The Decree 78/2012/nd-Cp: Modifying, Supplementing A Number Of Articles Of Decree No. 30/2007/nd-Cp On 7 March 2007 The Government Lottery Business

Original Language Title: Nghị định 78/2012/NĐ-CP: Sửa đổi, bổ sung một số điều của Nghị định số 30/2007/NĐ-CP ngày 01 tháng 3 năm 2007 của Chính phủ về kinh doanh xổ số

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Number: 78 /2012/NĐ-CP
Hanoi, October 5, 2012


S Change, add a number of things. N Number one. 30 /2007/NĐ-CP March 01, 2007

of - The government is on the lottery business.


The Law base. I Ch. I'm On December 25, 200. 1 ()

At the suggestion of the Minister of Finance,

The government issued the revised decree, added a s. Stain. The article of the Decree 30 /2007/NĐ-CP March 01, 2007 of Ch I'm I don't know. i Business The lottery.

What? 1. Modified, b socket sung some of the Articles of the Digital Protocol 30 /2007/NĐ-CP March 01, 2007 of the Government on the Lottery Business

1. Modified, add 1 Article 3 as follows:

" Article 3. Lottery business principles

1. The lottery business is the conditional business sector, which is under the strictest control of the state agency with jurisdiction to ensure the recreational needs of a department of people with a significant income and ensuring the security, order and safety of society. Only the business is granted by the state authority to grant a certificate of sufficient new lottery business eligisum. socket Lottery business. "

2. Add 5 Article 4 as follows:

" Article 4. Blame i Oh, my God. i You know i Business x socket number

5. Coordination with the state governing bodies on the site performs this. However, Hey. n Okay. n, p Tiger v It's recommended for the world. I am i a d Well, I Yeah. in The lottery controls the level of participation in the lottery. "

3. Modified, add paragraph 8, paragraph 9, paragraph 10 Article 6 as follows:

" Article 6. The behavior is strictly forbidden.

8. Provide predicate information before the lottery result.

9. Taking advantage of the commercial form is the chance to trade the illegal lottery with the goal of making a profit through the collection of the customer.

10. Other prohibited acts according to the rule of law. "

4. Amendment, add 2, paragraph 5 Article 7 as follows:

" Article 7. Categories, Lottery products

2. Digital lottery lottery (manual, computing).

5. The Ministry of Finance provides a specific product category for the prescribed lottery types at Article 7 of the number of digits. 30 /2007/NĐ-CP in any period to ensure the goal of the governing body of the State. "

5. Add 3 Article 11 as follows:

" Article 11. Digital ticket distribution

3. The number of tickets of each issue issued by the business business lottery business is specified in particular but is not overdue for the extent of the number, ticket value issued or pedigree. i ensure the minimum rate of per-period average ticket consumption by the Ministry of Finance. "

6. Add 2 Article 12 points as follows:

" Article 12. Lottery agent

c) Officer, employees working at the lottery business business; wife or husband, father, foster father, mother, foster mother, child, child, brother, sister, brother, brother, sister, sister, sister of President, T socket Director, Director, VP. socket The judge. Stain. c, Deputy Director, Chief Accounting Officer and Head, deputy to the departments, the business department of the lottery business. Stain. Do not make a lottery. "

7. Add 4 Article 15 as follows:

" Article 15. The organization determines the results of the award.

4. Mailtime rotation time in Run by business lottery business What? It is intended but not to be slower than the time frame of the bonus dial provided by the Ministry of Finance for the regions. "

8. Edit paragraph 2 Article 16 as follows:

" Article 16. Make a payout

2. The business ' s payout deadline for a maximum customer is 60 days, since the date of the date of the results of the result has been awarded or since the expiration date of the lottery ticket. Too. Yeah. I mean, the tickets are no longer priced. to Oh, shit.

Based on the deadline for maximum return, the Ministry of Finance provides a specific payout deadline for each type of photo, the lottery product. "

9. Add paragraph 3, paragraph 4, paragraph 5 Article 23 as follows:

" Article 23. Lottery business

3. The operational model and organizational structure of the management organization of the lottery business is applied under the Company Chair model, General Manager (Director) and Corporate Controller or Corporate Chairman and General Manager (Director) and Controller.

4. Conditions, standards of the Chairman of the Company, General Manager (Director) and the Controllers of the business lottery business take on the provisions of the Corporate Law and the v. What? The other laws of law are related.

5. The lottery business businesses are operating under the membership Council model, continuing to perform all of the term. The application of the operational model and the organizational structure of the enterprise in the next term is made as specified in this decree. "

10. Edit paragraph 2, add 3 Article 30 as follows:

" Article 30. Breach of breach

2. Violations, the form of sanctions, the fine, the authority to punish the administrative violation of the lottery business activity is carried out in accordance with the existing law v. Okay. It's a violation of the government. Stain. i with lottery business.

3. The penalty form and penalty level for violation of regulation at Point 8, Clause 3 Article 1 of this decree is carried out in accordance with the regulation of the current law on v. Yes. The criminal behavior rules the use of lottery results and the results of the results. "

What? 2. Effect of execution

This decree has been in effect since 1 December 2012.

What? 3. Organization to execute

1. The Minister of Finance is responsible for guiding and organizing the implementation of this decree.

2. Ministers, Prime Minister, Thi. brew Government agency, Chairman. Brew The provincial government, the Central City of the Central Committee, is responsible for this decree. .


Prime Minister


Dao Dung