Circular No. 54/2012/tt-Bgddt: Regulation Of Educational Inspection Work

Original Language Title: Thông tư 54/2012/TT-BGDĐT: Quy định về cộng tác viên thanh tra giáo dục

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Number: 54 /2012/TT-BGDT
Hanoi, December 21, 2012


Educational Inspectors


The Education Law Base on June 14, 2005 and the Amendment Law, added some of the provisions of the Education Law on November 25, 2009;

Base of Protocol 32 /2008/NĐ-CP March 19, 2008 by the Government Regulation, mandate, authority, and organizational structure of the Ministry of Education and Training;

Base of Protocol 86 /2011/NĐ-CP September 22, 2011 of the Government rules the details and guidelines for some of the provisions of the Inspector Law;

Base of Protocol 97 /2011/NĐ-CP October 21, 2011 of the Government Regulation of inspectors and community inspectors;

At the request of the Chief Inspector.

The Minister of Education and Training issued a regulation on the education of education inspectors.

What? 1. The tuning range and subject apply

1. This information provides about the education of education inspectors; the standard of the educational community of education; the exhibition of educational inspectors; the duties, the powers of the educational staff, and the treatment of the community. Educational inspection; the responsibility of the agency, the organization involved.

2. This information applies to state regulatory agencies of education; educational inspection agencies; educational institutions; educational inspectors; agencies, organizations, individuals involved in educational inspection activities.

What? 2. Professor of Education

The education inspector community includes:

1. The regular education inspector community is public, officials in the education sector, not under the jurisdiction of the inspection agency, have sufficient standards by regulation, which is given the authority to grant certificate authority, the display of the inspection duties;

2. The non-regular education inspector general, the official in and outside of the education sector, is not part of the education of the education inspection agency, which is set to join the inspection team by the incident.

What? 3. The Education Inspector Community Standards

1. Common Standards

a) There is a political, moral, moral, moral, honest, objective, objective.

b) Am understands the law and has the degree of expertise in accordance with the request for an education inspection mission.

2. The regular education inspector general must have the following standards:

a) There is a time of work in the education sector from five years or more;

b) The standard of training in accordance with the provisions of the Education Law, which is assessed to be fairly qualified according to career standards, standard management for each level and training level;

c) As a district teacher who teaches at the rank of a district (for preschool teachers, elementary school, junior high school); teachers at the level of higher education (for high school teachers); civil officials, and officials complete the task excellence (for cases of degree). No good teachers.

d) has been fostering a career of education inspectors under the program issued by the Minister of Education and Training.

What? 4. Level certificates of an education inspector general and a collection of educational inspectors

1. Level a certificate of public education inspector

a) The Minister of Education and Training grants the addition of an education inspector general to the public, officials in units and educational institutions subordinated to the Ministry on the recommendation of the Chief Inspector of the Department (known as associate education inspector).

b) The Director of the Education and Training Department certified an education inspector general to the public, officials of the department, the education facilities of the department (called the department of education inspectors), the educational and training facilities, and the Department of Education. The educational institution is subordinate to the District People's Committee (called the Department of Defense Education Inspecer) at the request of the Chief Inspector of the District.

c) The Certificate of Education Inspector-of-Education has valid for a period of 3 years from the date of the degree and was revoked by regulation at paragraph 4 Article 9 of this Information.

d) Based on the inspection and number of civil officials, officials of the subordinated units, Chief Inspector of the Department, Chief Inspector of the Department of Public Affairs Inspector General of Education regularly, ensuring sufficient composition in the subjects, levels and qualifications. Training.

2. Teacher ' s associate professor of education

a) Chief Inspector of the Ministry of Education and Training of the Ministry of Ministerial inspection of the Ministry of Education and of non-regular education inspectors.

b) Chief Inspector of Education and Training of the Department of Urgent Inspection, department, and educational inspection team.

c) The head of the Education and Training Training Department of the Department of Defense inspectors and educational staff associate not regularly.

d) The display of the education inspector community must be agreed by the body of direct management of the public, the official, and the written implementation.

What? 5. The mission and the powers of the educational inspector community regularly.

1. Regular training, learning to raise professional qualifications, career in detective work.

2. Help the head of the state governing body for education and educational institutions where the education inspector community is working on track of an inspection work, addressing the complaint, denouncing the division of the unit chief.

3. Accept of the decision to display as an inspection mission; perform the task, the authority to join the inspection team as specified in this Article 6.

4. Being joined in the inspection of the inspector, is guaranteed the conditions, the means of work, other rights as defined by the law and the internal spending process of the unit's management unit.

What? 6. The mission, the powers of the education inspector community when joining the inspection troupe.

1. Do the task in accordance with the assignment of the Chief Inspector.

2. The correct implementation of the inspection and regulation of the law.

3. Request for inspectors to provide information, documents, written reports, work on issues related to the inspection content; ask for the organizational body, the individual with information, documents related to the inspection content that provides information, documents, and information. -Yeah.

4. The Chief Inspector of the Inspector applies the measure of duty, the powers of the Chief of the Army to ensure the execution of the assigned mission. The handling of the other problem is related to the inspection.

5. Report results on the task of being delivered, held accountable to the Head of the Army and before the law on the integrity, objective of the report content.

What? 7. Discrimination against the education inspector community

The education inspector community after completing a mission in the education management body, the educational institution currently working, is entitled to a degree of enlightenment when joining the inspection team (not including the inspector of exams) as follows:

1. For the educational inspection associate is the management of preschool, high school or preschool teachers, high school teachers: the time working for one session is calculated in three (or hours of teaching) levels;

2. For the education inspector general who is a teacher, lecturer in universities, academia, university, college, professional middle class: working time a session is charged with 1.5 hours of teaching;

3. For the education inspector collaborator as public, the official in the Ministry of Education and Training, the Department of Education and Training, the Education and Training Department, the universities, academia, college, college, professional middle class: time working a session. It ' s calculated at six hours.

What? 8. Education associate editor

1. The education of an education associate of the education department of the state inspectors of education is guaranteed by the state budget; the funding of the public education inspector-level education is guaranteed by the state budget. The source of funding is granted in addition to the main administrative stock in accordance with the commission.

2. Every year, Inspector of the Department, Ombuddepartment, the Education Room and Training Department planning a business of educating the education staff to the same level. The finance agency is responsible for the synthesis and authorship of the approved authority.

3. The educational inspection team is responsible for payment of the fee, the treatment, and the maintenance of the conditions, the means of working for the educational inspection team.

What? 9. The responsibility of the education management agency and the education inspectors agency

1. The decision to issue a certificate of staff to the inspector according to the provisions of 1 Article 4 and a collection of the educational inspectors in accordance with Article 4 of this Article 4.

2. Guide, fostering the inspector, guarantee the means of work, cost of payment of the fee and the restitution of the inspector general in accordance with the regulations.

3. Reassessment, assessment of the task of carrying out the duties of the inspector general in the academic year (for the regular inspector community as teachers); according to the academic year (for the regular inspector community is civil, other official); after the end of the results. The inspector general manages the inspector general, and sends the head of the officer to the inspector general.

4. Ra's decision to revoking the certificate of an assistant professor of education to the inspector general who has infringed the disciplinary action of the law, dealt with the administration of education or was in charge of criminal responsibility.

Issued a decision to recognize the officer's associate, the officer has the authority to revoking the certificate agent.

What? 10. The responsibility of educational institutions

1. Introduced the public, the officer to grant the authority to consider the decision to issue a certificate of education inspector general.

2. The layout of time-time arrangements, scientific work, rationing for civil service, the officer is set to join the inspectors.

3. Use the comment by the agency ' s agency to examine the education of education in evaluation, test competition, and implementation of a different policy regime for the public, the official.

What? 11. Effect of execution

1. This message has been in effect since 8 February 2013.

2. This information replaced the 16 /TT/LB Private. August 23, 1995 United Education and Training-Finance "Guidelines for the Implementation Of The Regime for the Teacher to be Assigned To The Education Inspection".

Displace a 2-Article 11. 28 /2009/TT-BGDT October 21, 2009, of the Minister of Education and Training issued a Regulation on the Employment Regime for the public teacher; point a 3 Article 5 Digital Information. 48 /2011/TT-BGDT October 25, 2011 of the Minister of Education and Training issued a Regulation on the work regime for preschool teachers.

What? 12.

Chief of the Office, Chief Inspector of the Department, Minister of relevant units in the Ministry of Education and Training; Chairman of the Provincial People ' s Committee, Central City of Central City; Director of the Department of Education and Training; The Head of the Agency, the relevant unit responsible. This is a private practice.



Nguyen Vinh