Circular 181/2012/tt-Btc: Amendments And Supplements To Some Articles Of The Circular No. 143/2007/tt-Btc On 03/12/2007 Instructions Made The Decree 196/2004/nd-Cp On 02/12/2004 The Government Detailing The ...

Original Language Title: Thông tư 181/2012/TT-BTC: Sửa đổi, bổ sung một số điều của Thông tư số 143/2007/TT-BTC ngày 03/12/2007 hướng dẫn thực hiện Nghị định số 196/2004/NĐ-CP ngày 02/12/2004 của Chính phủ quy định chi tiết ...

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Number: 181 /2012/TT-BTC
Hanoi, October 24, 2012


S Change, b socket The grave t the number of the provisions of the Stain. 143 /2007/TT-BTC December 3, 2007

direction The implementation of the S Protocol Stain. 196 /2004/ND-CP 02/12/2004 of Ch I'm The government

q U I want to go. What? The National Reserve Command.


Root Come on The Ordinal Command. Hold. the nation;

- What? Let's just say the number 1 96 /2004/ND-CP 02/12/2004 c brew a Ch I'm The government rules out the details of the Reserve Command. Stain. The family.

Base of Decree Stain. 43 /2012/NĐ-CP the date 1 7/5/20 1 2 of Ch I'm The government changes, the number of them. Okay. The tumor of the Decree 1 96/2004 / NĐ-CP on 2 December 2004 of Ch I'm The government rules out the details of the executive order. Hold. Qu Stain. The family.

Base of Protocol 11 8/2008/NĐ-CP November 27, 2008 brew a Ch I'm Qu y Position n What? ng, mission, authority and organizational structure of the Ministry of Finance. Pup - ()

Tear. t suggestion c brew a T socket Except for the in TT socket The Bureau. Hold. State ()

Ministry chief The Ministry of Finance I'm Modified, b. socket The grave t the number of the provisions of the Stain. 143 /2007/TT-BTC December 3, 2007 direction The implementation of the S Protocol Stain. 196 /2004/ND-CP 02/12/2004 of Ch I'm Q. U I want to go. What? t the implementation of the National Reserve Command (abbreviated as Private 143/2007). / TT-BTC) Oh,

What? 1. Modified, b socket sung some of the t Yeah. 143 /2007/TT-BTC as follows:

1. Modified, b socket Paragraph 4 Part II:

" 4. National Technical Standards and Economic Standards-Digital Engineering t I don't know. Hold. the country

4.1. X Yes. He built it. He set it up. Move. National engineering of national reserves

Construction, National Technical Standards Board Stain. i with the bill. to The country is implemented by the provisions of the Standards Law and Technical Standards, the Digital Decree. 127 /2007/ND-CP August 1, 2007, the government rules out the details of the procedure. Okay. Oh, no. t Focal point Move. n and the Technical Regulation; process, procedure implementation by regulation at the April 23/2007. /T T-BKHCN September 28, 2007 of the Ministry of Science and Construction Technology, th ... Move. Define and enact Technical Standards and T Show Private 30 /2011/TT-BK Oh. CN 15 November 2011 socket i, addition, repel certain regulations c brew Digital 23 /2007/TT-BKHCN September 28, 2007 brew a What? Studying and Technology Oh. Construction, appraisal, and order. Move. n engineering.

The Ministry of Finance I'm Specify some specific content as follows:

a) Create, approve, implement and adjust All right No, no, no, no. Oh. Five built. set the national engineering standard of national storage.

- In the second quarter of the year, the ministries, the department management. Hold. the country sent Fuck. Planning to build a process. Move. The national engineering for the following year is accompanied by a project to build a national technical standard to the Ministry of Finance.

- Finance Ministry socket Project to review the project. d Qu Technical Standards Stain. c; aggregate, send l All Opinion, simultaneously announcement to Electronic news ( w ebsite) of the Ministry of Finance; on a Boob Complete. All right The plan is to build the annual national technical standard.

- Case required by qu Bitch. The state of state, the thing. All right Well, b socket Annual plan d o Ministry chief The Ministry of Finance decided on the ministry ' s proposed basis, the qu sector Bitch. The National Reserve.

b) Sequence, th brew building, th Move. Define Oh. National Technical Standards Board

Step 1: The ministry, the inventory management industry Stain. The establishment of the process editor. Move. n national engineering or ch All right - Uh ... Look, hive scientific and technology-based technology of the Ministry of Finance I'm Joining us (the following are the drafting committee) Okay. builder h Look. draft national technical standards; review, Chuy Okay. n in exchange for Vietnamese standards, industry standards, technical regulations, regulations, and to The rules, the rules, the rules and the documents. t b It's Apply to cyclim Move. n Yeah. the qu Stain. Family. Deal with What? Go. Of course Qu reserves Stain. It ' s been distributed by the Government. What? p management.

Step 2: Ministry, industry q Stop. l I'm going to go Hold. The country. socket Of course. y I mean What? n and complete the process draft Move. n national engineering by regulation.

Process draft profile Move. n Yeah. the country of ministries, the top management industry d R ... Hold. Qu Stain. c to the Ministry of Finance (State Reserve Directorate):

- C brew a Ministry, the Ministry of Finance offering the standard national engineering standard tr ... Hold. The country.

- Task-building assignment text Bitch. o national technical standards for the agency, t ... socket Included with the x project Yes. Build a scale. Move. n qu technique Stain. The family. Oh, approved.

- The process of building a draft of the national engineering process c brew a Uh ... Officials, the organization is tasked. the case Built.

- Draft Technical Standards Oh. The country is accompanied by a theory. t Ming; copy of the original document used as c What? Go. to building a draft of national engineering standards and references;

- Report t socket united, the program, the reception of the ministry, the national reserve management industry. g ; the list of agencies, organizations, individuals sent to the draft. Okay. It ' s an opinion that comes with the feedback text of organizations, individuals.

- Editor of the Editor Bitch. o, conference editor, seminar on d It ' s a state of national engineering and other related materials.

Step 3: Justice Department to a profile d Qu y the cycle Move. The national engineering of the tr. Hold. Qu Stain. Oh, my God. Oh. Chuy. Okay. Change to scale Move. n Skill Q. Oh. c; consider it I'm Full, valid, and legal. Okay. Spare file Bitch. o with border Bitch. n to a to the Ministry of Science and Technology (Total Quality Measuring Standards) Okay. Appraisal.

I socket The Bureau of Reserve. Oh. c is the lead organ responsible for the Ministry of Finance I'm Managing the lady. Oh. c in terms of consumption Move. n, scale Move. Project field engineering Hold. Country, earth. Move. Go. to a draft case, sending the Department of Science and Technology th Move. I mean.

Step 4: The ministry, the national reserve management industry is responsible for presiding, ph Stain. In case of the Treasury Department. Okay. The report, the program, continues the appraisal of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the complete draft of the national engineering process after the appraisal.

Step 5: The Treasury Department enacted national engineering standards after the idea of ki ... What? n Move. The definition of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the document continues the appraisal of the ministry, the qu sector Bitch. I don't know. Hold. The country. Tr Yeah. No, no, no, no. t with the idea. What? n Move. Meter, set T Oh. The main employer, in collaboration with the ministry, the top management sector d The National Reserve reports Prime Minister Ch. I'm The government review, the decision.

c) Building or Chuy Okay. Exchange of national technical standards Hold. Qu Stain. c is calculated in the Ministry ' s annual budget spending bill, the annual management of the order. Hold. The country. The management and use of the state budget budget. Stain. i with process building tasks Move. n Yeah. the prescribed implementation at the Digital Federal Information 145 /2009/TTLT-BTC-BKHCN July 17, 2009 c brew a Ministry of Finance-Ministry of Science and C cell The art.

4.2. Build and decide the quality of quality and require the preservation technique. t Time to

Construction and Regulation What? Define quality and medicine. Hey. The maintenance technical bridge is temporarily executed by the following regulation:

a) Quality criticism, temporary preservation techniques are built based on one or the following bases:

- National Standard;

- Qu Stain. The regional standard, the water standard. Oh. i;

- Results of scientific and technological research, technological advances;

- Assessment results, c. Bitch. to test, test, test, gi Ah! I mean.

b) Build Process Well, ng, decided to apply.

- Ministry, the national reserve management industry established the World Board. Bitch. o or agency designation, t socket Science and technology directly to build a ch. All right Quality, requirements for preservation. t Time to go Stain. i with the reserves Stain. The new one came in. d Storage or unrepaired. socket i, b socket Hitch All right The technical standard of the current national technical standard is due to change in love. And Technical or b-tech Bitch. o admin; hive The authorities of the authorities, the expert, the draft of the bill. All The Ministry of Finance's opinion.

- File for the Ministry of Finance (Directorate General) Hold. The state) included:

+ Predraft quality indicator records, technical requirements b ... Bitch. o temporary management; the presentation of the base, construction process; b Bitch. Why don't you? Oh. I will. Stain. Okay. Yeah. It ' s a base for construction and construction. Oh. The reference material;

+ Report General Come on, come on. What? of the ministry, the qu Bitch. The national reserve rationing is accompanied by a list of agencies, t socket function, the individual is sent the draft to join the opinion and the text Bitch. A comment by c Ah! c socket Private, personal.

- Th brew Chief, the National Reserve Management Department of the National Reserve Board All right Shone All The amount, the technical requirement b Bitch. o go temporarily after the idea of ki What? United b Yes. The text of the Ministry of Finance and responsible for organizing the implementation of the All right quality, technical requirement b Bitch. o forex issued in entry, export, security Bitch. n Oh. National reserves.

4.3. Economy-level technical level Hold. the country

The responsibility for construction, the board of the operation. What? -the national reserve protection technique is regulated as follows:

a) The Ministry, the national reserve management industry is responsible for building the economic-technical level of the city. Hold. The front row. Hold. Let's go. What? Manage, please. i The Ministry of Finance.

b) The Ministry of Finance is responsible for the appraisal and promulgation of the economic level-the national inventory technique.

I socket The State Reserve is responsible for it. Move. Define the economic scale. - K Yeah. the national reserve of the Ministry, the national reserve management industry, the Minister of Tà. i That's it. "

2. Modified, b socket Paragraph 1 6.1 Part II :

" b) State reserve purchasing capital

I socket State Reserve. Okay. Check the file, th. brew The national reserve unit is delivered by the ministries, the national reserve management industry. Oh. mission to purchase national reserves by regulation at the S Decision Stain. 42 /2004/QĐ-BTC April 22, 2004 in The Ministry of Finance on the Board of Central Budget Regulation b Yes. Form an order of money. Issued base:

- Proposition Text All p the capital of the Prime Minister, the national reserve management industry;

- The bill is granted a competent authority.

- The text of the task of carrying out the purchase plan of the Chief Minister, the national reserve management industry;

- The text approx the bid price; payment price for the world designation case And U, choose th And U, ch Oh. o a competitive row or a purchase price limit of maximum national reserve brew a body Boob I Move. Power;

- Oh. A purchase order. Hold. The country.

The Ministry of Finance grants purchasing progress and the terms of the payment are in the contract purchase contract. Hold. The country. Fuck! Stain. i with a contract to import a national reserve, the capital buys it. Fuck. G-payment. Hi. in the import contract; the case must sign a credit letter opening (L/C) What? B There. Finance All p Oh. n buy into account Paragraph. Secretary of the state. Uh ... The backup. Hold. the country imports m in Again. Yes. n rows to pay in accordance with the terms written in the import contract.

3. Edit socket i, add paragraph 6.2 Part II:

" 6.2. Sales Capital Hold. the country

Ministry, the national reserve management industry, the General Directorate Hold. The state is used as a sales capital to make purchases according to plans granted. Move. Scale Okay. Hand over.

Within 15 days of the end of the sale, the agency q Uan, the unit. Hold. Qu Stain. My family. Okay. n national reserve sales on t Oh. A Okay. n send a national reserve Yes. The Treasury money. I'm (State Reserve) Management. State Reserve U the filing of the Okay. n sales of national reserves into deposit accounts Stain. n Dtr Hold. the country d o Directorate General Hold. The state opened at the Treasury of the Queen. Oh. c.

Crawl Merge. c And n capital for purchasing national reserves of the time before the trend. All A sale. socket Row What? Department, Department of Management Oh. The project. Hold. National, General Reserve N Oh. The water. Boob text recommended the Ministry of Finance review for the response from the national reserve by money or from the reserves. g state budget; after the completion of the trend All The sales must be reimbursable. Okay. n ' s been proviate for the year. "

4. Edit socket i, add Point a 7.1 Part II:

" a) The cost of entry, the cost of export of the national reserve includes the necessary expenses, contracts l Speaking in the process of entry, export reserve. Stain. Include:

- The standard of entry, published : tu. y Spread, advertise, guide instruction; fix it. Hold. a, security. -Yeah, Okay. Design, measure; purchase. It's m tools, tools, packaging (if available);

- The cost of delivery, receiving at the store: Check out the records, quality of goods; weight, measure, measure, count, to cover, spill; and load national reserves from the vehicle. n transfer to the warehouse or from the l Hey. n Fang Don't n transport; security. Oh, security; details is Night, more gi Yeah. , contact information, meals between ca, print documents, etc. What? Ph Room. Move. m, the temporary roof of the direct service for delivery, delivery; conference deployment, preliminary, sump;

- - Ah! c cost c Ah! It's relevant.

Number of Details Okay. for the specified content at this point is done in accordance with What? the state regulation, for the Hold. Content is not yet defined, the capital. chief the national reserve unit decided to spend and take responsibility for its decision. "

5. Edit, add Part d Point 11.1 Part II :

" d ) The unit of the project. Hold. The country is cited by the Welfare Fund and the Foundation for Commendation at Point a, Point b, Travel. Okay. m c of this paragraph max b Yes. ng 3 (three) months of execution Please. Which, used with savings numbers, is done with the basis of the cost of the delivery of the funds. Yeah. All right. Okay. add income for maximum public officer no more than 1 (one) l And The state pension fund, the State of the Regulation; c. There. n ' s been used. Okay. shop, s Yeah. A great cure. Oh. The product of the project management business. Hold. The country.

The Exposition in the ministry, the qu sector Bitch. n l I'm going to go Hold. National, T socket the bureau t The General Directorate of the Reserve. Hold. The state was decided. Let's The extraction of the funds. Uh ... n subordination to the extent of the statute of regulations. "

What? 2. Terms of execution

It has been in effect since 10 December 2012.

In the course of execution if there is a kh Boob - What? n, entangled, offer a timely reflection of the Ministry of T. Oh. i Pup To study, solve.



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