Circular 73/2012/tt-Btc: Modifying, Supplementing Circular No. 76/2004/tt-Btc On 29/7/2004 Of The Ministry Of Finance Guidelines On Fees In The Field Of Road Traffic

Original Language Title: Thông tư 73/2012/TT-BTC: Sửa đổi, bổ sung Thông tư số 76/2004/TT-BTC ngày 29/7/2004 của Bộ Tài chính hướng dẫn về phí, lệ phí trong lĩnh vực giao thông đường bộ

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Number: 73 /2012/TT-BTC
Hanoi, May 14, 2012


Modified, Digital Supplements 76 /2004/TT-BTC July 29, 2004 of the Ministry of Finance

guidelines for fees, fees in the field of road traffic


Road Traffic Law.

The French base is ordered and charged.

Base of Protocol 57 /2002/NĐ-CP June 3, 2002 of the Government rules the implementation of the ordinance of fees and fees and the number of decrees. 24 /2006/NĐ-CP 06/3/2006 amended, adding some of the provisions of the Digital Protocol 57 /2002/NĐ-CP June 3, 2002;

Base of Protocol 118 /2008/NĐ-CP November 27, 2008 of the Government Regulation, mandate, authority, and organizational structure of the Ministry of Finance;

Revised Finance Ministry, Supplements Digital Information 76 /2004/TT-BTC July 29, 2004 of the Treasury Department guidelines for the revenue, file and management, use of fees, fees in the field of road traffic (later called Digital Information). 76 /2004/TT-BTC), as follows:

What? 1. Modified, adds some of the content of the Digital Information 76 /2004/TT-BTC, as follows:

1. Modified, plugin section 2 and section 4 Specified Income at point 1 item II Digital 76 /2004/TT-BTC, as follows:

" 1. Record level:

The rate of toll, the fee in the field of road traffic regulations as follows:


Expense name, fee


Recording (copper)


Registration fee, fair vehicle level (specialized motorcycle)


The new level with the license plate




Regrade or swap registration with license plates




Regrade or exchange registration is not accompanied by the license plate




Register registration with temporary license plates




Close the frame number, number of machines




The degree fee, the certificate is active on the vehicles.


Basic driver's license




Reissued a motor driver license




New technology motor driving license (*)

(including new and radical levels)



(*) Note: The new technology driver license is a regulatory driving license at the International Digital Information. 35 /2010/TT-BGTVT November 15, 2010 amendment, adding some of the provisions of the Digital Decision 02 /2008/QD-BGTVT January 31, 2008, of the Minister of Transportation approving the license template for driving a road motor vehicle.

2. Repair 2 Item II 76 /2004/TT-BTC regulation of the Procurement Regime, submit, manage, and use fees, fees, as follows:

" 2.1. The State Administration of Road Communication performs the work outlined in this Item I, which has the mandate to organize the collection, submit, manage, use and publicly make the collection, the prescribed fee at this Smart and other provisions of the law (below). It ' s called the recording agency.)

2.2. The organization, the individual must submit the full amount of fees, the fee according to the specified income level as soon as they are prescribable and file a proposal with the agency to perform the work of the categories of fees, the fee prescribed at this Smart.

2.3. The fee, the fee in the area of the road traffic, is a collection of state budgets.

a) The body obtained by 65% (sixty-five percent) on the total proceeds of fees, fees to cover the cost of the toll, the fee (including the cost of the server system equipment and storage of the driving licence management data, the cost of networking at the costs). The Department of Transportation of the provinces, cities across the country and the President of Vietnam Road in accordance with the regulations. For the revenue of registration fees, the public transport level is quoted on the amount of fees earned after the subtractate of the license plate at the expense of the Ministry of Finance at each time.

b) The remaining amount (35%), the income body is now filed into the state budget according to the chapter, type, paragraph, item of the current state budget item.

2.4. Other content related to the collection, filing, management, use, certification, which publicly the cost of the use of the road not to mention at this Notice is made in accordance with the Digital Information. 63 /2002/TT-BTC 24/7/2002 of the Ministry of Finance directed the implementation of the legal provisions for fees and fees; Private Information. 45 /2006/TT-BTC April 25, 2006, revised, Supplements Digital 63 /2002/TT-BTC July 24, 2002, and Digital News 28 /2011/TT-BTC February 28, 2011 of the Ministry of Finance directed to enforce certain provisions of the Tax Management Law, the guiding implementation of the digital decree 85 /2007/NĐ-CP 25 May 2007 and Decree No. 106 /2010/NĐ-CP October 28, 2010.

What? 2. The organization performs

1. This message has been in effect since July 1, 2012.

2. The other content continues to follow the regulation at the Digital Notice. 76 /2004/TT-BTC July 29, 2004 of the Ministry of Finance guides the revenue, file, and management, use of fees, fees in the field of road traffic.

3. In the course of the execution if the birth is entangled, suggest the agencies, organizations, individuals that reflect promptly on the Ministry of Finance for the study, the additional guidance ./.



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