Decision 787/qd-Bxd Dated: Document Approving The Technical Support Project "waste Water Management And Solid Waste In The Municipalities Of Vietnam – Phase 3" By The German Government Aid Not L. ..

Original Language Title: Quyết định 784/QĐ-BXD: Về việc phê duyệt văn kiện Dự án hỗ trợ kỹ thuật "Quản lý nước thải và chất thải rắn tại các đô thị Việt Nam- giai đoạn 3" do Chính phủ Đức viện trợ không hoàn l...

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Number: 784 /QĐ-BXD
Nationwide, August 22, 2012


Regarding the approval of the project document supporting the technical assistance "Waste Water Management and Solid Waste in the municipalities of Vietnam-Phase 3" provided by the German Government not reimbursable.



Base of Protocol 17 /2008/NĐ-CP 04/02/2008 of the Government stipulated the functions, duties, powers, and organizational structure of the Ministry of Construction;

Base of Protocol 131 /2006/NĐ-CP September 9, 2006 of the Government enacted the Management Regulation and uses official development assistance;

Office No. 319/TTg-QHQT on 09/3/2012 of the Prime Minister approved the project portfolio "Water management and solid waste in the municipalities of Vietnam-Phase 3" provided by the Government of the German Government; at the same time, at the same time, the Department of Construction was approved. browse the project document (accompanied by text number 859 /BKHĐT-KTNN on 22/02/2012 of the Ministry of Planning and Investment);

The Digital Base. 04 /2007/TT-BKH July 30, 2007 of the Ministry of Planning and Investment on Numerical Implementation Implementation 131 /2006/NĐ-CP September 9, 2006 of the Government on the Board of Management Regulation and uses official development assistance;

The base reports the appraisal of the Phase 3 Project Office on 17 August 2012 of the Financial Planning Incident;

At the suggestion of the Bureau of Engineering of the Bureau of Engineering at the 190 /HTKT-CTN on 07/07/2012 over the approval of the Project Office;

At the suggestion of the Chief Financial Planning,


What? 1. Approval of the Project Office for Technical Support "Water Management and Solid Waste in the municipalities of Vietnam-Phase 3" provided by the Government of Germany did not return to the following major content:

1. Project Name: Water management and solid waste in the municipalities of Vietnam-Phase 3.

2. sponsor: The German government.

3. Chairperson: Ministry of Construction.

4. Project execution agency/Project Host: Technical Infrastructure Bureau-Ministry of Construction.

5. Location of the project: Hanoi (Ministry of Construction), Beijing, Haiyang, Art An, Necessary Poetry, Moon, Tea Glory, Lanshan, Peace, Sơn La.

6. Time execution time: 2012-2014.

7. The goal of the project:

-Common goal: The common goal of the Financial and Technical Cooperation Program in wastewater management and solid waste in the provinces of the province in Vietnam is to improve sustainable environmental hygiene conditions and to support the up-to-date industry policies on the basis of problems. Experience learned from local participants.

-Specific target: The specific goal of Phase 3 Technical Assistance Project is to strengthen the effective management capacity for the Ministry of Construction, companies and urban governments in the management of collection system assets, wastewater treatment, existing solid waste and asset-based asset management, the company said. form by the Financial Assistance Project, which aims to provide sustainable services.

8. The main result of the project:

* The project is divided into three main components:

-Part 1: Consulting for the Construction Department in the field of wastewater management and solid waste

-Part 2: Consulting for municipal governments on wastewater management and solid waste.

-Part 3: Consulting for direct units management of wastewater and solid waste.

* The main result of Phase 3 Project:

-Experience lessons in sustainable provision of collection, sewage treatment, waste water in the provincial capital cities of the Program and drainage programs, sanitation is supported by other donors that are cast, used to build, update those efforts, and to build on the next few. regulation and proper standard for drainage, sanitation;

-Enhancing water management expertise in the wastewater and urban waste of the Ministry of Construction, related agencies and urban authorities in the provinces/cities participating in the project are raised through regular training courses, training at the site of the development of the government. and visits academic and outdoor learning;

-Management units, operating the drainage system asset, sewage treatment, waste in the work: Construction and implementation of the company development plan (CDP); Management effective operation of the assets of the drainage system, the disposal of existing waste disposal and the asset used by the company. add from the Financial Assistance Project; Provided sustainable service on the basis of a transition economy to the market mechanism;

-The management units operating the drainage systems asset, sewage treatment, waste disposal will have a frequent source of revenue, based on service fees, advancing to the cost of offset the cost of operating, maintenance and depreciation on assets with short-use cycles. -electrical device.

-Customers in the project area are aware of their rights and obligations in relation to the drainage service, sewage treatment, waste of waste; and

-The perception of the community on environmental protection is enhanced, improving and gradually changing individual behavior in the field of wastewater collection, solid waste; and so on.

-Enhancing capacity management of wastewater discharge points, the landfill of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment on the project site;

-The government of municipalities is aware of the role of "owners" of the assets of the collection system, sewage treatment, waste execution, and the responsibilities of the contracting party to the operating management unit.

9. Total cost of the Project:

The total cost of the Phase 3 Technical Assistance Project is: 4,380,000 Euro; In that:

-Contributs to the German Government (ODA) from the non-reimbursable source: 4,000.000Euro.

-Vietnam contribution: 380,000Euro. (In it: The Construction Department: 200,000 Euro and the provinces participating in the project contribute to 180,000 Euro) .

10. Source and financial mechanisms:

-Capital of ODA: The German Government's non-reimbursable aid; this capital is administered by the GIZ directly and the funds to the Consultate and the activities of the project on the basis of the plans and contents of the German side and the Ministry of Construction.

-Capital capital: The Ministry of Construction and the provinces participating in the balance project layout in the annual budget bill by the regulation of the Budget Law.

11. The management organization implemented the project:

-The Technical Infrastructure Bureau-The Construction Department will sue the entire HR project management committee 2 to continue the Phase 3 implementation of this project.

-Provinces: The former provinces have joined the Phase 2 project (Beijing, Haiyang, Art An, Poetry, Moon, Tea, Vinh.) All project management departments have been established from phase 2 to continue the Phase 3 implementation of this project. The newly joined provinces of Phase 3 (Shanxi, Lạng Sơn, Peace) will set up the Project Management Board to organize the management implementation of the project.

What? 2. This decision comes into effect since the date of the issue.

What? 3. The Director of the Bureau of Infrastructure Engineering, Chairman of the UBND department of provinces/cities: Beijing, Haiyang, Art An, Squirrel Moon, Tea Honours, Shan La, Lang Shan, Peace, Need Poetry; The Chief of the Ministry of Construction of the Ministry of Construction: Next-Finance, International Cooperation, Organization of the Officer and the Prime Minister of the relevant units is responsible for this decision.



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