Decision 14/2013/qd-Ttg Dated: About Implementing Alternate Mode For The Duration Of Practice At The Base Hospital, Healing

Original Language Title: Quyết định 14/2013/QĐ-TTg: Về việc thực hiện chế độ luân phiên có thời hạn đối với người hành nghề tại cơ sở khám bệnh, chữa bệnh

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Numbers: 14 /2013/QĐ-TTg
Hanoi, February 20, 2013


V. The implementation of the rotation regime has a deadline for

People who practice at the clinic, cure diseases.


The Law base. I Ch. I'm Twenty-five. Ah! 12 years 200 1 ()

The Law base. K Oh. Ah! m disease, healing November 23, 2009;

Root Come on Rule. V. March 15. 11 20 1 0;

At the request of the Minister of Health. ()

Prime Minister Ch I'm The government issued a decision on the implementation of a deadline. Stain. i with the man who was in the facility. Ah! Sick, healing. Oh,

What? 1. The adjustment range

This decision rules the implementation of a rotating regime that has a deadline for the occupiers at the clinic, treating the disease from the central line. Stain. The provincial route, from the line to the district and the district to the monastery. y Come on, come on, come on. Okay. I'm sorry. What? -society is not difficult. What? The area is gone. Okay. Economic conditions-difficult societies and regions of economic-particularly difficult socioeconomic conditions.

Fuck! i Two. Fuck! Stain. the application icon

1. The decision applies to doctors, nursing, student households, technicians (later collectively known as the person of the practice) working in the field. to It ' s the basis of disease, the disease, the disease.

2. This decision does not apply to the practice of the examination facilities, the treatment of the armed forces.

What? 3. Subject Okay. waive mode execution mode

1. The male occupiers are pregnant or raising children under 36 months of age, male raising children alone under 36 months. socket i.

2. The occupiers have had time to work in the deep, remote region, regions with economic-economic conditions that are particularly difficult from 24 months or more.

3. The occupiers have a particularly difficult situation: All t in the family with a parent, mother; the person who directly takes care of the father, the mother who is weak or disabled, is in regular pain; having a wife (or husband) is disabled without the ability to take care of her children; herself does not guarantee her health to work away from home.

4. Male occupiers are too aged 55, women are too 50 to Yeah, yeah, yeah.

5. Schools The other is especially due to the Chief Minister of the Agency, the review unit, the decision for the administrator of the administration.

What? 4. Principles of execution

1. In accordance with the demand for the number and quality of the line's expertise in the need for support and response capabilities of the upper line.

2. The priority of a rotational mode has an increased practice of occupiers for the facilities of discovery, healing in the base line, areas of economic conditions-difficult societies and particularly difficult conditions.

3. Guarantee fair, effective, avoid wasting human resources.

4. A rotated mode has a deadline to implement the approved plan, the right authority and the correct sequence.

What? 5. Form, th Yeah. Real time i Rotation mode

1. The election of a rotational practice has a period in the form of an individual or by a professional group.

2 . The occupiers perform a rotation period with a minimum duration of 6 months, a maximum of 12 months (excluding). Yeah. A longer time voluntarily.

3. The occupiers can be sent alternated with a period of time, in many places at the request of the excess. Oh. i. And The work of the place. What? You need a Stain. The person comes to the rotation of two days a week, a week/month, and the time is gathered together to calculate the total amount of time. What? Alternate rotation. Time Stain. I I have No more than 60 days of rotation.

4. The occupiers have had a period of rotation period under the decision of the authority of the competent authorities before the decision is valid, except for the period of rotation by the decision of the decision.

What? 6. The responsibility of the rotational practice

1. Interacts, statutes, and direction, the executive order of the head of the agency, the unit to work in rotation mode.

2. Accept the decision of the head of the head of the agency, Please. The position of rotation has a deadline; the execution is true. i professional, time, place of work delivered.

3. In accordance with the rules of expertise, occupational ethics under the provisions of the Ministry of Health.

4. The report results on a mission during a rotating session that has a deadline for the rotating unit of rotation.

What? 7. The regime applies to the occupiers during the rotation period i El

1. The pre-wage regime, the current level:

a) 100% of salaries, allowable allowable allowable allowable allowable (non-skilled);

b) Professional preferable, malicious subside, special secondary; regional secondary (if available) as partner and partner. Oh. I've been working on business. The case where the arrival of these sub-levels is lower than in the given unit is kept intact;

c) Special privileges to health officials such as: Permanent subordination, surgical subside, procedures, anti-service and nighttime regimes, an additional time (if any) according to the regulatory regime;

d) Other rights such as: Income income, bonuses (if available).

2. A special regime with a rotational practice.

a) Monthly allowance by 50% of the community ' s allowance of leadership and seniority allowance exceeds the frame (if any);

b) Fetishism compiled the curriculum, teaching materials, training; press charges according to the training regime, public fostering, state officials present while participating in training classes in the country. to It ' s time to go alternated.

3. Priority mode

The occupiers complete the task excellence during the rotation period (which has a decision to compliment c) brew a unit, where people who practice in rotation) are given a priority to raise pay before the deadline, change. socket A career in the name of the law when qualified under the rule of law and is entitled to other awards of commendation by the unit of regulation.

What? 8. Cost of funding and responsibility

The funding for the regimes of the practice for the occupiers in the examination facilities, healing of the public is b Stain. The annual state budget forecast for ministries, central and local agencies according to the current state budget allocation; tr ... o It's:

1. The clinic, treating patients with a rotational degree, has a deadline to go down the line under the responsibility of payment of the rules of regulation at Point A, B 1, and Clause 2 Article 7 of this decision for the officer of his unit was sent in rotation. Session. School. The unit where the person who took a job in alternated the rest of the room did not make the rent payment.

2. The basis of the disease, the treatment of a person from the above-to-alternated route, is responsible for the payment of regulatory regimes at Point 1 Point 7 and other rights such as: Income income, bonuses (if any), the collective welfare of their units. You know, the practice is being sent in rotation.

3. Expense mode:

The cost of a rotational practice single You can send in the rules.

What? 9. Ministry of Health Responsibility

1. Organization deployed, guiding the implementation of the alternated rotation regime Yeah. The term of the occupiers; the following, the situation aggregations of this decision in the whole of the country and the yearly periodic report of the Prime Minister.

2. The direction of the rotational regime has the duration of the occupiers ' deadline for medical examination facilities, medical treatment of the Ministry of Health.

2. Approve the rotation plan of the Ministry's subordinated units before 30 June.

Fuck! i Ten. Your responsibility Brew The people of the people. All right The city of Central City.

1. The organization's deployment, which guided the implementation of the rotational regime with the duration of the occupiers on the basis of the examination, the treatment of local management.

2. Approx programs, plans, and alternate policies are limited to those who practice on the province by June 30 each year.

3. The business layout performs a rotating regime that has a deadline for the occupiers according to the decision.

What? 11. i The Health Department's mattress.

1. Build and program Brew The People's Department of the Provincial People's Department of Projects, k What? Planning, the policy of rotation has a deadline for people to think about. Okay. On the ground.

2. Just o , guide, test and organization carrying out the program, plan, policy Lu Yes. n the session has a local deadline after being released Brew It's like Yes. People. All The province is approved for the fish. c Yeah. Go. b Don't The treatment is under the control. What? .

3. Qu Bitch. The use of a state budget for the implementation of a rotational mission has a limited run of occupiers; to mobilize social resources for the rotating activities of the time of practice.

4. The decision to commend or offer a grant of commendation grants to organizations, individuals whose achievements are in the execution of a rotating regime with a deadline.

5. Direction, guide and t socket function of statistical work, the Ministry of Health report on v ... Yung c performs a rotated mode of rotation.

What? 12. Uh ... The fisherman. Yeah. Act as a rotational practice.

1. Implementing the survey, identifying the needs of the unit, the local reception of the vehicle. What? n alternated time; h p copper to Their duty to the local, the unit in number, to Career expertise, time of employment of The man who did the job.

2. Building a yearly plan, through the political, political-social organizations of the unit, public planning and political planning. to Global bees. Please. And the point of action or the motion of the organ, the authority of the fishermen. Yeah. There are plans to go on a rotating schedule.

3. The deployment of funds to implement a rotational mode of the duration of the unit's occupations is specified at Article 8 of this Decision.

What? 13. The responsibility of the units to take over the occupiers to the execution of rotation mode

1. Define the need c And The manpower needs to be added, strengthening in accordance with the actual requirement, planning to take on the person who has a career in rotation and the technical expertise in need of support.

2. Accommodation arrangements, working vehicles, are common in the customs of the local cell's customs for the person who acts as a rotation on the rotation period.

3. The budget layout to address the regime for alternated occupiers has a deadline. Please. The stipulation at Article 8 of this decision and the funding to ensure the physical conditions serve the professional work to work.

4. Build and enact a coordinated process of working between a rotating session of time and the driver of the company. Please. Yes,

5. Confirm job results c brew A man who works in rotation.

What? 14. Don't I Well, c

This decision is in effect. Yeah. April 15, 2013.

Fuck! i Fifteen. Blame i Cuz i Action.

Minister, Chief of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Head of Government of the Government, Chairman Brew The people of the provinces, Stain. The Central Committee is responsible for this decision. .

Prime Minister


Dao Dung