Circular 171/2012/tt-Btc: Modify, Add Contents Of Circular No. 57/2005/tt-Btc On 15/7/2005 Of The Ministry Of Finance Shall Guide The Management, Use And Settlement Funding Due To State Budget Support.

Original Language Title: Thông tư 171/2012/TT-BTC: Sửa đổi, bổ sung một số nội dung của Thông tư số 57/2005/TT-BTC ngày 15/7/2005 của Bộ Tài chính hướng dẫn quản lý, sử dụng và quyết toán kinh phí do ngân sách nhà nước hỗ ...

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Number: 171 /2012/TT-BTC
Hanoi, October 22, 2012


S Change, add some of the content of the Digital Information 57 /2005/TT-BTC July 15, 2005 of the Ministry of Finance
direction of management, use and funding decisions provided by the state budget.
for the socket The labor supply is utch. All right The task of managing Vietnamese workers.
work for organizations, c ... Ah! Foreigners in Vietnam

- What? Let's just say the number 60 /2003/ND-CP June 6, 2003 brew specify the details and direction of execution Lue Ng Yes. The Book of State;
- What? Let's go. Stain. 118/20 0 8/ND-CP May 27 11 /2008 c brew a Ch I'm Ph. brew Functions, functions, regulations, Okay. n Oh. the c brew a Ministry of Finance I'm But,
Root Come on Decrees Stain. 85/ 1 998 /ND-CP on October 20, 1998 c brew a brew regulation of the selection, use and management of the Vietnamese labourers working for the t socket function, foreign individuals in Vietnam; Come on Decree number 46/ 1 999 /ND-CP on 1 July 1999 of the Government amended a s Stain. This is Protocol 85. 1 998 /ND-CP December 20 1 0/ 1 998 of the Government; C What? Let's go on Decree 75/20. 01 /ND-CP Day 1 9/ 1 0/200 1 of Ch I'm Modified form, b. socket Add a Stain. The point of the decree is Stain. 46. 1 999 /ND-CP today 01 /7/1999 of Ch I'm The government.
Follow. Okay. The agenda. Yeah. In the financial business case.
Minister of Finance issued the revised Notice, compleming some of the content of the Digital Information 57 /2005/TT-BTC July 15, 2005 of the Ministry of Finance guidelines management, use and budget decisions supported by the state budget on the t-y ... socket The labor supply is utch. All right intended to carry out the task of managing Vietnamese workers working for organizations, c ... Ah! The foreign people in Vietnam are as follows:
Number one. Modified, plugin A paragraph 1 item II. 57 /2005/TT-BTC July 15, 2005 of the Ministry of Finance guidelines management, use and decision of the ph I'm d o Budget Oh. Oh! I have Help me. socket Supply l Oh. altitude They are appointed to the task of managing Vietnamese workers working for organizations, foreign individuals in Vietnam. Yeah. After:
" a) For direct expenses serving the duty of worker management:
- Pay for the pay. Hold. Direct persons in charge of the work of worker management: In accordance with the regulation at the Digital Protocol 204 /2004/ND-CP December 14, 2004 brew about the money mode. pay for officers, officials, officials and armed forces. Donations by pay (hi) Okay. Society, say hi Okay. Medical, corporate funding) made by current regulation;
- Labour hire labor: Enforcement on the contract to sign with each worker by the regulation of the Ministry of Commerce l Oh, L Dynamic and dynamic Bitch. Instruct the Law. The price of labor wages according to the type of local practical work is located. Move. The right to rule.
- Closing details Bitch. Unemployment for labor. p copper: The implementation of the Code of Insurance Code x Oh, Go home. Bitch. o hi Okay. Unemployment and other offices Bitch. n instructions;
- I don't know. Uh ... All right. socket Work on the management of workers; the cost of the people. socket The guidance conference for Vietnamese workers worked for foreign individual organizations in Vietnam. Okay. in time of time Oh. The path, advocated, new policies of the Party and the State; the cost of going to work in the country: Implemites by the current regulation of the body of the world. Move. The right to the right to rule the construction of the fee, the regime of the convention to the administrative organs and the public office unit;
- For training expenses, b ... Oh. Raising a career high for the team. Yeah. cadre, civil service manager Fuck. : Implement the current regulation of the State of Management Mode and use the training funding, b ... Oh. Amateur. Government officials, state officials;
- Thank you. in ng for cadres, direct public workers What? Labourers: In accordance with the degree of commendation Hang on It ' s now.
- The addition of costume supplies to the cadet department regularly must continue and work with the organizations, the foreign individual (due to the regulatory authority): 1,500,000 persons per person/year;
- Client details socket function, foreign individuals What? n Don't c and domestic visitors to work related to the selection work, supply and labor management: Implemenation of the current regulation on the regime ' s spending regime. picking up Foreign visitors working in Vietnam and the spending expenditure in the country;
- Ph Move. Foreign to the office, t Foreign service in Vietnam on a special occasion (national day or date of setting up relations), donated to office representatives, t. socket function at the end of the term of water: Implemation of the degree of conduct prescribed in the regime. What? Foreign visitors to work in Vietnam and domestic passenger spending;
- Public service payments; the purchase of office supplies; information, propaganda, contacts; hiring expenses, other expenses to protect the legal rights of Vietnamese workers (if any): Base h ... Fuck. single, valid from legal spending, valid, according to the current regulatory regime and within the scope of the employment of the labor management funding of the state budget h ... I have It's an allowance.
- Shopping expenses, fixes Hold. a typically equipped with equipment, assets that serve directly to the duty of labor management: According to the annual budget bill. Fuck. C. All p. Move. Power allocation. Case Go. It's a must-go. socket function All Ah And u made the correct implementation of the Ministry of Finance ' s current regulation of the procurement bid. Bitch. n Yes. Maintain activity. Fuck. The regular part of the organs, the unit.
Beyond the specified genus levels, for the following: C. Your career is done. All right The task of managing the workers, the base of the rule. What? the internal spending of the unit v Oh. You can use it at a high level. Uh ... n from the source of your self-assured funds single Yes, State enterprises are utch. All right I'm going to work on the job of managing a worker, a special base. Okay. Manufacturing, the business of the unit is to be used to the higher level, the higher cost of the difference being accounted for by the unit's general business production costs. "
Second. I socket function
1. This message is effective. Okay. From January 1, What? 2013.
Other regulatory content at the Digital Information 57 /2005/TT-BTC July 15, 2005 of the Ministry of Finance guidelines management, use and budget decisions due to the state budget of h ... I have Help me. socket The labor supply is utch. All right set the task of managing the Vietnamese labourers working for the hive Well, the foreign individual in Vietnam is still in effect.
2. In the process of carrying out this message, if there is an offer of agencies, the ph unit Bitch. n light on the Ministry of Finance to Research, repair. socket i Oh, b socket Add to p ./.



Nguyen Thu Minh