Circular 160/2012/ttlt-Btc-Bct: Regulating The Collection, Submission, Management, Using Money Collected From Fines Violate The Law In The Field Of Electric Power

Original Language Title: Thông tư liên tịch 160/2012/TTLT-BTC-BCT: Quy định việc thu, nộp, quản lý, sử dụng tiền thu từ xử phạt vi phạm pháp luật trong lĩnh vực điện lực

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Number: 160 /2012/TTLT-BTC-BCT
Hanoi, October 1, 2012


Q specify the collection, file, management, use of the proceeds from the penalty.

It's a violation of the law. Well, Power.


- What? Let ' s go 60 /2003/N. Fuck! -CP June 06, 2003 c brew a Government Fuck. Details and directions. i the State Budget Act;

Base N g Poop. One. 24 /2005/ND-CP October 06, 2005 c brew a Ch I'm Ph. brew regulation of v Okay. Receipt of fines and qu Bitch. n l I mean, Yeah. It's a violation of the law. I'm But,

Base of Decree Stain. 68/20 1 0/N Fuck! CP June 15, 2010 c brew a Government y - Okay. x Yeah. Breaking the laws of the law. Yeah. The Fuck. The force.

Parliamentary base. Fuck. Number. 11 8/20 0 8/ND-CP May 27 11 n What? m 2008 c brew a Government that regulates functions, duties, rules Okay. n Oh. Muscle. All A socket function brew a Ministry of Finance;

- What? Let's go. 1 89/2007/ N D-CP on 27th. Ah! 12 in 2007 c brew a Ch I'm Ph. brew Qu y function, mission, rule Okay. Restrict and the muscle c All A socket function brew a Ministry of Commerce; Decree No. 44/20 11 /N Fuck! -CP 1 June 4 What? 20 11 c brew a Ch I'm Ph. brew S Yeah. a change , b. socket sung Fuck! Three times. One. 89 /2007/N Fuck! -CP. Oh. December 27, n What? m 2007 of the Main brew rules Shit. function, mission, rule Okay. Restrict and the muscle c All A socket function brew a Ministry of Commerce;

Repository in The Ministry of Finance I'm Ah, The Minister of Commerce. Federated v. Okay. The recording, the filing. Okay. n fine, qu Bitch. I ' m going to use it. Okay. n obtained from x Yeah. Penalty. i It ' s illegal. Yeah. Power grid l -No.

What? 1. The Range of adjustment and Subject apply

1. This is a private. Fuck. The recording. Oh, file t Fines, management and s. Yeah. use t This is a violation of the power of the Irong in the United States. Fuck. 68 /2010/N Fuck! -CP. Month 6 in 2010 of the Government Regulation on x Yeah. Yes. t violation of the law, the field of electricity (later written as Parliament) Fuck. Okay. Stain. 68 /2010/N Fuck! -CP.

2. Information Yeah. This applies to c Ah! By the way socket I'm sorry Hey. n-What? What? n the collection, filing fines in violation of law in the field of electricity and qu Bitch. n li, s Yeah. I do Okay. n t Hou t It's a violation of the law. rules for work Check. And punish the violation of the law in the field. Don't Force.

3. For criminal justice violations. Media violation of b Shit. Confiscate, h ... I have It ' s funding for the agency x. Yeah. It's a violation of the law. Don't n in accordance with rules Fuck. the current execution Okay. I'm sorry. Oh. t, the means of violation. l He was confiscated.

What? 2. Thu, file a fine; manage, use proceeds from the sanctions violation in the field of power.

1. The collection, the payment of the fines; management , s Yeah. Balls. Hey. The future of the fine i The law in the field of law. Fuck. Force. Fuck. Done by rules Fuck. At the time Fuck. Okay. Stain. 124 /2005/N Fuck! -CP June 06, 2005 brew rules Fuck. The receipt of fines and management, Yeah. the money pays off the administrative breach and Th cell Private Stain. 47 /2006/TT-BTC 31st Ah! 5 in 2006 by the Ministry of Finance to conduct the execution. Fuck. Serial number 124/2005. MD-CP regulation of penalty receipts Oh. Qu Bitch. n li Oh, use of television Okay. n commit violation of action I'm Yeah.

2. Proceeds Yeah. I ' m going to punish the law in the field of electricity. Yeah. T Stain. That ' s 70 percent. Okay. b socket sung, support for work Ki Okay. Go. t And the law of the organs of the organs, Unit. Yes. Move. Power x Yeah. Penalty. . The rest of the Bitch. i filed in the budget the state of the All p Follow. Qu y Oh,

What? 3. Content Ch. And the cost. t Ki ... Okay. Go, X. Yeah. Breaking the law in the field of electricity.

1. Stupid. Hey. Rule:

a) Expense content and expense level t Insects. g Evil. Okay. Try Oh, It ' s a violation of the law in the field. power Force. t The coals are on the ground. t Standard, standard financial spending. Information Yeah. This leads to the implementation of a number of spent content, the cost. related The next level of activity. Check. , punishment, violation of the law. t in the field of electricity;

b) Yes. Hold. I want you to go to the business. Okay. Torture, torture, violation of law in the field. Fuck. Force. Fuck. You're not supposed to be in this private. t It's from the state budget budget.

2. Contents:

2.1. Details for activities Fuck. We live on the ki. Okay. Go, X. Yeah. Yes. t violation of the law:

a) The genus, the equipment, the building, the building, the building, the building, the building. Uh ... - t Violations; inventory, warehousing; funeral expenses. Oh. t, the vehicle is on the ground. Hold. ; gasoline, oil for the test vehicle, catch Hold. , lead, b. Bitch. o to the object of the object. Okay. I'm going to be a little bit of a mess. Okay. Look, search for violation.

b) Buying expense (if available): purchasing expenses t print of m I have The dark matter. Fuck. No more than 10% of the fines.

Payment of buying costs must be required Hey. Fuck. brew evidence t Yeah, by the rules. The case must be kept secret All p believe, payment of the cost of buying the base to the airport What? What's the problem? Hey. Enough. Hold. K What? c brew A man. What? p spend money on a bow All p tin, th brew Fund, k What? accounting and direct agency chief x Yeah. It's a violation. Th brew Unless in The body directly sanctions against the law in the field of electricity must be responsible for accuracy, honesty in payment of purchasing costs, and in terms of the law. t in, making sure that the right person is right;

c) Snapshot Bitch. , recording, shooting cases of violations. Okay. serving the trial and punishment of the breach of the law;

d) Expert opinion: the maximum amount of no more than 1 million copper/reporting;

Go back. in , save t I'll take the staff to join ki. Okay. Torture, violation of violation;

e) What? I have -Aid. Ah! The injured, killed, executed by accident, trial. t The illegal breach Oh. t in the field Fuck. The force.

g) Office detail. Move. m, printing press document t The evil test and the punishment of the breach of the law;

h) K What? t, the total checksum. Oh, x Yeah. Breaking the law.

i) Bonus bonus for collective, individual achievement in ki work. Okay. Torture and torture. t The illegal breach. t in the field of electricity under the law of law enforcement Fuck. A compliment. Yeah. In fact,

n) Other expenses might be the direct connection Fuck. What? n audit and x Yeah. It's a violation of the law in the field of electricity.

2.2. Restitution. Let the task force test, the breach of the breach. Oh. t:

a) B Oh. I'm sorry. Hold. Direct people. t I don't know. I don't know. Come on c. cell More than 1,000,000 people. t Groin (including Thanh t to the majors. Fuck. Take it. Check. - Fuck. What are you doing? Fuck. Level Boob I Move. Scale Okay. Go online. What? p join this work);

b) Restitution. Let's go Hold. Participants in coordination during the inspection process, the violation of violation. y - brew The organ of the world. Move. Power. Fuck! Stain. i t It's okay. Oh. specific expenses due to Th brew Unless in The organ of the world. Move. Power to the right. y I'm sorry

c) Restitution. Make more hours according to the rule of law.

3. Case The illegal violations. Yeah. in the field of electricity due to microtesting Hey. n power grid grid Bitch. Violation of law and law. Okay. To the man of the world Move. Power x Yeah. Yes. t Fuck. Okay. conduct sanctions on th What? Agency, unit. Move. The right to sentence is responsible for the transfer of 50% of the money. Fuck. I ' m quoting it. Oh, This is a two-thing clause. Go live. Electrical check-up. to The provisions of the specified content at paragraph 2. Fuck! Hey.

4. Level What? Okay. for the interiors g What? t Paragraph 2 This is done in accordance with the rules of regulation c. brew a state, Fuck. With unregulated content. Fuck. What do you mean? brew Unless in The organ of the world. Move. Punish c. Boob rules Okay. n rules What? Define Oh. Okay. t My decision to tear.

What? 4. Pay the funding for the inspection and sanctdisciplinary action in the v. Well, c-c Well, c

1. Fuck! Stain. i with a warehouse Bitch. Money. t Hou t Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Fuck. Unit C. cell Love, Ch. Ah! Inspector of the Department of Commerce, Director of the Bureau. Fuck! Electric power, the Bureau of Safety and Safety Engineering. cell The Industrial School to conduct sanctions (after g I mean, the one who can. Move. The right to sentence. in Central control:

a) The organ, the unit of the authority to take care of it. t in China Yeah. It's the basis of the fines filed in. t Payable, temporary. Hold. c brew a financial institution m in at the State Treasury with the proposed text S in Provincial Finance, Central City y 70% of the proceeds from the sanctions against the law into account. brew a ministry of commerce opened at the State Treasury;

b) On the basis Fuck. The organ of the organ, the unit of the competent authority. in Center Yeah. -Yeah. in I Oh. i am the city of the Central Committee of the Central Committee. Okay. n 70% s Stain. ti Okay. n t Hou t It's a violation of the law. Oh. The C Section. cell Open fire. Yes. the State Treasury, the rest applied to the local budget by regulation;

c) Agency, Unit. Of course. Move. The right to sentence. in Base of the base. Stain. The proceeds from the previous year's sanctions and the recording situation. t Breaking the law for five years. Okay. planning to use in a Fuck. The rules Fuck. (including the t) socket C. What? Yeah. using The unit of the unit socket function Fuck. Check it out. Yeah. I'm going to have to check out the power grid. Hey. n v i Breaking the law and moving to a person. Jurisdiction Punishment. to Go ahead. t Yes. Move. Power) send c Uh ... c brew A Ministry of Commerce. Okay. I Move. Let ' s, let ' s have a total contract. Move. Power to decide what to do. Yeah. This is based on this announcement and the laws of the state budget.

Base on k. What? use already Fuck. He's got a jury. Okay. n approval and records, certificate from c Related. , agency. t Yes. brew A Ministry of Public Affairs. brew He sends the Treasury to the Treasury. Bitch. n Fuck. You can pay the vault. Bitch. n s in accordance with rules Fuck. Okay. t Ah! What? 3 News t This is for the agency. Fuck. Thank you, sir. Move. Scale Okay. Punish me. in Central. The organ, the unit of the world. Move. The right to sentence. in The central government is responsible for the fact that Yeah. It's a Oh. A penalty Fuck. Purpose, control mode. What? Yeah. have approved;

d) The proceeds from the trial. t Violation of the law is used for insects. g - Okay. Torture and torture. t The agency's violation of the law, Fuck. Thank you. brew A man. Move. Scale Okay. n ' s the central penalty in the year of the year. Yeah. All right Fuck. Chuy. Okay. n ' s next year. Okay. continue to use t Piggy, pig.

2. With the proceeds. t by the force. Fuck. The man who decides to punish (including the Chinese forces) Yeah. There are pillars Stay. The locals. Okay. active Fuck. I do socket n Fuck. -On the ground.

a) Before 15 of the month of the month Every quarter, agency, Uh ... Your taste. Move. The right to the local government is based on the ground. Stain. the proceeds t Fine. have Coals are up to the state budget through the warehouse. b The State of the State and the fact that the genus was born in the process. What? Check out the test, execute. t A violation of the law. brew A quarter ago Oh. p What? use by rule mode Fuck. (including c) Bitch. T- socket C. What? Yes. Yeah. C. brew a Fuck. Thank you. socket Audits in case of inspection. Fuck. Force. Oh. p. Okay. n Boob The jurisdiction of the jury. Okay. ti What? n the authority to punish the authority) sends the financial organ to the same level Fuck. You can pay the vault. Bitch. n costs per regulation at t This and the rules. brew a French t about the state budget;

b) - What? Come on. Stain. the proceeds from the trial of the law c brew a once Unit. right to the Store b The State of the State. Hey. n s in b Bitch. Fuck. Okay. the payment and relevant testimonies of c Uh ... Look, Fuck. Thank you, sir. Move. The right to punish the local law, the financial institution c. Boob Ki ... Okay. Control the h Look. Ch. Come on The word. Bitch. m b Bitch. o by the correct rules for payment of units by t Don't The rules of the two. Fuck! 2 News t Yeah. y The payment of the graph. I'm is best done after 20 days from the date of receiving the proposed text, unless ... Yeah. If you don't pay for it, the muscle You're right. Boob v What? n the announcement is clear to the agency, Fuck. Thank you. Oh, Text: Bitch. The offer.

What? 5. The funding decision is supported Auxiliary. t Yeah. the money t hu from the sanctions of the law in the field of electricity Well, c

1. Organs, Fuck. Thank you. Jurisdiction x Yeah. It's a crime. l In the field of electricity. Fuck. Payment of the cost to the test, violation of the violation of the law from the source of the trial. t The breach must be opened. socket Books. Okay. tracking, qu Bitch. The cost of the cost is h I have Subsidy Fuck. Okay. t Message t This and the public at the agency, Fuck. All right.

2. Budget Decision support from the proceeds from the sanctions against the law in the field Fuck. Pressure. brew The agencies, Fuck. The subject of the procedure execution procedure. brew a Rule. State Budget, K Law What? the math and the v. What? The course of the competition.

3. The Uh ... A taste. socket It's an inspection and ll. Oh. p Hey. n b Bitch. Violation of law when h I have Funding from the source. t The rules in the warehouse. Bitch. n n 3 Fuck! 3 News t This is a t tear up the evidence and make a big deal. Ah! The sum of the money. I have to With the agency, the unit. What? The penalty.

What? 6. Come on c

1. Organs, Fuck. Thank you, sir. Move. Scale Okay. Punish the breach of the law. rules in l Pup Fuck. What? l Less Boob liability Bitch. Li, using the funding to be requoted from the proceeds of the legal penalty. t Pig. A Regulations in Information t This and the rules of the law. rules It's relevant.

2. The State Treasury has a responsibility. socket It's a record. Bitch. Timely and created Fuck. All right. l For the subjects to file fines in violation of the law; on the watch, the accounting of the proceeds from the law of the law in accordance with the existing regulations on the collection of state budgets and regulations. Fuck. You know, I don't know.

3. Local Finance Agency Boob operation tracking, submission, qu Bitch. n reason and use of the proceeds from the illegal breach of the law. t in the field Fuck. The force is on the right scale. t Message t Come on.

What? 7. Effect of execution

1. This message is valid. Okay. from date 15. Legs. 11 2012.

2. In the course of execution, if you get caught, Fuck. A sec. Bitch. Time in time. Okay. Ministry Document It's the Ministry of Commerce. Okay. Research, solved decision .





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