Circular No. 148/2012/tt-Bqp: Enact Bylaws To Organize, Operate, Manage, Use The Fund For Changsha Dear

Original Language Title: Thông tư 148/2012/TT-BQP: Ban hành Quy chế tổ chức, hoạt động, quản lý, sử dụng Quỹ vì Trường Sa thân yêu

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Numbers: 148 /2012/TT-BQP
Hanoi, 28 December 2012


B Organize, operate, manage, use the Foundation because of the Family School of Love.


The Basic Law Executive Act of 2008;

Base Decision Stain. 557/QĐ-TTg April 19, 2011 by the Prime Minister on the establishment and operation of " Fund because of the Sloved School ";

Proxy Base Okay. n of the Prime Minister at the 7186 /VPCP-KTTH text on 13 September 2012 of the Government Office;

At the suggestion of the Secretary of the Treasury Department.

The Minister of Defense issued the Organizational Regulation of Organization, Operations, Management, Use of the Fund because of the Family School of Love Oh,

What? 1. It is accompanied by this Smart, which operates, manages, and uses the Foundation because of the School of Love.

What? 2. It has been in effect since 20 February 2013.

What? 3. Minister of ministries, peer-to-peer agencies, Head of Government of the Government, Chairman of the People's Committee of the Provinces, the Central Committee of the Central Committee, the Foundation Command for the School of Loved Ones and the agencies, the relevant organization responsible for this information ./.



(The Board is attached to the Yeah. number 148 /2012/TT-BQP December 28, 2012 of the Secretary of Defense)

Chapter I


What? 1. Object Heartburn Apply, scope.

This statute rules the organization, operation, management, use of the Foundation because of the School of Love (later called the Foundation) due to the agencies, organizations, businesses, unions, individuals in and outside of voluntary countries, supporting the Foundation to contribute to raising the living life. the matter, the spirit of the infantry, cadres, civil servants, officials, the people of the Spratues and the DKI (later known as the army, district of the Spratlway).

Other relevant content is not specified in this Regulation, in accordance with the provisions of the existing law.

What? 2. Principles of Operations and Financial Management of the Foundation

1. The foundation established and operates not for profit purposes, as defined by law and jurisdiction. The fund is accountable to the law of its activities.

2. The Fund has a legal status, has its own seal, which is allowed to open accounts at the State Treasury to carry out transactions.

3. The Fund for implementation, genus, determination by the provisions of the Accounting Law and the Law Guide documents. The Fund's fiscal year from 1 January to 31 December.

4. The Fund must publicly state the mobiles, manage, use the Fund and report the implementation of the financial public, asset under the rule of law.

5. Do not take advantage of the Fund ' s activities to benefit individuals and work contrary to the regulations at this Regulation and the law is relevant.

Chapter II


What? 3. The Department of Management, Executive Fund

1. The Foundation because of the Beloved Sa School is located at 38 Border Street, Hai Phong City.

2. The Management Organization, Executive Order of the Foundation: Board of Directors of the Fund, Permanent Affairs Division, Department of Professional Affairs and Financial Accounting of the Fund.

What? 4. Foundation Directs

1. The Foundation Directs Board was established by Decision No. 2380/QĐ-TTg on 14 December 2011 by the Prime Minister, implementing the regulations at Decision No. 557/QĐ-TTg on 19 April 2011 of the Prime Minister for the establishment and operation of "Fund for" "Dear Sa School". Coordinate closely with the Ministry of Defense to deploy the implementation of the specific tasks as follows:

a) The Chair, in collaboration with the agencies, the local organization of the movement to build the Foundation; proposes the forms of recording, the positive, the praise of the collective, the individual who has many contributions to the construction of the Foundation;

b) Command the reception, management, executive and use of the Foundation for the right purpose and effectiveness;

c) Report the Prime Minister on matters of excess of jurisdiction; perform other tasks when elected by the Prime Minister.

2. Head of the Command Board decided to enact the Standing Code of the Directboard and Permanent Affairs Department.

What? 5. The Permanent Division helps

1. The Permanent Division helps to be established by the decision of the Secretary of Defense, which has the task of attempting to help the Board to direct some of the following content:

a) Building content, programs, and plans to implement the annual mandate of the Board of Directors; organize advocacy activities, build Fund and Management, use the Fund by Regulation;

b) Directed, guide, track, test, see the implementation of the operation, construction, management and use of the Fund; aggregation of contributions, support of the Fund on the nationwide scope by periodic; offer a positive expression, commendation of entities, individuals multiple contributions to the Foundation;

c) Setting up the collection, limb, payment of the annual operating budget of the specified Command Board;

d) The seal management of the Command and Account Board of the Fund at the State Treasury and the bank;

Prepare to content the sessions of the Scout Board and perform other tasks led by the Head of the Foundation.

2. Head of the Permanent Section for the assignment of the assignment, assignment, organization of the department to carry out the tasks above.

What? 6. The department is in charge.

The department is established by the decision of the Minister of Defense, which is the specialized body of the Permanent Section for the task; mission:

1. The organization welcomes organizations, individuals to contribute, support; carry on receiving and coordination with the agencies, units of the Navy Corps to take on the money, property, supplies, cargo of organizations, individuals to contribute, support the Fund in the three regions of the United States. (Northern, Central and Southern); aggregation of the resulting results, management and use of the Fund by Regulation;

2. Organization, guarantee and manage the Fund in accordance with Regulation;

3. perform other duties provided by the Command of Command.

What? 7. Fund Accounting Finance

The Financial Officer Accounting Foundation is in charge of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, responsible for the staff and the Director of the Board to implement the Fund accounting finance, which is responsible for the service of the Office of the Treasury Department; there is a mission:

1. Direct to the money, property, supplies, goods of organizations, individuals to support, contribute to the Foundation;

2. Set up the collection, the Head of the Board of the Command Board reports the Secretary of Defense approx;

3. The organization, payment, payment, and financial statements in accordance with the rule of law;

4. The organization performs the accounting regime, the prescribed statistics;

5. Organization for Procurement, Expenditures at the Foundation spending units;

6. Make sure the funding is guaranteed for the management machine, run the Fund;

7. Make a financial public fund.

What? 8. Organization for propaganda, advocacy contributions support for Building Fund

1. Every year, the organization operates agencies, organizations, businesses, unions, individuals in and out of the country to contribute, support through the appeal of the Foundation to Build the Foundation, the monograph, the columnist of the mass information agencies; the statement. The movement of the movement, the movements of the Vietnam Front, the ministries, the Central and the Local.

2. Coordinate with ministries, industries, local, organizations, businesses to organize contributions, support for the Fund.

3. Open the Electronic Information Page (Website) of the Foundation Command to organize advocacy, publicly contribute, backing the Fund.

4. Organization of mobiles, frequent reception and movement of movements.

What? 9. Take Over Fund

1. The reception, money, line of organizations, individuals in and out of the country to participate in contributions, support for the construction of the Fund must be taken seriously, thoughtful, conscientiated and tightly managed; in particular as follows:

a) The entire amount of contributions, support (by money) Fund of agencies, organizations, businesses, unions, individuals in and out of the country are transferred into the State Treasury account.

Unit name: Fund for the Family School

Address: No. 38 Dien Bien Phu, Hai Phong City

Unit number of transactions with State Treasury: 9060332

Account number: 3761,9060332 at the Naval State Treasury

b) The location of the property, supplies, goods of organizations, individuals to contribute, supports directly the construction of the Fund in the three regions: Northern, Central and Southern. In the case of agencies, organizations, businesses, unions, individuals who voluntarily contribute, support cannot directly reach the points of reception in 3 areas, then transfer money directly into the account of the Fund (in money) or sent through the post office (by the item);

c) The organizations, individuals abroad contribute, support the Foundation; the reception through the embassy organizations of Vietnam in the countries; and the United States.

d) The amount of money, the goods of the agencies, organizations, businesses, unions, individuals who voluntarily contribute, support has specific addresses and objects (at the request of organizations, individuals), the department reception to register, manage and report the Command Board to the distribution plan. They use the right address to the right address.

2. Every year, the Command Board reports the Secretary of Defense and the Prime Minister of the Government List of collective lists, individuals who contribute to the construction of the Fund; the amount, the goods received; the amount, the goods distributed, the efficiency of use and public notice in the information media. They built a plan for the next year.

Ch Clear. - III


What? 10. Content

1. The collection of funds including Vietnamese currency and property (artifacts, foreign currency, price papers, property rights and other types of assets) are attributed to the Vietnam currency of the agencies, organizations, businesses, unions, individuals who voluntarily contribute, according to the report. supported in the form of a contract, donated, the will of the person who left the property or other forms into the Fund; for the property as the headquarters, equipment, technology, property rights, valued by the organisation appraisal established by the rule of law.

2. The content collection is as follows:

a) Thu a voluntary contribution of the voluntary enterprise of all economic components; agencies, organizations, unions, individuals in and out of the country;

b) Earnings support for purpose, specific address to exercise objectives according to the organization's authorship, individual support;

c) Other grants (if any).

What? 11. Cost Content

The genus supports the raising of physical, mental, and policy-based policies for the troops, the Spratues, including:

1. Support for the purchase of logistics material, guarantee increased production;

2. Support procurement, repair of equipment to enhance mental cultural life;

3. Support the investment project construction, procurement, repair of equipment, infrastructure;

4. Support of the regime, the policy for the army, the people of the Spratues;

5. Detail support for rear-end government policy for troops, Spratuers;

6. Chi aims to follow the support contract, the support of the institutions, the individual;

7. Other related expenses by regulation.

What? 12. Management mode Regulation, Use of Fund

1. Accounting, grade, decision.

a) Accounting: Every year, the base at the source of the fund; the guarantee mission for the Spratla district, the Committee for the Board of Procurement, the report of the Secretary of Defense approx;

b) The issuer, payment bar: Procurement Base, which is approved by the Minister of Defense; the financial body accounting for the Fund to implement the issuer, the decision, management of the costs as the budget issued;

c) The Board of Directors reports the earnings decision, the fund; evaluate the results of mobiles, management effectiveness, use of the Fund with the Ministry of Defense and the Prime Minister periodically periodically in April every year.

2. Financial Management Mode in Use of Fund

a) The specific level of support for the content provided by the Minister of Defense (except for the case of the sponsor's requirements);

b) For programs, the investment project using the Fund ' s funding must be done under the regulatory regulation of the State and the Ministry of Defense;

c) Investment projects and other cost content that have the purpose of organizations, individuals support, support for the Fund to follow the correct contract signed;

d) The organization of accounting work, statistics in accordance with the provisions of the Law of Accounting, Statistics Law, the written guidelines for the implementation of the Law of the State and the Ministry of Defense.

3. Inspector, check, audit

a) The Foundation directed the Foundation to implement the inspection regime, test, internal audit by regulation and self-responsibility for inspection results, inspection, internal audits;

Accept the decision of inspection, inspection, audit of granted authority under the rule of law.

What? 13. Regulation of Financial Public Finance

Implementing all proceeds, the genus uses the Fund as defined by the State, the Ministry of Defence, and the provisions of the Regulation.

What? 14. Cost guarantees

1. The operating budget of the Command and Permanent Affairs Department helps to be expected and secured in the regular funding of the Ministry of Defence.

2. Cost of operating expenses:

a) The activities of the Standing Committee and the Permanent Section for the (payment of fees, meetings, conferences);

b) Procurement, property repairs, office supplies serving the activities of the Foundation;

c) Public service payments (money, water, telephone, internet, fuel, environmental hygiene); and more.

d) The organization of propaganda, advocacy in support of the Foundation;

Chi to receive, transport (warehouse rent, dock, packaging costs, transport);

) The positive, the praise.

g) Other related expenses by regulation.

3. Hang out of the year, the Board of Directors envisages its decision to guarantee operations with the Ministry of Defense in accordance with the regimes, to the extent of the genus; the implementation of the management process, the use, the funding decision under the current regulation of the State.

Chapter IV


What? 15.

1. Head of ministries, industry; Chairman of the People ' s Committee of the provinces, the city established the Board to hold the campaign to contribute, support the Fund because of the Dear Spratuy School.

2. The Foundation Manager Board, in collaboration with the ministries, industry, and local stakeholders implementing this Regulation in the organization, operation, management and use of the Fund.

What? 16.

1. The organizations, individuals who have numerous contributions to the construction of the Foundation, are credited, rewarded with different forms of worship under the regulation of the State and the Ministry of Defense.

2. The collective, individual to take advantage, breach of income, management mode, the use of the Fund, depending on the nature, the level of the breach handled by the regulation of the state law and the Ministry of Defense.

What? 17. Resolve complaint, t Stain. the fox

The Permanent Division helps with the responsibility of receiving the registration, the aggregation report has the authority to resolve the complaint, denouncing the individual collective in management using the Fund by the rule of law. In coordination with the authorities, the unit, the individual involved in verification, the conclusion that clarified the case of the complaint, denouncing. Announcing the results of the grant of the competent authority to the collective, the individual complaint, denouncing the regulation of the state law and the Ministry of Defence.



Admiral Nguyễn Văn Năn