Law 22/2012/qh13: National Reserve

Original Language Title: Luật 22/2012/QH13: Dự trữ quốc gia

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Number: 22 /2012/QH13
Hanoi, November 20, 2012


National Reserve


The 1992 Vietnamese Constitution base of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam was amended, adding some to the number of resolutions. 51 /2001/QH10;

Congress enacted the National Reserve Law,

Chapter I


What? 1. The adjustment range

The law. y H ... What? City, please. Bitch. n li, run and use d I don't know. i a; y The agency, the organization, the organization, the individual. active The National Reserve.

What? 2. Subject applies

The applicable subject of this law is the agency, the organization, the individual that is involved in the formation, management, executive and use of the national reserve.

What? 3. National Reserve Goal

The state formed, using a national reserve to actively respond to it. request breakaway, pressing for room, resisting, remediation of disaster, disaster, fire, epidemics; defense, security.

What? 4. Explain the word

In Lun. t Hey, hey, guys. y is understood as follows:

1. National Reserve is the supplies of supplies, equipment, and hours. Boob a by the State of Qu Bitch. Li, hold.

2. Animate t National Reserve. is the job builder , implementing strategies, planning, planning, budget planning on national reserves; building the facilities-engineering system; management, operating, and use of national reserves.

3. National Reserve is a matter of supplies, equipment, goods in the catalogue of the queue Hold. State of State, the State of the State. Okay. It ' s used for national reserves.

4. List of Items to National. is the name Boob Cargo, supplies, t The national reserve.

5. Fuck! National reserves. l It works. Bitch. n li, enter, export, buy, sell, preserve, protect b Yes. National reserves.

6. Ministry, the national reserve management industry is the department, the peer-to-peer agency, the direct government agency that manages national reserves under the government ' s division.

7. Fuck! The national reserve. is an organization of the department, the national reserve management sector tasked with direct management, entry, export, purchase, b ... Ah! n, preserve, protect national reserves.

8. I What? Trend scenario All t , the urgency is the status of the exam. Hey. n ear, disaster, h Naked. The plague has a wide risk of outbreaks; defense, security, and social safety, need to be resolved.

9. National Reserve. is the total value of the national reserve.

10. Allocation Level o National reserves. is s Stain. cash for the national reserve in the state budget bill h ... Yes. The year.

11. Deadline l National stockpiles of reserves. l The maximum amount of time is determined from the time of entry to th. Yeah. The export of the national stockpile.

12. Export National Reserve is the publication of h Oh. The project. Hold. The country does not collect money. Okay. grant to organization, individual .

What? 5. State policy on the national reserve.

1. The state has a strategy, planning, development plan. Hold. National ph. Yeah. It ' s a strategy, a plan. Plan. The economic and social development of the country during the period.

2. The state that built the national reserve is strong enough, the reasonable structure, ensuring the national reserve goal, in accordance with the kh. Bitch. the balance of the state budget.

3. The state has an investment policy of scientific development research-engineering of national reserves, technology. application the preservation technology, information technology to modernized the national reserve.

4. Yes. Oh. Water has a policy of arms. g the source l In fact, encouraging, facilitated to organize, individuals participate in national reserve activities.

5. The government regulates this.

What? 6. The Source of National Reserve

The national reserve is formed from the following sources:

1. Budget state ()

2. Legal resources other than the state budget that are included in the national reserve include the sources. l It ' s got to be able to freely build a muscle. in material, which provides information technology for national reserve management and conservation activities, directly preserving national reserves; goods, supplies mobilized from organizations, individuals in a situation of a sudden, urgent, under the rule of law.

What? 7. Principles of Management, Use of National Reserve

1. National reserves must be management Tight, safe, secret under the rule of law; actively responding to the required time, the entry point. Hey. The national reserve. Qu reserves Stain. You must be able to restore it, in time.

2. National reserves must be using the right purpose, the right regulation of the law; not to use the national reserves for business.

What? 8. National Reserve Organization

1. The National Reserve has to secure its focus, unified under the government's executive order, the Prime Minister. The government devolve itself, the national reserve management sector by the rule of law.

2. The national reserve system is positioned in the central and regional areas, strategic places in the country to promptly meet the requirement, m said in a statement. Okay. The consumption of the national reserve, including:

a) The Ministry of Finance for the Ministry of Finance is organized under the vertical system, including the central authority and local units in the region.

b) Units of the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Public Security and division as national reserve and reserve capacity, the national reserve management industry.

What? 9. The regime, policy towards the worker of the national reserve.

1. The national reserve worker includes:

a) Civil service. Don't c at the National Reserve Management Agency;

b) The man who works for the national reserve is the military, the safe;

c) Civil service, industry, and industry.

2. The man who works as a national reserve at the convention. Okay. m a and Fuck. This is an emergency. Senor ; depending on the field, the work nature, which is entitled to the priority Fuck. Yeah.

The government regulates this.

What? 10. The state management content of national reserves

1. Issued and organized. What? The bill of law on national reserves.

2. Strategic decision, planning, planning and policy of discovery. Okay. n national reserves.

3. List of National Reserve lists; partition socket state budget for national reserves; decision Export, import, sales of national reserves.

4. The research organization, the application of scientific progress, engineering and technology conservation technology.

5. Propaganda, ph. socket Turn, educate the law on national reserves.

6. Training, waiter. Here. The National Reserve.

7. Inspector, check, resolve the complaint, denounce and processing It's a violation of the National Reserve Act.

8. International cooperation on national reserves.

What? 11. Professional Inspector of National Reserve

1. The agency that runs the state administration to The National Reserve ong performs a specialized inspection in national reserves under the law of inspectors.

2. The expert inspector for national reserves is to investigate the statutory adoption of the national reserve under the provisions of this Law and the other provisions of the relevant legislation.

3. The powers, the responsibility of the expert inspector on national reserves; the rights, the obligations of the organization, the individual is the subject of inspection and organization, the relevant individual. Do Follow. regulation of the law of the detective.

What? 12. The mission, the powers of Congress, the Standing Committee of Congress

1. Congress has a mandate, the following powers:

a) The decision to develop a national reserve development policy, the direction of national reserve resources, approx the five-year plan for national reserves;

b) Resolution b socket the central budget for the national reserve of h Yes. The year.

2. sleep The Office of the National Assembly has a mandate, the following powers:

a) Decide the additional level from the central budget for the annual national reserve (if any);

b) The central budget decision to buy the national reserve compensation has been exported;

c) What? All right The National Reserve.

What? 13. Mission, Government authority, Prime Minister of Government

1. Government. g State management of national reserves, for duty, the following powers:

a) The Congress to decide policy. Okay. n the national reserve, the direction of national reserve resources, the five-year plan for national reserves;

b) Rules Congress What? Define the central budget allocation for annual national reserves;

c) Show Brew He's a regular at the National Assembly. What? Define plugin t Yeah. the central budget for national reserves Every year. (if c Boob );

d) Tr What? - Brew At the same time the National Assembly decided the central budget was to buy the Reserve National Reserve.

Let's go What? - Brew It's like the Congress of Congress. All right List of national reserves;

e) Division of the Oh, the qu Bitch. The National Reserve.

2. Prime Minister brew on the mission, the following powers:

a) Ph. Hey. National Reserve Strategy g The plan for the annual national plan, the presidential plan. Okay. Warehouse systems. t The country.

b) Planning, the state budget forecast for the national reserve within the state budget forecast range has been approved by the National Assembly;

c) The decision to enter, export the national reserve under the provisions of this Law and other provisions of the relevant legislation.

What? 14. Mission, Power of the Ministry of Finance

The Ministry of Finance helps the Government to implement state management of the national reserve, which has the mandate, the following powers:

1. Presiding. p with the Plan And I ' m invested in the government ' s Congress to develop a national project, which is a source of origin. l National Reserve, a five-year plan for national reserves;

2. Presiding, in coordination with the Ministry of Planning and Investment Planning the state budget and the central budget allocation method for the Government to the Congress to decide the partition method. socket the central budget for annual national reserves for the ministry, the management l It's a national reserve.

Owner What? Oh, coordination with the Ministry of Planning and Investments c Ah! o Government level b socket add central budget to the annual national reserve (n) What? Yes, yes. Brew It's a matter of Congress.

3. Host, in collaboration with the K What? Planning And Investing, ministries, the national reserve management industry that builds national reserve strategies, the annual national reserve plan, the overall planning of the country. Okay. the national stockpiles of stockpiles, scientific research, the application of the preservation technology of the state reserves the Prime Minister of Government approved;

4. Presiding, in coordination with the ministry, the national reserve management industry, which enacted national engineering standards, economic norms-the national stockholder engineering;

5. National Reserve Operations Organization. Oh, examination, Inspector of the implementation of the annual national reserve plan and by the decision of the Prime Minister; resolve when What? complaint, denounce and dispose of the violation of the national reserve in accordance with Jurisdiction ()

6. The state budget forecast base, the annual national reserve plan, the economic rating-the national inventory technique, which guarantees financial resources for the national reserve to the Ministry of State. i the national reserve management industry; the appraisal and aggregation of state budget budgets for the national reserve;

7. Enacted under the jurisdiction of regulatory documents on financial management mode, budget, gi decision-making. Ah! buy maximum, minimum sales price, cost price damages to national reserves and the cost of entry, export, purchase, sale, preservation, national reserve insurance; guide, track, quantity, quality, and price. to National Reserve: organizing regulations on qu. Bitch. n li, buy, buy, b Case, entry, export, rotation. socket National reserves.

What? 15. Mission, the powers of the Ministry of Planning and Investment

1. Presiding, in coordination with the Ministry of Finance, the allocation of capital investment capital is fundamental to the national reserve.

2. Coordinate with the Treasury Department building details What? Strategy, plan, five-year plan. Oh, This is the last year of the Prime Minister's National Reserve.

3. In collaboration with the Ministry of Finance to plan the National Assembly to decide the central budget allocation to the national reserve annually; in coordination with the Ministry of Finance reports the Government of the Year. socket add central budget to the annual national reserve (if available) Brew It's a matter of Congress to decide.

What? 16. The mission, the authority of the ministry, the national reserve management industry

1. Engage in strategic construction, planning, planning, National Reserve of National Technical Standards, National Reserve National Technical Standards, Economic Level-the National Reserve of National Reserves, and the Reserve Level. t National stockmen.

2. The organization directed the national reserve units to carry out the national reserve plan; sign and implement a contract for the lease of the reserves. Hold. The rules of the law.

3. Management of the management business, using the national reserves to send the General Finance Ministry h p. Ah! The Prime Minister.

What? 17. The mandate, the powers of the national reserve agency

1. Please. No! The Ministry of Finance is on house management. wish about the national reserve; directly Bitch. The national reserve rationing under the provisions of this Law and the other regulation of the law is relevant.

2. The Staff to the Ministry of Finance presided, in coordination with the ministry, the national reserve management industry aggreging the management situation, using the national reserve of press. Ah! o Th brew Chua I'm The government.

3. Ki Okay. Check in, export, buy, sell, secure. Bitch. n, using Oh. Oh. The national reserves are regulated by this law.

4. The plot helps the Ministry of Finance to maintain, co-ordinate with the ministry, the relevant industry that builds national reserves of national reserves, economic norms-national reserve goods; aggregation, reports of national reserve activities to Ministry of Finance presented by the Ministry of Finance. The General Government.

5. The Finance Ministry determines the management funding, the preservation of the security units. Bitch. n national reserves.

What? 18. Mission, the powers of the national reserve unit

1. Direct preservation , b. Bitch. o National Reserve National Reserve ensures sufficient quantities, right quality, strain and in other places to go. Okay. M Right. request of the agency Jurisdiction .

2. Ensure that the response is timely and used national reserves in all situations.

3. Import, export, buy, b Ah! n the national reserve under the decision of the competent authority.

4. Organization tracking admission, export, purchase, sale, penalty rotation socket The national reserves are regulated by law.

What? 19. The mission, the authority of the organization, the business receives the lease of the lease

1. Direct b Bitch. o go to the Hold. National g Ah. Guaranteed. Fuck. brew the number, the right quality, the type, and in the places. Okay. According to the contract.

2. Implement input, export, purchase, national reserve sales in time by the decision of the grant. Jurisdiction .

3. Make a rotation. Okay. n, swaps. socket The former National Reserve, it's the same thing. brew Rules, numbers and quality by law.

4. Execute input report, export, t Oh. n the national reserve store for the expected agency r It ' s in charge of the state and the department. Hey. preservation.

What? 20. The mandate, the powers of the Provincial People ' s Committee, the central city

1. Propaganda, Prussia b I mean, the policy, the law of national reserves.

2. Ch All right ethos the organ function in coordination with the organ Oh, Unit. Direct National Reserve on the site. Do Admission, export, purchase, sale, warranty, Transport National reserves, secure, secret national stockmen.

3. It is responsible for the deployment of the national stockpile under the National Reserve System of Reserve system planning. Hey. Check.

What? 21. National Reserve Management Division

1. The Ministry of Finance directly organizes qu Bitch. n li, b Bitch. o management of the national reserve items that meet the requirements for production, life, rescue, rescue, relief, room, ch, and more. Stain. In the aftermath of the disaster, disaster, fire.

2. The Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Public Security directly organizes management, preserving the reserves of reserves g A response. request , defense, security.

3. The government of the division, the direct branch of the management organization, b Bitch. o Oh. National reserves. Fuck. Rules 1 and paragraph 2. Fuck! Hey.

What? 22. The banned acts

1. State secret disclosure of national reserves.

2. Use of entry, export, purchase, sale, security Bitch. n, shipping row Hold. Country, change your mind. socket Purchase price, reserve sales price g To the edge.

3. Lack of responsibility or intentionally left regulations on management The national reserve is damaged, lost, wasted on the assets of the National Reserve.

4. Trespassing, ph. Ah! Physical infrastructure-engineering, national stockpile.

5. Obstruction of National Reserve.

6. Use of national reserves of false purpose.

7. Import, export, purchase, National Reserve Sales Fuck. It's not the right thing. g The number, the quantity, the quality, the ground. Okay. m.

8. Illegal interference in the National Reserve.

9. Do not want g ; the provisions of the law of accounting, statistics in the national reserve operation.

10. Rent organization , business is not enough. condition preservation of the queue Hold. The country.

Chapter II


What? 23. National Reserve Strategy

1. The principle of building war. National reserves:

a) In accordance with strategy. Oh, Economic-social development, defense, security, and security. Oh. Sector planning, territory. socket In every period of time;

b) Ph. Yeah. It ' s a good chance. Stain. i of the state budget;

c) The base of the world, regional and domestic situation, the situation of the sudden, the urgency is likely to occur.

2. National Reserve Strategy:

a) Item consumption National reserves, guaranteed. Development requirement sustainable, consistent with the international economic integration process;

b) National reserve resources; national reserve layout plans in areas, strategic venues; management guarantee, effective use, right purpose; ready to be ready for the first time in the world. vice- with the situation of a sudden, urgent situation;

c) Define development of the national reserve;

d) The task and the solution are mostly real Don't n strategic strategy Archive. Qu Stain. Come on.

3. Battle. strategy the national reserve was built for a 10-year period, 20-year vision. p with economic-social development strategy.

What? 24. National Reserve Plan

1. Plan The national reserves are built for five years, every one of them. What? And it's fine. socket It ' s a joint development plan. economics-society .

2. Base building national reserve plans:

a) Voter Strategy Okay. n national reserves;

b) The target of the national reserve;

c) The ability to balance the state budget;

d) The forecast for economic-economic situation in the country, international.

3. National Reserve Plan:

a) The final level of national reserves;

b) K What? Yeah. t Gas, reduction of national reserves, rotation. socket i row.

c) Head t Infrastructure development.

d) Research, the application of scientific, technical and technological advances;

The plan is to balance the finances of our nation's reserves.

What? 25. National Reserve

Nest The national level of reserves. Guaranteed. It ' s a national reserve target.

What? 26. National Reserve Method

Reserves The country is stocked with supplies, equipment, goods.

What? 27. National Reserve Category

1. The items belonging to the National Reserve List must meet the national reserve target of regulation at Article 3 of this Law and one of the following criteria:

a) It's m Of course Strategic, essential, frequency of use, has a timely application effect in the situation. Fuck. It ' s a good idea.

b) It's a specialty item. brew Well, we can't replace it.

c) It ' s supplies, equipment, insurance. Bitch. Defense, security. Production t Water is not met with the requirement of s Stain. The quality, the quality, the kind.

2. The list of national reserves includes the following row groups:

a) Food.

b) Supplies, Equipment Come on (MUSIC PLAYING)

c) V. Oh. Application Fuck. The industrial park.

d) White salt.


e) Materials n Industrial drives. ()

g) Oh, shit. g the crop;

h) It's a plant protection.

i) Chemical sterilization, c. Yeah. Environmental cleansing, processing of living water and water. to Aquacco-farming bees;

) The medicine, the anti-human disease,

l ) Medicine, anti-plague for cattle, poultry, crops, aquacrowork;

) Animals. t Well, equipment, defense service, security.

3. In case You need to All right National Reserve, Government. What? - Brew It's a matter of Congress to review, decide.

4. The government rules out these two things.

Chapter III


What? 28. State budget spent on national reserves

1. Budget Oh. the water spent on the national reserve implementation under the regulation of the state budget law and is b ... Stain. It ' s the annual state budget bill.

2. The Ministry of Finance manages, allocated the cost of the procurement of the national reserve, purchasing the reserves of the national reserve that has appeared in five plans after being granted the authority to approve.

What? 29. State budget spending on national reserve purchases

1. Base in. Plan. the national reserve and the spending bill for the national reserve is delivered, the Ministry of Finance I'm The level of funding for the department, the qu sector Bitch. The national reserve rationing for purchasing national reserves by regulation.

2. National Reserve Purchase. What? ministry, the national reserve management industry set up an additional bill to send the Prime Minister's Finance Ministry.

3. State budget bill for ministries, industry Okay. buy up, buy national reserves in five unusable plans due to not buying enough national reserves; supplies, equipment, goods that have a production cycle beyond the five budget, have the quality of time; the specialty goods serving the defense, security. Security by the Minister of Finance, the decision is made. Okay. n Hey. n brew to Here. The department, the national inventory management industry.

What? 30. State budget spending on the basic building investment of the national reserve.

1. The state budget for the basic building investment of the national reserve is set up in the annual development investment plan. What? The department store, the department store.

2. The Ministry, the national reserve management industry, is responsible for managing and using basic building investment by law.

What? 31. State Budget for National Reserve Management Operations

1. The state budget spent on national reserve management activities include: chi for the operation of the management apparatus; operating expenses, export, purchase, sale, preservation, protection, reserve of national reserves, and other activities. g ; research, application of scientific progress and conservation technology; the cost of research. Oh. o Create, restitution of cadres, civil officials, officials as national reserves and other warehouses. Stop. Other than the rules of law.

2. State budget spent on administrative activity l the national reserves of the ministry, the industry, Unit. The national reserve is implemented under the plan, the bill, the rating, the lease for the national reserve, and according to the financial management, the current budget.

3. Input expense, export, security Bitch. National reserves are implemented according to the stock exchange.

4. The cost of admission, the export of national reserves at the discretion of the Prime Minister brew is Ministry of Finance Granted, according to the approved accounting.

Ministry, the national reserve management sector based on the economic rating-k. Yeah. -Yeah. p co-preservation of the qu reserves Stain. The family, which sets up the bill for entry, export, preserve national reserves, report the Ministry of Finance to approve before execution; the case has not been approved, the ministry said. chief Ministry Finance decided to advance the agencies, the national reserve unit to implement.

What? 32. Financial Mechans; accounting regime, audit; statistical mode, National Reserve Report, and World War II.

1. Financial mechanisms For The national reserve. regulation of the State Budget Law and other provisions of the relevant legislation.

The ministry, the national reserve management industry that sets up the state budget expenditures for national reserve operations, sends the T Ministry. Oh. i Check. What? Move. I mean, the government report. What? Congress approx.

After approval by Congress, the Prime Minister decided to deliver the bill and the Ministry of Finance implemented allocation for the ministry, industry. management The National Reserve.

2. Department, Industry management National reserves, national reserves and organizations, businesses. preservation The national reserve must comply with the laws of management legislation. t Chief, budget, accounting, statistics, ki Okay. Math and processing Fuck. The national reserve reports.

3. Department, Department of Management Oh. National reserves are responsible for ki Okay. Tra, check out the state budget. All p for the national reserve conservation unit and is responsible for the approved decision; aggregate of the decision to send the Finance Ministry. The Ministry of Finance Move. Let's go. A decision on national reserves, government reports.

The state budget decision report on the country reserves must be Fuck. Ki. Okay. The law is determined by law.

Chapter IV


M All right 1


What? 33. Principles of entry, national reserve export

Admission, national reserve export must secure the following principles:

1. The right plan, the authority.

2. Correct category, quantity, quality, price, location; insurance. Bitch. In time, safe; the right procedure, the trend. All According to the rules of law.

What? 34. Import cases, national reserve export

1. Enter, export national reserves by decision of the The Prime Minister. Go. Go. Okay. 35 of this law.

2. Enter, export the national reserve in a situation of a sudden, the prescribed urgency at Article 36 of this Law.

3. Import, export, rotation socket I am Oh. National reserves by plan to be delivered. regulation Go. Okay. The 37 of this law.

4. Enter, export t The country in other cases stipulated at Article 39 of this Law.

What? 35. Import, National Reserve Export by the Prime Minister ' s Decision

1. The Prime Minister decides to import, export national reserves in c ... Ah! c What? The following:

a) When Chairman Brew The people of the province, City. the central integrity (the following collectively as c) All p) announced the outbreak of the disease local ()

b) Room, combat, disaster recovery, disaster, disease, h ... Show a eunuve, a famine;

c) When What? The market's up, down the market.

d) In English. - Requesting defense, security.

2. National Reserve export process:

a) The case of national reserve exports by regulation at point a, go. Okay. This one thing, President Breed The people of the world provincial The Prime Minister. Here. the ministry, the field management sector has the report text and recommended the Prime Minister review, decision The Ministry of Finance is responsible. Move. I'm going to the Prime Minister.

b) The case of national reserve exports when market prices t ... What? , down. mutations , Minister of Finance. Okay. The Prime Minister. decision ()

c) The case of a national reserve order in response to defense, security, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Public Security has a written proposal for the Ministry of Finance. Move. I mean, the Prime Minister decides.

What? 36. Import, export of national reserves in a situation of breakthrough, urgency

In the case of a sudden, the prescribed urgency at paragraph 8 Article 4 of this Law, the authority to decide to enter, the export of the national reserve is carried out as follows:

1. Prime Minister brew decision to urgently ask for admission, national reserve export;

2. Minister of Finance, B The Minister of Defence, Minister of Public Security, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development decided to enter, export national reserves by the following regulations:

a) Prodieground t Well, the national reserve equipment to serve in time of the mission's birth; after the completion of the mission, we have to recover immediately to the press. Here. ng, reenter the national stockpile and the prescribed preservation or report of the Prime Minister. Government decided processing;

b) Enter, export to the national reserve whose value corresponds to the authority to decide the budget expenditures of the Minister of Finance stipulated at the State Budget Law to serve in time for each mission to arise;

c) You have Jurisdiction decision to enter, export national reserves of regulation at paragraph 2 This must manage, use the right purpose, subject; report the Prime Minister, inform the Ministry of Finance on the subject. g a 3-day period of work since the day of its decision to enter, export the national reserve and be responsible for its decision;

d) Minister of Finance Okay. Check the import, export the national reserve. Okay. Hey, report, ki. What? The Prime Minister. processing in time for case Violation and responsibility for test results.

What? 37. Import, export of national reserve according to plan, alternated national reserve exchange

1 Enter, export national reserves according to plan, rotation. Hey. Exchange for national reserves is done every year. Ministry, the national reserve management sector planning to import, export, l Thank you. Hey. In exchange for the National Reserve sends the Finance Ministry to sum up the Prime Minister's decision.

2. The head of the ministry, the national reserve management sector implementing the implementation of the entry plan, export, alternated national reserve exchange; case Not yet Do In the year of planning, report the Ministry of Finance to to The Prime Minister considers it, decided.

3. Case due to the price of change when the sale is rotated Hey. n Change. And the amount of money that has not been able to buy enough of the number of plans is approved, the department store, the national reserve management industry, buys the number of goods corresponding to the proceeds.

4. National reserve purchasing case Yeah. The case, the rotum case. change You have to buy new goods before the old sale, the tr. Here. Ministry Finance consider, decide the state budget for the state budget. Okay. purchase; ministry, Korea management industry g The national reserve is responsible for the reimbursable amount. Oh, Temporary r The five-year plan.

What? 38. National Reserve of the National Reserve

1. The chief minister, the national reserve management industry decision -What? Okay. n the domestic reserve cabinet in the following cases:

a) According to the plan, the plan. Fuck. Safe and secure. Warehouse conditions, b Bitch. o Administration forecast The national archives.

b) National Reserve What? a in the region of calamity, fire, or not safety;

c) What's that? Okay. n the national reserve to where it is needed to be ready for the mission of birth;

d) Due to the necessary requirements of the checkbook Hey. The desk, the inspector, the investigation.

2. Chief Minister, n g Yes. Bitch. The national reserve rationing informed the Minister of Finance for the treatment of the government. Okay. n the national reserve cabinet. g three days of work k Okay. from date decision Move.

What? 39. Import, export of national reserves in other cases

1 Prime Minister, Ivory. n National reserve management decides to import, export national reserves in other cases, including:

a) Export national reserves when liquing, destroy;

b) National reserve imports for the number of rows when ki Okay. The actual millet is greater than it is. socket accounting.

2 . The government regulates this.

M All right 2


What? 40. National Reserve Purchase Method

The purchase of the national reserve is done in the following methods:

1. Purchasing the national reserve according to the rule of law on bidding;

2. Direct purchases of all subjects.

What? 41. Buy a national reserve according to the law of bidding legislation

1. Buy National Reserve Follow. the regulation of the law of bidding is made in accordance with the following forms Fuck. Oh,

a) Extensive bidding;

b) Buy s It's m live;

c) Welcome to the competition.

d) Just the bidding.

2. The bids for the bidding are applicable under the law of the bidding v. Oh. for the following cases:

a) For the national reserve purchase bid package serving the defense mission, security must secure the security. request The secret protocol of the law of the protection of state secrets;

b) The case cannot apply to a broad bid or competitive offering. d o ' cause of the sudden, the urgency, the service, the time. Okay. The national reserve procurement package is the drug. p No, no, no, no, no. b Plant protection, crop seed.

What? 42. Contender conditions

1. Cases All right the bid specified at paragraph 2 Article 41 of this Law must meet enough condition The following:

a) There are plans to buy the national reserves that are delivered;

b ) There's a plan. specify We got a Hey. Browse.

c) We have a plan to travel. y Go. regulation ()

d) There is a time of contract implementation for no more than 12 months.

2. Just Fuck. I want to Bitch. 30 days behind, k. Okay. from the date of the requested record approval; case of a large scale, complex nature. What? No more than 60 days.

3. Competenties, the process of the bid designation is applicable under the law of the bidding law.

What? 43. Direct purchase of all subjects

1. The broad direct purchase of every object is applied only. t The country's grain reserves. g Ah,

2. M U It ' s a very broad direct. Stain. The icon is as follows:

a) Unit Fuck. The plan to purchase the procurement of the National Reserve plans to buy the broad direct purchase of all the Prime Minister's subjects. the organ National Reserve Management What? a critical;

b) Define quantity, quality, ch. brew The grain of grain purchased; the purchase site; the deadline for purchase; price buy;

Root Come on K What? Planning to be approved, the unit assigned to the National Reserve Purchase. Bitch. i in the press 03 consecutive times or notifications on TV 3 times in a row for 3 days and at the site Okay. Buy grain on the plan to buy; organization to make purchases in accordance with plan and price ni Hey. An audience.

What? 44. National Reserve Sales Method

The sale of the national reserve is done in the following methods:

1. Auction sale;

2. Semi-specified;

3. Direct sales to all subjects.

What? 45. National reserve sales auction

1. B Ah! n the national reserve auction is done by the rule of gorging law. Ah! .

2. Where the auction is not, the unit is assigned to the national reserve sales mission reporting the Chief Minister, the national reserve management industry that decides to sell directly to all subjects.

What? 46. Sell the designation, sell it directly to every object

1. National Reserve Service. g Security is only available for defense, security.

2. The national reserve items are sold directly to every object including:

a) Th Boob c, vaccine, h Boob a sh. Yeah. to Yeah. The medicine protects plants, seeds of crops, white salts;

b) H The national reserve is not defined at 1 and the point is a sale of the auction, but the auction of the 02 failed. The direct selling price for every object is not lower than gi. Ah! Go! Okay. Sell the auction.

3. Semi-specified, sold directly to every object made in the following process:

a) Unit assigned to Korean sale g The national reserve plans to sell the designation, which is a broad direct sale to all ministerial subjects, the national reserve management industry approx.

b) Identify the product name; quantity, quality of goods reserves sold; location of sale; duration of sale; price sale;

c) Base The plan was approved, the unit assigned to the national reserve sales mission. Hey. n press 03 times in a row or announce on 3-time television Hey. n continues for 3 days and at the sales point of the sale plan; the organization does sell in accordance with the plan and the listing price.

For a national reserve of regulation at paragraph 1 This is not a notice in the media. Fuck. They are; the price of sale is approved by the Ministry of Tr. Here. The Ministry of Defense, Minister of State. g Come on

What? 47. National Reserve Liquor

1. National reserves in the event do not meet the ti Hey. I will serve you as a priest. Hey. National Reserve. I It's the rules of the law. The liquing of national reserves led by the Prime Minister, the q U Our national reserves are determined.

2. Proceeds from the national reserve bar after tr ... Yeah. The reasonable costs are filed into the state budget.

3. For the unusable national reserves, it is destroyed. The destruction of the national reserve was decided by the Prime Minister.

What? 48. The authority determines the method of purchase, national reserve sales

Minister, Tusk. - the national reserve management base at the rules of Lu Oh. t this, deciding how to buy. Oh, sales of the national reserve and responsible for its decision.

M All right 3


What? 49. Buy price, national reserve sales price

1. National reserve purchase price according to the bid method, the national reserve sales price. the family. The method of bidding is made in accordance with the laws of bidding, auction, and price laws.

2. Purchase price, sale price Oh. National reserves by means of purchase, semi-direct sales. g for every object that is specified as follows:

a) Minister of Finance. What? T pricing the maximum purchase price, the minimum selling price for national reserves on the basis of in recommended by the Minister of State, the management of the national reserve;

b) Chief Minister, Bitch. National Reserve, pp. Yeah. Secretary of Defense, Ministry of Defense chief Ministry of Public Security What? Define a specific price Okay. according to market prices at the time and each venue when purchasing, the national reserve sales are of the management range but c ... cell Are higher than the maximum purchase price and lower the price b Ah! n Okay. The Minister of Finance. What? t;

c) When purchasing, the national reserve sales, if the price crawled g variable higher than the maximum purchase price, lower than the final sale price Okay. u, Ministry of tr Here. The Ministry of Finance considers, regulates the purchase price Stain. i Fuck. a, g i Minimum sale on facility The Prime Minister's offer. Enjoy. ministry, the national reserve management industry.

3. Minister of Defense, Ministry of Tr Here. Ministry You. An affordable purchase price, the national reserve sales price of defense, security after reunification with the Ministry of Tr. Here. The Ministry of Finance is on the principle of valuation.

What? 50. The cost of entry costs, export costs, the cost of preservation of the national reserve

The regulation of the cost of entry, the cost of exporting and the cost of the preservation of the reserves g The right side. Come on to the level of Korean engineering economics g the national reserve and the national technical standard of national reserves.

The Minister of Finance regulates the cost of entry costs, the cost of exporting at the national reserve door and the maximum export cost outside of the store, cost b. Bitch. o Bitch. n Hey. n The facility. Your call. b In the United States, in the United States.

M All right 4


What? 51. The principle of preserving national reserves

1. National Reserve Fuck. Private take-offs are regulated, preserving national engineering, national reserves, economic norms-national and international reserves. Fuck. The lease of the national reserve, the security, the quality, the safe.

2. B Bitch. o national reserve management if the depreciation is overdefined by the rule of law due to the principle of the owner The unit. , the security agent must be Compensation It ' s about the amount of depreciation that ' s too much. case Loss of depreciation compared to the rating, the individual is rewarded by government regulation.

3. National Reserve What? A broken down. Show ng, reducing the quality of the tron. g the preservation process must be Fuck. Hush. Oh. i or maybe get out in time. Okay. Limit. What? damage. Qu Reserve Stain. Broken up, down. quality due to the Hey. By the view, What? Unit, personal. preservation is not compensated; the case due to the cause of the principal is required to compensate and be processed according to regulation of the law.

What? 52. The responsibility for preservation of national reserves

1. Ministry, the national reserve management sector must comply with the regulation The scale. Move. n qu technique Stain. Qu reserves Stain. C, define. economics -the national inventory technique and the laws of state secret protection.

2. The chief minister, the national reserve management industry is responsible for ... All right implementation of the organization, test b. Bitch. o national reserve management; in time to prevent and dispose of the breach of the law on the preservation of national reserves.

3. The unit chief directly manages the national reserves and the person directly manages, says qu. Bitch. Reserve national g. i Responsible for the Stain. quantity, the quality of the national reserves delivered.

4. For the country ' s reserves that have a special feature of engineering, storage, requirements for preservation, ministries, the national reserve management industry must select the organization, d Unemployment is eligible under regulation at Article 53 of this Law. Fuck. The lease for the lease of the national reserve.

5. Agency The national reserve is responsible for the responsibility. to a, check the b. Bitch. o national reserve management of the department, industry, unit management National and national reserves. organization , the national reserve business. .

What? 53. The charter is hired to protect national reserves

The organization, the business is set, the national reserve of choice. Okay. The national reserve lease must meet the following conditions:

1. There is a legal status.

2. Production -Business. t Line-up, line-up. Okay. Rent. preservation ()

3. Kh o the museum, the equipment that serves the entry, exports, preservation in accordance with the national reserve technical requirements;

4. Human team. Hey. n Engineering has management experience, expertise. p to respond to a request for national reserve preservation;

5. Enough financial capacity to do The national reserve board.

What? 54. Apply the national technical standard, economic rating-the national reserve of national storage.

1. Management, organization, business. Bitch. The national reserve must apply the rules. Move. The national engineering of the project. to A nation. The Ministry of Finance chaired, in coordination with the ministry, the relevant sector examining the application; sweep, s. Yeah. In exchange, b socket timely the time of the national engineering of the national reserves p with Item the national reserve under the rule of law on standards and technical norms.

2. The Ministry, the national reserve management industry and the national reserve agency that specializes in the economic rating of the economy-national reserve engineering. to building plans, budget bills, and national reserves. The Ministry of Finance chaired, in collaboration with the ministry, the national reserve management industry. Come on U, sweep, modified, supplemated The economic level-the national reserve of conservation guarantees that is consistent with the practice and management requirements.

M All right 5


What? 55. The principle of using national reserves

1. National reserves must be used on purpose, Subject ; correct financial management, financial and financial management Bitch. n state, rules by law.

2. Agency The organization. using queue reserve The nation is subject to the Ah! Kill, ki. Okay. Detective, the agency's inspector. Jurisdiction ; the report results in the use of national reserves with the national reserve agency.

3. Chief Minister, Manager l National Reserve, Chairman. Brew The people of the people. All I'm in charge. Okay. The job Okay. - All p and using The National Reserve.

What? 56. The responsibility to export, receive national reserves

1. Agency, organization, unit tasked with publishing. All The national reserve has a pediatric responsibility Don't Do the right thing. brew Warehouse, shipping, delivery at the specified location, time, safety, quality, quality, race.

2. Department, sector, Brew The people of the provincial population. Fuck. The national reserve delivery task must be timely, the right distribution. Fuck. The policy, the object, the regime. Financial management , state property, statistical mode and subject to supervision, examination of the agencies can be monitored. Jurisdiction .

What? 57. Manager, use of national reserves

Department, sector, Brew The people of the provincial population, the agency, the organization after receiving a national reserve of responsibility:

1. Qu Bitch. n li, using package of national reserves on purpose, subject, standards, by law; guarantee, All t escape, waste;

2. Set s Uh ... tracking, accounting, reporting of management situation and use for the Korean welt g the national reserve is granted under the provisions of the law of accounting, statistics. For the national reserves used several times more time. Bitch. Opens s socket of d It was i detail the rules of law.

Chapter V.


What? 58. National stockpile system planning

1. The principle of national stockpile system planning:

a) In accordance with the development strategy. Oh. Social, defense, security and territorial waters;

b) In accordance with the qu reserves strategy Stain. Gia, the planning of land.

c) Synchrony, in accordance with the place of production of supplies, population density; safety assurance.

2. The National Reserve System's overall planning content must meet the following requirements:

a) with the goal and the love And the national reserve;

b) Secure your contacts system National stockpiles of reserves, territories. socket ()

c) Make sure to be sure. Okay. n in the direction of modernisation;

d) Fit with the ability to invest;

You specify the solution and the execution route.

3. The Ministry of Finance chaired, in coordination with the Ministry of Planning and Investment, ministries, the national reserve management industry that built the overall planning system for the Prime Minister of Government approval.

What? 59. National reserve network details planning

1. The principle of planning the network of national stockpiles:

a) We have to base our national stockpiles of national stockpiles and regulations. using the land of the locality;

b) Favorable for protection, fire prevention, traffic, communications, entry, export; secure storage unflooded; synchrony, large scale, secure technology, security, and more. Bitch. Advanced, mechanized, export. g Ah,

2. Details Planning. What? A network. Oh. The national stockpile has to be met. Come on the request The following:

a) Secure continuity, end Stain. i between major economic centers with different regions across the country, in favour of in-entry, national reserve exports;

b) Ensuring the efficiency of the efficiency;

c) Guaranteed. development in the direction of technological modernization b Bitch. o management and process of entry, export;

d) In accordance with the possibility of capital investment;

You specify the solution and the execution route.

3. The head of the ministry, the national reserve management industry organization construction and construction approval the national reserve network details plan within the management range after unification with the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Planning and Investment.

What? 60. The land fund planning uses the construction of the national stockpile

1. Ministry, the National Reserve Management Department of State Planning Board i National stockpiles of planning. using Qu Reserve Building Stain. The country is consistent with local land use planning.

2. State agency Jurisdiction In planning, planning. using Land, land, land lease. to The deployment of ground funds to build national stockpiles according to the planning and implementation of the project. management The state of the land. using to the purpose of building the national stockpile.

What? 61. Request for National Reserve.

1. The national stockpile must be built under approved planning; each step in response to the current requirement of h ... Boob a, there ' s a technology. Bitch. Advanced, equipped with brew Speaking of, Device. technical needed Fuck. Okay. Mechanization, automation of entry, export, national reserve preservation.

2. The National Reserve Warehouse area must be held in tight, safe, secret protection under the rule of law; the armed site. a means , the technical equipment required for observation, surveillance, room, anti-disaster, fire, damage. Show ng, loss and other factors may be t The damage to the National Reserve. .

3. The national stockpile planning base has been approved, the ministry, the national reserve management industry that mobiles organization, business, fishing and tourism. n It's an honor to build a stockpile. Stain. Let's go with it. Move. n The warehouse. regulation at Article 62 of this Law for the National Reserve to lease or receive a lease. preservation The National Reserve.

What? 62. National Reserve Archive Standards

1. The standard of national stockpiles must be consistent with the requirements for the preservation technology and the speciation of each type of national reserve.

2. Minister of Finance decided to standard the national stockpile after reunification v ... Oh. The Minister of Planning and Investment and Chief Minister, the National Reserve Management Department. For the national stockpile of the defence sector, security, the Minister of Defense, Ministry of Tr Here. The Ministry of Public Security decided to standard the national stockpile after unification with the Ministry of Tr. Here. Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Tr Here. Ministry Plan And invest.

What? 63. modernized National Reserve Operations

Active Activity National. has to be invested in research, scientific application, public engineering the art Please. Bitch. n; investment development information technology and other means; ensure the current Fuck. I mean, the National Reserve.

What? 64. Scientific research, engineering, and application of the reserves of conservation goods the country

1. Scientific research, engineering and application of the national reserve conservation technology must be used. response request after :

a) Stretching L Preservation inventory, b Bitch. o sure quality , g. Oh! The loss of national reserves; restrictions on environmental pollution;

b) In accordance with the practice; in return, the transfer of the international advanced security technology.

2. The study of scientific application, engineering and technology conservation technology includes:

a) Study of technology Bitch. n replace b technology Bitch. o national reserve management has been obsolete, polluts the environment, replacing imported technology from abroad; and so on.

b) Expanding international cooperation in the transfer of advanced technology applications to national reserves;

c) Training, worker fostering l High-level, high-level.

3. The Ministry of Finance chaired, in collaboration with the ministry, the national reserve management industry that built the scientific application research plan and the inventory preservation technology of qu. Stain. Come on.

Chapter VI


What? 65.

The law came into effect on 1 July 2013.

What? 66. Details regulation and execution guidelines

The government, the authorities with the authority to regulate the details, guidelines for the implementation of the provisions, which are assigned in the Law.

The law has been locked by the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. III The fourth session passed on 20 th. Ah! - 11 20 1 2 ./.

President of Congress.


Nguyen Gung Xiong