Circular 31/2012/ttlt-Bct-Bkhđt: Guidance On Handling Industrial Cluster Formation Before Regulations On Industrial Clusters Attached To Decision No. 12/2009/qd-Ttg Dated August 19, 2009 C

Original Language Title: Thông tư liên tịch 31/2012/TTLT-BCT-BKHĐT: Hướng dẫn xử lý cụm công nghiệp hình thành trước khi Quy chế quản lý cụm công nghiệp ban hành kèm theo Quyết định số 05/2009/QĐ-TTG ngày 19 tháng 8 năm 2009 c

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Number: 31 /2012/TTLT-BCT-BKHT
Hanoi, October 10, 2012


Manual processing of industrial clusters formed before the Regulation of Industrial Cluster Management

issued by number Decision 105 /2009/QĐ-TTG August 19, 2009

of the Prime Minister's effect.


- What? Let's just say the number 1 89 /2007/NĐ-CP 27th g 1 2, 2007 c brew The Government of the United States. What? ng, mission, rule. Okay. n Oh. Muscle. All A socket function of the Ministry of Commerce;

Base of Decree Stain. 44/20. 11 /ND-CP Day 1 June 4 Tattoo. 20 11 c brew a government correction socket i, b socket sung Fuck! Yes, yes, yes. Fuck! -CP December 21, 2007 of the Government Regulation Authority, Mission, Regulation Okay. Limit and muscle All U hive function of the Ministry of C Sir. Love.

- What? Let's go. Stain. 11 6/2008/N Fuck! CP. y 1 4 months 11 years 2008 of Government planning, mission, rule. Okay. Restrict and Organizational structure function of the K Ministry What? And, Fuck! Come on.

- What? Let ' s just decide. Stain. 1 05/20 0 9/QE- TTg the date 1 9 Ah! 8 in 2009 of the Capital Yeah. Chua. I'm The government enacted the rules of governance. l Industrial cluster.

Execute Indicator Stain. 07 /CT- I Tg 02 Ah! Three years. 201 2 of Prime Minister v Okay. Business. All Correct management and management. g Qu Bitch. painter t - g of the i T Oh! Industrial area, industrial cluster. ()

Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of KK What? dv Oh. Investment guide process of industrial cluster formation before Regulation What? management cluster industrial cluster t The pigs decide number 1 05 /2009/Q Fuck! -T. I Day 19 t Oh. Ah! 8 n Tattoo. 2009 c brew A Capital. Oh. The Government is effective. l Male. Oh,

Chapter I


What? 1. Range. Okay. A All right -

This information guides cluster processing. g n g Hi. Don't p formation before the Industrial Cluster Management Regulation (later called) l Statute) issued with Decision No. 105 /2009/QĐ-TTg August 19, 2009 brew a Prime Minister brew In effect.

Industrial cluster case was established. Brew The people of the provincial community decided to handle the transfer. Fuck. Come on. A Instructions on the 1, 2 and 3. Okay. 13 Digital 39 /2009/TT-BCT December 28, 2009, of the Ministry of Commerce Fuck. We ' re going to do some content. brew Qu Regulation Bitch. The industrial cluster and established decision not to do it again. cell This is a private.

What? 2. Fuck! Oh! statue apply

1. Businesses, organizations, individuals invested in construction, business k All structure of industrial clusters and s Bitch. n export business, service in cluster c cell A career.

2. State regulatory agencies, t ... socket Other authorities What? n q The work of the industrial cluster.

Chapter II


What? 3. Body Fuck. Industrial cluster. image t Oh. Before the rule. What? Yes. Hi. A l Male.

Industrial cluster. What? Before Qu y They are in effect:

1. The industrial cluster was granted jurisdiction, construction project investment, infrastructure construction, prior to October 5, 2009;

2. Industrial cluster. Hey. Planning browsing What? t built before October 05, 2009 but not yet Fuck. There's a deal. Move. Scale Okay. n approval of the infrastructure construction project;

3. The industrial cluster is not defined at the 1 And these two things. Yes. m in Process Planning t industry cluster or Q He's got a plan Okay. n local industry, Oh, Project. Oh! It entered the industrial cluster before October 5, 2009.

What? 4. Set up the industrial cluster portfolio before Regulation What? c Boob L Well, c

Base. y Here in Article 3, Department of Commerce, Coordination. p with the departments, the industry, Brew The people of the district are involved in a controlled district, setting up a catalogue of industrial clusters formed before the end of the year. Q Y- What? In effect, presentation. Brew The people of the provincial population approve and consider, processed or proposed treatment in accordance with the provisions of Article 5 of this.

Category of clutch clusters g Before the statute of effect was established at the Appendix 1 and Appendix 2 issued Oh. According to this. Oh. sent the Ministry of Commerce and Ministry Plan and E! And Private Okay. Watch.

What? 5. Fang treatment for industrial cluster formation before Regulation What? c Boob Effect.

1. For the industrial cluster which is larger than 75 ( She. He said:

a) Industrial cluster if the conditions are met at paragraph 1 Fuck! This is a six-way move. socket i become a regulated industrial zone at Articles 6 and 7 This quarter to unify the management under the Digital Protocol. 29 /2008/NĐ-CP 14th Ah! The 3-year 2008 Government regulations on the industrial zone, the manufacturing sector and the economic zone (after the Yes. It's called Decree. 29 /2008/NĐ-CP);

b) The industrial cluster does not meet regulatory conditions at the 1 What? This 6 News adjuves the size of the area to ph Yeah. together with the Regulation and implementation of the industrial cluster in accordance with regulations Fuck! Eight and nine.

The industrial clusters alone in the following cases are viewed x. Okay. t maintain the size of the area when performing th Oh. L Oh. p industrial cluster:

- Industrial clusters Okay. Fill the ground. g A career

- Industrial clusters have been completed. And U private Build up the texture And -

- Industrial clusters have been approved. y The process of planning and finishing the procedure. Fuck. Compensated, free-faced. Yes. Yeah.

2. For the industrial cluster with no more than 75 (seventy-five) ha, the implementation of the industrial cluster is established in accordance with Articles 8 and 9. to The rules of the rules.

3. The case of industrial cluster formed before the Regulation was unprocessed. Fuck. In accordance with the provisions of the 1 v. Oh. Two of these things. Brew y b The people of the people. All right Having the responsibility to handle the authority or the agency petition there is th Move. The right to handle the c brew A law.

What? 6. Transfer socket i cluster cell In formation. Yeah. Wait. i The statute is effective in the industrial zone.

1. Transfer event Fuck. Yeah:

a) Having the owner of the infrastructure development is the business that operates under the law of the business;

b) I socket The land area. Oh, for investment registration projects, certificate level Fuck. Rent it. It's -Yeah. Hey. Earth to at least 40 percent of its size. Earth industry of the industrial cluster;

c) Details Planning brew Industrial cluster. Oh, It's the right organ. Move. The right to approve the current rules;

d) Building Water Processing Bitch. i focus or have a commitment c brew The owner of the investment. Okay. n ' s the infrastructure of the deadline. d Water treatment. Bitch. i k Hou c cell After c. i Be nice. Okay. Fuck. socket i;

Oh, Fuck! applicable condition regulation t Two, three, three. Oh, 4 and 5 Articles 6 Decree 29 /2008/N Fuck! -CP.

2. Show Freedom. The procedure. socket i:

a) sleep The people of the people. t Take the profile. Okay. n pour Industrial clusters of industrial areas. - The Ministry of Planning and Fuck! Come on. Okay. t socket Th Move. I mean,

b) The Ministry of Planning and Fuck! I'm sorry brew stall, in coordination with the Ministry of Commerce, ministries, the related disciplinary organization. Sister. Move! socket Industrial clusters of industrial areas, the Prime Minister decided;

c) Additional the planning and establishment of the industrial zone from the prestigious industrial cluster. Okay. Fuck. socket i:

- Fuck! Stain. i with industrial clusters responding to the travel. Okay. It's a lawsuit filed by the United States and has been granted a certificate of investment in the investment. Okay. n infrastructure, Department of Planning and Fuck! Go! t Look. Oh, Prime Minister. brew b socket Add to the Plan socket th Okay. The language Okay. n industrial area and water. Brew It's like Yes. The provincial population decided to establish an industrial zone.

-Yeah. Ow! Oh. i The industrial clusters meet the conditions of regulation at the 1 Fuck! All right. Yeah. We haven't issued a warrant for the project's investment. And U t I'm not Okay. n All Infrastructure, Department of Planning and Head. private to What? What? brew Yes. Incubation Add to the Plan socket A voter. Okay. Industrial area.

The granting of investment certificates for the project Fuck. I don't know. Okay. n What? Configure And ... And the establishment of the industrial zone by qu. y The law is now. Oh. Don't

3. Lake You know It's like:

a) The Prime Minister of the United States Brew The people of the people are coming back to Chuy. Okay. n pour the industrial clusters of the industrial area on the site;

b) Chay. Okay. In exchange for industrial clusters to industrial areas;

Lake s Uh ... Fuck. It has been established in 7 sets, including at least 02 cases. g snail (1 file) g snail What? Government Prime Minister and 06 file files submitted to the K Ministry What? That's it. Okay. I Move. Define).

4. Chuy Project Content Okay. Changing industrial clusters to industrial areas. g Oh. m:

a) Event And n ' n the design and the legal base of the transfer. socket i;

b) Assessment What? Execution and D Well, Knowledge development orientation. What? Social, social. deployed industry t The house.

c) Assessment of construction and development status Okay. n the established industrial zones and the planning of the development Okay. n industrial area on site b Oh. n;

d) Name, location, size of area, status and condition of specific infrastructure structure c ... brew The industrial cluster is expected. Okay. n changes;

The legal status and evaluation of v. Okay. n What? Force, experience. Of course brew Fuck. And U private development of the expected industrial cluster infrastructure conversion;

E. The price and the solution of the Bitch. function response Fuck. All right statement at the 1 Fuck! Hey.

g) Ability to mobilize capital Fuck. Construction and development investment. Okay. n Industrial Zone after Chuy Okay. Fuck. socket i;

h) Show the industrial zone development plan after conversion on Map. The plan.

What? 7. Move. Define Sister. conversion Industrial clusters formed before the rule. What? It ' s an industrial complex.

1. Content Move. Define:

a) Body in legal l Yes, Oh. The necessity of the cycle. Oh, n change ()

b) Fit brew A chay. Okay. Fuck. socket Industrial clusters in industrial areas with a development plan. Okay. n Economic-social; planning, local land use plans; regional and regional construction planning and development of the country. Fuck. town; the planning of developing the infrastructure;

c) Level of response to Chuy conditions Okay. n change It ' s an industrial cluster. g A career

d) Compliance, feasibility brew A prophecy. Okay. n industrial zone, mobiles. g Structural build-up. And Industrial zone.

2. Show t Yeah, man t Judges. - :

a) In th Yeah. 5 (5) the date work k Okay. t Yeah, yeah. full the profile conversion , Department Ks. What? -And, Take it Ant brew a ministry, the relevant sector;

Except Oh, my God. Oh. Sister. Change. does not respond to qu y set at the Archive Bitch. n 2 and 3 Article 6 This Smart, Ministry of K What? There ' s an investment in the investment. Bitch. I love you And U Brew All right, let's do it. socket The file. Additional time, repair change Oh. Oh. No, no. Oh. o appraisal time.

b) In the 10 (ten) days of work k Okay. from the day of Oh. n ' s been written. Bitch. n recommend taking the initiative of the Ministry of Planning and Investment attached to the cycle profile Come on. Yeah, the ministries, the industry. Boob The idea to send to the K What? And the investment.

In case of necessity, the K What? And, Fuck! T- socket Meeting with ministries, relevant and related sectors Brew The people of the provincial population. Fuck. You know what happened? Okay. Okay. Hey. I do.

c) In the 30 (thirty) days of work since the adoption All right. Opinions of the ministries, the industry, the K What? And, Fuck! T- socket Come on, man. Th Master Ch I'm Search, rule. What? I mean.

What? 8. Founded the industrial cluster from the industrial cluster formed before the Regulation took effect.

1 The procedure, procedure established:

a) sleep The people granted the county to establish a new industrial cluster in the 2 and 3 regulations. What? Hey, Trading. to organize Th Move. I mean,

b) The Department of Business. What? , in collaboration with the S in , the relevant world. Move. Go. - -Yeah. Brew The People's Health Board. All right Decision:

In time of 15 (ten l What? m) working day since day n Hate. full Enough. Oh. The establishment of an industrial cluster, S. in I'm sorry. socket Th Move. Let's go. Brew The People's Health Board. All right Yeah.

- The case of an industrial cluster is an area of space. Ah! 75 (b) Move. Thirty-five) ha: In the 10 (ten) days of work k Okay. from the day of Oh. n is included with v What? n b Bitch. n appraisal of S in My Love. Brew The people of the provincial people watch. t , the decision to establish or not to establish an industrial cluster.

- The case of established industrial cluster is larger than 75 (b) All right N: 10 (10) days of work k Okay. from the date of the receiving the profile with text b Bitch. The Department of Commerce's appraisal, Brew By the way d Please. All p All right There must be a text Bitch. Attached to the 1 set of records of the industrial cluster sent to the Ministry of Commerce with an opinion of the agreement.

For 30 days of work. Okay. from the day of Oh. Okay. And Enough files. establishment the cluster n ggh i The Ministry of Commerce, for example, has a written statement. Bitch. A deal. Case h Oh. The establishment of an industrial cluster does not meet the provisions of these 2 and 3 provisions, the Ministry of Commerce has the required text. Proxy The people. All p All right What? Bitch. i show, b socket All the problems. Okay. All right. Time of time Bitch. i show, b socket Do not count on the time of the agreement. In the 10 (ten) days of work k Okay. from date received v What? n b Bitch. The Ministry of Commerce's agreement, Brew By the way n All p All right Considering, the decision to establish or not to establish an industrial cluster.

Decisions Fuck. Cluster c cell Business Fuck. I'll send you to the Ministry of Commerce. Okay. of d It was i, T socket Come on.

2. Oh. Oh. The establishment of an industrial cluster consists of:

a) Text Bitch. Fuck. Okay. Your agenda Brew y b People are safe. All p Regency Brew The people of the people. All p. Okay. It's ... Oh. p industrial cluster;

b) The report established the industrial cluster;

c) The valid copy of the Decision to approve the planned construction investment project t structure of industrial cluster or paper Come on Take it. And Capital of the project (e Stain. i with the industrial cluster stipulated at the 1 Article 3 This profile); the valid copy of the Decision to approve the process of building the industrial cluster (for c) cell In paragraph 2, we have a business. Fuck! i Okay. This 3 Don't rules What? Define Voter Planning. Okay. n industrial clusters or decision to approve industrial development planning on provincial-level territory (see: Fuck. Do you have an industrial cluster in paragraph 3? Okay. This is three of these.

Oh. You're up to 06, you're in. Fuck. There are 2 original files.

3. Content of the Press Ah! o the establishment of an industrial cluster is:

a) The necessity and the legal base established the industrial cluster;

b) The name, location, size of area, target, function of the industrial cluster; legal status and c-force capacity. brew A master. And U private The language Okay. n What? t All Let's go And Suspect cluster. Don't p;

c) Assessing the status quo, the s structure Yeah. the land; the layout of the occupations of the industrial cluster;

d) Assess the status quo and plan to end up And Industrial clusters;

Oh, The solution, the ability to mobilize. Okay. an investment in the infrastructure of the industrial cluster;

e) The status quo and solution attract investment in the industrial cluster;

g) I'm sorry What? Economic efficiency, x Oh, conference Oh, Go. cell The school of the prophecy. Okay. n cluster c cell After the establishment of the city,

h) Th Okay. The planning process. deployed Industrial cluster. Hey. n b Bitch. Fuck. Oh. (e. Stain. i with the industrial cluster stipulated at paragraph 3. Okay. This is three of these.

What? 9. Content Move. The mapping of the industrial cluster from the industrial cluster. Oh. city t When the rules are made Yes. Available. l Male.

1. Legal base and c. And The establishment of the industrial cluster.

2. The name, d Volume, target, function of the cluster. cell A career.

3. Compliance with the planning process. t Oracle Okay. n industrial, Minor I brew industry, voter planning Okay. n industrial clusters tr Hey. n the table; the planning, the plan. using the land; qu y construction and other planning on the site.

4. The approval of the laws of law v. Okay. Fuck. Go! t Well, building Well, The land. Fuck. Who, the environment of the industrial cluster.

5. The solution. Fuck. Capital sources Fuck. Okay. Fuck. I ' m going to complete the building structures. And ... ng, the solution is going to go. t Investment in the industrial cluster.

6. Hi. Don't Qu Bitch. in economics, x Oh, the assembly, the lips Yeah. The prophecy of the prophecy. Okay. n industrial cluster after establishment.

Chapter III


What? 10 What? Yeah. Limit x Yeah. Look at the industrial cluster. Oh. Oh. before Q U y Ch. What? Ll Well, c

1. I Okay. The completion of the sweep, the catalog of industrial clusters. Formed before the statute of effect. rules at 4 Information private Oh. y Before December 31, the year 2012.

2. The completed deadline for processing of industrial clusters formed before Regulation. What? in effect before December 31, 2015.

What? 11. Action.

This information is in effect. from November 26 2012.

B Oh, Remove the regulation at the 2 and 3 Fuck! 13 and Article 13 14 News S Stain. 39 /2009/TT-BCT December 28, 2009 c brew a Ministry of Commerce y intended to implement some content of the Code of Industrial Cluster Management Regulation accompanying Decision No. 105 /2009/Q Fuck! -TTg August 19, 2009 by Prime Minister brew .

What? 12.

1. The people granted it. All right What? All right Department of Department, Industry, Brew The people of the district, the head of the electorate. Okay. n the structure of the industrial cluster and units, the relevant organization that carried out the processing of industrial clusters formed before Quan. y This is a prescribed force.

2. The Department of Commerce, the staff. Proxy The people of the people billion Deploying this information.

3. Local Industrial Bureau (Ministry of Commerce), the Management of the Economic Zone (Ministry of K What? Planning and Investment Planning, Ministry of Commerce, Planning and Planning. Oh. Head Tracking, report. What? I don't know. Hey. .

4. In the process of performing Oh. y, n What? There ' s an entangrium, organs, units, c. Ah! Yes, yes. Bitch. Timely light of the Ministry of Public Affairs Please. g and the K What? And, Don't. Private Okay. x I think Oh, t Hose. Yes. g Ah decision . /.





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