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The Decision 54/2012/qd-Ttg Dated: Issued The Policy For Development Of Production Loans To Households Of Minorities Particularly Hard Period Of 2012-2015

Original Language Title: Quyết định 54/2012/QĐ-TTg: Ban hành chính sách cho vay vốn phát triển sản xuất đối với hộ dân tộc thiểu số đặc biệt khó khăn giai đoạn 2012 - 2015

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Numbers: 54 /2012/QĐ-TTg
Hanoi, November 26, 2012


Enact a production capital loan policy for

Minority people are particularly difficult for the 2012-2015 period.


Government Law Base December 25, 2001;

On the recommendation of the Minister, the Chairman of the National Committee;

The Prime Minister of the Government issued a production of capital development funding for the particularly difficult minority minority of 2012-2015, according to the report.

What? 1. Subject applies

Implementation of capital lending to the minority ethnic group is particularly difficult to develop production, stability of life, sustainable drainage.

Ethnic minority households (including households with wives or husbands who are ethnic minorities) live in communes (communes, wards, towns) of the difficult zone stipulated at the number Decision. 30 /2007/QĐ-TTg The Prime Minister's March 5, 2007, on the March 5, 2007, the Prime Minister's Board of Administrative divisions of the region is difficult, with two criteria:

1. There is a per capita income per month from 50% down from the poor standard under the current regulation.

2. There is production but lack of or no production capital.

What? 2. Principles of execution

1. Public, democracy, right object. It takes years to replenel and make it difficult for them to be particularly difficult.

2. The lending must be based on the specific usage of the borrower and the specific commitment of each of the households that guide the way of government and political-social organizations; the priority of the more difficult ones being borrowed first.

3. The Social Policy Bank performs the lending and may mandate each section to the political-social organizations at the township level in the lending of capital and repayment of debt.

What? 3. Policy Content

1. Capital Loan

a) A particularly difficult minority ethnic subfamilies stipulate at Article 1 This Decision, which has a legal residence, is on the list issued by the People's Committee and approved by the People's Committee;

b) There is a method or need to use borrowed capital to produce, business is government and political-social organizations of the village, family support, or confirmation;

c) Must use the right source of capital, which is not used by the loan to send it back into other banks.

2. Form and capital loan

a) It is possible to borrow one or more times;

b) The total loan is no more than 8 million copper/s; not using assets to secure the loan and is exempt from the cost of employment as administrative procedures in capital loans.

3. Loan deadline

Base on the manufacturing cycle, business and the ability to pay the debt of capital loans but maximum not more than five years.

4. Processing and renew debt

The case is due to pay the debt, but the loan is still a particularly difficult one and has the need to continue using the loan capital, the actual base for the appropriate treatment:

a) If the passport is in a particularly difficult apartment and there is a need to continue using the capital that is considered to extend the debt payout but maximum is no more than five years.

b) If the borrower has escaped from a particularly difficult area but has not yet escaped poverty and a temporary financial difficulty has not yet had a source of debt, it may be considered to extend the payment period, but a maximum of less than 2.5 years.

c) If the borrower has escaped poor in the poverty line then must perform the obligation to repay the debt. The loan case does not perform a debt payment, which applies an overdue interest rate of 130% interest in lending.

5. Interest in loans by 0.1% /month corresponds to 1 .2% per year.

6. Risk processing: For households with risk due to natural disasters, fires, epidemics or other unrelatable difficulties that do not pay the debt are treated with a risk-based risk processing process at the Social Policy Bank under the current regulation.

7. Time of execution: Phase 2012-2015

8. Cost of management: Every year, local media manage management funding from local budget sources to make this decision. The degree is equal to 5% compared to the total allocation of the Central Cost.

What? 4. Capital Source

1. For the unbalanced localities of the budget

The central budget grants funds to the Bank of Social Policy to implement the loan under this decision.

2. For the local self-balance budget

The actual budget is calculated on the local budget. Every year, the People ' s Committee grants this funding to the local budget bill, the People's Assembly approved and transferred to the Social Policy Bank.

What? 5. The Organization

1. The National Committee is chaired by the National Committee, in coordination with the ministries involved in directing the local direction of the decision.

a) This decision is issued by the Executive Board.

b) Every year, the construction of demand planning has sent the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the Ministry of Finance to sum up the state budget bill; test, oversee the implementation of the capital loan policy and the combined report of the Prime Minister. The organization is organized, the total implementation of the policy according to the Prime Minister's report.

2. The Ministry of Planning and Investment, in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance, the National Committee to Build Capital Plan, presented the Prime Minister.

3. The Ministry of Finance is responsible for granting funds to the Social Policy Bank under the plan that has been approved by the Prime Minister.

4. Social Policy Bank is responsible:

a) The Social Policy Bank has the responsibility to guide the process and procedure for simple, clear, easy warranties; implementation of capital loans, debt recovery, long-term guidance using the loan capital and guidelines for regulatory risk handling.

b) Every year the Social Policy Bank planning a demand for the National Committee of the General Assembly to grant approval.

c) A 6-month period of reporting results made with the National Committee, which sent the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the Ministry of Finance to sum up and report the Prime Minister.

5. The Provincial People ' s Committee is directly responsible, full of direction, the organization that performs the loan and the income of local debt, namely:

a) Organization, implementation of this Decision in the Local;

b) Instructs the source of capital to implement other policies on the site in order to effectively increase the use of borrowed capital and limit risk;

c) The assignment of responsibility for the agencies, units (departments, departments, sector organizations etc.) of the province perform tasks related to organizing guidelines for capital loans that are effective and paying off loans;

The local national partnership is the permanent unit, which helps the People's Committee of the organization to implement the policy;

d) Check, assess the situation for lending and use of local capital and report the National Committee on a 6-month term.

6. The District People ' s Committee is responsible

a) directed the Social People ' s Committee and support the Social Policy Bank organizing the implementation of the loan and repayment of debt;

b) Appoints the list of beneficiary subjects of the communes to make the base to implement and report the Provincial People's Committee;

c) A 6-month period of reporting results with the Provincial People's Committee.

7. The Social People ' s Committee is responsible

a) The widespread dissemination of regulatory documents, guidelines that make capital loans to a particularly difficult minority ethnic minority, set up a list of receptor objects under this Decision and years of sweeping, supplematuation of the Committee's Committee of the District. We ' re going to do this, and I ' m going to do it, and I ' m going to do it, and I ' m going to do it, and I ' m going to do it.

b) Support of the Social Policy Bank in the settlement of the bank, tracking, examination of the process of use of capital and the return of the loan capital;

c) Directs the Hunger Program Command Board, reducing social poverty in coordination with political-social organizations monitoring the establishment of a special list of minority ethnic groups that are particularly difficult to borrow capital, guarantee democracy, public; confirm a list of capital loans; coordination with the lending organization, savings and loan organization that checks the use of loans and the income of the debt;

d) The leader of the village was involved in the payment of debt.

) A six-month period of reporting results with the District People's Committee.

What? 6. Effect of execution

The decision has been in effect since 1 February 2013 and replaced the number decisions on the issue. 32 /2007/QĐ-TTg March 05, 2007 and Decision No. 126 /2008/QĐ-TTg September 15, 2008, on loan development, production of the production of the minority people was particularly difficult.

What? 7. Accountability

Ministers, peer-to-peer agencies, Head of Government of the Government, Chairman of the People ' s Committee of the Provinces, the Central Committee of the Central Committee, Chairman of the Board, the Director General of the Social Policy Bank is responsible for the decision to enforce the decision. Hey.

Prime Minister


Dao Dung