capital and government bonds; centralization of capital for electrical works, project-level projects, soon completed and put into use for effective development; priorititi-capital prioritits for necessary, pressing buildings. has to be complete and the capital for ODA projects; tightly controlled, determined source of capital for projects, new startups.

Participation in the improvement of the mechanism system, policy, orientation of investment attraction, facilitones to the investment economic components of electrical works; enhance the quality of the planning and the resolve to implement the investment in accordance with the planning.

b) The state enterprise restructuring, the focus is on economic corporations, the state corporation to improve operational efficiency and perform better than the role of state enterprises.

The classification of state-owned enterprises in the Industry of Commerce on the basis of the identification of the role of the State and the state-owned enterprise to implement the arrangement, reorganization of the sector, the business sector, does not distinguish management. The structure at each state enterprise is comprehensive in terms of organizational modeling, management, finance, manufacturing planning, development investment business, product structure, human resources; fining the rights regulations, obligations, responsibilities of the owner, university of the country. the owner and manager in the state-owned enterprise, in terms of capital management, state assets at the business, monitoring mechanisms, inspection and processing.

Public implementation, financial transparency and operational outcomes of the state-owned state-owned enterprise; each step in establishing an equal competitive environment with businesses belonging to other economic components, monopolizing control, and at the same time. There ' s a mechanism, the policy of promoting the restructuring of the business sector. The corporation, the state-owned company, focused only on the main business sector; the implementation of the recession was invested outside the main business industry prior to 2015.

3. Developing disciplines, fields

Building mechanisms, industry policies and industry sectors to promote economic structure movements in the direction of comparative advantage, maximum potential and efficiency. Develop a variety of industries, jobs to create more jobs and income for workers. Increased connectivity, exploitation, potential development, the strengths of each economic zone; facilitalation of the development and leadership of the major economic zone, creating the capacity to spread, develop other economic zones.

a) Transformation of industrial structure and construction in the modern direction, enhancing quality and competiability. Developing the foundations of background, comparative advantage and meaningful with rapid growth, efficiency, sustainability, improving the independence, autonomy of the economy, step into deep, effective entry into the global distribution network. Prioritifully developed industrial development, industry for agricultural development, rural development; the development of energy sector development, development of industries with high technology content, increased value, and many export products. Sweeping and restricting the establishment of further coastal economic zones, industrial zones, gateway economic zones; building selection criteria some economic zones, industrial zones for centralized investment; in each area must arrange for the first order of investment, according to the report. to be able to get into service soon; at the same time, it has to be interested in building the welfare work that serves workers working in the economic zones, the industrial sector.

b) Development of the efficient service area, especially high-value, potential and competitive services, for the service sector to reach higher growth rates than the manufacturing sector and higher than the GDP growth rate. The focus of development of the service sector has a large, potential, and competitive value. Developing strong scientific and technological services, education and training, employment services and social security. Enhancing the quality of service products and competiability of Vietnam businesses business in the domestic, regional and world markets; push for the potential exploitation and advantages of each sector of the service, enhancing cooperation between the countries and sectors of the world. the service sector for the same competition and development.

c) The potential development, the strengths of each region, creates a link between regions for the development of balance and sustainability. Sweeping, regulating, adding planning and having mechanisms, the right policy for the regions of the country to grow. Promoting the development of key economic regions, impacting momentum, the impact of spreading to other regions; at the same time, facilitalation of faster development areas, particularly the border areas, the islands, the Southwest Ministry, the Highlands, the Northwest and the United States. west of the central provinces. Each step further diminits the development of the development and the living levels of the population between regions.

d) and control and use effective resources. Sweeping to simplify administrative procedures, encouraging, facilitalized to attract investors in and outside of manufacturing, business in Vietnam. Promote socialization in development investment; mobilizing the capital of economic components by proper mechanisms and forms of investment, such as: BOT, BT, BTO, PPP, etc. for investment of power infrastructure. Building policies, a clear strategy in attracting FDI and ODA capital. Building and perfusing the mechanisms, the policy aims to ensure the efficient use of resources and the overall efficiency of the economy, environmental protection.

) To strengthen the reforms of reform, enhance the functioning of the business of the state industry in order to maintain and promote the leading role of the state economy. Arranging, changing the state enterprise in the direction of only the corporations, the company's total, 100 percent of the state's capital is large-scale, operating in the sector, the key sector of the economy. Continuing the restructuring of the business profession, the capital restructuring and property of the state-owned enterprise. Developing a strong form of private economy, facilitalization of a number of private economic corporations and encouraging private capital to contribute to state economic corporations. Encouraging the development of business types with mixed-ownership forms such as the holding company, the LLC, the company that is in partnership, cooperated.

4. Continue to complete the institutional social orientation market economy.

The focus on the construction of law projects, the ordinance under the Law Building Program, the ordinance of the XIII Congress and every year, ensures the quality and progress. The priority put into the program of law projects involving three breakthroughs of the 2011-2020 economic development strategy, including: Perfture of the socialist orientation market economy; rapid development of human resources, especially the source of economic and economic development. High-quality human resources; building the system of synchrony infrastructure, with some modern structures, focused on large urban transportation and infrastructure.

Frequently scrutinism aimed at timely detection and revising of the amendment, the addition of the inadequation, restrictions of laws and laws that violate the jurisdiction and authorship of the decision to amend, complements to proceed to a legal system. Unified, synchrony, accessible and applicable, in accordance with international integration requirements. Focus on some of the following focus:

-Secure the freedom of business and equality between the economic components. Continuing to innovate and enhance the operational efficiency of the state enterprise, especially economic corporations and corporations.

-Continue to renew the construction and enforcement of the law that guarantees equal competition, transparency among businesses in all economic components.

5. Enher the quality of education-training, human resource quality; scientific development-technology and knowledge economics in the world.

a) Implemulability of quality advanced solutions of training facilities of the Department of Training facilities in response to the manpower requirement for industry development, which contributes actively to implementing economic growth in the new model, increased labor productivity, raising the capacity to improve efficiency. efficient, environmental protection and sustainable development. Innovation for educational management, development of teachers and cadres, increased autonomy, self-responsibility for educational institutions, training, and promoting socialization, the maximum mobilization of business participation in the development of training education.

b) The investment focus has a focus on technical science and technology to directly serve the purpose of technological innovation and to enhance the competitive capacity of the industry; the creation of highly productive and highly valued national products, high technology applications; and more. It forms the scientific and technological enterprise systems. Advanced scientific research, innovative capacity and technological innovation, increased the contribution of science and technology to promote productivity, quality, and competitive capacity of the product. Innovation underlying the financial mechanism is consistent with the specification of scientific and technological activity.

6. Protect and improve the environment, actively prevention, remediation of the natural disaster, the application effective with climate change and climate change.

The focus is on the effectiveness of the National Goals Programme on the application of climate change; the National Goals Programme on the Pollution Recovery and Improving The Environment and Action Plan to transform the climate of the Industry.

Use, management, exploitation of natural resource efficiency, environmental assurance and ecological balance. The active response to climate change, especially the rising sea water. Every single step of the climate change content in the planning, the development of the industry. Participating in the construction and deployment of the Green Growth Strategy, the National Action Plan implemented the Sustainable Development Strategy of 2011-2015 in industry operations.

Radical innovation, the entire management of mineral resource management, conservation assurance, economic efficiency, social, environmental, and defense. End of extraction to export crude ores.

7. Positive and active international integration

Extending foreign relations, integration of integration, raising Vietnam ' s status on the international school. Synchrony, comprehensive, important focus on foreign activities, taking relations with partners in depth, stability, sustainability, attention to countries that share borders with Vietnam. Active, actively integrated international integration, efficiency, rapid development, sustainability and building of autonomous independent economies. It is responsible for international commitments. Play the role and mobilize the resources of the Vietnamese community abroad in the development of the country.

8. Pay attention to administrative reform, enhance capacity, efficiency of state management; enhance defense, anti-corruption, and more.

Continuing to push forward administrative reforms; implementing the implementation of the Administrative Reform Agenda of 2011-2020, in which the simplification of the simplified administrative procedure involves the operation of the business and the people. Quality improvement, coordination of the coordination of the state administration of the Ministry of State and the Department of Trade. The distribution of functional circuits, duties, powers and responsibilities of the Ministry and the Department of Commerce. Construction organization, modification, addition, and completion of the standard system for public office, officials (including leadership titles, managers). Continuing the construction of the staff, professional civil service, quality enhraising, civil service capacity, especially the direct public team involved in construction, policy planning, leadership; construction of the public structure attached to the position of employment. do; it is a strong implementation of the employment of employment. Continuing innovation policy, mobiles, incentives, officials.

Implement the resolve and synchrony of room solutions, anti-corruption; enhance prevention of prevention, push back corruption. The responsibilities of the head of the body, the unit. Enhancing the inspection work, testing to detect concussion, timely processing of shortcomings, violations in state management activities, economic management-society and policy acceptance, the law of institutions, individuals; timely settlement, right, and more. the law of cases of complaint, denouncing, and the insults of the people.


1. On the basis of key tasks and content in this Action Program, the functional base, the mandate, the powers that have been assigned, the chief of the agencies, units of the Ministry, the Corporation, the Corporation, Corporate Affairs, the Department of Commerce, The central city, the Central City of the Central Committee, and the work requirements in this program, combined with the mission of its unit, directed the construction of its unit's action program both in terms of the term and in particular the tasks of the plan. Annual planning; continue to build, sweep, modify, add mechanisms, policies, planning, planning, program, project, project, project, project, project, project, project, project. Government, Prime Minister during the Government's term. The Chief of the Agency, the unit of the Ministry, is responsible for organizing the tasks and content of the assigned sector, ensuring the right progress and quality.

2. The chief of the agencies, units of the Ministry of the Centralized Focus, augmented the inspection, the foreman implementation of the implementation of this Action Programme; periodically annual (before 30 November) the agencies, units, the Department of Trade and Industry held. The evaluation of the results assessed the implementation of the program and the report on the Ministry (Planning) to sum up, report the Government.

3. Deliver the Presiding Plan, in coordination with the Office of the Ministry, the units of the Ministry of Tractions, the implementation of the implementation of the Action Program, periodically reporting and petition of the Government Department, the Prime Minister on the measures required for real assurance. Synchrony, the effect of this action program.

4. During the organization process, if it is required to amend, add specific content in the Action Program of the Government of the Government of 2011-2016, the active units report the Prime Minister ' s Office to review, the ./.



Your Majesty.