Decision 52/2012/qd-Ttg Dated: On Policy To Support Job Creation And Vocational Training For Workers Is Recovered For Agriculture

Original Language Title: Quyết định 52/2012/QĐ-TTg: Về chính sách hỗ trợ giải quyết việc làm và đào tạo nghề cho người lao động bị thu hồi đất nông nghiệp

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Numbers: 52 /2012/QĐ-TTg
Hanoi, November 16, 2012
In terms of policy support for employment and vocational training for workers who were revoked of agricultural land.

The Law base. I Ch. I'm On December 25, 200. 1 ()
Base of Protocol 69 /2009/NĐ-CP the date 1 3 th Ah! 8 in 2009 of Ch I'm The government has issued an additional planning on land use. Ah! land, soil recovery, compensation, h I have Resettlement.
At the suggestion of Minister of Labor-Trade i And society. ()
The Prime Minister issued a decision on the decision. I'm Job-solving support book l And training for the labourers. Oh. i land cell Business Oh,
Number one. Adjustment range
This decision rules the policy of employment, training for labourers who are revoked of agricultural land. to The scope of the country when the State recites the land by regulation at Article 22 of the S Decree Stain. 69 /2009/NĐ-CP August 13, 2009 by the Government of the Government to issue additional regulations on land use planning, land prices, land revenues, compensation, resettlement support (the following calls for a Digital Protocol). 69 /2009/NĐ-CP).
Article 2. Apply
1. Workers belonging to households directly to produce agriculture were taken by the State of Agriculture without land for compensation (later called agricultural land recovered workers) there are sufficient following conditions:
a) There is a permanent residence in the household with an agricultural land revoked;
b) In labor age;
c) There is a need for vocational education, conversion, job creation, job creation.
2. Household, the individual who was revoked of farmland in residential areas, gardens, pond unrecognized l ... Oh. soil in accordance with regulation at Article 21 and the prescribed cases at paragraph 3, Clause 4 and Clause 5 Article 16 of the number of Protocol 69 /2009/NĐ-CP not under the applicable subject of this Decision.
Third. Th Yeah. Limit to support
The worker was revoked as a rule by law at Clause 1 Article 2 This decision was given a three-year period of support, since the decision was made to recover the land.
Article 4. Vocational Training Support
1. Workers who have been revoked of agricultural land in need And Training, learning. Okay. do not c accepted into the vocational training facilities and are supported by the costs of the following:
a) Learning. It's A limit (a three-month degree of primary and vocational education) is supported by the State in accordance with the designation 1956/QĐ-TTg on 27 November 2009 by the Prime Minister. y Vocational training projects for rural labor until 2020 (the following calls off). l The Decision No. 1956/QD-TTg.
b) Learn the degree of tr U Granted, college is paid for by the State for a course. The tuition level is paid by the state by the actual tuition fee of the training facility but it is not too much of a tuition ceiling for the institution of secondary vocational training, public college under the rule of law.
The funding for a career-level vocational education, the college is arranged from the funding of vocational conversion assistance in the training method, the vocational conversion and being charged in the total funding of the investment project h ... o Compensation, resettlement support. .
2. For the worker of the household being revoked of agricultural land at the same time also under the prescribed loan object at the No. 157 /2007/QĐ-TTg September 27, 2007, of the Prime Minister's credit for students, students are given a credit loan to students, students under the applicable rules.
Article 5. Job creation support the water
1. Workers who have been revoked of agricultural land have the need to find work supported:
a) Vocational counseling. Yeah. In question, the introduction of free employment at the Centers for the Introduction of the Labor Department-Trade and Social Affairs of the provinces, the Central City of the Central;
b) The loan priority from the National Fund for employment under the rule of law.
The business production facility receives a large number of agricultural land-recovered labourers working on the benefit policies of land, credit, and taxation by law.
Number 6. Support for overseas work under contract.
1. Workers who have been revoked of agricultural land have the need to work abroad as supported as follows:
a) Support 100% of apprentiing tuition fees, foreign languages, fostering knowledge required by law of Vietnamese law to work abroad according to h ... Copper.
b) Support 100% of the health examination costs, make passports, visas and judicial reasons before going to work abroad at the level of the state ' s current regulation;
c) Support The daily meal in the time of school, according to the decision level. Stain. 1956/QĐ-TTg;
d) Support the money travel to 01 turns and back from the residence to the school place for practitioners at the site of the above 15 km from the normal fare of her vehicle. n g at the time of payment;
All right. a y capital with preferable interest rates from Social Policy Bank to pay for the costs required to go to work. l I mean, there's a deadline abroad.
The maximum lending rate is the sum of the total cost required by the worker to contribute to the stipulation on the contract for each labor market.
Interest rates lend to the current lending interest to non-poor district workers working on a foreign policy at the Bank of Social Policy.
The deadline for maximum lending by time of labor abroad follows h. p.
2. Business h I have We ' re going to have to work abroad for work abroad. Okay. Go, go. Okay. B, Go. Okay. C and Point One. All right This u is deployed from the Local Land Development Fund as stipulated at Point 1 Article 1 Article 34 The number of digits. 69 /2009/NĐ-CP.
3. Workers of the poor district by Resolution No. 30a/2008/NQ-CP December 27 1 2 in 2008 by the Government on Rapid Poverty alleviation Program Oh. sustainable to the 61 poor districts, while working abroad are entitled to the prescribed policies at the Digital Decision. 71 /2009/QĐ-TTg April 29, 2009 Oh. Government approx. Okay. It ' s the support of the poor districts. Yes. Labor exports contribute to poverty alleviation period 2009-2020.
4. The worker is supported once for each of the prescribed support content at the World. U Hey.
Article 7. I socket function
1. Ministry of Labor-Trade and Social Affairs:
a) The presiding officer, in coordination with the relevant agencies, oversees the implementation of this Decision;
b) Aggregations and reports the Prime Minister on the situation of vocational training, addressing employment for labor being revoked of agricultural land;
c ) In collaboration with the Social Policy Bank that oversees the process of identifying the object and the manual of the employer.
2. The Ministry of Planning and Investment, in coordination with the ministries, the relevant sector:
a) Budget additions to the National Fund for employment;
b) Additional Balance the source Capital of the Social Policy Bank to lend a job as a stipulation at the point b 1 Article 5 This Decision and the loan to work on a foreign term are specified at the Point of Article 1 Article 6 of this Decision.
3. The Ministry of Finance chaired, in coordination with the Ministry of Labor-Trade and Social Affairs and the ministries, the relevant agency that led the financial mechanism to implement this Decision.
4. The Social Policy Bank is responsible:
a) Construction of the process, the manual of the worker of the capital;
b) The direction of the Bank of Social Policy in the local government makes capital loans to workers who have been revoked of agricultural land.
5. As for the people of the provinces, the central city of the Central Committee is responsible:
a) It is directed and organized by the organization of vocational training, creating jobs for the recovery of agricultural land;
b) The instructions and the layout of the budget are given the point b 1 Article 4 and Section 2 Article 6 This Decision;
c) Only the Department of Labor and Social Affairs conducted and reported years of vocational training, which settled the employment of agricultural labor at the request of the Ministry of Labor-Trade and Social Affairs.
Article 8. Performance Performance
1. Decision-making. y It has been in effect since 1 January 2013.
2. Minister. Oh, Chief agency officer, Head of Government Office, Chairman of the Government Brew The provincial government, the Central City, the Chairman of the Board, and the Director General of the Social Policy Bank are responsible for the decision.

Prime Minister


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