Circular 07/2013/tt-Btnmt: Modification, Additional Technical-Economic Norms Of The Geological Structures Attached To Circular No. 11/2010/tt-Btnmt On July 5, 2010 The Minister Of Resources And M

Original Language Title: Thông tư 07/2013/TT-BTNMT: Sửa đổi, bổ sung Định mức kinh tế - kỹ thuật các công trình địa chất ban hành kèm theo Thông tư số 11/2010/TT-BTNMT ngày 05 tháng 7 năm 2010 của Bộ trưởng Bộ Tài nguyên và M

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Numbers: 07 /2013/TT-BTNMT
Hanoi, May 7, 2013


Revised, suppleminable economic-engineering of the geological works accompanying the Information

number 11 /2010/TT-BTNMT July 5, 2010 by the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment


Number One Mineral Laws 60 /2010/QH12 November 17, 2010;

Base of Protocol 15 /2012/NĐ-CP March 09, 2012

The government rules out details of the provisions of the Mineral Law;

Base of Protocol 21 /2013/NĐ-CP March 4, 2013 of the Government regulates the function, mandate, jurisdiction and organizational structure of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment;

At the suggestion of Governor General of the Bureau of Geology and Minerals Vietnam and the Secretary of the Law of France;

The Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment of the Revised Investment, Supplements Economic Orientation-Engineering of the Issued Geological Works accompanied by Digital Information 11 /2010/TT-BTNMT July 5, 2010 by the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment.

What? 1. Revised, suppleminable economic-engineering of geological works issued by Digital Information 11 /2010/TT-BTNMT July 5, 2010 of the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment:

1. Clause 2 Part I of the rating is modified, adding as follows:

" 2. The level of applying for the following workblocks:

-Geologic work;

-The drill.

-The excavation work.

-The modeling and analysis work-experiment;

-The geology of hydrology geology.

-Geophysical work;

-geodetic work;

-Information Technology.

-The geology museum.

-The GPS.

Seismic activity.

-A polaroscale electrolometer stimulate the one-dimensional flow.

-The Georada.

-It's a magnetic field.

-The field of geophysical measurement has a depth of more than 500m;

-A drill to a depth of 1200m;

-Multibody production. "

2. Added to the Format after Section X. The Museum of the following sections:

-Section XI. Measuring GPS.

-Part XII. Seismic measurement;

-Part XIII. The electrode depth charge stimulate the one-dimensional flow.

-Part XIV. Georada.

-XV. Measure the depth of the field.

-Section XVI. There ' s a depth of space for a depth of 500 meters.

-Section XVII. Hold on to a depth of 1200m;

-Section XVII. Get a multi-engine sample.

The specific content of the section XI to section XVII rules at the level of economics-engineering of geological works (supplements) issued by this message.

What? 2.

Replace the Table of Land hierarchy for drilling work (Table 1) specified in Part III. Drilling and Table of Land devolve for the excavation work (Table 1) rules in Part IV. The excavation of the Economic Definition-the engineering of the geological works issued with the Digital Information. 11 /2010/TT-BTNMT July 5, 2010 of the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment on the Land Allocation Board for drilling and excavation work at the Appendix issued under this Notice.

What? 3. Effect of execution

It has been in effect since 24 June 2013.

What? 4.

Minister, Premier of the peer-to-peer agencies, the Government of the Government, Chairman of the People ' s Committee of the provinces, the Central Committee of the Central Committee, the Director General of the Directorate of Geology and Mineral Resources of Vietnam, the Prime Minister of Units of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Schools and organizations, individuals who are involved in this private practice.



Nguyen Ling Yu