Decision 23/2012/qd-Ttg Dated: On The Standard Rules And Norms Used The Headquarters Work Of State Bodies In The Communes, Wards, Town

Original Language Title: Quyết định 23/2012/QĐ-TTg: Về việc quy định tiêu chuẩn, định mức sử dụng trụ sở làm việc của cơ quan nhà nước tại xã, phường, thị trấn

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Numbers: 23 /2012/QĐ-TTg
Hanoi, May 31, 2012


About the standard regulation, the format using the office headquarters.

of the state agency in township, ward, town


Government Law Base December 25, 2001;

The Law Enforcement Base saves, against a waste of November 29, 2005;

The Management Law Base, which uses the state property on June 3, 2008;

The Base Law, which was published on November 13, 2008;

Base of Protocol 52 /2009/NĐ-CP June 3, 2009 of the Government rules the details and guidelines that enforce some of the provisions of the Management Law, using state property;

Base of Protocol 92 /2009/NĐ-CP October 22, 2009 by the Government on the title, number, several modes, stings for cadres, civil officials in township, ward, town and non-specialist activists at the township level;

At the request of the Minister of Finance;

The Prime Minister issued the Decision on the Regulation of Standards, which determines the use of the state agency ' s office in commune, ward, town, and ...

What? 1. The adjustment range

This decision stipulated the standard, the intention to use the employment headquarters of the state agency in the commune, ward, town (later called the township level) to provide the layout of the staff, the township public, the non-professional activists in the township level. Government regulations.

What? 2. Subject applies

1. The officer is in charge of the post-term election term at the township level.

2. Social civil service and non-specialist activists at the township level.

What? 3. In this Decision, the words below are understood as follows:

1. "The working headquarters of the township agency" is the building and the land campus is used for the purpose of the work of the state-level state agency.

2. "The total area of the working state agency" includes:

a) "The area of work for cadres, civil unions and non-professional activities at the township level" is the number of square meters of the floor, which is determined for a working seat of cadres, civil officials and non-professional activists, for use on the item. Work at headquarters.

b) "Public and technical area area" is the number of square meters of the floor, which is used for the purpose of serving joint operations at the working headquarters of the state-level state agency. Public and technical departments include: meeting area of meeting, community service area, area of service reform of one door, area of service storage area, area of service of information and propaganda.

c) "The area of auxiliary and service parts" is the number of square meters of the floor, which is determined by the building's design capacity, including: Main lobby area, side hall; corridor area; sanitary area area; inventory area.

d) The area of the stairs, the area of the garage, the area of the hall.

What? 4. Standards, the format of using the working area of the cadre, the township public, and those who are not in charge at the regulatory level are as follows:

1. Standards, format using work area

Office, title.

Maximum area size for a work place (d) 2 (person)

A. Officer

Position: Secretary of the Party; Chairman of the People 's Assembly; Chairman of the People' s Committee


Office : Deputy Party Secretary; Deputy Chairman of the People's Committee; Deputy Chairman of the People's Council; Chairman of the Vietnam Front Committee.


Position: President of the Vietnam Women's Union; Secretary of the Communist Youth League of Ho Chi Minh; President of the Vietnam Farmers ' Association; Chairman of the Vietnam Veterans Society.


B. Public.

Title: Office-statistics; Geographical-building-municipality and the environment (for township); Geo-agriculture-construction and environment (for society); Finance-Accounting; Judiciary; Culture-Social-Social.


C. The active people are not in charge


2. The case of a cadre, the public holding a number of titles with a standard stipulation, the valuation of the employment area is applied to the standard use of the highest employment area.

3. The adoption of the standard, the intention to use the employment area for the title of Head of Public Security and the title of the Military Chief Command performed as follows:

a) The case of the Nazi-level military command board, the Public Security Council has been deployed as its own, independent of the working headquarters of the state agency, which is not standardized, quantitifully using the employment area of these titles to the total area. It ' s the work of the headquarters of the state office.

b) The case of the Nazi-level military command, which has not been headquartered in private, has to work together at the headquarters of the department state agency, the work area of these titles is counted as the headquarters of the headquarters. The state office. The maximum working area standard for each title is 12 m. 2 -A man.

What? 5. Standards, routing the area of use for public, technical, auxiliary and regulatory departments as follows:

1. For the new construction facility, the area of public, technical, auxiliary and service parts is calculated to be at a maximum of 70% of the total area working for staff, township level, and non-social workers.

2. For the construction work-based headquarters are defined by the practice of use.

What? 6. Regulation of stairway area, garage, hall

The identification of the area of stairs, the garage and the hall is in accordance with the following regulation:

1. An area of stairs, a garage area identified by the Vietnam Construction Design Standards for each building investment project has been approved by the state agency.

2. Chairman of the People's Committee on the specific conditions of local conditions, the Standards for the Construction of Vietnam and the ability of the budget to make specific decisions on each project's construction project.

What? 7. The organization performs

The chairman of the People's Committee of the Provinces, the Central City of the Standard Base, defined the regulation at this Decision, the actual base of the state office, and the ability of the local budget to direct the agencies, unit within the local management range:

1. Make a layout sweep, rearrange the work headquarters of the existing state-level state agency to suit the standard, valuation and actual situation in the locality, ensure effective use, state property savings.

2. Set up, approve the planning, new construction investment plan, upgrade the working headquarters of the state agency and the organization to follow the provisions of the law on building investment.

3. Do the management, using the working headquarters of the state agency in accordance with the provisions of the law on management, use of state property.

What? 8. Effect of execution

1. This decision has been in effect since 20 July 2012.

2. Repeal Decision No. 32 /2004/QĐ-BTC April 6, 2004 of the Minister of Finance set the standard, the valuation of the office of the state office in the commune, the ward, the town.

3. Minister, Deputy Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Head of the Government of the Government, Chairman of the People's Committee of the Provinces, the Central City of the Central Committee and the Head of the relevant agencies responsible for this decision.

Prime Minister


Dao Dung