Resolution 31/2012/qh13: On The Plan Of Socio-Economic Development In 2013

Original Language Title: Nghị quyết 31/2012/QH13: Về Kế hoạch phát triển kinh tế - xã hội năm 2013

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Numbers: 31 /2012/QH13
Hanoi, November 8, 2012


About the Economic-Economic Development Plan of 2013



The 1992 Vietnamese Constitution base of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam was amended, adding a new constitution. Stain. Follow the resolution. Stain. 51 /2001/QH10;

On a review basis of B Ah! o fox brew a Government, the People's Court Stain. High, the Κing. Okay. m s Ah! People. Oh! high, the agencies of Congress, the agencies and agencies. What? Tragic knowledge. Okay. Congress,



In 2012, the world economy continues to fluctuate, the domestic economy is struggling, challenging. With the effort of both the political system, the business community and the people of the country, the economy-society has a certain transformation. Macroeconomics is more stable, inflation is restrained. Industrial production has signs of recovery; agricultural production despite a lot of difficulties but continues to grow. socket n; travel, travel, services are quite; the projects of restructuring the economy, implementing three strategic breakthroughs built and the beginning of implementation; social security and basic social welfare are guaranteed; educational, educational, scientific and educational fields. and technology, culture-information and communication have achieved some results; political security, order, social security is guaranteed; foreign affairs, defense is strengthened, monopolized, territorial integrity.

However, inflation pressures and macroeconomic instability are still large; economic growth indicators, total social investment, new employment, poverty reduction rates, forest cover rates do not reach the proposed plan. The currency market is complex; interest rates, bank bad debt at high; the activity of some commercial banks that lack transparency and potential for many risks. The business is manufacturing, and business is struggling, especially in its credit-capital approach, inventory of many inventory; the number of businesses that have to dissolve, stop or narrow the activity still at high levels. B Market All Tr And There is no resilience; the stock market is plummable; the gold market is fluctuated; the state of smuggling, counterfeit goods, poor quality has not been effectively avert, adversely affecting manufacturing, consumer and social psychology. Economic growth has slowed the negative impact on employment, poverty reduction; the lives of the people, especially the policy subject, the poor, low-income workers. Education-training, health and safety of food sanitation has not yet had a radical transformation. Traffic accidents have decreased but at high levels. The state of the crime, the crime, the social, the corruption, the complication.

Congress requires the Government from now to the end of the year to continue to focus solely on its solution of inventory and bad debt. - They ' re focused on handling high-end inventory, mainly iron iron, cement, building materials, apartment apartments, push for propaganda incentives, opening up sales prices that attract consumers; continue to expand the most export market in the world. Farmers, water, seafood; encourage businesses to use each other's products. The commercial banks, first of all the state trade banks and commercial banks c ... socket The part of the state that governs the right to share and engage in hard work with the business; credit organizations that need to be aware of the difficulties of the business are difficult to take away from the government itself, and it needs to be completed soon. The review of the unfinished investment work is being dilated, deferred progress, accelerated the payment of basic building debt; the investment focus on finishing key projects, which has significant implications for economic growth-x. Oh, The group of the country, the industry, the local, the local. It is an emergency to direct the national objective program, to ensure the quality of the quality.

II. V. The MASTER AND MASTER What? U N What? M 2013

1. General objectives

Increased macroeconomic stability; lower inflation, higher growth than in 2012. Pushing the three strategic breakthroughs tied to the restructuring of the economy, the move. socket Growth pattern. To ensure social security and social welfare. Improving the effectiveness of foreign affairs and international integration. Strengthen the defense, security and security of political-social stability. Create a more solid development platform for the next years.

2. Key indicators

Gross domestic product (GDP) increased by about 5.5%.

Export tranche increased by about 10%.

The ratio of hyperrelative to the total export tranche is about 8%.

The state budget has no more than 4.8 percent of GDP.

The rate of consumer price increases (CPI) is about 8%.

Total investment in social development is about 30% of GDP.

The poverty rate decreased by 2%, the poorer districts were 4%.

Create jobs for about 1.6 million workers.

The unemployment rate in the urban area is below 4%.

The labor rate was 49%.

The percentage of children under the age of 5 with malnutrition decreased below 16%.

The number of beds per thousand people (not counting the medical station beds) reached 22 beds.

The incidence of serious environmental pollution is handled at 84%.

The industrial sector, the manufacturing sector, has a system of wastewater treatment that focuses on the standard of the environment by 75%.

The forest cover rate reached 40.7%.


1. Close coordination between fiscal policy and monetary policy in mobiling, using resources for economic development, and ensuring restraint of inflation, increased macroeconomic stability. Improving the quality of the forecast work, the analysis of market performance in the country and the world, has the right operating measure; ensuring the balance of supply of goods, services, which regulates some of the state goods managed by route flexion with the public. It's a reasonable dose. Inadequation in management, socket Define the gold market, guarantee the price of gold in the country to the price of gold. What? , guarantee the legal rights and benefits of the property of the people. Attracting and promoting the financial capital of foreign direct investment capital, which supports formal development, management is effective in foreign indirect investment; finalization of the mechanisms of ensuring the benefits of the State and stakeholders involved in attracting many investment projects. By h What? Formula - Combined; facilitation of international tourist attraction and remittances.

2. Continuing to disengage and facilitate business access to the borrower, lowering credit rates is consistent with a decrease in inflation; encouraging commercial banks to lend low interest rates to agricultural sectors, export goods, industry, and more. Supporting, small and medium enterprises, high-tech app businesses, businesses create a lot of jobs, businesses build housing for low-income people; tight oversight guarantees the state ' s strict implementation of the state, especially the regulation of interest. charge, access to credit capital; continue bad debt reduction solutions, allowing the restructuring of loans that cater to manufacturing, business, and business operations. In particular, businesses that operate in the construction sector have completed the work but budget capital has not yet paid; there is a difficult policy of dismantling the real estate market. Focus on hard work, entanging, ensuring the progress of large-scale industrial processes. For National Highway 1A and National Highway 14, the left release is illegal. What? The government has been raised by the Government and mobilized other forms of investment to do so. Support for contractors in the country raise the capacity to engage more in large-scale infrastructure construction projects. Increase the quality management of basic building works, ensuring the efficiency of the work, safe for the people. Implementing 3,812 million hectares of rice cultivation.

3. Expand the push market Yes. Export, restrict import Move. Consumer goods are not essential, luxury goods; enhance market management of contraband, counterfeit goods, have market development policies in the country, build non-tariff barriers. p with international commitment Okay. restrict entry Move. Machinery, technological equipment, consumer rights, and the ability to improve the competitiability of Vietnamese goods. The practice of saving, fighting waste in manufacturing, business, in the living, the life of the people, in the spending of state budgets, reduced meetings, limiting the organization of the festival, celebrating the establishment of the industry, cutting off foreign work unions. With a budget, k. Okay. And for businesses that have the equity of the state to govern. Continuing to perform the "Vietnamese priority" campaign.

4. Continuing to implement the effective innovation of basic, comprehensive education to focus on the breakthrough of human resources. Promote vocational training for rural labor; Move. y m Yes. Implementing the work of employment, implementing wage reform routes; strengthening state management of labor, including bringing labor to foreign countries and labor in Vietnam. The investment focus is on the right level for prevarable medical work, public health care, health care and disease quality; expand and raise support for purchasing health insurance cards for some difficult object groups. The focus is on the investment capital of the Government to invest in the unfinished district hospitals, the priority for the mountainous region, the depths, the remote region, the region of economic conditions-the difficult and particularly difficult society. Expanding social security policies, interested in implementing policies towards the poor, who have the success of the revolution, who have a difficult situation. Creating the development of scientific and technological development. There is a policy of encouraging social resources to protect the environment; increasing the direction of carrying out protection measures, preventing deforestation, exploitation of illegal minerals and environmental destruction.

5. Prevention of prevention is effective against every corrupt behavior. The focus was on the effectiveness of the complaint, denouncing, particularly the complaints, denouncing the land-related factors; in 2013 the basic settlement of the complaint, the alleged, complex, protracted, protracted controversy in the people and the National Report. At the 6th Session.

6. Implementing a synchrony of solutions, creating a radical transformation in the prevention of law, crime; security of the safety of the food. Move. m; continue to reduce accidents and combat traffic jams, push for propaganda and perform good traffic culture; knowledge. Okay. Nn has worked as a safe and defensive, anti-explosive.

7. Fuck! Move. It ' s a global movement to protect the security of the country. Qu Stain. c room, security on key sites, borders, islands, strong security of independence, national sovereignty and territorial integrity; holding political security and order, social security. The movement prevents all plotting against enemy forces. Continuing to expand and closely incorporate defense, security and foreign affairs, handling foreign relations harmonans; bringing relations with partners, especially neighboring countries, regions, large countries and potential partners, traditional friends going on the afternoon of the country ' s political and social media. Deep, steady to develop and protect the country.

8. Continuing to sweep, modify, add regulations to reduce administrative procedures, promote reform, improve the socioeconomic orientation of the socialist orientation market. Enacted and perfated policies, the solution aims to foster the restructuring of the economy tied to growth model growth. It's the responsibility of the man. And u, advanced quality , the operational efficiency of the state administration. Sweeping the devolve of state management, better regulation of responsibility for state management of the economy between the Central and Local, between the levels, the sectors, the responsibility to the powers, the obligation to the benefit and in line with the capacity, the economic development level. -Local society. Increased discipline, administrative discipline and civil service ethics, building trust and consensus of the people, enhancing guidance, testing, oversight of the implementation of local government, and facilitefactors facilitals to the people, the community, and the people. It ' s a social organization that ' s involved in surveillance.

IV. I Drive CH - TH: It's SIR

The government, the Supreme People 's Court, the Supreme People' s Examination Institute, in its function, carried out the highly effective implementation of the National Assembly resolution.

The Standing Committee of the National Assembly, the National Council, the Committees of the National Assembly, the Congressional delegated committees, the Congress of Congress supervised the implementation of the resolution.

Proxy The Central Committee of the Fatherland Front of Vietnam, member organizations of the Front and the social organizations established by the regulation of surveillance laws and mobiles every floor. Oh. The people make a good decision of Congress.

Congress calls for our countrymen, our soldiers and my countrymen abroad, to raise the spirit of patriotism, solidarity, striving effort, to take advantage of the brackish opportunity. i , overcoming difficulties, the challenge, fulfilling the victory of the Economic Development Plan-Society in 2013, came to complete at the highest level of the Economic Development Plan-social 5 in 2011-2015.

The resolution was signed by the Socialist Republic of Vietnam XIII, the Fourth Session through November 8, 2012. /.

President of Congress.


Nguyen Gung Xiong