Circular 174/2012/tt-Btc: Regulating The Estimating, Management, Use And Settlement Guaranteed Funding The Work Of State Administrative Reform

Original Language Title: Thông tư 172/2012/TT-BTC: Quy định việc lập dự toán, quản lý, sử dụng và quyết toán kinh phí bảo đảm công tác cải cách hành chính nhà nước

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Number: 172 /2012/TT-BTC
Hanoi, October 22, 2012


Q Planning for accounting, qu. Bitch. n, using v Oh. I don't know. I'm

b Bitch. o ensure action reform I'm The state.


Base of Decree Stain. 60 /2003/ND-CP June 06, 2003 brew details and d-direction There. n enforce the law. Yes. The Book of State;

Base of Protocol 118 /2008/NĐ-CP 21 t Yes. - 11 in 2008 brew The Government of the United States. What? ng, mission, rule. Okay. Limit and muscle All A socket function brew a Ministry of Finance;

Implementation of the Resolution 30c/NQ-CP on 8 November 2011 c brew a Government issue the t Program socket We can reform our actions. I'm The state of 2011-2020;

By recommendation c brew A in The Financial Case. I'm A career.

Repository in The Ministry of Finance issued the Ministry of Information Regulations Regulation, qu Bitch. n, using v Oh. I don't know. I'm b Bitch. o ensure action reform I'm The state is as follows:

What? 1. General regulations:

1. Applicable objects:

a) Ministries, peer agencies, the government agency. brew Oh, Tumor BND,

b) The Permanent Authority of Government Administration (Ministry of Internal Affairs);

c) The agencies are tasked to build. d The organization implemented the Rules of Regulation at Resolution 30c/NQ-CP to enact the program. Overall. State administrative reform of 2011-2020.

2. Applicable range:

This information regulates the planning, management, and business. Yeah. using and deciding the state budget budget guarantees for the Administrative Reform of the Program t. socket th Okay. The 2011-2020 state administrative reform is approved under the Resolution 30c/NQ-CP on 8 November. What? 2011 Government of the United States.

3. Expense Source:

a) The source of the I'm b Bitch. o ensure administrative reform due to the state budget warrants and other legal sources.

b) Insurance. Bitch. Which of the executive-level administrative reform is guaranteed by the current budget hierarchy and is deployed in the Department of Affairs, peer-to-peer agency. brew Oh, Proxy The People ' s Department is granted by the State Budget Law and its offices. Bitch. Other laws are relevant.

4. Cost of security for c Bitch. The administrative way must be taken. Bitch. n li, s Yeah. It ' s the right purpose, the right financial regime, and according to these regulations.

What? 2. Cost Content

1. Ensure that the task of the agency is normally available. socket Implementation of the Program socket C. Bitch. The government administration of the 2011-2020 period of government directly belongs to the Ministry of the Interior; the administration and the executive implement the Program.

2. Construction Fuck. I'm sorry. g I ' m going to have meetings. Yes, please. Move. I plan every year, five years, the theme, the administrative reform.

3. The construction of the legal text of the law serves as the administrative reform.

4. Research detail Fuck. The science of ph. Okay. Administrative reform work; study Come on Build tracker Index, review c Bitch. C. c. brew a Ministry, Industry and Local: Building the c brew Come on. Okay. The project of administrative reform.

5. Details socket Training classes, Fuck. I ' m going to go Advanced professional career levels and information technology for the company. Fuck. An army of public officials worked as an administrative reform. socket Subclasses of hu All n, raise awareness and provide information for cadres, reporters, editors in charge of the speciales, talk. n the administrative reform section at the news agencies, the station in local and trun g Of course

6. The organization of surveys, surveys, information gathering, t ... socket Data processing and data processing Stain. K Hey. about administrative reform; investigation, survey of c' s satisfaction. brew Individuals, t socket Ch. Come on c on administrative reform .

7. Ch i t socket Meetings, meetings. g I don't know. socket End of the game. Bitch. o science, forum shared experience of administrative reform.

8. The information details, the propaganda of administrative reforms:

a) Build up news, articles, publications, media products on administrative reform; the uk ’ s What? Aaron, pano, c. Move. The signs for the propaganda of administrative reform;

b) Construction spending, maintaining frequent specialises of administrative reform on c. Ah! c ti Talk. Yeah. Oh. A in the building; the building, the building, the building. management and operating system systems in Administrative reform data, w ebsite administrative reform;

c) The organization of the competition for administrative reform.

9. Details socket The police officers, the inspection. What? Implementation Bitch. The way to the administrative, the companies that work in implementing the relevant work. What? n administrative reform; ch i to the survey team, to study experience in c. Bitch. How to do it. in in water and abroad.

10. Foreign and foreign advisory experts on c ... Bitch. How to n Yeah.

11. Buy the seal Move. m, book newspaper, magazine serving the research work on administrative reform.

12. Thank you. in For the episodes. Okay. , employees, civil officials, officials, and workers have an active role in administrative reform.

13. The localities, within its budget of interest, facilitate the investment of the equipment, the basics of ... in the physical and physical activity annually for the department one door (the supply and return department) of each local according to its provisions. Rule N State books and guidelines.

14. Support for cadres, civil unions l You know, work at the reception department and paying the results. in local (a c) Yeah. a).

15. Some warehouses. Bitch. n others serve administrative reform work:

a) More hours;

b) The documentary.

c) Cost of stationing, supplies, equipment and other expenses served online at the cost. What? p make administrative reform.

What? 3. Level

Number of Details Okay. depends on l All along the way.

The level of regulation at this level is the maximum amount. Based on the real situation. What? , complex properties c brew a given mission and budgetary capacity; Minister of ministries, peer agencies, Prime Minister of Government; Proxy The People's Committee reports the People's Council, the Central City of the Central Committee. Okay. Accordingly, make sure that you don't exceed the level of your provisions. When the level of the existing law is amended, plugin sung or replaced with a different text that is applied according to the s text. Yeah. In exchange, b socket sung or replaced.

School Yes. Ministry Oh, the industry, the locale has not yet been issued. What? n Process - Specific costs, but necessary. Okay. The job serves, the office chief, the decision unit to use the same levels. application for the instrument of the world. Okay. But, cell Beyond regulation in this private, secure company. What? Saving, avoiding waste, is delivered.

What? 4. Set, approve the bill and qu y C. i Waste

Establishing, accounting for and accounting for implementation of the current implementation of the c brew State Budget Law, K Law What? accounting and current instructions, this message instructs some of the following. Okay. The following:

1. L Oh. p bill:

Every year, i -It's a normal organ. socket Ch. Come on c implementing the Administrative Reform Program in charge of d There. n ministries, peer agencies, government agencies, Proxy The people of the province, the city's central city, built a plan. Bitch. How to do it. Okay. The ministries, the industry, the local government, do an annual budget bill.

Ministries, peer agencies, government agencies, Proxy The people. All right The city, the central city of planning and planning the budget, plans, plans, and plans for a five-year plan, and the years have been developed. Move. The right to decide.

Ministry, the presiding agency Fuck. The trial, the project Ah! n on the national scale administrative reform by regulation at the 30c/NQ-CP Resolution Exhibit (s) in coordination with the relevant agencies, the agency has th. Move. The right to approve the project, the project. The task of carrying out the projects, the national scale project is set up in the Ministry ' s annual accounting, the project presiding agency, the project.

For the regular administrative reform mission of the ministries, the peer-to-peer agency, the brew and Proxy The population of the people (such as: strengthening the work directed the implementation of administrative reforms; continue training, restitution of the team, public cadres; test evaluation of the implementation of the work c). Bitch. the administrative way; the propaganda of administrative reforms to the cadres, the public within the management range ... g Annual spending of the agencies, the unit according to the current budget hierarchy.

The Home Office is responsible for the investigation of the target, content, administrative reform mission in the annual budget bill of the ministries, c ... Uh ... The ministry, the government agency, Proxy The people of the province, the city of the Central Committee.

2. Budget usage and accounting:

A licensed budget bill. appraisal the right to deliver, in Agency, unit responsibility. socket and deliver the funds to the units of the Okay. Do administrative reform after possible. What? The appraisal of the financial institution of the same level.

For the funding of the implementation of the projects, the national scale project under the regulation at the 30/NQ-CP Resolution Exhibit is set up in c. Uh ... presiding over the project, the project; the relevant agency, the project execution coordination, the project, signed the contract to perform duties with the agency. brew The project, project, and funding from the chair of the project, project. The project presiding agency, the project is responsible for deciding the funding implementation of the project, project with c Uh ... It ' s the same level of finance. brew State Budget Law.

The cost of implementing an administrative reform mission to which content is applied to the corresponding cost of the state budget item according to the current regulation.

Administrative Reform of the Administrative Reform socket It's a big deal. What? The agency, Fuck. Okay, you're on the rules.

What? 5. Terms of execution

1. This announcement came into effect from December 10, 2012 and replaces the Digital Information. 99 /2006/TT-BTC October 20, 2006 of the Ministry of Finance guidelines for accounting, management and s Yeah. It ' s a budget that guarantees the reform of the state.

2. In the process. Okay. Open up, if you have a problem with the ph. Bitch. n light of the Ministry of Finance to study Come on U, solve.



Nguyen Thu Minh