Circular 25/2012/tt-Bgtvt: Tutorial Mode, Submission, Management And Use Of Dues To Join The International Maritime Organization (Imo)

Original Language Title: Thông tư 25/2012/TT-BGTVT: Hướng dẫn chế độ thu, nộp, quản lý và sử dụng hội phí tham gia tổ chức Hàng hải Quốc tế (IMO)

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Number: 25 /2012/TT-BGTVT
Hanoi, July 3, 2012


Guidelines for the Procurement Regime, submit, manage and use the International Maritime Organization (IMO) organization.


Base of Protocol 51 /2008/NĐ-CP April 22, 2008 the Government regulates the function, mandate, jurisdiction, and organizational structure of the Ministry of Transport;

Base Decision Base 110 /1998/QĐ-TTg June 25, 1998, Prime Minister of the Government of the Government of the Government of the Government of the United States.

At the suggestion of the Director of the Vietnam Maritime Service and the Chief Financial Officer,

The Ministry of Transport issued the executive order guidelines, submitted, managed, and used the assembly for the International Maritime Organization.

Chapter I


What? 1. The tuning range and subject apply

1. This information provides for the collection, filing, management and use of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) participation fee.

2. The collection of the IMO fee applies to the organization, the individual whose Vietnamese ships have a total capacity of 100 GT or more, except for military ships and service ships not used for commercial purposes.

Chapter II


What? 2. The principle of income

The IMO fee is obtained annually by the British pound for each vessel specified at 2 Article 1. The collection of IMO fees performed in accordance with the existing regulations on foreign currency management of the State of Vietnam at the time of the recording. The ship's owner may submit to the Vietnamese in exchange from the British pound at the rate of interbank transactions at the time of the IMO fee filing.

What? 3. Cross the EMO fee payment

Organizations, individuals are accounted for by the cost of manufacturing operations, the business of the business for the actual application of IMO fees.

What? 4. IMO fee collection

1. IMO funding is calculated according to the formula below:

HP = BA + (V-G) x K

HP: IMO fee collection;

BA: The minimum income for each ship type (in the British pound);

V: The total capacity of the ship to charge (GT);

G: The level of reducing the capacity of the vessel has the largest capacity at the adjacent level;

K: The system adjuts the record to the capacity of each ship.

2. IMO fee collection for Vietnamese ships is regulated at the table below:


Total volume (GT)

Income calculation formula



Ten pounds.



10 + (V-100) x 0.07



38 + (V-500) x 0.065



70.5 + (V-1,000) x 0.06



130.5 + (V-2,000) x 0.055



185.5 + (V-3,000) x 0.05



235.5 + (V-4,000) x 0.045



280.5 + (V-5,000) x 0.04



320.5 + (V-6,000) x 0.035



355.5 + (V-7,000) x 0.03



385.5 + (V-8,000) x 0.025



410.5 + (V-9,000) x 0.02



430.5 + (V-10,000) x 0.015



445.5 + (V-11,000) x 0.01


Over 12,000

455.5 + (V-12,000) x 0.005


-The ship has a capacity of 2,500 GT, the IMO convertiation must be:

130.5 + (2,500-2,000) x 0.055 = £ 158

-The ship has a capacity of 12,500 GT.

455.5 + (12,500-12,000) x 0.005 = 458

3. The spacecraft does not specify the volume that is regulated as follows:

a) cargo ship: 1.5 tons of registration is 1 GT;

b) The tug, the push, the lifeboat: 0.1 HP (KW) calculated by 0.5 GT;

c) The spread: 01 tons of registration loaded with 1 GT.

3. The actual request base, the Vietnam Maritime Service reports the Ministry of Transport regulates the rate of regulation at paragraph 2 to ensure the source, the IMO cost.

What? 5. IMO

1. Vietnam Maritime Service Office, Maritime Affairs and Maritime Port Authority (abbreviated as the IMO fee collection agency) perform the prescribed IMO fee in accordance with this Information.

2. The organs that are delivered to the IMO charge are responsible for the execution of the correct, obtained by the provisions of this Information.

3. The collection of IMO fees must ensure the requirements:

a) To publicly calculate the amount at which the IMO fee collection agency;

b) The owner of the IMO charge may submit cash or transfer of the agency's account assigned to the IMO fee; the case of the IMO fee filed by transfer, the individual submitted the IMO fee required to submit a proxy for the confirmation of the deposit. the bank where the organization, the individual pays the money.

4. The vessel issued certificate has submitted the IMO fee after the owner has submitted enough IMO funds by regulation.

5. Maritime ports are responsible for examining the submission of the IMO fee for seaboats. The case of detection of a ship that has not yet submitted to IMO fees is made in accordance with the provisions of this LIMO.

What? 6. IMO expense content

The IMO expo follows the following content:

1. Closing the IMO charge by IMO;

2. The cost of attending conferences, seminars, training, training of IMO abroad;

3. The following divisions of the IMO organization;

4. Conference, Symposium seminar, disseminisation of IMO rules;

5. Other genera: office supplies, printing, document translation, training, rate difference, money transfer fee.

What? 7. Set up, deliver and approve the collection, IMO expenses

1. Build a

a) Vietnam Maritime Bureau Office based on the list of Vietnamese ships built for the project to collect IMO fees;

b) The Vietnam IMO Office is based on the activities of the Vietnam IMO Secretariat and the notification of the required assembly of IMO (after testing, the passport) to build a bill to send the Vietnam Maritime Bureau Office to sum up the collection, the IMO cost. Vietnam Maritime Service;

c) Revenue base, genus by the Office of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs of Vietnam, Ministry of Maritime Affairs of Vietnam for the Ministry of Transportation approved;

2. Transportation

The expected base, the IMO costs approved by the Ministry of Transport, the Vietnam Maritime Service, delivered the collection, which cost the IMO for the opportunity to take the opportunity to do the base.

3. Decision: The collection agencies IMO make an annual fee decision under the current regulation of the State Budget Law.

Chapter III


What? 8. Effect of execution

It has been in effect since 1 September 2012, replacing Decision No. 2214 /QĐTCKT on 28 November 1990 of the Ministry of Transport and Post Office and Communications 187 /TT-TCKT on November 28, 1990 by the Ministry of Transport and Post Office Guide to Guide IMO fees. For the Vietnam Sea.

What? 9. The organization performs

Chief of Staff, Chief Inspector of the Department, the ministers, the Director of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs of Vietnam, the chief of the agencies, units, and individuals responsible for the operation.



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