Circular 21/2012/tt-Bct: Defined Statistical Reporting Basis Applicable To School Under The Ministry Of Industry And Trade

Original Language Title: Thông tư 21/2012/TT-BCT: Quy định Chế độ báo cáo thống kê cơ sở áp dụng đối với Trường thuộc Bộ Công Thương

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Numbers: 21 /2012/TT-BCT
Hanoi, July 20, 2012


The Regulation Mode Statistics Regulation applies to the Schools of the Ministry of Commerce.


Base of Decree One. 89 /2007/NĐ-CP December 21, 2007 of the Government Regulation What? The mission, the mission, power And muscle. All A socket function of the Ministry of Trade and Decree Stain. 44. 2011 /NE- CP the date 1 June 4 the year 201 1 of Government modified, b socket It's a plan. One. 89 /2001/NĐ-CP;

The Law School. Stain. The census dated June 26, 2003;

- What? Let's just say the number 40 /2004/ND-CP February 13, 2004 of the Government Regulation t and point d There. n execs a Stain. Go. Okay. Tumor brew Rule of Law. Hey. ()

- What? Let's decide the number. 111 /2008/QĐ-TTg 15 Ah! 8 of 2008 by Thi brew General. Government about the release of Ch. What? report resolution Yes. prescrip General Apply the application. Stain. i with the Ministry, the industry;

Base. Stain. 43 /2010/QĐ-TTg June 02, 2010 Prime Minister v. Okay. Generation of Generation Stain. It's just it. Hole. National statistics;

By recommendation c brew a case in - The K case What? The plan

Repository in Ministry of C cell The Department of Intelligence Officials rules Ch. What? B Ah! o Ah! o Statistics facility Ah! Use For The Ministry of Commerce.

What? 1. Report Mode

The report mode of statistical statistics applicable to the Department of Trade in the Ministry of Industry is carried out as follows:

1. Report Content

Perform by the Category List, the symbols and the Gi Bitch. I like on Appendix 1, 2 and 3 issued by this message.

2. Th Yeah. Limit to report

- Six-month report: June 17;

- Report of the Year: December 17;

3. Send Report Method

The statistical reports are g Yeah. i under two hours What? Knowledge: b Yes. Text and Mail Death. .

What? 2. Uh ... The report, responsibility and duty of the report unit.

1. Report Unit

The ministries of the Ministry include:

a) College, High School. g and the Professional High School of the Ministry of Commerce;

b) Universities, College, Professional High, High School and College. No! Vocational training, vocational training. Oh. n, T socket Company, the Company is within the management of the Ministry of Commerce.

2. Responsibility and duty of the report unit

Schools of the Ministry are responsible and n g Volume:

a) Ch All Full report, exactly. Once. Tron regulations g Ball Okay. Report samples;

b) Specify a specified report v Okay. Go. Okay. Report, report period;

c) Send a report to the report unit c Ah! o in accordance with the deadline b Ah! o fox.

What? 3. The unit received reports

1. The K case What? -The Ministry of Commerce.

2. The Department of Public Affairs.

What? 4. T socket function

1. This message is in effect, k. Okay. from n Hey. 0 5% 9 n 2012.

2. In the course of execution, if there is a problem, Yeah. Comment on the Ministry of Commerce (Case K) What? planning) to in time Time of review, ch. All right Excuse me.



Chen Tuấn Anh