419/qd-Ttg Decision: Approved "vietnam Football Development Strategy Until 2020 To 2030 Vision,"

Original Language Title: Quyết định 419/QĐ-TTg: Phê duyệt “Chiến lược phát triển bóng đá Việt Nam đến năm 2020, tầm nhìn đến năm 2030”

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Number: 419/QD-TTg
Nationwide, March 8, 2013


"Vietnam Football Development Strategy to 2020, Vision 2030".



The Law base. I Government, December 25, 2001;

Sports Law Base on November 29, 2006;

At the suggestion of Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism,


What? 1. "Vietnam Football Development Strategy to 2020, Vision 2030" with the following:


a) Developing football in a comprehensive and sustainable direction; emphasis on movement football, selection work and training of football talent.

b) Push the socialization of internal control, to mobilize the resources and participation of society for the development of football, in conjunction with the central investment, the focus of the state.

c) Consider improving the achievement of football at the level of the team level as a goal, as a driving force to develop football, and also a useful tool to contribute to the education of patriotism, national pride, to promote the image of the country in international schools.

d) Change the management method, run professional football on the basis of strengthening state management of football and role-in-play, the operational effectiveness of social organizations-the profession in the field of football.

2. Target

a) Innovation and fining the selection system, training of football talent; connecting the training of lines, the elite class of athletes aimed at the creation of professional football clubs and national football teams.

b) Developing professional football in professional orientation.

c) Construction of the Vietnam Football Federation and member organizations of the Vietnam Football Federation became strong institutions, capable of ensuring management, organizing most of the football activities in our country.

d) Development of the facilities, engineering of football operations; ready to host the organization of continental and world football leagues.

Formation, expansion of business markets, football services, market player transfer.

e) Bringing the football of our country to grow, becoming one of the football centres of the region and continent; by 2030 stands in the 10-nation group that has the top developed football in Asia.

3. Political indicators

a) Phase 2012-2020:

-The men's national team and the U23 men have won the AFF Championship or the SEA Games (1-2 times); the men's football stands in the 15-nation group of top Asian football; women's football stands in the group of six major Asian countries.

-Finishing the national football competition system, including: National League (V-League), First Division, National Cup, National Cup, Vietnam Cup Cup, National Second Division, National League, National Youth League, and National Youth League. (U21, U18, U15, U13, U11), the women's football league, Futsal league and beach soccer league.

-The number of football clubs in 2020 reached a minimum of 7,500 clubs.

-The number of young athletes (U11-U18) has been trained to focus on 4,000 athletes per year.

-The Vietnam Football Federation has 10-15 cadres of approval and professional boards of the ASEAN Football Federation (AFF), Asian Football Federation (AFC); there are at least 10 main referees, 20 assistant referees to standard FIFA arbitration.

b) Period 2021-2030:

-Men ' s football ranks among the top 10 football-level teams in the Asian region. Women's football ranks among the top six countries in Asia.

-The number of young football athletes (U11-U18) is trained to focus by 2030 achieved over 6,000 athletes.

-The Vietnam Football Federation is strong in terms of organization, self-government, and most football activities; 100% of the provinces, the central city of the Central Football Federation.

-The number of football clubs in the movement to 2030 has reached over 12,000 clubs.

4. Mission and Solution

a) Development of movement football

-Build, deploy the development project football development project; take the sport of football and Futsal football into schools in the form of extracts extracts.

-Every step in standardization of the physical base system, the field serves the school football activity of the schools in the education system, in front of the focus on the schools, the national school. Developing the network of school football clubs, by 2020 reached over 1,000,000 members.

-Development of grassroots football clubs in the wards, townships, villages, villages, hamlets, residential areas, businesses, armed units, group organizations ... It forms the professional association football competition system with the professional support of the Vietnam Football Federation and the governing body of sport sports.

-Planning, training, team development team, coach, amateur football referee (licensed to specialize).

-Orientation, support for the development of Futsal football, beach soccer, street football.

b) Innovation, perfuming the selection system, training of football athletes.

-Build, enact a football talent rating (ages 7-11 years old and 12-15 years old), as a base for the organization of the test, the selection of football talents across the country, in time to find, fostering, develop a football talent.

-The form of football academy at professional football clubs, selection and training of youth football in the ages.

-Finishing the youth football competition system (U11, U13, U15, U17, U19, U21) according to the socialization method; the discovery and addition of athletes ' forces to youth teams.

-Improving national football competition with regulations, making sure the U21 football player is played at a minimum of 20 matches per year.

-Diversification of the training methods of football; encourage economic institutions, private participants to train and provide athletes for clubs, soccer teams.

-Building the National Football Academy, the National Youth Football Training Center, hosted by the Directorate of Sport and the Vietnam Football Federation directly.

c) enhancing the quality and achievement of the national football teams.

-Strengthening investment for the teams, the men's national youth team, the women; the best coach, with a high level of expertise for the teams.

-Deploy the plan to prepare forces for football teams to compete in the World Cup qualification and important international football competitions. Send youth teams (14-18 years of age) for long-term training (for a minimum of two years) in countries with developed football.

-Form the title of National Football Technical Director in full responsibility for the coaching plan and the professional quality of the teams, the youth team.

-Build, shape the tactical system, the modern competition for football teams in accordance with the physical characteristics of the Vietnamese.

-Ensure the terms of cultural learning and the strengthening of moral education towards athletes of football teams, especially young athletes.

-Take care, resolve the legitimate interests of the coaches, the team player, the national youth team.

-There is a policy of encouraging Vietnamese football talents abroad to compete for the national team.

d) Developing professional football; fining and enhancing the quality of professional football competitions in the world.

-The model general, clarify the theory of professional sports development in our country.

-Continue to perfect the legal framework and the mechanisms, the policy concerning professional football.

-Each step expands on the number and elevate the quality of professional football clubs in our country.

-The orientation of the development of the training market, transfering the player in a healthy, transparent way.

-Promote the educational propaganda to promote the professionalship of all organizations, personally participating in professional football.

-Scrutinization, enacted rules, rules out the football tournament with the regime strong enough to prevent, prevent and process negative behaviors.

-A national arbitration event; a strict implementation of the regulations on the standard of professional standards, standard ethical standards for the team of referees, supervision, and organizational staff.

The development of the technical facilities in the world of football.

-A combination of the state's investment with the investment of the business, social organization, club and the contribution of the people in the construction of facilities, strengthening the technical conditions that serve the development of football.

-Every step of standardization of the works, the equipment is served by training and competitions of football across the country.

-Upgrading, expanding youth football training and coaching works in national sports training centers.

-Build a proposal to form 3 National Football Academy under the management of the General Sports Department of Sport and the Vietnam Football Federation.

-Orientation, which encourages development of training facilities, the basis of football service activities organised by organizations, businesses, private investment. Encouraging business units, private participants to build stadiums that operate in the form of service business.

-Formation, network development of small-scale stadiums, simple football fields at universities, colleges and high schools, communes, neighborhoods, urban areas, urban areas, residential areas ....

e) Development of management personnel, football executive, etc.

-Building standards and choices mechanisms, managing managers, running football activities that have enough power, qualifications and moral qualities, in accordance with the requirements for the development of football in each phase.

-Each step standardized the level of football coach to meet the general rules of FIFA and AFC. Frequently trained, equipped with full knowledge, skills, modern training methods for the coaching staff, assistant football coach.

-Development of the number of referees, the head of football monitoring is recognized by FIFA. Increased selection, sending coaches, referees, supervising the training courses of international football organizations and participating in major international football competitions.

-The standard board and tight management of the training, the ganglion, the level of the football referee's certificate.

g) Push for the application of technological science, sports medicine in management, football coaching, etc.

-Moderate football training facilities; equipped with technology equipment supporting training and evaluating the level of football athletes.

-Building the national database of cadres, referees, coaches, athletes, and football talents.

-The information technology application in football management activity and in athletes training, association football competition.

-Enhancing the capacity of sports science facilities; implementing research topics, technological science applications, sports medicine in football training.

-Encouraging football training facilities to use technology science, investing in modern equipment serving training, athletes training.

-Development of sports physicians, sports medical staff at football training centers and professional football clubs.

h) Innovation and enhance capacity, efficiency of football activity management

-Finishing the legal system of law, which is a professional management document for football activity.

-Building the regime, the policy that is consistent with the professional love of football in our country is an incentive to develop talent, encouraging talent to attract people in the field of football.

-Build, enact a priority policy, encourage development of football, focus on tax policy, land, credit for attracting investment and reward policies, to deal with the coach, football player.

-Scrutinus, enhance the management of football operations; ensure the role of state management for football activity. Strengthening the staff, management of football from the centre to the local.

-The whole machine, HR, change the activity of the Vietnam Football Federation. Developing the Provincial Football Federation, the city and its member organizations at the county level, the district.

-Orientation shaping social organizations-professions to protect the rights of athletes, referees and people who practice in the field of football.

-Strengthening propaganda, education, raising awareness of football development in a professional and healthy environment.

-Building a coordinated relationship, the community of responsibility between the governing body of football with the media, the forum of football fans to promote educational propaganda, anti-defence, anti-negative behaviour in football.

-Enhance the management and orientation of the mobiles ' activities. Play the role of the cheerleading societies in the building of healthy culture of football.

-Board and modification, the addition of arbitration management regulations, athletes and handling negative behaviors in football, promoting interdisciplinary coordination in monitoring, testing, handling of negative behaviors in football.

i) Open international cooperation activity on football.

-Positive for the support of international football organizations in management, training, coaching, arbitration.

-Build a plan to develop the role of the Vietnam Football Federation in international football organizations; send cadres to the Executive Board and professional boards of FIFA, AFC, AFF.

-Development of bilateral cooperation relations with countries with developed football and countries in the Southeast Asian region.

-Support of football clubs that develop partnership with foreign football clubs, especially in the joint venture, the construction of training centers, youth football academas.

-Full participation in international competitions in the region, the continent and the world.

-Actively hosted international football competitions in Vietnam.

) Financial solutions

-Form a comprehensive marketing strategy that raises the brand value of national football teams, football clubs, leagues in the national football competition system.

-Compete with the financial support of the businesses, the economic organization to carry out the goals of developing football.

-Diversity in advertising forms, funding to increase revenue for football development.

-Increased copyright exploitation involving football activity on television, multimedia media, radio, internet.

-diversification of football development funds.

-Strengthening the organization of competition, association football, increasing revenues from hosting football events.

-Efficient development of facilities, buildings transferred by the state.

-Research, proposing a pilot to deploy a football bet or to forecast the results of a bonus football to generate revenue for the Vietnam Football Development Fund and serve the deployment of projects, the strategic focus program of the Strategy.

5. Action program, weight project

a) Stage 2012-2016:

-Complete legal documents, management documents, policy policies in the field of football.

-Building the Vietnam football development plan to 2020 and the vision by 2030 to implement its strategic implementation and implement the "top 10 Asia" target.

-Complete the professional football executive mechanism; further expansion of professional football rules.

-Experiment and enter the application of selection process, training, assessment of the qualifications of football athletes from aptitude to the focus team. Building the national database of Vietnamese football.

-Deploying a program to develop a school football ball.

-Enhancing the quality of state management against football; lawsuits all, improve the performance of the Vietnam Football Federation and the Provincial Football Federation, the Central City.

-For the Vietnam Football Development Fund.

-Drastic deployment, effective defense, negative combat in football activities; organized healthy football competitions, with a high quality of expertise.

-Upgrade, development of the Centre for Football Training, the Central Football Academy of the Central and at some localities have the conditions of developing football.

-Point projects:

+ The Vietnam Football Development Planning Project from 2020 to 2020 and the 2030 vision for the goal of "top 10 Asia".

+ The target program is headed to ASIAD for the 18th time in 2019.

+ Professional football development project 2012-2020.

+ The training project, which develops high quality human resources for Vietnamese football, the period to 2020.

+ Proposition of a football bet.

+ Football Academy Project (in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang).

+ Project for the construction of the technology science center-medicine that serves football coaching.

+ National Football Database.

+ The proposal to establish the Vietnam Football Development Fund.

b) Stage 2016-2020:

-Complete the legal writing system and the mechanisms, policies to create and develop the professional football market in our country.

-Deploying on a wide field of school football programs; expanded, raising the quality of football in the movement.

-Development of social organizations-district-level football, district and junior level.

-Complete the youth athletes ' training system in all lines; bringing youth competitions into the national football competition system.

-Applying the tea method of training, modern football management, which has the support of technology science, sports medicine.

-Continue to enhance the capacity of football management, achieving professional management.

-Finishing the Football Academy, the National Football Training Centre.

-Total strategic implementation.

-Point projects:

+ Training project, development of high-quality human resources for Vietnamese football, period 2016-2020.

+ Target program "top 10 Asia".

+ Development Programme (Phase 2).

c) Phase 2021-2030: The programs, projects in this phase are built on the basis of the sump, evaluating the implementation of the implementation of the programs, the project was implemented in the previous phase.

What? 2. Strategic implementation of Strategy

The deployment budget implementation of the Strategy is arranged in the annual budget spending of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, ministries, departments, agencies, relevant organizations, and local-state budgets.

In addition to the state budget, ministries, industries, agencies, organizations are involved and the local active advocacy of organizations, individuals within and abroad, as defined by law.

What? 3. Organization implemented

1. Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, the relevant sector and the Provincial People ' s Committee, the Central Municipal City of the Organization to implement "Vietnam Football Development Strategy to 2020, vision to 2030"; direction by 2020. lead, inspection, synthesis of the situation implementing the Prime Minister ' s Periodic Reporting of the Report; the preliminary organization at the end of 2015 and summup by the end of 2020.

2. The Ministry of Finance chaired, in coordination with the relevant agencies with the authority to fund the Strategic implementation of the Strategy; instruct the ministries, Ban, the local industry to use the right cost and efficiency.

3. The ministries, peer agencies, government agencies, the Provincial People ' s Committee, the Central Committee of the Central Committee within the range of functions, duties, its powers are responsible for coordinating with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism that carry out the objectives of the War. It ' s about ensuring consistency, synchrony with the implementation of the economic-social development plan of the industry, the local.

What? 4. This decision has been valid since the date of the board.

What? 5. The ministers, the Prime Minister, the Head of Government of the Government, the Chairman of the People's Committee of the provinces, the Central City of the Central Committee, is responsible for the decision.


Deputy Prime Minister


Thank you.