Circular 27/2012/tt-Byt: Guidelines For The Management Of Food Additives

Original Language Title: Thông tư 27/2012/TT-BYT: Hướng dẫn việc quản lý phụ gia thực phẩm

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Circulars on the management of food additives _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ pursuant to the law on food safety, June 17, 2010;
Pursuant to Decree No. 38/2012/ND-CP dated 25 April 2012 of the Government on the detailed implementation of some articles of the law on food safety;
Pursuant to Decree No. 63/2012/ND-CP on August 31, 2012 the Government functions, tasks, powers and organizational structure of the Ministry of health;
At the suggestion of the Director of food safety;
The Minister of Health issued a circular guiding the management of food additives: article 1. Scope this circular stipulates: 1. list of permitted additives used in the manufacture, processing and sales of foods and the maximum limit for the additive in food products;
2. management requirements for food additives.
Article 2. Explanation of terms abbreviated notation In this circular, words and sign a short procession here is understood as follows: 1. The CAC (Codex Alimentarius Committee): the Committee of international food standards;
2. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices): good manufacturing practices;
3. ML (maximum limit-Maximum Level) is the maximum amount of a food additive are defined as effective and safe when used for each type of food or food group. The maximum limits are measured in mg/kg of food additives (mg/kg);
4. The INS (International Numbering System) is the system of indicators for each of the additives build by CAC;
5. Food Group Code (Food Category Number) is the number of arranged for each category, according to food groups food classification system construction by CAC to manage food additives;
6. Use food additives including: a) the production, processing, trading, import of food additives;
b) production, processing, trading and use of food products containing additives.
Article 3. The acts prohibited in the use of food additives 1. Use of food additives is not in the list of food additives permitted uses specified in annex 1 are attached to this circular.
2. use of the food additive is too limited to allow non-food object right, with the provisions of Appendix 2 are attached to this circular.
3. use of the food additive does not meet the requirements specified in article 6 of this circular.
4. Use food additives of unknown origin, origin or too indefinite.
Article 4. The list of additives are allowed to use in the list of food additives are allowed to use in food are regulated in annex 1 attached to this circular.
Article 5. The maximum limit for the additive in the food maximum limits for additives in foodstuffs are specified in Appendix 2 attached to this circular.
Article 6. Management requirements for food additives 1. Manufacturing additives business, must meet the requirements specified in circular No. 16/2012/TT-BYT on 22 October 2012 the Ministry of health about the regulation of food safety conditions for manufacturing facilities, food business, tools, packaging materials food, contained in the scope of management of the Ministry of health.
2. food additives must be declared fit or proper disclosure rules regulating food safety before manufacturing, trading, import and use of additives for the manufacture and processing of food.
The order, announced procedure conformity or appropriate regulations publication of food safety to comply with circular No. 19/2012/TT-BYT on November 9th, 2012 of the Ministry of health about the Guide announced conformity or appropriate regulations publication of food safety.
3. Application of GMP in process manufacturing, food processing should comply with: a) limit to a low intake of food additives it is necessary to use in order to meet technical requirements;
b) amount of additive used in the production process, processing, preservation, packaging and transporting food to make sure not to alter the nature of the food.
4. the labelling of food additives made in accordance with applicable law.
Article 7. Transitional provisions for food additives, food products that use food additives has been granted certificate of standard product before the date of this circular in force continue to be used until the end of validity period stated in the certificate.
Article 8. Review, modify and supplement the base management needs according to each period, on the basis of product standards or the instructions of the CAC, food safety Bureau will review the proposed Ministry of health, modify and supplement this circular aims to develop domestic production and in accordance with international practices.
Article 9. The terms of reference in case the legal texts and regulations are cited in this circular have the change, addition or replacement shall apply under the new legal text.
Article 10. Terms of implementation 1. This circular in force from 1 February 2013. Repeal of regulations related to food additives (not including the flavoring was allowed to use in food) at: regulation listing the permitted additives used in food attached to decision No. 3797/2001/QD-BYT on August 31, 2001 and the regulation on conditions for ensuring food safety in production , business, use of food additives issued together with decision No. 1054/2002/QD-BYT on 21st March 2002 of the Minister of health since the day this circular effect.
2. Food Safety Bureau has responsibility for chairing, in cooperation with the relevant authorities the deployment guide and organize the implementation of this circular.

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