Circular 31/2013/tt-Btc: Guide To Financial Management Programs Of The National Investment Promotion

Original Language Title: Thông tư 31/2013/TT-BTC: Hướng dẫn cơ chế quản lý tài chính Chương trình xúc tiến đầu tư quốc gia

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Number: 31 /2013/TT-BTC
Hanoi, March 18, 2013


The guidelines for the financial management program to promote national investment.


Base of Protocol 60 /2003/ND-CP June 6, 2003, of the Government of Regulation and Guide to the Law of the State Budget;

Base of Protocol 118 /2008/NĐ-CP November 27, 2008 of the Government on the functions, duties, powers, and organizational structure of the Ministry of Finance;

Base Decision Base 26 /2012/QĐ-TTg June 8, 2012 by the Prime Minister on the promulgation of the construction process and implementation of the national investment promotion program;

On the recommendation of the Director of Corporate Finance;

The Ministry of Finance issued the Information Management mechanism for the financial management of the national investment promotion as follows:

Item 1


What? 1. The adjustment range

This information guides the spending and financial management applicable to the national investment promotion proposals approved and implemented in accordance with the regulation of the Building Regulation and implementation of the national investment promotion issue issued with Decision No. 1. 26 /2012/QĐ-TTg June 8, 2012 of the Prime Minister (later called the program).

What? 2. Subject applies

1. The program presiding over the program are ministries, disciplines, and the People's Committee of the provinces, Central City, Central Committee of the Economic Zone, Industrial Zone, Manufacturing Sector, High Tech Sector with a highly recommended promotion of national investment. Check.

2. Unit participation in the program: agencies, businesses, business associations, industry associations.

What? 3. The funding source makes the program

The funding implementation of the National Investment Promotion program is arranged from the state budget for the national investment promotion content approved annually by the National Assembly, the revenues and other legal sources of funding (if any).

What? 4. Cost Management Principles

1. The presiding unit must use the state budget budget that supports the right purpose, effectively, in accordance with the standards of standards, the existing spending regime, and the level of spending on the program content according to the regulation at this level.

2. For the unprepared genus content, the base according to the contract, invoicing the evidence from actual, reasonable, legal spending on the regulation of the law, the presiding unit must be responsible for the cost decisions as well as accuracy, honesty and integrity. of the accompanying expenses and certificates.

3. For the prescribed expenses that must carry out the bidding process applies under the provisions of the Bidding Law and the Registered Contracting Laws.

Item 2


What? 5. Cost content and support level

Includes grants for the content of the national investment promotion program that is regulated at Article 3 Chapter I Regulation Building and implementation of the national investment promotion program issued by Decision No. 1. 26 /2012/QĐ-TTg June 8, 2012 of the Prime Minister, in particular:

1. Support 100% of the funding applied to the specified content at Point a, b, c Clap 1, Clause 2, Point A 3, point b Clap 4, Points a and b Clap 5 Article 3 Statables and execution of national investment promotion, including:

a) Proclamation, promoting the investment environment of Vietnam

-The cost of carrying out information, the propaganda of the investment environment, the chairman and the policy of the Party and the State for investment in the media of mass and foreign information, publishes investment documentation, business and related publications.

-The cost of ordering the domestic and foreign media authority to write cards, to launch newspapers, radio, television, electronic information pages, made the film promoting the investment environment in Vietnam under a package contract.

-The upgrade costs, maintenance of the operation of the electronic information site Introduction to Vietnam ' s investment environment, connect this electronic information page with the Ministry of Electronics Information pages of the Ministry, industry, local in the country and with the prestigious electronic information site. In the world.

b) Building orientation, policy, and promotion of investment promotion

-The cost of building the project is assessing the field of fields, regions, the economy to do the construction and deployment of investment promotion proposals;

-The cost of building the National Arbitration Project Portfolio calls for domestic investment and foreign direct investment in line with strategy, economic development plans-every period, economic development planning-engineering; construction of detailed documentation and development of the country. project for national focus projects, which support the costs:

+ Convention cost: The cost of renting the school, renting equipment, decorum, drinking water, stationing costs;

+ The cost of collecting, buying documents;

+ Survey costs, actual investigation;

+ Cost of document translation;

+ Consulting cost, design, printing construction of Project Category;

-Funding funding is written when performing partnerships with organizations, individuals in and outside of research countries, writing projects to promote investment in strategic partners (national or transnational groups).

c) Organization for the promotion of promotion of investment in key overseas places under the subject, the field to attract foreign direct investment in Vietnam and to promote the investment of Vietnamese businesses abroad for certain areas of the right, specific expense support:

-Work for the object to execute or participate in the program. For investment promotion activities that are far from the center, must move much: if the budget is large, the cost support level is not enough to cover the travel costs, then it can be considered to support the difference between the actual and the cost. according to the regulation on the basis of the travel schedule and the evidence from the actual genus.

-The cost of organizing workshops, forums calling for investment included: school rental costs, equipment, decoration, printing costs, document-making, translation, mid-hours, reception (if available), stationing costs.

-Promotional costs, introduction of the organization of the promotion of promotion of investment in the foreign news media of the country.

-The cost of renting the event unit event; the cost of transporting documents, equipment; mail, document via post office.

d) Training the promotion of investment in ministries, departments and the People's Committee of the provinces, the Central City of the Central, the Management of the Economic Zone, Industrial Zone, Manufacturing Zone, High Tech Sector through the organization of the survey, learning, business exchange. There ' s an organization that ' s successful in the world, in particular, to support the costs:

-A fee for the audience to join the survey, study, exchange experience of investment promotion. Support a single person. A unit of the company.

-The cost of renting the hall, the cost of renting equipment, decorum, the middle-hour beverage, the cost of printing the document, the stationing office, the cost of the teaching staff, the presentation.

Other activities:

-Supporting the cost of providing information, promotion, promoting the deployment of large-scale projects, has an important influence on the economic-social development of the region, the field of focus economics, namely:

+ The implementation of the implementation, publication and release of the flyer and document related to the project;

+ The cost of communication, sending documents;

+ Expenses promote the project through press conferences, mass media.

-Conducting promotion of investment in place, including the organization of policy dialogue, the finalization of the legal framework, the troubled difficult settlement of the business that has invested in Vietnam;

2. Support a maximum of 70% of the funding for regulatory content at Point 3 Article 3 Regulation Building and implementation of the national investment promotion agenda of conference organization, investment promotion workshop in region, field, industry aiming to attract investment and investment. In the sector, the field, the critical economic zone. For units invited to join the conference, the workshop, which supports only one person/1 unit of participation.

3. To Point 1, Point A 4 and Point 5 Article 3 Regulation Building and execute the national investment promotion promotion, the level of funding support is as follows:

a) Organization or participation in domestic and foreign exhibitions aimed at introducing investment and investment environments in Vietnam.

-Support 100% of the exhibition funding that includes the cost of hiring by the national exhibition including the cost of electricity, water, decoration, design costs and materials needed, the cost of printing documents, and transportation to the organizational location, office costs, and more. The cost of promoting the exhibition, the cost of hiring the company to hold the event.

-Support 100% of the fee work for cadres, public salaries from the state budget implementing or participating in the program.

-Support of 70% of the fee for a non-profit object from the state budget participated in the exhibition. Support a single person.

b) The organization of training, raising capacity and investment promotion skills for state management agencies, organizations operating in the field of attracting investment and business, including inviting professionals, foreign instructors to the teaching, in which:

-Support 100% of the cost of the training organization included: the cost of renting the hall; equipment; decorum; printing costs, document-making; translation; the middle-time; the cost of stationing; the cost of making a course certificate, the cost of renting a survey car The field serves the training (if any).

-Support 100% of the fee work for the course of the course to be the head of state management agency.

-Support 70% of the fee work for a non-profit subject from state budget to the course of education

c) For the operation to organize the country 's investor support centers with source technology, the country has the potential for capital to have a particular support mechanism for the country' s investors: Support for a maximum of 70% of the Centre ' s operating costs in the first 1 year since the year. when the establishment includes: Office rental costs, the cost of purchasing the required equipment, the cost of purchasing documents, stationing offices.

4. For other investment promotion activities under the Prime Minister ' s Decision, the level of support follows the decision of the Prime Minister and the regulations at this level.

What? 6. Cost the contents of the program

The state budget supports funding for national investment promotion projects under the provisions prescribed in Article 5 of this Smart and granted authority to approve in accordance with reasonable actual costs but does not exceed the terms of the extent that govern regulations. with the state administration, the career unit. Specifically as follows:

1. The conference, seminars and fees for the subject of domestic work in the country by decision of the program to approve the program and the maintenance unit to carry out the work on investment promotion conducted by Digital Information. 97 /2010/TT-BTC On June 6, 2010, the Ministry of Finance regulated the cost of the fee, the regime that held conferences on state agencies and public career units.

2. The cost of payment of the fee for a foreign-made object, participating in the promotion of investment promotion programs at the Digital Information 102 /2012/TT-BTC June 21, 2012, of the Ministry of Finance to rule the public for the cadres, the State's public for short-term work abroad due to the state budget.

3. Foreign visitors, conference organization, international workshop on investment promotion by regulation at the Fourth of the United States. 01 /2010/TT-BTC On January 6, 2010, the Ministry of Finance regulated the spending of foreign visitors working in Vietnam, spending conferences, international conferences in Vietnam and domestic spending.

4. The organization organizes training classes raising capacity and investment promotion skills for state management agencies, organizations operating in the field of attracting investment and business practices in accordance with the regulation at Digital and Investment Management. 139 /2010/TT-BTC September 21, 2010 of the Ministry of Finance Regulations Regulation, management and use of funding from the state budget for training, accretion, public office.

5. The construction of the assessment projects in the field of fields, regions, the economy to make the basis of implementing the investment promotion proposals made by regulation at Digital Information. 44 /2007/TTLT-BTC-BKHCN The 7/5/2007 of the United Nations and the Ministry of Science and Science and Technology Guide to the construction and allocation of funds to be funded by the scientific and technological project topics using the state budget.

6. The upgrade, maintaining the operation of the electronic information site Introduction to Vietnam 's investment environment, connects this information page with the Ministry of Industry' s electronic information pages, local in the country and with the prestigious electronic information site on the site. World-based policy. 137 /2007/TT-BTC November 28, 2007 of the Ministry of Finance directed the level of electronic and digital information. 19 /2012/TTLT-BTC-BKHT- BTTTT on February 15, 2012 of the United Nations Finance-Ministry of Planning and Investment-Ministry of Information and Communications on the guidance of management and use of the funding implementation of the National Programme on the Application of Information technology in the activities of the State Agency.

7. For the unprepared contents of the genus, the genera have a specific nature such as information activity, media propagation of mass information in and outside of the country; publication of publications, books, documents; film spending; advertising costs; details; and more. The event ... needs to make a competitive bid or bid under the provisions of the Bidding Law and the Registered Bidding Laws.

Article 7. For the investment promotion of the Provincial People ' s Committee, the Board of Management of the Economic Zone, Industrial Zone, Manufacturing Sector, the high-tech sector.

The Provincial People's Committee, the Board of Economic and Industrial Areas, the industrial sector, the manufacturing sector, the high tech sector, the basis for the provision of the content and the provisions of this information to implement investment promotion proposals from local budget sources and institutions. other legal resources.

Section 3



What? 8. Total construction and allocation of capital funds

1. The Ministry of Planning and Investment is the need for funding planning for the implementation of the national investment promotion promotion program, sending the Ministry of Finance. Based on the balance of the state budget, the Ministry of Finance considers general aggregation of the annual budget plan and the National Assembly's Government report approv.

2. The Budget Reserve Base is delivered, the Ministry of Planning and Investment makes approval of the program, the allocation of funding implementation of the detailed national investment promotion program in accordance with the host implementation of the program and regulatory content at Article 5, 6. of this message on the principle of total funding of support to implement the program's projects that do not exceed the approved bill.

What? 9. Procedulate procedure and support funding decision

1. Advance

a) The base decides to approve the annual national investment promotion program of the Minister of Planning and Investment in the scope of the state budget planning scope announced, the unit that precursors to the detailed bill has been either the program ' s governing body or agency. The chairman of the board on approval accompanying the filing offer a budget advance to the Ministry of Finance (Enterprise Finance Bureau).

b) The profile offer to be met is included.

-It's a budget-free speech.

-Decided to approve the program of the competent organ;

-Detailed details of the program already licensed to approve;

-Progress and duration of planning programs;

-Other documents that are related to the implementation of the program;

c) The rate of funding

The maximum level of response is 70% of the detailed bill that has been licensed to approve the approval and the Treasury Department.

d) Time of sweep time to advance: Within the 10-day period of work since receiving full of the application's offer profile, the Ministry of Finance performs a sweep and grant funding to hold the correct implementation of the approved progress.

2. Cost of Business

2.1 to decide every program:

a) A maximum of 30 working days after the end of the program execution, the presiding unit responsible for full collection of evidence, the report of the program to decide the program to send the program host or the governing body on the test, approve the decision. and send the Ministry of Finance (Enterprise Finance Bureau) to review funding that is missing or reimbursable funds that have been repaid over the approved decision number.

b) The offer to support the funding includes:

-Text offer to support the funding after the decision;

-The decision to approve the agency ' s program decision with the authority accompanied by the certificate of execution from the program execution;

-Report results report.

-Other documents are related to the implementation of the program.

c) Within a 15-day period of work since receiving sufficient valid records that offer the funding of the presiding unit, the Ministry of Finance is responsible for sweeping and decision-making to support the funding for the maintenance unit or return for funding if the number has been greater than the decision number. Yeah.

2.2 Total annual decision-on: 31/12 annually, the presiding unit is responsible for aggregable funding of all programs, reports and signposts sent to the Ministry of Finance, which sent the Department of Planning and Investment slowest to 31/1 years. follow the Finance Ministry to review the aggregation of the operation of the programs that have done and announce the results for the host unit. The case of the decision after the 31/1 year was followed by the transfer of the source and the accounting aggregation for the next year, but the following year is not more than 31/3 the next year.

What? 10. Evidence, profile of the host unit

1. Exercise and retention of the evidence: The presiding unit is responsible for fully gathering evidence from the cost of the right content, time, location, and other conditions stated in the Decision to approve the National Investment Appropriation Program of the Ministry of Planning. and Investment

The presiding unit is responsible for storing evidence from the root in relation to the items of the funding content supported by the state under the rule of law.

2. For state content that supports a portion of the cost, the presiding unit is responsible for mobiling enough funds to perform.

3. The presiding officer performs the program responsible for the accuracy and honesty of the adjacal, the execution bill. All detection of magnetic evidence, the invoice is subject to legal treatment and rejection of payment.

What? 11. Transfer of funds

The annual national investment promotion budget was not used by the state budget in five additional plans for use in the following year. The Ministry of Finance has a written notice of funding transferred on the basis of the General Report and the decision to implement the entire year program of the Ministry of Planning and Investment.

Section 4


What? 12.

It has been in effect since May 5, 2013.

In the course of execution, if there is an entangrium or problem of birth, offer the units to reflect on the Ministry of Finance to timely disposal.



Xiaowen Chen